Top 7 Best Noserider Surfboards | 2021 Reviews (Modern)

With the many types of surfboards available in the market, you might run out of time, picking the best one for you. But, the best surfboard depends on what type of board rider you are. Surfboards can be categorized through their lengths, widths, and performances. But if you want to become a noserider surfer, then you came to the right place.

First of all, if you don’t know what noserider surfboards are, these are longboards that are ridden on the nose of the board.

The best noserider surfboard is made with polyurethane, polyester, and fiberglass. Since its lightweight, it can easily be maneuvered and ridden on waves. So if you are planning to purchase one in the future, our review below might just be of help to you.

Top 7 Best Noserider Surfboards in Review

Noseriders are a balance of drag and lift. It is a board that stalls, but not too much. If you don’t have the right features, you could have a board that is just a dog or a board that is too fast – a board that once you’re on the nose, you have already outrun the wave.

The modern noseriders are different, unlike the old ones. Since technology took over, noseriders became more advanced, and stability became easier because high-quality materials are now more available.

The best noserider surfboard has elements that work together in harmony. Since it is slower than a conventional surfboard, it is meant to be ridden in soft low waves. Most noseriders can go from 8 to 12 feet long and are best for beginners since it allows them to have more floor space for balance.

Now, hearing what noseriders are all about might get you too curious. So, if you are planning to join the noserider team, we have listed the seven best noserider surfboards in the market that may take your breath away.

  1. South Bay Board Co. Soft Top Verve Surfboard
  2. Modern Surfboard Boss Longboard Surfboard
  3. California Board Company Foam Surfboard
  4. NSP Elements Longboard Surfboard
  5. California Board Company 8 Feet Surfboard
  6. Storm Blade 8’ Longboard
  7. Wave Bandit Gravy Rider

#1. South Bay Board Co. 8 Verve Soft Top Surfboard – Best for Beginners

SBBC ||- Surfboard -||- 8’ Verve Soft Top Surfboard -||- Wax Free Surfboards -||- Performance Focused Surf Board Includes Foam Surfboard, Leash, Fins -||- Deluxe Package Options Available -||


  • Board Dimensions: 96” x 23” x 3”
  • Weight capacity: up to 200 lbs

South Bay Board Co. is a family-owned board and beach company. They believe in the four words that define their company – design, performance, value, and service. With the four essential words, they could give their customers the best possible products that meet their every need.

One of the best-selling surfboards of South Bay Board Co. is noseriders. These boards differ very much with longboards in many ways, and that includes flexibility.

Not all noserider longboards are flexible. Concerning flexibility, Soft Top Surfboard doesn’t baffle surfers.

The board’s one of a kind shape permits surfers of different levels to appreciate and have a great surfing experience. Soft Top Surfboard has a Finger Print Textured Foam Deck that offers footing, so don’t stress over utilizing wax. With the longboard’s shape, you can perform diverse surf styles. The base deck has a double concave, so you experience extreme coast and steadiness while you’re on the water.

Soft Top Surfboard is formed utilizing a vacuum shaping procedure that permits the board to get flexible. You can see a triple stringer that gives assurance from breaks or splits. Surfers would see that the PVC balance gaps are stable. You can bid farewell to waterlog because there’s a warm discharge vale on this noserider.

The noserider longboard has a chain string, rope, and engine balance arrangement. Surfers can expect a quality riding experience riding Soft Top Surfboard. Overall, it’s a versatile noserider that many surfers would want to get their hands on someday.

Best for any surfer’s leveNo rocker, sold separately
Easily maneuverable

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#2. Modern Surfboards Boss Longboard Surfboard – Best Overall Noserider

Modern Surfboards Boss PU Longboard Surfboard


  • Length: 8ft 6in, 9ft 1in
  • Construction: PU
  • Profile: low-entry rocker, relaxed through the middle, extra lift in tail
  • Center: [8ft 6in] 22.25in, [9ft 1in] 22.75in
  • Thickness: [8ft 6in] 3.125in, [9ft 1in] 3.375in

Modern Surfboards is part of the Global Surf Industries Corporation that produces water sport gears and accessories. They believe in inclusiveness no matter what age, gender, or sex, if you have the love for the water, you are significantly important.

GSI is a well-known corporation operating in Sydney, Australia, and currently manufactures surfboards and accessories to various parts of the world.

Modern Surfboards is one of the leading surfboard providers that produce surfboards, and one of them is noseriders.

If you are a noserider beginner who wants to obtain more surfing skills, the Modern Surfboards Boss Longboard is the best fit. It offers excellent stability, so beginners can catch the waves smoothly and can chase different levels of waves.

The longboard creates smooth turns and is maneuverable for beginners. It also goes with advanced riders who are looking for versatile boards for their quiver.

The balanced outline of the Boss Longboard provides more surface area up to the front, and the mid-section has the right standing zone. It also has a tapered tail that will allow the surfer to break lines and turn quickly. Since it has a low-entry rocker, you could paddle fast and turn to an outstanding arc.

There is a smooth rail transition and exceptional control over the board as you turn off its tail. Lastly, the board has an excellent volume for stability.

Massive standing zone
A little heavy for some
Easily maneuverable

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#3. California Board Company Foam Surfboard – Best for Balancing on Waves

California Board Company Foam Surf Board, 9-Feet (Color: Brown/Wood graphic)


  • Dimensions: 108” x 24” x 4”
  • Weight: 15 lbs
  • Weight capacity: up to 275 lbs
  • Volume: 91.75 L
  • Inner Material: 100% waterproof EPS foam core

The California Board Company started with four friends who got together for two nights to talk about memories and surfing. By the end of the year, they started the Keeper Sports Products, LLC.

They boast their high-quality products that are all competitively priced. Many of their customers are surfers who seek bigger and better boards for their new surfing journey. Some purchase the usual boards, while some prefer noseriders.

One of their best-selling entry-level noseriders is the Foam surfboard.

Most surfers like this surfboard for its retro look as well as its toughness and wellbeing it offers. Foam core riders are safe and durable.

This noserider is recommended for beginners on account of its magnificent exhibition. Indeed, the board may look incredible; but there is more to that. With the surfboards wide and long dimension, you are in for a real ride. The board offers excellent lightness that is ideal for beginners who like to have a great time catching waves.

If you would notice, the board has a broad tail and an adjusted nose. Beginners figure out how to perform innovative moves onward water and accomplish balance during wave catching. Admittedly, this surfboard surpasses the expectations of the many with regards to wave catching and learning balance.

The board’s EPS foam core is waterproof that is enclosed by polyethylene. Subsequently, surfers are confident that there wouldn’t be water logging issues. Plus, you won’t have to worry about water getting inside the board.

The noserider surfboard has different highlights that are essential for every surfer. It has engine blades, PU rope, and a rope string.

The highlights make the soft longboard an excellent board for genuine surfers.

Made with the highest quality materialsDesign needs improvement
Very buoyant

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#4. NSP Elements 9 Foot Longboard Surfboard – Best quality of materials used

NSP Elements Longboard Surfboard | FINS Included | Durable All Around Long Board SURF Board (Navy, 9'0' x 22 3/4' x 3' @ 73.2L)


  • Dimensions: 9” x 22 ¾” x 3 1/8”
  • Weight: 6.25 lbs
  • Volume: 73.2 L

NSP was born in 2001 from a dream of Bruce Hansen, a surfer, and a waterman. After talking to some of his friends, they began to realize the vision and started NSP Surfboards.

They started selling in 2002 in the country of Hawaii and Australia. Now, NSP is one of the largest brands in surfing and paddleboarding.

One of the most renowned and broadly sold surfboard marks on the planet is NSP’s Elements Longboard. Indeed, we can’t contend with that. NSP Elements Longboard joins the best materials and shapes that give an incredible presentation to surfers.

You can expect that the Elements longboard is long-lasting because of its sturdiness. We think it’s astounding because of its highlights and execution.

The board has a waterproof EPS foam core and a durable epoxy resin. You can see the base deck has an inward shape. With this, surfers gain more stability while riding the surfboard. It also permits you to do incredible tricks, like walking to the nose.

The Elements has both side fins and center fins. Another term for this is the 2+1 setup. Also, the fins are easy to install. That is not all. The fins are additionally durable and reliable.

Beginners can build up their abilities in riding this longboard. You can remain on water effectively while you appreciate wave catching.

Made with the highest quality materialsA little unstable on water
Easy to use

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#5. California Board Company 8′ Surfboard – Best for Budget

California Board Company CBC Slasher 8' Surfboard


  • Dimensions: 2” x 2.4” x 96.8”
  • Weight: 8.51 lbs

California Board Company is known to make durable and high performing boards. As with the 8 feet surfboard, beginners and old-timers can enjoy this board for its easy maneuverability.

The board is made with 100% waterproof EPS foam core and uses a high-density polyethylene for its materials. That is why you won’t feel like the board has water inside or that it has to waterlog.

There are also wood stringers along with the tri-fin system. The features provide improved acceleration and stability on the water.

What is more exciting about the 8ft surfboard is its affordability. Knowing that CBC sells affordable surfboards is a perfect opportunity for noseriders to purchase one for their quiver.

Made with the highest quality materials
Lacks longboard accessories
Core is waterproof

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#6. Storm Blade 8’ Longboard – Best in innovation for a noserider

StormBlade 9ft Surfboard // Foam Wax Free Soft Top Longboard for Adults and Kids of All Levels of Surfing


  • Dimensions: 8’ x 24” x 3.25”
  • Weight: 14.6 lbs 

Storm Blade is a company that believes that high quality does not mean expensive prices. They feature many boards from many categories like surfboards, SUP, bodyboards, and many more, at very competitive prices.

If you are a brand-conscious surfer who also wants to have a durable and long-lasting surfboard, then landing the Storm Blade 9 feet longboard would be one of your most significant achievements. The company is a very well-known surfboard manufacturer that sells high-performing surfboards.

Many surfers appreciate the longboard’s shape because it’s sleek and stylish. Because of years of research and development, Storm Blade finally took it up a notch as the longboard is now able to accommodate more significant volumes of up to 98 liters. Also, they added rails to boost the flexibility of the longboard.

It is an excellent board for beginners, intermediate, and advanced surfers because of its versatility and effortless maneuverability. The design is stylish, and the materials used are made of the highest quality. The core is made with superb EPS and set with three times marine ply stringers.

The bottom is made from high-grade HDPE, and the thruster has a bolt through, reinforced with fin-plug inserts that have Silica rings that prevent water from going inside the board. It also has a double swivel leash.

This noserider is one for the ride with its performance and durability. If ever you have a higher budget, you might want to purchase the Storm Blade.

A bottom deck made from HDPEStability issues for bigger waves
Waterproof core and thruster fin
Has marine ply stringers

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#7. Wave Bandit Gravy Rider  – Best design

Wave Bandit Ben Gravy Pro EZ Rider Surfboard, White, 8'0 (WB80)


  • Dimensions: 8’0″ x 23.0″ x 3.375″
  • Volume: 86 L
  • Composition: EPS core, double maple wood stringers

One of the things we love about Wave Bandits is its fun and high-spirited surfboard designs. One of their most-loved noseriders, the Gravy Rider, has its design based on Ben Gravy, a pro surfer/Youtuber.

Aside from the bright design of the Gravy Rider, its construction is also well-built. The foam core is waterproof and made from EPS, making sure that there is no waterlogging. The bottom deck is UV-resistant and scratch-resistant.

Noserider’s egg shape design creates more stability and improved acceleration. Its versatility is outstanding, accommodating different levels of surfers, from beginners to advance. Also, surfers can attach a tri-fin setup to the tail to provide faster rides and smooth gliding.

It also has double maple wood stringers that can help in the preservation of the board. The skin creates a fun vibe that will be an eye-catcher.

Double maple wood stringer for more long-lasting boardVery expensive compared to its foam board counterparts
Cool and fun design

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Top Pick – Best Noserider Surfboard

With the variety of noseriders available, it is sometimes difficult to choose the best one. Although one could research the best, it would take more effort until you decide what to purchase. For an advanced noserider surfer, picking the best one would be of great ease. But for beginners, it would be tedious and stressful.

To accommodate both, we picked the Modern Surfboards Boss Longboard. Its versatility is beyond comprehension. It can help both beginners and advanced riders and still perform at its best. Its stability allows beginners to slowly balance and practice their surfing skills, while its high-performance creates better opportunities for the skilled to practice their tricks.

It has an extensive standing zone for better balance stability as well. It’s simple yet elegant design does not bother surfers at all because its performance is undeniable. The low-entry rocker allows faster movement, and the lifted tail creates smooth rail transitions.

Lastly, the Boss Longboard would be an excellent value for your money. It’s affordable, durable, versatile, and can easily be transported.

Types of Noserider Designs

As many may not have known, not all longboards are built to be noseriders. Different types of surfboards can only get to the criterion of being a noserider. In the old times, many of the longboards that were made were also meant for noseriding. But because of technology, more surfboards become specific and only made to become noseriders.

To know what boards can become noseriders, we listed the different shapes of the surfboard, explained why they are shaped that way, and is meant for noseriding.

Bottom Contour

Noseriding longboards are mostly contrasting to the modern surfboards’ shape. Today’s shortboards are shaped with a concave bottom for improved acceleration. Boards meant for noseriding also have round-shaped bottoms. The bottom’s round shape slows the board down, resulting in better balance and giving the rider more time to walk to the nose.

Wide Tail

It is essential to know that wave positioning, and design characteristics help stabilize a surfer’s position while riding it. Huge single fins attached to boards with broad tails create the right drag. Fast boards are not so crucial in noseriding because it might outrun the spot the surfer needs to get the best noseriding. Another surfboard shape that can create better stability is those with a broad square tail or rounded pin.

Wide Nose

The best nose design for a noserider has to be a wide nose since you have to stay to that side of the board. A flat nose that should be at least 18 inches wide creates a stable platform on the feet and provides better drag. The bottom of the noserider must also be concave to offer a lift or the surfer.

Soft Rails

Most noserider longboards use softer rails to break water. Hard rails make a clean break on the water to improve speed. But we don’t want that. Soft rails make a surfboard hold to the face of the wave because the water the passes would bend around the curves, as a result, slows down the board to allow the rider to walk to the nose.

Noseriders vs. High-Performance Longboards

There are two main types of longboards on the market – the noserider longboards and the High-Performance Longboards. In terms of construction, both can be made from polyurethane, fiberglass and polyester resin combination, or expanded polystyrene or what many call as EPS.

Noseriders are usually made with foam throughout its body. It also has a broader mid-section and a rounder rail at the bottom. Most of these boards are single-fin, often riding on small waves.

Compared to the traditional longboards, noseriders ride slow and steady waves. With the flat rocker, there is effortless paddling and improved stability to create better tricks.

On the other hand, high-performance longboards have a narrow width, narrower nose, and has lesser tail width. They have more rocker than a noserider and often can accommodate multiple fins to get through the roughest and steepest waves.

Usually, surfers who transition from shortboard to HPLB are better because they are used to the shortboard’s maneuverability.

With the HPLB, surfers can catch more tough and high waves because, unlike noseriders, HPLBs are faster and more maneuverable.

Getting the Best Noserider Surfboard – Ultimate Buyers’ Guide

If you want to pick the best noserider surfboard, you must first know its features to know which the best one. In this section, we will give you a list of the features that you should consider before buying the best noserider surfboard.

4 Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Noserider Surfboard

#1. Length

Surfboards, in general, have different lengths that are also used at various activities. For noseriders, surfers usually pick longboards. But even longboards have different lengths too, but for noseriding, the best measurement would be 10 feet or more.

Surfers who want to pursue noseriding pick boards that are 8 to 10 feet long. Longer boards create room for the surfer to make turns and glide to the nose while shortboards focus more on maneuverability and speed.

#2. Materials

Noserider surfboards are usually made from polyurethane foam, wood stringer, and a flex. For more traditional longboards, the most preferred wood is the Balsa wood. This type of wood has a great weight to flex ratio, creating better longboards. It is also environment-friendly and lightweight.

But in today’s time, more surfers choose the durable and lightweight boards – those made with epoxy resin. The material is thin and durable and results in a lightweight longboard.

#3. Width and Thickness

Most of the noseriders have a thickness of 2.5 inches or more. If the board has the right floatability, it would be easier for surfers to catch the waves. Pro-tip, surfers with lesser weight are recommended to purchase thinner longboards; bigger surfers are advised to choose 3 inches onwards for the thickness. With this, you can create more successful turns.

#4. Rocker

Longboards that have more rocker do great in noseriding. Since we need a noserider that is slow, there should be an extra weight on the nose or the tail.


Noseriding is one of the oldest surfing stunts that go way back to the times of the longboards. During those times, longboards were also used as noseriders because of their similarities. But because of technology, longboards began to evolve with many different types.

The features of a longboard and a noserider are almost the same, but each still has little differences which make them unique to their usage. Noseriders need lesser speed and more stability and balance to create the best position for wave catching. Although longboards may also behave that way, surfers still prefer longboards to have higher performance in maneuvering the waves.

Among all the listed noseriders above, we only picked the best one who passed the overall criterion of a noserider surfboard. Among the seven, we think that the Modern Surfboards Boss Longboard is a total favorite because of its durability, design, performance, length, and value for money.

The Boss Longboard has the best quality materials; it also has a simple and straightforward design that allows you to focus more on your skills than its aesthetics. The shape of the board creates better waves, and longer rides and broad mid-section enable the surfer to have a better standing balance. Its performance is exceptional. It allows the surfer to have a slower speed to catch up with its sweet spot and create a significant turn.

Another thing that rang our bell is the affordability of the Boss Longboard. Because of its superb features, it adds significant value to your money.

Whichever noserider you want to purchase, please make sure that you’ stay within your budget and stick to your criteria.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Are all noseriders longboards?

Yes, all noseriders are considered longboards because they can have lengths from 8 feet to 12 feet. But not all longboards are noseriders, because these boards have a rounder nose and have more foam throughout the board, unlike the typical longboard. Also, most noseriders have a single-fin setup.

Q: What makes the best noserider surfboard?

The best noserider surfboard must be round at the nose and rocker at the tail to have more lift. The midsection must be broad enough so the rider can have the right standing zone. Lastly, I must be at least 8 feet long.

Q: Do I need to care for my noserider the way I care for my other surfboards?

Yes, because noseriders are still surfboards. You need to wax it often and clean off any saltwater residue to keep it glasslike and smooth. If you want to know more about how to care for your surfboard, check out your surfboard manufacturer’s website.

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