Wave Bandit Surfboards: What You Should Know [2021]

Surfing lets you focus on your every move, for making the slightest misstep ultimately leads to throwing off your game. Similar to choosing the perfect surfboard, paying attention to the minute details will allow you to maximize the surfboard’s capacity.

Wave Bandit, a brand created by surfers, offers an extensive collection of surfboards for fit for every occasion. The list below ranks the brand’s best offerings according to their adaptability and usability for all surfers.

Wave Bandit Boards Reviewed

  1. Retro Fish Quad 
  2. Easy Rider 
  3. Performer Tri-fin 
  4. Wave Bandit Performer Pin 
  5. Performer Mini Twin Fin 
  6. Shred Sled 
  7. Wave Bandit Soft Skim 
  8. Shockwave Bodyboard 

#1. Retro Fish Quad 

Retro Fish Quad 


  • Quad Fin Setup
  • Fish Shape
  • Dual Wood Stringers and Composite Core
  • High-Density Polyethylene Slick Bottom
  • Surf Wax Required

Wave Bandit’s Retro Fish Quad gives off a classic look that allows you to surf regardless of the swell size. Its highly adaptable shape makes it possible for all surfers to be part of a line up all year round.

Its shape alone allows for better interaction between the surfboard alone, making the board very forgiving for beginners despite its smaller size. The pointed front will enable you to slice through waves and glide smoothly on the water. Having a swallow tail aids the fins in distributing your energy equally, improving your speed and control.

The Quad fin setup makes this surfboard highly sensitive to movement, rendering it usable on small and medium swells. This fin setup also generates an impressive amount of speed through the four channels distributing every paddle’s energy evenly. Sharp twists and turns are also possible for the same fin set up allows maximum maneuverability with minimal effort.

Retro Fish Quad’s high-density polyethylene bottom assures of the board’s excellent shock absorption. The dual wood stringers, combined with the composite core’s high-pressure construction, makes it highly durable, ensuring you of getting your money’s worth.

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#2. Easy Rider 

Easy Rider


  • Thruster Fin Setup
  • Egg Shape
  • Dual Maple Wood Stringers
  • High-Density Extended Polystyrene Core
  • Surf Wax Required

The Wave Bandit Easy Rider comes in the size variants, allowing you to tailor-fit the surfboard accordingly. This series is the brand’s offering for longboards, which are great for days with smaller swells.

Like the Performer Tri-fin, the Easy Rider’s Thruster Fin Setup allows for more predictable movements, letting you control the board more. Its massive volume makes it positively buoyant, giving beginners substantial room for a learning curve.

Its egg shape with a rocker-less top and a flat bottom prioritizes letting you have full control of speed and maneuverability. Pulling off fast turns will not be as easy, but it will allow you to glide through the smallest waves making this board usable for any season.

Easy Rider’s dual maple wood stringers make this board rigid enough to withstand a beating. Using a closed-cell high-density EPS material makes its core compact and adds to rigidity, making it highly durable. The same material makes this board weatherproof and keeps its weight to a minimum.

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#3. Performer Tri-fin 

Performer Tri-Fin


  • Thruster Fin Setup
  • Fish Shape
  • Dual Wood Stringers and Composite Core
  • High-Density Polyethylene Slick Bottom
  • Surf Wax Required

Having three height options allows Wave Bandit’s Performer Tri-fin to cater to a broader range of users, making it highly adaptable. Its excellent performance makes it one, if not the best, shortboards in the game that it is no surprise that renowned surfer Ben Gravy endorses the board.

Its fish shape allows for better turns and optimal speed small to medium waves. The tail allows for better channeling of water, maximizing every paddle. The board’s width and thickness allows for better maneuverability, giving you better control of your movement.

This board’s Thruster Fin Setup improves its predictability, making the Performer Tri-fin usable for beginners. It also improves on the board’s stability since it balances out the deck’s relatively lightweight.

The dual wood stringers that make the core compact and concrete promise excellent durability, allowing for a longer lifespan. Like all Wave Bandit boards, the deck needs a consistent surf wax application to give you a firmer grip on the surfboard.

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#4. Wave Bandit Performer Pin 

Wave Bandit Performer Pin


  • Thruster Fin Setup
  • Rounded Pin Tail
  • Dual Wood Stringers and Composite Core
  • High-Density Polyethylene Slick Bottom
  • Surf Wax Required

Its unique shape makes the Wave Bandit Performer Pin perfect for shredding since glides smoothly through the waves. The rounded pin tail makes turning very easy, allowing for better maneuverability.

This board’s wider frame lets you maximize every paddle, giving you better control of your movement. Its pin shape allows better channeling of water, providing you with sufficient speed. Its thruster fin setup optimizes the surfboard’s stability, making sure you keep your balance.

The dual wood stringers with the composite core’s high-pressure construction assure you that the Performer Pin can take a beating. It remains lightweight despite its rigidity, ensuring you of the board’s buoyancy and improving your control.

Having a high-density polyethylene slick lower deck improves on this board’s endurance to impact, assuring you of its durability. The same material allows the bottom of this board to improve on its smooth gliding capabilities.

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#5. Performer Mini Twin Fin 

Performer Mini Twin Fin


  • Performance-level, Removable Twin Fin
  • Dual Wood Stringers and Composite Core
  • Customized Shape and Rocker
  • Professional-Style Leash Attachment
  • Surf Wax Required

The Wave Bandit Performer Mini Twin Fin gives surfers abundant speed without compromising stability. Its unique shape lets you chase swells effortlessly with the rocker, allowing for smoother turns and improving the board’s maneuverability.

Its dual wood stringers and composite core assure you that this board can take a beating despite its lightweight.  Performer Mini’s high-pressure construction makes the board sufficiently rigid, providing ample speed and optimizing every paddle.

The Performer Mini’s lightweight also improves its buoyancy, and with the specialized twin fins, strengthen your stability. These features also allow for a more control glide, which makes this board forgiving for beginners.

A leash attachment included with this board assures your safety if you lose your balance and fall. It would be best if you were mindful of applying surf wax on its deck, though, to keep a firm grip on the board.

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#6. Shred Sled 

Shred Sled


  • Available in 37 and 48 inches
  • Dual-Composite Core
  • Removable Twin Fins
  • Leash Included
  • Surf Wax Required

Wave Bandit’s Shred Sled is perfect for the young surfers who cannot wait to get their first swell. This board allows kids to have the full experience of an actual shortboard with more than enough room for a learning curve. A professional-style leash will keep you close to the board if you fall off, ensuring your safety.

Its egg shape provides sufficient speed, which is more suitable for surfers who are finding their footing. The wide midsection leaves ample space for movement, allowing the surfer to work on his balance. Having a removable twin fin setup allows this surfboard to improve on its buoyancy, and lets you have more control of your movement.

This board’s high-pressure construction with the dual-composite core makes it stiff, assuring you of its durability. Its rigidity also helps in creating sharper turns improving on its maneuverability. It would help if you were mindful of applying surf wax, though, to ensure the deck’s tackiness.

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#7. Wave Bandit Soft Skim 

Wave Bandit Soft Skimboard


  • Excellent-performing Shape and Rocker
  • Dual-Composite Core
  • Four Wood Stringers
  • High-Density Polyethylene Slick Bottom
  • Surf Wax Required

Skimboarding will be a breeze with the Wave Bandit Soft Skim Board’s excellent-performing shape and rocker combination. This soft skim board’s width is very forgiving, making it usable for surfers of all levels.

The compromise between a Streamlined and Sacramento shape makes this skimboard unique. You get ample stability from the wideness of a proto and the smooth maneuverability of a streamlined board. Its High-Density Polyethylene Slick bottom layer assures you of its resistance to immediate damage and a smoother glide.

Wave Bandit’s Soft Skim board’s dual-composite core is made more rigid by its high-pressure construction, assuring you of its durability. Having four wood stringers makes this skimboard stiff, ensuring your stability. Constant application of surf wax is necessary before every use to keep your grip on the board.

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#8. Shockwave Bodyboard 

Shockwave Bodyboard


  • Available in 36, 42, and 45 inches
  • Crescent Tail
  • No Stringer
  • High-Density Polyethylene Top
  • Polystyrene Core

The Shockwave Bodyboard is the perfect starter board to let you learn the basics of surfing. Three size options and a specialty variant from champion surfer Ben Gravy enables you to choose accordingly. Its Performance shape allows you to have great control, making this board suitable for surfers of all levels.

This board’s Crescent tail gives you enough speed to keep up with the waves. Graduated channels at the rear increase the Shockwave’s drive, optimizing every paddle.

Shockwave’s High-Density Polyethylene top promises excellent durability that assures you of getting your money’s worth. The weatherproof material also makes the board relatively shock-absorbent, ensuring your safety upon impact.

Its Polystyrene core makes this bodyboard lightweight, allowing for maximum buoyancy. The Ben Gravy variant includes a leash, assuring you could quickly get back on the board if you fall off.

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Top Pick: The Wave Bandit Retro Fish Quad

The Retro Fish Quad’s versatility makes it outshine the rest of the boards offered by Wave Bandit. Its capability to provide an abundance of both speed and control makes it usable for surfers of all levels, all year round.

Its classic fish shape leaves you with enough space to keep your balance, with the quad fin setup enhancing the board’s buoyancy and stability. The same fin setup also distributes every paddle’s energy, giving you more speed for less effort.

Having a high-pressure construction to seal in the twin woods stringer and composite in this surfboard’s core ensures its excellent durability. The HDPE slick bottom makes it resistant to impact, assuring you that it will not break despite the constant beating.

While the Easy Rider and Performer are also excellent picks, their limiting built, and lackluster performance makes them fall short compared to the Retro Fish Quad.

Surfboard Buying Guide

Finding the perfect surfboard requires that you find the appropriate volume, height, and fin configuration. Being knowledgeable about how they are all interconnected will ultimately lead you to make wiser decisions.

Multiplying the surfboard’s length with its width and height will give you its volume capacity. This feature tells you the buoyancy capacity of the board, which will help in managing your stability. Using a surfboard with an equal or higher volume than your ideal one will help you stay afloat. These surfboards are comparatively slower against less buoyant ones, so it is always best to find the compromise to optimize both speed and balance.

Having a lower volume will make the surfboard more fidgety, requiring the surfer to be in full control of his movements for efficient maneuvering. Choosing this type of board will also lead to lower buoyancy, which works to the more experienced surfer’s advantage when it comes to rising with the swells.

Your level of experience determines the appropriate surfboard height. Like those within the six to seven feet range, longer surfboards allow beginners to have more moving space. These surfboards let you work on your footing to find the right stance to keep your stability and optimize your turn for better maneuvering. The smaller area in a fish or the longboard’s unusual length will require more experience in finding the right rhythm.

While the thruster setup offers the ideal configuration adaptable to all skill levels, it usually does not provide as much speed with the middle fin creating a drag. A single fin solves the speed issue but will give you a feeling of imbalance and requires more training to reap its benefits.

Using a twin or 2+1 fin setup offers sufficient stability, but it will create a drag that affects your speed like the thruster setup. The quad setup answers both the speed and balance issue, but the lack of a center fin might need a learning curve, especially for beginners.


Wave Bandit offers us a vast array of surfboards fit for any swell. The brand’s relatively affordable price range makes it possible for any surfer to join a lineup, making it a brand that is hard to miss.

Choosing the right surfboard requires that you understand how every detail, regardless of its size, affects the entire surfing experience. While it is undeniable that surfing relies heavily on how you handle riding the waves, having the right surfboard will let you slice through them effortlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I calculate for my ideal volume?

A: You determine your ideal volume by multiplying your fitness level with your skill and weight. There are available resources online that help you get the numerical value of your skill level. Your surfing frequency provides a range to help you determine your fitness level. Having your ideal volume will help you choose the right volume to optimize your stability, so you need to be completely accurate with your ranking.

Q: What’s the difference between a Polyurethane and a Polystyrene board?

A: A Polyurethane or a PU board will be more sensitive with your movements, but is ultimately more prone to showing early signs of wear and tear. It is also very versatile when you combine the material with other chemicals to improve on its durability. Polystyrene boards are more rigid, making them comparatively sturdier than PU surfboards. This material’s closed-cell core also makes it waterproof, improving on its lifespan.

Q: Do I need to have all surfboard shapes?

A: The variation of shapes on surfboards are made for treading more specific types of swells.  Buying all forms is not necessary since there are versatile ones like fish-shaped or hybrid boards, but it could help improve the experience. It is best to know the kind of waves the weather makes on a specific place to determine if you are using an appropriate surfboard.

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