Seavenger Wetsuits Review | Epic Wetsuits or Rip Off?

Seavenger wetsuits provide a wide range of surfwear in different styles, designs, sizes, color schemes, and price range. If you are looking for a high-performing wetsuit with an affordable price tag, the wetsuit collection from Seavenger is worth checking out.

The brand is a trusted company that creates high-quality underwater essentials, such as wetsuits, water booties, and snorkels. The Seavenger’s wetsuit collection, in particular, comes with high ratings from past users, both novice and pro athletes and watersports enthusiasts. 

If you are looking for your first wetsuit or in the market for a new one, our Seavenger wetsuits review will give you a lot of great options to consider.

Top 7 Best Seavenger Wetsuits Reviewed

Seavenger has more than a decade of impressive reputation in creating wetsuits with excellent quality and performance. Here are seven of the best wetsuit models from the brand that is worth checking out.

  1. Seavenger 3mm Odyssey Wetsuit – Best Overall
  2. Seavenger Navigator 3mm Shorty Wetsuit – Best Summer Suit
  3. Seavenger Alpha 3mm Full Wetsuit – Best for High Performance
  4. Seavenger Exclusive 1mm Long Sleeve Shorty Wetsuit – Best for the Tropics
  5. Seavenger Cadet 2mm Shorty Wetsuit – Best for Kids Aged 2-8
  6. Seavenger Scout 3mm Neoprene Child Wetsuit
  7. Seavenger 2mm Juniors Shorty Wetsuit

#1. Seavenger 3mm Odyssey Wetsuit – Best Overall

The Seavenger 3mm Odyssey Wetsuit is the brand’s all-time best-selling surfing suit model and it’s not surprising why a lot of beginner and seasoned athletes use it. The wetsuit uses a premium quality 3mm neoprene fabric that provides excellent insulation properties to keep you warm in water temperature of 18 degrees Celsius and up.

The super stretchy material is a crowd favorite. It keeps you moving in the water, whether you are paddling or swimming, without restriction and discomfort. The Odyssey wetsuit is perfect even for the harshest surfing conditions as it moves with your body through every wave.

Although you can use this wetsuit in most watersports, Seavenger designed the Odyssey series for surfing. The robust sharkskin chest panel provides maximum durability and wear-resistant properties against hard abuse. It also keeps your chest protected from accidental bumps with your surfboard.

You can go right from surfing to snorkeling or diving while wearing this 3mm wetsuit. It has maximum flexibility to fit your body like a second skin without chafing issues, ideal and comfortable for all-day wear. The extra-long leash on the durable back-zip enclosure makes it easy to wear and take off the suit.

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#2. Seavenger Navigator 3mm Shorty Wetsuit – Best Summer Suit

For a warmer water temperature when you need minimal insulation, you can free up your lower legs and arms with the Seavenger Navigator 3mm Shorty Wetsuit. Unlike a full wetsuit design, this one gives other parts of your body a better wiggle room when swimming or paddling. 

This shorty wetsuit boasts a top-quality Nylon II neoprene fabric blend that offers maximum durability against the wear and tear of the most extreme watersports adventures. Plus, the extra anti-abrasion shoulder paneling gives you protection from accidental bumps with hard surfaces when surfing or diving. It’s an ideal wetsuit for any watersport you’ve got planned.

Another excellent feature of the Seavenger Navigator is its figure-hugging design, boosting your performance by giving you maximum mobility. This function is especially useful when you go snorkeling, spearfishing, or scuba diving. It has ultra-stretchy armpit pads that make sure that you are ready for action without restriction anytime.

This 3mm wetsuit is ideal for use during the summer season with a water temperature of 18 degrees Celsius or warmer. It’s extremely comfortable to wear with smooth seam construction, keeping your skin away from rashes, irritation, or chafing even with extended use.

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#3. Seavenger Alpha 3mm Full Wetsuit – Best for High Performance

Seavenger has a wide range of warm water wetsuits to get you ready for all watersport adventures during the summer. Whether you are going snorkeling, swimming, paddleboarding, surfing, or scuba diving, the Alpha 3mm Full Wetsuit is another excellent option from Seavenger’s surf suit collection.

This wetsuit boasts a premium quality 3mm neoprene fabric that is exceptionally stretchy and lightweight. It provides insulating properties ideal for temperate waters from 18 degrees Celsius or warmer. It has an efficient way of retaining your body heat to keep you warm and comfortable in the ocean for an extended time.

The Alpha wetsuit is also exceptionally flexible, thanks to its super-stretch panel technology in the armpits area. It gives you maximum mobility when doing the most extreme watersports. Seavenger built it for adventure with its anti-abrasion and durable shoulders and knees paneling.

What’s even better is Seavenger designed this wetsuit to fit snugly to your body like a glove. This wetsuit boasts a unique second skit fit, making it extra warm even during colder water conditions. Comfort is a non-issue as well with the smooth seam construction that avoids irritation of chafing. Seavenger also used unique stitching for this wetsuit, making it perfect if you have sensitive skin.

Plus, the sturdy zipper with long leash makes the wetsuit simple to put on and take off, allowing you to spend more time in the water.

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#4. Seavenger Exclusive 1mm Long Sleeve Shorty Wetsuit – Best for the Tropics

During summer months, you need less and less insulation from a wetsuit. The water temperature is warm enough that you won’t need to wear thick clothing. However, enough protection from the sun’s harsh glare remains necessary.

For maximum protection against the sun’s harmful UV radiation without the added weight and bulk, the Seavenger Exclusive 1mm Long Sleeve Shorty Wetsuit is a great choice. It features a super stretchy and highest quality neoprene material for maximum comfort and durability. The wetsuit is ultra-flexible that, with the right size, it fits your body like a second skin. The anatomically cut construction ensures that it fits snugly in the right places without being too tight and restricting.

The Hydro-wrap Velcro neck enclosure that you can quickly adjust also gives a watertight fit while staying soft and comfortable to the skin. Also, it has waterproof gasket seals to shield the suit from water 100%. The Hydro-seal water barrier on the back-zip entry also keeps the water away.

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#5. Seavenger Cadet 2mm Shorty Wetsuit – Best for Kids Aged 2-8

Keep the kids warm and comfortable in the ocean with the Seavenger Cadet 2mm Long Sleeve Shorty Wetsuit. This surfwear is ideal for watersports lover children aged two to eight years old. Now, even toddlers will have a good time chasing the waves or diving without freezing after a short time.

This wetsuit is a stylish yet incredibly functional option for children who are always on the move and loves the ocean. It features a 2mm thick neoprene fabric with enough insulation to keep the kids warm for a long time, whether they are playing in the sand or swimming. The long sleeve design is effective in keeping their upper body shielded from the sun’s damaging heat, preventing the dreaded sunburn at the end of the day.

The flatlock stitching of the suit offers maximum mobility for active toddlers. It’s also smooth and soft to the skin to prevent irritation or chafing. The front zipper is simple to use so the kids can wear and take off the suit without any help.

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#6. Seavenger Scout 3mm Neoprene Child Wetsuit

Seavenger’s wide-ranging wetsuit collection caters to watersports and beach lovers of all ages. Another excellent surf suit option for the younger kids from the brand is the Seavenger Scout 3mm Neoprene Child Wetsuit.

The wetsuits boast a premium quality 3mm neoprene fabric that comes fitted with good insulation and UV protection. It keeps the younger ones comfortable, warm, and well-protected for an all-day play, whether on the sand or in the water.

The rubberized knee pads of the suit are durable, keeping the kids extra shielded from accidental bumps and slips. They can now enjoy more time on the beach or the ocean without worries. The anti-chafing construction of the wetsuit is a bonus, especially for kids with sensitive skin.

This wetsuit is perfect when they want to go right to the water. It has durable ankle zipper designs that keep the suit watertight to prevent flushing.

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#7. Seavenger 2mm Juniors Shorty Wetsuit

Another excellent option to keep the kids well-protected for a day out in the ocean is the Seavenger 2mm Juniors Shorty Wetsuit. It has a thinner fabric material, more lightweight, and flexible suitable for warmer water conditions.

This wetsuit uses a combination of Lycra and nylon materials to provide a comfortable and stretchy fit. The short sleeves feature Lycra fabric for 100% freedom of movement, perfect for children who are always on the go. The flatlock stitching of the seams is soft to the skin, avoiding irritation, accidental rubbing, and chafing even with all-day use.

The SmoothSkin panels around the leg enclosures are also comfortable while giving a watertight seal to avoid flushing. This design allows the kids to go right out of playing in the sand to swimming, snorkeling, or scuba diving in an instant.

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Things to Look for When Buying Seavenger Wetsuits

Buying your first wetsuit can be stressful and confusing, with tons of options available in the market. Surf suits come in varying styles and designs, sizes, color schemes, and features, making the process a tricky job.

To make your purchase more hassle-free, here are the essential things you need to have on your checklist before buying a wetsuit.


Wetsuits come in varying thickness, with the most common being a 3mm thick surf suit. It’s suitable for temperate water conditions. Meanwhile, if you plan to surf or dive during colder months, it’s essential to get a thicker wetsuit with at least 5mm thickness to give you enough insulation.

Type of Suit

There are different types of wetsuits, with the most common being a full suit, spring suit, and a shorty wetsuit.

When choosing a wetsuit based on the type or style, the key is to consider the season or water temperature where you will use the suit.

It’s ideal for colder climates or low water temperatures to have a wetsuit with maximum coverage and protection like a full wetsuit. Meanwhile, warmer waters will require less insulation, so using a spring suit or a shorty wetsuit is advisable.

Features Against Flushing

A good-quality wetsuit should have anti-flushing features that prevent water from going inside the suit. Among the design features that you need to look out for in a wetsuit are an adjustable neck enclosure, zippered arms and legs, and paneled zipper entry systems.

Tight Fit

When it comes to wetsuits, the best fit is a tight fit. A surfing suit that clings to your body like a second skin gives you maximum mobility and the freedom to move, which is critical when doing extreme watersports. A tight-fitting wetsuit ensures that no water will get inside the suit, keeping you warm and dry throughout the day.

Seavenger Wetsuits: Company & History

Seavenger provides top-quality watersports-based equipment and clothing, designed to power up all your adventures in the ocean. The brand has a wide range of products that you can use, whether you are chasing the most challenging waves, spending a relaxing day in a boat, or exploring the underwater world. 

Seavenger offers watersports gear designed for all athletes and sports enthusiasts at all levels and from all generations.  If you love being in the ocean, you can find essential equipment for your next adventure from Seavenger’s product collection. Aside from wetsuits, the brand also provides aquatic booties and shoes, water socks, snorkeling sets, and other watersports accessories.


Seavenger has more than a decade spent in creating and innovating top-quality wetsuits. The brand focuses on providing surfing suits that have high performance and durability without compromising comfort and flexibility.

The brand’s wetsuit collection comes with adventure-ready design construction, from extra paneling for maximum mobility to durable and abrasion-resistant pads for additional protection.

Seavenger has a full range of wetsuits that fits men, women, and children in different sizes. If you are looking for a reasonably priced yet high-performing surfwear, our Seavenger wetsuits review should give you tons of options.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What’s the most versatile Seavenger wetsuit in terms of thickness?

A 3mm Seavenger wetsuit should keep you well-protected in temperate water conditions. This material thickness isn’t too bulky and heavy, providing the right amount of mobility compared to much thicker wetsuits. It’s suitable for use in water with a temperature of 18 degrees Celsius or warmer.

Q: Is there a warranty for Seavenger wetsuits? How long?

Yes. All Seavenger wetsuits include a limited one-year warranty against material and manufacturing defects. The warranty coverage doesn’t involve product damages due to wear and tear from regular use, chlorine, salt buildup, or prolonged sun exposure. Wetsuits should also come from authorized stores and dealers to be eligible.

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