Hobie Mirage Eclipse Review: Epic Pedal Board or Rip Off?

With the advent of technology, water sports adventure gets to be more enjoyable as new toys emerge in the market. One specific piece of equipment is making all enthusiasts excited. A resonating clamor has been buzzing recently, and this latest craze has gained worldwide demand.

They all felt this stand-up pedal board would elevate the water sports experience to a whole new level, and we are referring to the Hobie Mirage Eclipse.

Hobie Mirage Eclipse Review: Your Complete Guide

Hobie Mirage Eclipse 12.0 Pedalboard - Solar

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Hobie has been crafting high-quality kayaks for years now. They are known for a drive system that has a unique pedal. Their Mirage Eclipse paddle board creation is of no exemption. With a unique drive system that is both sleek and stable, it is no wonder that newcomers to self-propelled equipment are quickly drawn to experience the fun for themselves.

You might be wondering why the Mirage Eclipse is one of the best-selling pedal boards. This unique and innovative design allows you to take a break from the straightforward life and environment by moving your legs and experiencing a kind of gym-like experience.

Let us get to know this unique board by reading our review below.


  1. Length: 10 ft 6 in / 12 ft
  2. Width: 33.5 in / 35 in
  3. Weight: 43.2 lbs / 48 lbs
  4. Capacity: up to 225 lbs / 275 lbs
  5. Materials: Advanced Composite Epoxy
  6. Type of Hull: Displacement hull

With the many kinds of water sports activities available today, many of us would likely be drawn to new ones, especially if it gives us more thrills. With the Hobie Mirage Eclipse, it would be a whole new level of stimulation.

Hobie is an innovative company that sells not-your-average water sports gear. Through their intensive research and development, they have seen the opportunity to create something more out of the ordinary equipment that we have. As for the Mirage Eclipse, the company has stepped up a notch.

The Mirage Eclipse is the first real stand-up pedal board on the market today. With its many features, you, too, would be curious about what it offers.


  1. Advanced Composite Epoxy board construction
  2. Displacement hull design for stability
  3. Has a pedal drive system
  4. Bicycle handlebars for more stability on the water
  5. The steering system on the handlebar for easy maneuver
  6. Has a kick-up rudder for a more balanced and upright board
  7. Deck pads made of EVA material for better grip
  8. Can quickly transform into a stand-up paddleboard
  9. Colors in solar yellow or lunar blue

Design and Construction

Hobie Mirage Eclipse 12.0 Pedalboard - Solar - Design and Construction

Because the Mirage Eclipse has many parts, we have instead listed down each with their accompanying design and construction.

1. ACX materials

ACX is a short name for Advanced Composite Epoxy, and that helps the board achieve its extreme durability. As an effect, the board impressively takes knocks despite it being lightweight.

Materials with ACX are easy to maintain. As soon as you are done using, just use freshwater in rinsing and get rid of any seawater (we do not end up having salt in our board). Spraying with a monthly does of silicone also complements your pedal board care.

2. Pedal Drive

The pedal drive of mirage eclipse uses a patented drive technology. It banks on users to use their leg muscles (the largest muscle group) to work in driving the propeller below. They (pedals) may seem awkward to use at first.

Once you get on board, it will be a breeze to use because of the additional glide mechanism that reduces friction and eliminates resistance. After a few tries, you will find the pedal board comfortable to use.  Did we mention that the drive is removable? Talk about individual cleaning!

3. Touring Paddle Board Design

The board’s hull features a design similar to paddle boards used for touring. If you can recall, the front tip of touring boards is usually pointy. It’s the same thing with the mirage eclipse. Being pointy comes in handy because it slices through rough waters at high speeds.

Other boards suffer from poor stability and maneuverability due to poor design. But our hero paddleboard excels otherwise because of the board’s relatively expansive width. As if that was not enough, its tail is squarer, and its bottom is more flattened compared to others.

4. Handlebars

Hobie used aluminum alloy for this part. The handlebars are super intuitive. With just one squeeze, you can move wherever you want. They can also be adjusted to cater to different heights. The range is 36 to 43 inches, and this is believed to cover almost all heights.

Turning and braking options are conveniently placed. It makes an easy steer and right balance while riding the board.

5. Eva Deck Pads

The paddleboard sports Eva deck pads. They are placed on the pedals and the deck, and this ensures the prevention of slipping accidents. Water sports enthusiasts will no longer have to worry about slippery decks as safety hazards.

These pads are so thick and extremely grippy they give utmost comfort. You can paddle and peddle your mirage eclipse board for countless hours and not lose traction.

6. Speed and Stability

Compared to the stand-up paddleboard, the Mirage is unsurprisingly fast because of its pedals. The board’s pointed nose and square tail create better movement on the water.

The handlebars of the Eclipse are used to make the board more stable. The rudder provides balance, and the width of the board creates better stability.

7. Ease of Use

With the help of the instructions, assembling the board’ is effortless and quick. Also, once you ride it, there is no turning back. The board is easy to ride on that even kids can take part in it. Just remember that the pedal is a little hard to peddle because of the water pressure below.

Once you step on the pedal, you would notice the forward motion of the board. It’s because of the fins that paddle below, which will propel you forward. Steering the board is also easy. If you have ridden a bike before, then this would be pretty effortless. You can drive right by pressing the handlebar on your right, and push the left handlebar if you want to go left.

Hobie Mirage Eclipse 12.0 Pedalboard - Solar - Pros and Cons


  • You can use it for exercise or just have plain fun
  • It slices through the water at excellent speeds
  • Very maneuverable


  • You have to be fit to enjoy the pedaling
  • It can only accommodate one person
  • Not versatile as other boards

Why You Should Buy a Hobie Mirage Eclipse

Allow us to say that the Hobie Mirage Eclipse brings a bang for your buck. It is worth every penny you will spend. It is one hype we can all subscribe to. The reasons below will convince you to believe in our claim.   

It is a 2-in-1 board.

Go back to the basics and ditch the propulsion system. Solely use the paddle like a traditional stand-up board to slow down with all the paddleboard action. You get to maximize and enjoy two worlds with just one piece of equipment.

Easy-peasy driving system

The driving system will not make you worry about accessing the paddleboard. It is so easy to hop on and hop off (it will only take you minutes). Even the notoriously unstable October waves could not stop us from enjoying the Mirage Eclipse. With our rash vest and Hobie shorts, gives us a reassuring feeling of stability and ease. While we are at clothing, we advise you to wear sports garments with wind protection like a cag if you are out on a cold day.

The system utilizes pedals to get it moving at your preferred speed. You have control over the speed and power through its pedals. If you are hungry for some fast action that can cut across waters, be ready! It can move so fast! Slow speed can be achieved as well.

Excellent easy-press steering controls

The mirage eclipse has a brake lever for each of the handlebars. It is intuitively easy to maneuver. All you need to do is simply press either left or right, and the board will have you gliding in the direction you want. Any rider could be moving around and still feel stable, knowing that the controls are easy to use.

For others, you might consider this as a learning curve – stand on the extremely grippy pedal pads, grab the bars, and move your legs. Imagine that you are in a gym step but with a more refreshing setting.

Shoreline safety considerations

Paddleboards face the possibility of accidents even in shallow waters. The lack of a functioning rudder contributes to this inevitable fear. Hobie made a conscious effort to increase safety by adding a folding mechanism that protects the blade from damage. Not only this keeps users safe when approaching shorelines, but it also translates to a durable blade. Whether inexperienced or not, you can land safely with your board.

Plenty of storage features

As being 2-in-1, it is just right that the makers thought of storage features for this paddle board. If you’re going fishing, the Eclipse has got you covered. Head out to the waters and store your fishing essentials. Are you worried about getting thirsty from your water sports action? Bring your drinking bottle and place it near the handlebars. There you will see a bottle holder; plus, a spot for your phone should you want to capture your moments (just make sure to put waterproof protection).

The Hobie History

It all started with a simple dream of Hobie Alter at his parents’ garage in California. He decided to put his woodworking skills to the test after he created his first surfboard. His parents were very supportive that they opened up their garage for their son’s passion for woodworking.

Soon, Hobie’s skills got noticed, and before he even knew it, he already started a business. After a couple of years of staying at his parent’s garage, he opened up his first surf shop at Dana Point.

In 1958, Hobie and his friend, Gordon Clark, experimented with making new materials for their surfboard and ended up inventing the first polyurethane foam surfboard. It was lighter, speedier, and more maneuverable. Their invention then got heard by many people, and soon, everybody wanted to have a Hobie.

By the 60s, Hobie began to sponsor many celebrities and surfing legends, including Phil Edwards.

With all the success that Hobie has achieved, he still did not stop creating. He developed a lightweight and easy-to-sail playboat, which we now call the Hobie Cat. He again successfully marketed the Hobie Cat, which is still one of the best-selling boats today.

But Hobie still did not stop his innovations. He further created the Hobie Power Skiff, fishing floats, and other water sports gear that are even now well-recommended.

It seems that Hobie’s imaginative mind has a massive impact on what the water sports industry is today. His innovations created something more than just what we use for recreation. He created a mark that will forever be remembered by the water sports industry.


There is no questioning the uniqueness and the fun that the Hobie Mirage Eclipse brings to many of its users. It stood out among the crowd with its innovative design and construction and allowed many to still work out even while on vacation.

Among the many features of the pedal paddleboard, its maneuverability is at its best. Because of the handlebars, the board can easily be controlled, allowing you to focus more on speed. Its portability is also exceptional. The parts that make this into a pedal-paddleboard can easily be separated, resulting in a stand-up paddleboard – a versatile product that can give the fun of both pedal and paddle.

If you are into being fit, the Mirage can be a cool gear for you. It can be a notable workout gear for your legs as you pedal further on water. Overall, it is a fun and innovative activity that you can look forward to on your next beach trip.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Who can use the Hobie Mirage Eclipse?

Since the Mirage Eclipse was made for recreational use, anyone can have fun with it. If you are looking for versatile and fun gear on your next beach trip, this is the best gear. Since the pedal board has two sizes, it can accommodate heights from 11 feet up. Also, for anyone who weighs less than 275 pounds and wants to pedal their vacation away; this is a great activity to do.

Q: Can I easily use the Mirage Eclipse?

The Mirage Eclipse is easy to use if you are only opting for the pedals. But if you want to convert it into a paddleboard, you might need to read the instructions first. The pedal board, however, is very maneuverable. All you need to do is to use the handlebars to turn from left to right and vice versa. To accelerate, you have to use the pedals.

Q: How do I keep my Mirage Eclipse last long?

Maintaining the Mirage is a little hard. Since it has many parts, you have to detach and clean everything, especially those that have direct contact with salt water. If you want more elaborate instructions on how to care for your Mirage Eclipse, check out their website.

Q: Is the Mirage Eclipse safe for kids?

Yes, it is safe for kids. The Mirage is generally safe because of its exceptional stability. The board’s width is wide enough to allow the user to balance. The steering handlebars allow better stability, too.
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