Top 8 Best Wakesurf Shapers

Wakesurfing might be one of the coolest water sport activities. But often, to practice this sport, wakesurfers must load those weight bags into the boat to create those ideal waves perfect for surfing. This solution could be a problem since instead of carrying other gear on the boat, you would end up with many weight bags.

Wakesurf shapers came to life to address the problem. The shapers create waves on the water by being attached below the boat. With the help of shapers, surfers can practice the waves at higher speeds.

Top 8 Best Wakesurf Shapers in Review

Wakesurf shapers help surfers unload their baggage of weight bags and allow them to practice the waves better.

Several kinds of wakesurf shapers are available on the market, but they only have one thing in common: to create better wave shapes for the surfers. The best wakesurf shapers can be attached to the boat’s hull effortlessly. It also uses a stronghold suction to mount on the boat.

These little innovations are called upon a couple of names by many surfers. They can be called a wake gate, wake maker, or a wakesurf gate, among others, so don’t get confused whenever you hear these names.

  1. Swell Wakesurf Creator 2.0 Surfing Wavesurf Shaper
  2. Sylvan Wave Maker Surf Gate Shaper Wakesurf Wakeboard
  3. Mission Boat Gear Delta Wakesurf Shaper
  4. Liquid Force Wakesurf Edge Pro2 Wake Shape
  5. Roswell Marine Deflector Wake Shaper
  6. Ronix Eight.3 Wakesurf Shaper with Concave suction cup blade
  7. Tidal Wake Surf Shaper 
  8. Lake Surfer Wake Surf Shaper

#1. Swell Wakesurf Creator 2.0 Surfing Wavesurf Shaper – Best Overall

SWELL Wakesurf Creator 2.0 Surfing Wavesurf Shaper - Wave Generator - Floating - Durable &
  • Double your Wakesurf Wave - Proprietary Design Creates Turbulence On The Opposite Side Of The Surf Wave To Allow The Surf Wave To Develop Into a Larger, Longer Wave.
  • Switch from port to starboard instantly - Easily attach and remove with suction levers above or below the water, while in the boat or in the water, quick 5 second install and removal.
  • Floating, no need to tether. - The SWELL Wakesurf Creator floats high in the water and is white in color for high visibility.
  • Suction Technology, NO Velcro, Attaches and Removes In Seconds - Large industrial suction cups hold even in the toughest conditions.
  • USA MADE AND SHIPPED! Universal, Works On All Inboards - From 1980's Ski Boats To Newer Wakeboard And Wakesurf Boats, Turn Them All Into Surf Machines With The Best Selling Wakesurf Shaper.
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  • Dimensions: 13” x 8” x 8”
  • Shipping Weight: 4.5 lbs
  • Attachment Area: 5” wide x 13” long
  • Wake Shaper Area: 72 sq. in
  • Components: Marine Grade, Stainless steel hardware

If you want a full package wakesurf shaper, the Swell Creator 2.0 might be your best buddy. It doubles the waves for your added skills and helps get the waves more prominent as you slide along.

The suction cup allows an exceptional grip to the boat while still easy to detach when needed. Since the shaper can easily be detached, you can move it anywhere you like.

Another great feature of the product is the materials used. Swell only uses industrial grade materials for their suction cups, so you’re sure that it can hold on to the harshest conditions. It is also lightweight, so sinking is not a problem once you throw it out of the water. Also, the shaper’s bright color allows you to see it once it’s on the water. Its versatility is beyond because it can fit any type of boat.

A lightweight, versatile, and durable shaper, the Swell Wakesurf Creator 2.0 is the best value for your money, and it will make you throw all those weight bags.

Bright color that is visible on the waterNot easy to mount on water
Overall durable product
Durable suction cup

#2.  Sylvan Wave Maker Surf Gate Shaper – Best compact wakesurf shaper

Sylvan Wave Maker Surf Gate Shaper Wakesurf Wakeboard Wakeboarding Wake System
  • FLOATING - EXTRA DURABLE Ultra-High Molecular Weight (UHMW) Polyethylene
  • Dimensions 13" long, 8" wide, 10" tall - Weight 3lb. 7oz
  • Aluminum Alloy Fixtures (Light Weight) - With Industrial Strength Rubber Suction Caps and Foam Inserts for Flotation - Waterproof
  • CNC Machined
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  • Dimensions: 13″ long, 8″ wide, 10″ tall
  • Shipping Weight: 3 lbs
  • Components: Aluminum Alloy Fixtures, CNC machined
  • Made from: Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene

Made with the most durable materials in the market, the Sylvan Wave Maker Surf Gate Shaper sells hot. It is made from UHMW polyethylene, a well-known durable material that can withstand any sea condition. Alongside the durable material is the aluminum alloy fixture attached to the suction cups, which is also a stronghold whenever you mount and detach the shaper to the boat.

The whole structure of the shaper is made using a CNC machine to ensure its durability and reliability. Also, it’s lightweight, weighing only 3 lbs, a plus when throwing it out on the water. Pro-tip, use it alongside your foam sets to increase its floatability and easy spotting.

Since it’s a piece of equipment used on water, it has to be waterproof. Overall, the Sylvan wake gate shaper can give you the best surfing practice of your life with its long-lasting structure at an affordable price.

Made from the highest quality materialsSuction cups are sometimes hard to detach when on water
Easy installation


#3. Mission Boat Gear Delta Wakesurf Shaper – Best in fuel efficiency

MISSION Boat Gear Delta Wake Surf Shaper Solution (Version 1.0)
  • SUPERIOR MATERIALS - USA manufactured with materials specifically selected for the harsh conditions of boating while remaining friendly to a boat's gel coat surface
  • FUEL EFFICIENT - Compact design saves you Fuel without sacrificing performance while also saving room in your boat
  • WAKE SURFING MADE SIMPLE - Designed to create a world-class wave on almost any boat with an easy no-tool install
  • HIGHER POWER SUCTION CUPS - Proprietary lofted suction cups easily conform to curved surfaces
  • BETTER PERFORMANCE - Contoured front panel with side vents increases the amount of turbulence necessary to create the best possible surf wave
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  • Dimensions: 14” x 10” x 7”
  • Weight: 4.3 lbs
  • Attachments: X2’s, X45’s

Compact and durable are the two things that stand out with the Mission Boat Gear Delta Wakesurf shaper. It was made to withstand the harshest water conditions while still correctly performing at its best.

Its fuel efficiency makes it a best-seller alongside its high performance. With the Mission wakesurf shaper, you are sure to get the best and cleanest waves. It’s also effortless to install, no need for those bulky tools. In just a couple of seconds, you’ll be able to get riding in a perfectly shaped wave.

The shaper’s suction cups have exceptional grips and can withstand a vast amount of water pressure. With the HyLoft suction cups, you can attach the shaper to almost any type of surfaces, even the contoured complex boat hulls. But don’t be too worried about detaching because it can easily be separated from the boat.

The shaper’s contoured blade and vents produce bigger and higher waves with better lips for that awesomely good surf practice. Thanks to Delta’s RipFlow Technology, you can ride those clean waves.

Also, you don’t need to worry about getting lost or accidentally falling off the water because it can easily be spotted.

The Mission Boat Gear Delta Wakesurf Shaper might be one of the best shapers in the market, with its fuel-efficiency, easy installation, and lightweight structure.

Has less turbulenceSuction cups needs high maintenance
Easy to install
Fuel efficient


#4. Liquid Force Wakesurf Edge Pro2 Wake Shaper – Best water channeling technology

Liquid Force Wakesurf Edge Pro2 Wake Shaper
  • Liquid Force Wake Surf Edge Wake Pro2 White OneSize
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  • Dimensions: 9”x 16” face
  • Material: Stainless Steel

Modern technology did a great job with the Liquid Force Edge Pro 2. It is currently one of the hottest shapers in the market because of its patented water channeling technology that hastens the pace of water displacement and pushes the water, hence, creating longer waves.

Its best feature is the stronghold suction cups. You don’t need to worry about attaching a Velcro or tying it to the boat because the 4.5-inch suction cups will do an exceptional job gripping into the boat’s hull.

It boasts its easy installation and removal with the handles on the wake creator. Just hold the shaper firmly into the hull and press the handles against the hull. Flip the suction’s levers, then viola! You are done.

This shaper can be one good investment with its built-in flotation that won’t get you paranoid every second to know if it sank on the water. The wing of the shaper rotomolded and has an airtight seal, creating excellent floatability.

Lastly, the durability of the shaper is undoubtedly superb with its impact-resistant hardware made with lightweight glass and rust-free stainless steel. So don’t worry about rust and stain on your boat.

Creates long and clean wavesNot recommended for jet boats
Does not rust or stain boat
Durable and lightweight


#5. Roswell Marine Deflector Wake Shaper – Best environment-friendly wakesurf shaper

Roswell Marine Deflector Wake Shaper
  • Universal suction cup mount requires no drilling or hull modification
  • Provides a clean, surfable Wave
  • Easy to install
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  • Dimensions: 24” x 10” x 11”
  • Weight: 8 lbs
  • suction cup mounting surface: 14” x 4.6”
  • Suction cup diameter: 4.5”
  • Surf panel: 19” x 9.5”

Roswell is taking it to the next level with their Marine Deflector Wake Shaper. Although it has a simple and straightforward design, it will not disappoint you with its wake that gives clean and long waves. Also, installation is easy, quick, and hassle-free.

Because Roswell believes in the nurturing of the marine environment, it created the wake shaper from materials that are marine friendly and durable that can withstand any water condition. Also, the design is made with a built-in high-density foam block that will ensure its floatability if you’re worried it might sink.

The shaper’s suction cups create an exceptional grip on the boat’s hull, withstand even the harshest water pressure, and you don’t need to drill holes or use a Velcro to ensure its good grip.

Every wake shaper’s construction is paramount to its entire usability and durability. With Roswell, you can be confident that its structure is well done and made with the highest quality materials.

Suction cup mount is universalCannot easily be spotted when on water because of color
Easy installation and removal
Not so lightweight compared to other wake shapers
Marine-friendly materials


#6. Ronix Eight.3 (2018) Wakesurf Shaper with Concave suction cup blade – Best suction

Ronix 'Eight.3' (2018) Wakesurf Shaper - Concave Suction Cup Blade - 138 D.A.
  • Suction Cup Mounts - Work with MOST Boats - Ask if unsure.
  • Easily mounts to the lower/back point of the starboard or port side of your boat hull
  • No longer have to weight your boat unevenly
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  • Dimensions: 16.93” x 11.69” x 6.54”
  • Weight: 7.39 lbs
  • Color: silver

Innovation is one part of Ronix’s beliefs, and that is what happened to their Eight.3 Wakesurf Shaper. They made a new and improved concave suction cup to make the shaper have a better grip.

The new suction cup provides secure mounting to the boat’s hull, creating better and higher waves. Also, with the 138 deflection area of the shaper, you can have the best waves of your wakesurf journey. But how does a 139 deflection area affect your surfing? It increases the height of your peaks and the thickness of your wave. For advanced surfers, thick and high waves create deeper rides and smack on the lip with an excellent overall push.

The curls are tidy and clean with the 138 deflection area. The Ronix’s concave design creates the purest swells that will allow you to ride more freely. Also, the degree of angle of the wave changes to 10-15 degrees because of the concave design.

Innovation on suction cup increased gripToo big compared to its shaper counterparts
Produces higher and thicker waves


#7. Tidal Wake Portable Wakesurf Shaper  – Best lightweight wakesurf shaper

Tidal Wake GENR8 Portable Wake Shaper Wakesurf System, Reversible Fin Creates 4 Different Wake Profiles, Lays Flat for Compact Storage, No Tools - Metallic Silver with Black Fin, wavesurf Generator
  • 2.0 FIN DESIGN. Love the Wake You Make! Easily create 4 different wake surf profiles with one device, Patent Pending design, wakesurf generator destructs the wake on the opposite side of your "Surf...
  • MADE IN USA. Engineered to fit your new or used inboard, V-drive or forward drive boat hull, Switch from Port to Starboard Side instantly Proprietary engineered super-strong suction cups attach and...
  • Big Performance on Your Boat; Compact “glove-box-size" Storage in its Tote. Fin lays flat for compact storage. Portable - take from boat to boat.
  • Big Wake, Big Tricks, Big Fun! Create Larger, Longer, Cleaner Surf Waves.
  • Tool-Free System for changing and locking the fin. It Floats and a lanyard is included, Proudly Made in the USA
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  • Dimensions: 14” x 4.5”
  • Weight: 2.9 lbs
  • Mount: can mount 12.5” x 4.5” flat surfaces
  • Construction: plastic
  • Made in the USA

One of the best-selling wakesurf shapers of Tidal Wake is their Portable Wakesurf Shaper. It is a wedge-style shaper that quick and easy to install, with no need for heavy and bulky tools. It has a removable fin that can fit in your glove box, too. Its versatility is top-notch and can mount on inboard, V, and forward drive boats.

The design of the fin creates accelerated water flows and, in result, makes big and clean waves. The two-angled tunnel fin becomes a power funnel that generates up to 50% faster wakes. It also channels the water back for a further push.

The suction cups have built-in release tabs that provide easier installation and removal and also give more grip to the boat’s hull. The easy-to-remove feature makes it easier for you to switch your shaper to either side of the boat.

The portable shaper is lightweight and only weighs 2.9 pounds, so far, the lightest shaper we’ve reviewed. You don’t have to worry about it sinking because it floats.

The shaper’s lanyard has a 180-degree rotation, which makes hooking up easier since you don’t have to remove it every time you switch it to the other side.

Unlike other wakesurf shapers, which are deflectors, the Tidal Wake is a water director. It manages the water flow through shapes that create big waves.

180-degree lanyard rotationCannot create high and big waves
Tool-free installation


#8. Lake Surfer Wakesurf Shaper

Lake Surfer Wake Surf Shaper - Wakesurf Creation in Seconds on Your Wakeboard Boat - Guaranteed
  • Build the perfect Surf Wake behind your boat
  • Solid Construction Aluminum and Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Switch surf side in seconds behind your Inboard boat - No ballast change needed
  • Fits in a ski locker under most seats
  • Available in Silver, Red or Yellow mountings
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02/17/2024 11:31 pm GMT


  • Dimensions: 11.5” x 6” x 3.9”
  • Weight: 5 lbs
  • Flow rate: 2.5 GPM
  • Material: metal

One of the most compact wakesurf shapers in the market today is the Lake Surfer Wakesurf Shaper. At only 5 pounds, the shaper can easily be installed and removed. This shaper generates the most proper waves and ensures a cleaner lip.

With its durable and stronghold suction cups, there is no need to worry about losing your shaper in water. It can withstand even the cruelest water condition. You don’t also need to create uneven ballast for your boat because the Lake Surfer can keep your boat balanced and safe. The shaper’s secure attachment and removal make it easy for you to move it to the other side of the boat.

The construction of the Lake Surfer is inevitably durable. It is made with rust-free stainless steel and aluminum hardware that can withstand any water condition.

Alongside the suction cups of the shaper is a lever that you can hook to the boat for a safer grip.

Made with stainless steel and aluminum hardwareSometimes harder to attach to the boat’s hull
No need for maintenance


Our Top Pick – Best Wakesurf Shaper

Wakesurfing is a watersport activity that’s making quite a buzz, even surpassing wakeboarding and waterskiing. All thanks to wakesurf shapers, surfers can catch higher and bigger waves and get on their A-game. Wakesurf shapers create a whole new level of surf for many riders, with many innovations on their shapers to accommodate better and higher waves.

With the many wakesurf shapers that we have mentioned here, only one best fits our criterion, and that is the Swell Wakesurf Creator 2.0 Surfing Wavesurf Shaper. There are many reasons for our top pick.

First of all, the Creator 2.0 gives excellent value to your money. Its durability is exceptional because of the materials and construction. Using only a UV-protected marine-grade polymer and stainless steel, it is no doubt a long-lasting shaper. With its nicely done material design, the Creator 2.0 gets the first point for being the top pick.

Under its performance, the deflector creates powerful waves that can go high and thick so that wakesurfers can test their skills to the next level. It also creates longer waves with cleaner lips, a plus to any surfer.

A stronghold suction cup is one of the essential features of the best wakesurf shaper, and the Creator 2.0 passed with flying colors. It can withstand speeds up to 14mph and is still intact even at the harshest conditions. It is also easy to install and remove and can be switched to the other side with proficiency.

All in all, it is the best wakesurf shaper for those surfers who want to excel and gain more skills in wakesurfing, even for those surfers who want to practice their balance before going for those real sea waves.

Advantages of a Wakesurf Shaper

There is a common misnomer on wakesurf shapers in the surfing world. Many say that waves made by the shapers are nothing like the sea waves, and purchasing a wakesurf shaper is only a waste of money. But, with the many advantages that the shapers bring, more surfers still want to try it and take its performance to the test. In this section, we will know the different things that make a wakesurf shaper an excellent purchase.

#1. Your boat has even weight.

Shapers can create balance in the boat since it can now level with the water. With this, there is lesser turbulence, and the boat is more natural to drive.

#2. Switching surf sides with ease.

Because your shaper is more compact and easy to remove, switching to one side is also effortless. You don’t need to bring weight bags or ballasts to balance the boat or bring it to the other side.

#3. Surf waves are more consistent.

Sea waves will never be incomparable to the waves made by wake gates. But for practice sake, the advantage of having a shaper is the consistency of every wave. Unlike getting weight bags, or putting more people on the boat, shapers alone can create consistent and thick waves.

Getting the Best Wakesurf Shaper – Ultimate Buyers’ Guide

There are certain factors that we must take into account before we purchase that wakesurf shaper. To know how to spot the best wakesurf shaper, read our buying guide below.

9 Features to Consider Before Buying the Best Wakesurf Shaper

#1. Installation

In every equipment or device that we buy, the mode of installation will always be an essential feature. Shapers that are easier and quicker to install are still a catch. Whether you install it while on water, or above ground, it should be effortless either way. Most of the best-selling and most recommended wake gates are easier to install.

#2. Surf Wave Changing

Whether you want to have your waves on the right or the left, wake gates should be versatile enough to be switched in any direction easily.

#3. Suction Cups

Suction cups secure the shaper to the boat. Stronghold cups can withstand rough waters, and it should not be the basis for the water that you want to surf into. The best suction cups should easily be attached to your boat’s hull. It should also be built with the highest quality materials to avoid detaching efficiently.

Some section cups can grip to different types of surfaces, while others only have limited attachments. The best one should be able to accommodate almost all kinds of boat shapes.

#4. Durability

To avoid buying a new shaper now and then, pick the one with the most durable parts. The best shapers are those that can last longer and can withstand almost anything, even impacts.

The best ones on the market are those with stainless steel materials. These shapers do not rust so quickly and do not stain your boat. The best shapers also need to be lightweight, aside from having a durable construction. The best material used for these types of shapers is Polyethylene.

Lightweight shapers do not mean less durability. Aside from being lightweight, it must still withstand enormous pressures. Lightweight shapers float better than heavy ones.

#5. Size

Getting a small or compact wakesurf shaper is always better than getting big ones. You don’t want another big device on your boat, lying around whenever it is not used. Also, compact shapers are more comfortable to carry, so it will not be bothersome when you walk through a distance to get to the water.

#6. Water Channeling

Water channeling plays a vital role in creating significant waves. If you are looking for the best shaper in the market, look for the one that has a water passage. Wakesurf shapers that do not allow water passage can easily be removed.

To know the shaper that allows water passage, choose the ones with concave blades. The blades are angled to a specific degree to allow water passage. Other shapers also put vents for better water passage. The vents create turbulence; as a result, better waves that are effortless to surf.

But there are only a few shapers that have the combination of concave blades and vents, so if you cannot get both, make sure to have at least one.

#7. Floatability

Among the products on our list, only a few are light, but all of the products can float. Floatability is essential in a wake gate because there is an excellent possibility that it will accidentally fall on water, and sinking shapers would be a problem.

Once a floating shaper accidentally falls on water, it is easier to retrieve. Plus, sinking shapers mean you have to make an effort to dive and find it or just say goodbye to that investment.

#8. Color

When choosing a wakesurf shaper, always go for the bright ones. Shapers with bright colors have better visibility when on water. So, even if you lost your shaper on water, it can easily be spotted from afar because of the color.

Ideally, white shapers are better than other colors because it can be spotted quickly. But if you opt for different colors, like black, it is better to tether it to your boat to prevent it from getting lost.

#9. Usability

Usability usually depends on the type of surfer that you are. If you are the type who goes on occasional trips, then the wake gate is your best friend. If you are the type who likes to go on different waters, choose the shaper that is versatile enough to work with all kinds of waters. You should also get a shaper that works well with varying surfaces of boats.


As fellow water adventure seekers, there is always a feeling of fulfillment every time we catch waves successfully. The achievement that we feel whenever we can ride those big and thick waves is inexplicable.

But, there will always come a time that we won’t be available to go on a beach trip, which is why wakesurf shapers are an excellent device on these occasions. Even when you’re on a lake, shapers create waves that are almost the same as sea waves. You won’t also need to invest in boats that are meant for wakeboarding or wakesurfing just to get ahold of those waves. You just need a wakesurf shaper, a way more affordable and easier way to have fun.

Many brands sell different kinds of wakesurf shapers nowadays. But to find the best wakesurf shaper, you must consider the essential things like durability, usability, and the price. Among the products on our list, the one with all the features is the Swell Wakesurf Creator 2.0. Compared to its shaper counterparts, the Creator stood out with its affordability, durability, and usability.

But whichever shaper you choose, just remember to put it to good use, and most importantly, enjoy catching those waves!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Why should I buy a wakesurf shaper?

If you love wakesurfing, getting a wakesurf shaper is better than investing in boats. It’s the easiest way to catch the best waves, plus you don’t need those heavyweight bags every time you want to create bigger waves.

Q: What boats can wakesurf shapers mount on?

Some wakesurf shapers can mount on any boat surfaces, while a few only mount on flat surfaces. But to be sure, you can attach a lanyard or Velcro to the shaper for better mounting.

Q: Is it hard to install a wakesurf shaper?

No, it’s effortless to install a wakesurf shaper. Shapers that have suction cups only need to be placed against the boat’s hull and using the lever of the cup, and it will create suction to the hull.

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