Zone3 Wetsuits Review | Epic Wetsuits or Rip Off? [2023]

Last Updated March 17, 2023

Triathlon is a tiring but fun sport that people enjoy these days. Many are participating in triathlon events, regardless if you’re a youngster or an adult. Others may do it for fun, but most are focusing on making this activity a career.

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As you train and compete in this sport, getting typical wetsuits will not push you to your maximum performance. What you need is a competitive brand that offers competitive wetsuits, like Zone3. This brand may not be as old as other big brands in the industry, yet longevity didn’t stop it in producing high-quality wetsuits.

If you need a comfy, stretchy, and sturdy wetsuit, you should check out its collection. Every item has its edge, and aside from that, this brand doesn’t’ disappoint when it comes to designs. Any man or woman will undoubtedly find every wetsuit appealing, which is why many athletes recommend it.

Top 8 Best Zone3 Wetsuits Reviewed

Many wetsuits in the market will only leave you undecided. If you can’t decide what wetsuit to buy for your training or tournament, here’s a Zone3 Wetsuits review to consider.

  1. Zone3 Thermal Aspire Wetsuit (Men)
  2. Zone3 Sleeveless Vision Wetsuit (Men)
  3. Zone3 Vanquish Wetsuit (Women)
  4. Zone3 Aspire Limited Edition Wetsuit (Men)
  5. Zone3 Vision Wetsuit (Women)
  6. Zone3 Advance Wetsuit (Men)
  7. Zone3 Valour Wetsuit (Men)
  8. Zone3 Advance Wetsuit (Women)

#1. Zone3 Thermal Aspire Wetsuit (Men)

Zone3 Thermal Aspire Wetsuit

In a triathlon competition or training, your body must retain heat during swimming. However, not all brands can provide the best thermal control, unlike Zone3. If you need an exceptional wetsuit, you can never go wrong with the Thermal Aspire.

It features a Heat-Tech Fleece lining that keeps the body warm while you’re in the water for long hours. What makes it favorable is that it retains the heat in your key organs and muscles, helping to condition your body for better movements. It’s ideal for temperatures 10 to 18 degrees Celsius.

You can never go wrong with its comfort because it comes from a premium-quality of #39 Yamamoto Neoprene material. It also contributes to keeping your body warm during colder conditions because of its panel design. Plus, it doesn’t tear easily.

The panels’ thickness is 4mm/5mm on the chest, legs, and body. The arms and shoulder have 2mm, which lets it expand seven times more than a typical wetsuit. It’s stretchy enough for any quick and big moves, especially during paddling. Also, the 23%-cells structure contributes to the buoyancy to the user.

Aside from that, it can also boost your agility because of its SCS Nano coating. This feature lessens the drag, pushing you to maximum acceleration as you swim in open water. Plus, it’s a lightweight advantage also makes it hassle-free to move at full speed.

It’s not only comfy but also convenient because of the Pro Speed Cuffs. It lets you get out of the wetsuit with ease.

#2. Zone3 Sleeveless Vision Wetsuit (Men)

Zone3 Sleeveless Vision Wetsuit Men

Zone3 commits to providing a collection of exceptional wetsuits for pros and aspiring athletes. If you’re having difficulty deciding what wetsuit to purchase, you should check out the Sleeveless Vision Wetsuit.

This wetsuit will give you exceptional relief on every stroke because it doesn’t restrict your arms’ movements as you swim. There’s a lesser drag, thanks to its Full Speed-Flo coating. Also, this advantage can boost your acceleration, which is favorable to users.

Wearing it is not a hassle at all, thanks to its Pro Speed Cuffs. As you remove it, the silicone coated advantage will let you wear or take off your wetsuit smoothly and quickly, which athletes love during the transition.

It’s one of the bestsellers of Zone3 because it bagged four awards for its buoyancy panels, which are 5mm by thickness. Athletes admire it more because these panels can provide maximum core support for quicker movements without exerting too much effort.

Aside from that, you can assure that it’s durable because it comes from a premium-quality of Neoprene material with scrap rubber tires and earth-mined limestone. Plus, it lessens CO2 emissions and energy consumption, which other wetsuits don’t feature.

Since this brand uses wastes from production, it can help in diminishing landfill waste. Even when it uses recycled Neoprene parts, it doesn’t compromise the quality at all. It also uses fully stitched and glue bonded seams, contributing to its flexibility and comfort as you move.

#3. Zone3 Vanquish Wetsuit (Women)

Zone3 Vanquish Wetsuit Women

Women struggle the most in looking for a suitable suit for their body. Some are too fit, which causes discomfort to the user. On the bright side, Zone3 offers the comfiest, such as the Vanquish Wetsuit.

This wetsuit comes from an excellent quality of Yamamoto Neoprene material responsible for a comfier feeling. Despite being tight, there’s no uneasiness because it stretches well as how you move.

It features a Silk-Fit inner lining advantage on the legs and body, which you’ll admire too because it can give you a boost while you’re moving in the water. Plus, it comes with an SCS Nano coating, which guarantees zero-drag, unlike other wetsuits.

It comes with an appealing design with neon colors that you’ll love. Behind its style is that it’s excellent in maintaining the body heat you need as you swim through cold water. This advantage will enhance your performance while swimming without tiring your body.

What’s exceptional about this wetsuit is that it uses Aerodome materials too on the front leg. Athletes love this feature because it supports the muscles in the core legs. Also, it provides a 30% buoyancy for a lighter feeling.

When it comes to convenience, removing it for transition is not hassling at all because of its Pro Speed Cuffs. It’s very advantageous during competitions.

#4. Zone3 Aspire Limited Edition Wetsuit (Men)

Zone3 Aspire Limited Edition Wetsuit Men

If you want a stylish wetsuit that’s also performing, you should check out the collection of Zone3. One of the top picks for men is the Aspire Limited Edition Wetsuit because it features different colors as its highlights. Many find it appealing because the colors blue, green, yellow, and red complement black.

This wetsuit of Zone3 is still one of the top-rated products because it’s versatile. Even when you’re a newbie or a pro, you’ll undoubtedly wear it with confidence, which is impactful as you train or compete.

What makes this wetsuit convenient for all users is the Pro Speed Cuffs advantage. It gives smoother transitions because removing it after swimming is hassle-free.

Flexibility is also another highlight, which can stretch from 480% to 580%. It’s more than how typical ones. It’s seven times expandable, making it suitable for rapid and big movements. Plus, it comes with Aerodome materials to support your legs’ muscles, constructing up to 30% buoyancy.

Aside from that, it features a laser-cut collar for a snugger fit. Unlike other wetsuits, it provides full comfort around the neck to let you move further without distress.

You can never go wrong with the acceleration that this wetsuit can give to users. Thanks to its SCS Nano coating, it provides a lightweight-feeling to athletes, which saves them from immediate exhaustion. Despite having a lightweight advantage, the thickness doesn’t compromise thermal control.

#5. Zone3 Vision Wetsuit (Women)

Zone3 Aspire Limited Edition Wetsuit Men

In looking for a wetsuit that can provide you agility during your races, you can never go wrong with the Vision Wetsuit. It features Full Speed-Flo coating, which reduces drag while you’re in the water.

Aside from that, the buoyancy panels increase your agility as you paddle. It provides core support, letting you swim at your maximum acceleration without exerting too much effort. It’s favorable to many athletes because it’s less like for them to get tired at this part of the race.

When it comes to energy consumption, the Neoprene material with scrap rubber tires and earth-mined limestone never fails to satisfy athletes. This advantage even lessens CO2 emissions, which another reason why it’s worth it. Plus, there are no wastes because it recycles production trashes instead of throwing these for nothing.

The Neoprene material guarantees durability, yet it doesn’t compromise relief as you wear it for long hours. You can move without restriction, especially during swimming. The Free Flex lining enhances stamina, which also contributes to your agility.

Wearing and removing this wetsuit will not be a hassle because of its YKK zipper. Plus, it features Pro Speed Cuffs for faster transition because these have a silicone coated formula.

#6. Zone3 Advance Wetsuit (Men)

Zone3 Advance Wetsuit Men

If you want optimized performance, you should look for the best wetsuit that provides agility and flexibility. Zone3 has a competitive collection, and one of the top picks is the Advance Wetsuit. Despite being in an entry-level category, it won three awards from 220 Triathlon.

What makes this a bestseller is its elegant style in black color. It’s very appealing, making it a head-turner during tournaments. Plus, it comes with yellow highlights, makes it more attractive to men. These highlights provide high visibility on the ankles, arms, and cuffs, especially while you’re in the water.

Athletes love wearing it because it’s very comfy. It comes with stitched and glue bonded seams, and it comes from high-quality Neoprene material. Also, it features a laser-cut collar with a soft-close fit for further relief on the neck.

The Pro Speed Cuffs of this wetsuit is another reason to love it. If you want a quicker transition, this advantage with silicone coated formula makes it easier and quicker for removal.

It’s also handy when it comes to acceleration, thanks to its SpeedFlo fabric. It lessens the drag, which can make you move faster on every paddle. It’s the best pair with the Flex-Fit shoulder panel, letting you swim with full efficiency and comfort. Every stroke is lesser tiring because this lining is Free Flex.

Aside from that, wearing this wetsuit will lessen fatigue as you move because of its fabric. There may be a lesser effort on your movements, yet it doesn’t meddle with your performance.

#7. Zone3 Valour Wetsuit (Men)

Are you looking for a comfy wetsuit with premium features? It’s time to switch to a new one from Zone3. One of the best wetsuits you can consider purchasing is the Valour Wetsuit. Every man yearns for it because of its Smoothskin fabrics, which make it very sturdy.

This wetsuit can enhance your posture while swimming, thanks to its 4mm Core Support Buoyancy panels. It can even let you move with a full motion-range with its Extreme Flex lining. Moving with lesser efforts but maximum performance provides the advantage to competing athletes during swimming.

It’s also exceptional in retaining body heat, thanks to its fully stitched and glue bonded seams. The YKK zipper also prevents water from coming in. Plus, the zip adds to the wetsuit’s overall convenience because it makes it hassle-free to get on and off.

Aside from that, the Pro Speed Cuffs feature’s silicone coat formula adds convenience in removing it. Users admire how smooth it is during the transition.

If you want enhanced agility, you can count on it because of its SpeedFlo fabric advantage, which reduces the wetsuit’s drag throughout swimming. Also, it improves the wetsuit’s durability for long-lasting usage.

#8. Zone3 Advance Wetsuit (Women)

Zone3 Advance Wetsuit Women

Women always have a hard time in looking for an exceptional wetsuit for competitions. Quit your endless search and check out what Zone3 has to provide. One of the best full wetsuits it offers is the Advance Wetsuit.

This wetsuit is elegant by style, with its black and blue-green color combination. What adds appeal to its overall design is the laser-cut collar. Plus, it adds relief to the user because of its soft-close fit on the neck.

It enhances your agility as you paddle, thanks to its SpeedFlo fabric. There’s a lesser drag, which adds speed while you’re in the water. You’ll love it more because 70% of the entire wetsuit uses this fabric.

Another reason why this wetsuit is exceptional is that it’s eco-friendly. This advantage doesn’t only diminish CO2 emissions but also energy consumption. Plus, it saves the environment by recycling production waste for production.

Aside from that, you can count on it for thermal control because it has stitched and glue bonded seams for further flexibility and relief. Despite any movement, it will not tear. Also, the YKK zip keeps water from entering.

It’s the best wetsuit for training and competing because it comes with a Flex-Fit shoulder panel, letting you move with full comfort and efficiency without getting tired easily. Plus, the Free Flex lining will push you to optimum stamina.

Getting the Best Zone3 Wetsuit – Buying Guide

In searching for the best wetsuit, there are a lot of factors you need to consider. The performance is one thing, yet without the following factors, finding a top-performing wetsuit is impossible. Here’s a quick guide for buyers to keep in mind.

Wetsuit Types

Choosing what wetsuit type to buy will impact your performance while swimming. Here are the typical types you’ll encounter in the market.

Full Wetsuit

Full wetsuits cover the whole body, from neck to ankle. Most of this type are 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, and 6mm by thickness. If you’re dipping in water with a temperature ranging from 59 degrees to 43 degrees Celsius, it will keep your body warm enough to last longer. Also, wearing a hoodie, boots, or gloves is optional for this type.

Some of the bestsellers include Thermal Aspire, Vanquish, Vision, and Advance.

Long Jane/John Wetsuit

This type is common as a “sleeveless” wetsuit. Some athletes prefer this wetsuit-type because it provides more relief during swimming. Despite being sleeveless, it still provides thermal control on the body, yet with lesser effectiveness, unlike full wetsuits. The best thing about this wetsuit-type is that it doesn’t restrict movements from the arms and shoulders.

Zone3’s Vision has its sleeveless version for both men and women.

Zipper Types

Zippers also have a say when it comes to the convenience of wearing and taking it off. Plus, it can affect thermal control by letting water in.

Zip Free

This type is the best option because there’s no way for excessive water-entry. It’s advantageous because it makes the wetsuit lightweight. Plus, it adds warmth to the body by lessening the water flush.

Chest Zip

This type makes a smaller opening on the fold across the chest. It’s also the best zip-type for flexibility, but it’s not convenient because getting it’s time-consuming. On the bright side, the seal is better.

Back Zip

This type is common to most wetsuits because it’s convenient to wear or take off. However, it affects the buoyancy of the wetsuit, as well as body warmth.

Most of the wetsuits by Zone3 uses a back zip-type.

Zone3 Wetsuits: Company & History

Zone3 may not be as tenure as other brands, yet it earns its spot as one of the reliable brands when it comes to wetsuit. Before providing wetsuits, James Lock, the founder of the company, fashioned swimming accessories, like swim fins and dragged shorts.

Lock was a professional athlete, and he had a sports scholarship at Loughborough University. He began selling the accessories to his fellow athletes in triathlon and swimming clubs. After he graduated from college, he pursued his business, which he called “Zone3.” However, he had a long-term injury back in 2011, making him decide to establish his brand for triathlon athletes.

This brand commits to providing quality wetsuits from innovative materials with an ergonomic design that athletes will undoubtedly love. Aside from that, all wetsuits from its collection are speed-enhancing, which is an exceptional factor because not all brands provide this advantage.

Lock and the team continue to provide top-performing wetsuits and other stuff for swimmers, racers, and cyclists. It’s a one-stop-shop for all your needs, and every item assures quality.


If you want to be a pro triathlon athlete, investing in a top-performing and quality wetsuit is necessary for continuous progress. You’ll need comfort, convenience, agility, and flexibility to push you to your optimum level.

Zone3 can give you what you need, whether it’s for training or competing. Every wetsuit from its collection will never disappoint. Aside from that, it even offers other accessories you need, like bags, gloves, swimming caps, and goggles.

If you’re looking for a trustworthy brand, Zone3 is worth the shot.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Does Zone3 deliver outside Europe?

A: Yes, Zone3 can arrange to deliver internationally. It will take 8 to 10 days, plus 2 to 3 days for processing the order.

Q: Can I use soap or detergent to clean my Zone3 wetsuit?

A: It’s highly advisable to clean the wetsuit thoroughly in freshwater after using it. Detergents can ruin the material, which can mess up your performance.

Q: Can I cancel my order through Zone3’s website?

A: No, you can’t cancel the order via the website. If you have to cancel the order, you have to contact Zone3 immediately before the stock leaves the warehouse.
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