Henderson Wetsuits Review | Epic Wetsuits or Rip Off?

When choosing your diving gear, it is worth investing in a brand that will ensure you stay in the water for longer. Being one of the first companies to produce wetsuits, Henderson has been at the forefront of creating high-quality suits, gloves, and hoods.

Henderson is focused on innovating its product range while bringing in stylish designs that will perform well in the water. If you want to buy a new wetsuit, consider reading our reviews and learn why donning a Henderson wetsuit for your next diving trip will be the best choice you will ever make.

Top 6 Best Henderson Wetsuits Reviewed

Henderson is one of the leading wetsuit providers that will give you your money’s worth. With the technology that they bring to develop the most durable wetsuits and accessories, you will never regret every purchase.

Before buying any Henderson wetsuit, we have provided a list of the best wetsuits that they have accompanied by the unique technology incorporated in every suit.

Check out the following wetsuits we have rounded up to help you choose the right suit for you:

  1. Henderson Greenprene Back Zip Fullsuit (Men’s)
  2. Henderson Thermoprene PRO Back Zip Jumpsuit (Women’s)
  3. Henderson Aqua Lock Back Zip Jumpsuit (Men’s)
  4. Henderson TALON Back Zip Jumpsuit (Women’s)
  5. Henderson Thermoprene Back Zip Jumpsuit (Women’s)
  6. Henderson Thermaxx Back Zip Jumpsuit (Men’s)

#1. Henderson Greenprene Back Zip Fullsuit (Men’s)

Henderson introduces Greenprene Fullsuit, a wetsuit line made from the entirely plant-based Greenprene material. It’s a warm, super stretchy, and sustainable insulating foam that feels and performs just like neoprene, but better.

Greenprene wetsuits are significantly lighter and will allow you to move without restrictions. Since it is also 100% neoprene-free, these wetsuits are suitable substitutes for those who have allergic reactions with neoprene suits.

Besides Greenprene, these wetsuits also use AQUA-SILK exterior fabric and BIO-SPAN fabric laminates to provide additional warmth and abrasion resistance.

The suits are equipped with a red closure dock to help keep the hoop and loop fastener from attaching to other areas of the wetsuit. It also features a corrosion-resistant YKK zipper for enhanced durability and a key pocket for easy access to any essential diving gear.

From the name itself, the Greenprene project wants to obtain a more sustainable product life cycle.

With every Henderson wetsuit that you buy, they will pack each in a recycled cardboard box and wrap each suit with recycled paper. To top it off, every hangtag of the suit is printed from recycled paper using only soy-based inks.

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#2. Henderson Thermoprene PRO Back Zip Jumpsuit (Women’s)

The Thermoprene PRO has all the existing features of its predecessor, the Thermoprene line, with improved comfort and flexibility. Its increased 250% full stretch fabric allows for Thermoprene PRO wetsuits to conform to your whole body, giving you maximum comfort.

The jumpsuit is designed with minimal seams, and each seam is glued and blind stitched to prevent water leaks. It helps in keeping you comfortably warm, especially during winter dives.

The suit’s hook and loop fastener-resistant outer fabric and hook and loop fastener-dock prevent the adjustable collar from attaching onto other parts of the wetsuit.

The soft and comfortable aqua silk lining with the ergonomic Duratex knee pads create a more comfortable movement.  The proven self-sealing zipper closures provide easier entry and exit from the suit.  With all three features combined, create the new Thermoprene PRO Back Zip Wetsuit lineup.

Every Thermoprene Pro Back Zip jumpsuit is available in 3mm, 5mm, and 7mm thickness, allowing you to choose what suit is best for your need. It also has a wide variety of sizes, from extra small to 3X-large.

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#3. Henderson Aqua Lock Back Zip Jumpsuit (Men’s)

The new Aqua Lock line is Henderson’s most advanced wetsuit system. Aqua Lock features enhanced stretch, Quik Dry interior, and zipperless locking system that enables better interlocking with the wrist and ankles.

Each opening was designed to interlock with the accompanying accessories such as the hoodie, the boots, and the gloves. Each would mate using the zipperless sealing system that minimizes water entry.

Its liquid taped seams have watertight seals, preventing water from entering the suit and protecting the stitching from unraveling. The exterior utilizes the renowned AQUA-SILK laminate while the wetsuit’s interior uses the Henderson-exclusive Quik Dry lining.

The hydrophobic lining allows for faster drying time, so you don’t have to put on a damp wetsuit again for your second dive. The Quik Dry interior is soft and limits water entry to keep you warmer over a more prolonged period.

The main star of the show is the AquaLock system that starts in the core jumpsuit. With the AquaLock seams, water entry is negligible since the seams are double glued and blindstitched, from the inside out.

If you are thinking of purchasing either the 5mm or the 7mm thick jumpsuit, you are in luck since both suits have the zipperless wrists and ankle cuffs. But, don’t fret if you choose to buy the 3mm suit because it also has a good pairing with other AquaLock accessories.

Overall, the AquaLock is one of Henderson’s best technologies for its high performance and comfort to every diving enthusiast.

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#4. Henderson TALON Back Zip Jumpsuit

henderson wetsuits

With their history of manufacturing wetsuits for the US government, Henderson introduces the TALON – the wetsuit range tailored to the US Special Ops suits. Each TALON suit uses the Special Ops line standards, from the cutting to the materials used, to the stitching.

The jumpsuit is specially made one at a time, making sure it suits the owner and bears a registration number and certificate of authenticity. It uses superior military grade neoprene coupled with Henderson’s Hyperstretch Thermoprene to ensure supreme warmth even at the coldest depths.

The TALON also features Henderson’s Fire Fleece lining to help you feel comfortable during a deep dive. The back zip entry with pull tab design allows for easy donning and doffing, facilitating speedy deployment.

The assurance that Henderson gives you in every TALON wetsuit is at par. All of the wetsuits with this technology have a registration number and a certificate of authenticity.

#5. Henderson Thermoprene Back Zip Jumpsuit

Designed to keep you warm without sacrificing mobility, the Thermoprene Jumpsuit boasts of a contoured fit that minimizes water exchange to a minimum. The Thermoprene is the first thermal technology of Henderson, and they did a pretty good job.

The glued and blindstitched seams help prevent water from seeping through and helps extend the wetsuit’s life. It’s easy to get into and out of even after a dive.

Every suit is Lycra-trimmed with seams that are GBS-glued and blindstitched. The back zip, along with the extra-long strap allows quick entry and exit of the suit. Along with the back zip, the Spinepad seals the zipper and protects your skin from zipper contact.

It also has an adjustable collar, which provides an excellent snug to your neckline and allowing you to breathe comfortably. It also creates a good seal, prohibiting massive water entry to the suit. Your extremities are surely protected with the Freedom Flex knee pads, giving assurance to less limb stress.

An excellent point to note when buying this wetsuit – some owners have mentioned that it’s best to get a size smaller than your usual size for a better fit.

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#6. Henderson Thermaxx Back Zip Jumpsuit

The Henderson Themaxx wetsuit’s interior is lined with the Fire Fleece lining, an incredibly soft, high stretch, low pile fleece. It minimizes water transfer throughout the suit keeping the temperature warmer during your dive.

The most important feature of the Thermaxx is the Neoprene core, which was developed for Henderson alone. Using the Fire Fleece technology, the wetsuit will maintain the right amount of warmth along with the Thermaxx.

The exterior of the suit is made with a blend of nylon and Lycra. The combination creates a laminate that supports the interior for the best stretch and comfort. With the 250% stretch of the Thermaxx, you are sure to have the right amount of flex and comfort.

The only drawback of the feature is the movement restriction. If the user stretches too much, the interior will fracture, and the wetsuit might create a balloon that would allow water entry. The good thing about it, though, is that the laminate is pill-resistant, a feature that non-allowable to other high-stretch wetsuits.

Another excellent feature of the Thermaxx is the Titanium laminate layer that creates a unique external titanium thermal barrier between the nylon and the Neoprene core.

The suit has double glued and double stitched seams to ensure it stays intact even during the most demanding conditions. It has a secure Hook and Loop fastener closure and a G-Lock zipper so you can quickly put it on.

Overall, the Thermaxx back zip jumpsuit is a noteworthy suit for divers who want more warmth while taking in their dive.

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A Buyers’ Guide on Henderson Wetsuits

There are many features that you must consider before buying a wetsuit at Henderson’s. In this section, we will tell you the things you must consider before purchasing your dream wetsuit. Please read the following guide to know more.

Types of Wetsuits

Before you buy the best wetsuit that is according to your needs, we will show you a list of the types of wetsuits to give you a bigger view of the other wetsuits available on the market.

#1. Spring suit

These are seasonal suits, usually used during spring or autumn. Spring suits have short sleeves and leg pants that go up above the knees.

#2. Long John suit

These are spring wetsuits that have no sleeves but have long leg pants.

#3. Short John suit

The short johns are wetsuits with no sleeves and short leg pants that go above the knee.

#4. Shorty wetsuit

The shorties are wetsuits that have short sleeves and leg pants that go above the knee.

#5. Wetsuit top

It is a wetsuit that protects the waist upwards. The sleeves for the wetsuit top can be short or long.

#6. Wetsuit vest

The vest is a wetsuit top that can be as thick as 5 mm and has no sleeves.

#7. Commercial two-piece

These are wetsuits that divers use for deep diving at cold temperatures. These wetsuits are usually thick and have more robust stitching to lock the water outside.

#8. Drysuits

Drysuits prevent water from going inside the suit. It is the wetsuit’s counterpart, which allows a little water to go inside for better warmth. These suits are used for frigid temperatures.

Features to Look for in a Wetsuit


It is usually measured in millimeters and indicates how warm the wetsuit will be. Choose the right depth for your dive.


Wetsuits are available in different types of neoprene. The general rule is the softer a neoprene material is, the easier to tear when in contact with a sharp object. It is essential to choose the right fabric to give you enough mobility during your dives.

Open Cell vs. Closed Cell

Knowing what you’ll need the wetsuit for, is crucial in choosing the right wetsuit for a situation.

  1. Open-cell –Open cell or “Semi-Dry” wetsuits are non-lined suits that allow water to seep through the wetsuit and create a barrier between the suit and your skin.
  2. Closed-cell – fully lined wetsuit and will keep you much warmer.

The Henderson History

It all started in the 1960s when Everett Edmund and Patrick Madison began their journey through the diving equipment business. Right after the Second World War, the US Navy junked all their diving suits, thinking that they would no longer need it, which then they sold to Edmund and Madison.

A little later, diving became popular, and the partners took the opportunity to sell their diving equipment by introducing their “build-it-yourself” scuba kit. After some time, divers began to realize the need for a more construct wetsuit, so the partners sold ready-made suits instead.

Sometime later, they named their company Henderson from their very first factory located at the Henderson boatyard Port Elizabeth, New Jersey.

The business was thriving until a fire broke in the 70s, leaving the company with nothing. But with the help of Everett’s son and his colleagues, they rebuilt the company and patented the original zip-on wetsuit, which is now the standard of the US Navy and Coast Guard.

Fast forward to the millennium, and business even got better for Henderson. They launched their Gold Core technology, the Hyperstretch, the Microprene, and the InstaDry. In 2010, the company expanded to become a group, acquiring Neosport and Hyperflex.

Today, they are distributing to more than 100 countries worldwide, giving every diver the best bang for their buck.


With the many wetsuit brands sprouting like mushrooms on the market, Henderson truly stood out with their tech-supported wetsuits that have the best performance and style. Because of the continued innovations of the company, more water sports enthusiasts get to continue their journey in the diving world.

Henderson only has one goal for every diver – to give them the best protection and comfort in their every diving journey. If you are considering purchasing any of the wetsuits mentioned above, don’t forget that every wetsuit caters to particular needs. So all you have to do is assess what would fit you best.

We hope that our review and buying guide helped you decide which Henderson wetsuit is best for your buck.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Are there any other products under the Henderson brand?

Q: Are there any other products under the Henderson brand?

Yes, Henderson also has diving hoods, diving gloves, and booties. They come in different sizes to suit all shapes and ages.

Q: Is Greenprene hypoallergenic?

Yes. But if you are still unsure, a test can be done to check if you are indeed allergic to the Greenprene tree.

Q: Why does my wetsuit smell?

Wetsuits need a good clean after each use. Rinse it with freshwater and hang it out of direct sunlight to evenly dry.

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