Top 7 Best Costco Beach Umbrellas

In this Costco beach umbrella review, you will find some of the best beach umbrellas that you can use for summer. You must pick the best product for you and your family to ensure that it will stand the test of time and weather.

Most of all, choosing the right product ensures that it can protect you and your family from the harsh rays of the sun. In this review, you will learn some information on beach umbrella products, such as Tommy Bahama, BeachBUB, and more.

Top 7 Costco Beach Umbrellas in Review

  1. Tommy Bahama Beach Umbrella
  2. BeachBUB All-in-One System
  3. MOVTOTOP Beach Umbrella
  4. EZShade Beach Umbrella
  5. Sport-Brella Super Brella
  6. EasyGo Beach Umbrella
  7. Impact Canopy Beach Umbrella

1. Tommy Bahama Beach Umbrella

Cost Beach Umbrella - Tommy Bahama Beach Umbrella

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When you have the Tommy Bahama beach umbrella for summer, you do not have to worry about getting sunburned. It is enormous. Its width is seven feet.

According to the manufacturer, this umbrella does not bend or bow because of its sturdy construction.

Its features ensure that it can stand firmly on the beach sand no matter how much you tilt it. The manufacturer guarantees that the Tommy Bahama beach umbrella’s primary function is to withstand the harsh rays of direct sunlight, especially during summer.

Tommy Bahama beach umbrella’s wind vent is at the top part of the product. It helps withstand the strong wind to enhance the umbrella’s stability.

It has a tilting mechanism that allows you to position or tilt the umbrella in any way you like so that it will not bend or bow down.

Because of the umbrella’s aluminum undercoating, you can assure that your umbrella will last a long time. The aluminum undercoating is the umbrella’s protection against the sun.

2. BeachBUB All-in-One System Umbrella

Costco Beach Umbrella - BeachBUB All-in-One System Umbrella

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The main selling point of the BeachBUB All-in-One Umbrella System is that it is easy to set up. You do not have to carry a shovel to dig deep to ensure that the umbrella will stand firmly on the sand. Because of the unique way you can set it up, the umbrella will stand firmly and steadily.

It offers a few selections of colors. You can select among sky blue, citrus green, and canary yellow.

Canopy inversion is one of the problems with beach umbrellas. BeachBUB fixes this issue through its three-piece hub design that helps conquer the force brought by strong winds.

You can be sure that the BeachBUB All-in-One System umbrella will stand the test of time because it can withstand corrosion and rusting because of its stainless-steel makeup.

3. MOVTOTOP Beach Umbrella

Costco Beach Umbrella - MOVTOTOP Beach Umbrella

The MOVTOTOP beach umbrella’s main selling point is its 100+ UPF protection. The manufacturer is proud to claim that the material used to make this umbrella is capable of giving more than 50 UPF protection from the sun, which is equivalent to almost 99 percent of the sun’s UV rays.

The material used for the MOVTOTOP beach umbrella is a silver-plated polyester fabric.

It has a unique flower vent that has a lot of purposes. The first is to promote better airflow. The second is to withstand strong wind, and the third is to make the umbrella look more attractive.

MOVTOTOP beach umbrella comes with a portable bag that houses the disassembled umbrella. Using this bag, you can take it anywhere you like without any burden.

4. EZShade Beach Umbrella

Costco Beach Umbrella - EZShade Beach Umbrella

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To escape the sun, you need to tilt other umbrellas in the sun’s direction. However, according to EZShade, these umbrellas do not address the issues that the sun’s UV rays can get to people’s skin because of the rays’ ability to reflect on objects.

Therefore, the EZShade beach umbrella addresses this issue with its double shade feature as its main selling point. It claims that it can protect you from the sun’s UV rays by 99 percent and make you feel relaxed.

The manufacturer based its design on the researchers’ claim that one can only achieve protection from UV reflection by being under the shade with sidewalls.

The product’s sun shield is the main feature of the EZShade Beach Umbrella. It can protect its users from the sun’s UV rays by 99 percent by blocking its reflection the users. It also keeps them fresh and comfy in summer.

You can add up to four panels to install on your umbrella. It is possible to form a small tent with these multiple sun shields to give your privacy.

5. Sport-Brella Super Brella

Costco Beach Umbrella - Sport-Brella Super Brella

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Like the EZShade Beach Umbrella, the Sport-Brella Super Brella’s main selling point is UVA and UVB protection. It claims that it uses UPF 50+ undercoat that protects its users from the sun.

The manufacturers say that users can take it on the beach, camping, games, and the like. It is super portable. That is why the users can carry it almost everywhere they go, because this umbrella can protect them in harsh weather conditions, such as extreme heat of the sun, strong wind, and rain.

The canopy is 190 D polyester-made. The umbrella has side flaps that help anchor the umbrella on the ground and shelter a group of people from the sun.

There is a zippered window at the side of the canopy that the user can open and close when needed. It promotes airflow under the umbrella.

Sport-Brella Super Brella comes with internal pockets where the users can place their belongings.

6. EasyGo Beach Umbrella

Costco Beach Umbrella - EasyGo Beach Umbrella

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The EasyGo Beach Umbrella looks like the traditional umbrella. Although it has rainbow colors like the traditional ones, it has enhanced features that make it stand out among the typical ones. Examples are its sturdiness, construction, and reliability.

The aluminum pole is thick and anodized. It is durable enough to withstand time and weather because it is resistant to corrosion and rusting.

Aside from that, it comes with height and tilting adjustment features that are handy all the time.

EasyGo Beach Umbrella is authentic in its claim that it has an 8-foot-sized canopy made of polyester. The manufacturer claims that it makes use of UV coating that protects the users from the sun.

The EasyGo Beach Umbrella has 16 fiberglass ribs that give durability. They help to keep the umbrella stand firmly even in windy weather conditions.

7. Impact Canopy Beach Umbrella

Costco Beach Umbrella - Impact Canopy Beach Umbrella

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The Impact Canopy beach umbrella is another traditional-like beach umbrella with a rainbow design but with added features.

The aluminum pole is resistant to rust. That is why it will last for a long time with proper handling. The canopy is 8 feet wide, which is large enough to provide shade to a few people.

The 16 fiberglass ribs make the umbrella sturdy against the wind. It has a double-vented top that promotes proper air circulation and prevents inversion. It also allows you to tilt the umbrella at any angle you want.

How to Pick the Best Beach Umbrella for You

Going to the beach is the best time to relax and unwind. Do not let the sun’s extreme heat ruin your vacation by making you feel uncomfortable because of the sun’s scorching heat. Choose the best product that can give you satisfaction.

Features to Look for When Selecting Your Costco Beach Umbrella


Not all beach umbrellas are the same. There are three types of them: UV-proof, commercial-grade, and clamp-on.

Many people choose the UV-proof ones because these kinds of umbrellas can protect them from direct sunlight and the invisible UV rays that cause several skin issues.

The commercial-grade type focuses on the durability of the umbrella. Therefore, these umbrellas can withstand harsh weather and wear and tear.

The clamp-on is a kind of umbrella to clamp on your beach chair, table, or any surface. These umbrellas are smaller than the other types, which makes these portable.


The typical fabrics used for beach umbrellas are polyester, canvas, and cotton.

Polyester is the most typical one used in beach umbrellas because of its several benefits. These advantages include resistance against mold, wrinkling, and heat.

Canvas comes with a PVC coating that makes umbrellas waterproof.

Some umbrellas are cotton-made, which makes this heat-repellent. Among the others, umbrellas made from cotton are cheaper.


You must keep in mind that the thicker the material is, the more substantial that umbrella will be. However, umbrellas with thicker materials often provide better sun protection.


Most beach umbrellas have poles that are rust-resistant and adjustable. However, they differ when it comes to the construction because some poles are detachable while others are foldable—the pole construction plays a significant role in the umbrella’s portability.


Umbrellas typically work against the force of the wind. Therefore, even though most beach umbrellas are strong enough to stand still against the wind, these are not durable enough to last for a long time.

The vent feature prolongs the life of beach umbrellas. It makes the umbrellas durable to withstand wear and tear every time you use them on windy occasions. When the vent is open, the wind passes through and allows the heat to escape.


You have to consider the size of the umbrella by knowing who will likely share it with you. If you are going to the beach with your family, it is best to buy large ones with a diameter of 9 feet. If you are going on a solo trip, the one with 6 feet diameter is enough.

Other Considerations

You may also want to consider the other minor features, such as the colors, design, internal pockets, and the like.

Short History of Beach Umbrellas

It all started in Ancient Egypt more than 3500 years ago. At that time, Egyptians used parasols made from sticks and palm leaves for sun protection. Only the royalties could use them.

In the neighboring nation, only the Assyrian king had the right to the parasol’s sun protection.

In the 11th century BC, China innovated the ancient umbrellas by creating ones that used waterproof materials and silk. By that time, only the emperor and nobles could use the tiered umbrellas.

In nearby countries, Burma and Siam, the nobles started using tiered umbrellas to indicate social status. The more noble the person was, the more tiers there were, and it could reach up to 24 levels.

In Ancient Greece, women used umbrellas and considered these luxurious. This time, the women could open and close the umbrellas. However, men found them feminine.

In the 16th to 17th centuries, European countries, such as Italy, France, and England, started using umbrellas. Its usage reached Europe and America.

However, men still considered umbrellas feminine at that time. It was only when a man named Jonas Hanway broke this stereotype by using an umbrella in public. Many people ridiculed him for it, but in 1790, men started to accept using it too.

Since then, many people started to innovate umbrella technology. The most notable was when a man named Hans Haupt created a pocket umbrella in 1928. People also started using it to protect themselves from the sun and rain in markets, patios, and beaches.


There are extensive selections of beach umbrellas in the market, and all manufacturers claim that their product is the best. It is vital to read a useful Costco beach umbrella review before buying one. It will inform you of the right features that you must look for when choosing the best product.

You need to check a few pointers, such as the type, size, construction, and material of the umbrella.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How do I measure the size of the umbrella?

There are three variables that you should know when measuring the size of the umbrella: the arc, frame size, and diameter. You can measure the arc by measuring the tip to one side of an open umbrella. For the frame size, you simply have to measure the handle and the shaft. To measure the diameter, you need to invert an open umbrella and measure from one side to the other.

Q: What is proper maintenance for a Costco umbrella?

One of the main tips that you should remember is to use your umbrella only for its intended function. Do not use it to carry bags, packages, and the like. Do not fold your umbrella immediately when it is wet. Allow it to dry first. Lastly, shake your umbrella for a bit and straighten the ribs before slowly opening them.

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