NSP Surfboards Review: Epic Boards or Rip Off?

One of the companies that stand out in the surfboard industry is NSP Surfboards and we are going to find out why in this write-up. 

The growing popularity of surfing had the market saturated with so many surfboards and so many choices to choose from. There are just so many of them to choose from that it can be overwhelming sometimes. From big names to small players, each one has something to offer. 

When buyers come into a surf store, they ask which is the best and what the differences are from each board. If you are an experienced surfer or if you know your stick, you will know at just one look and feel whether they’re your for-better-or-worst board. 

NSP Surfboard Technologies and Surfboard Reviews

New Surf Project remains true to their vision of providing the best for their clients while still respecting the environment and the world we all play in. This is the reason that they are constantly looking for new ideas and technologies that will reduce the impact on the planet. 

NSP Surfboards

NSP Surfboards Protech Hybrid

NSP surfboards protech hybrid surfboard
  • Lengths: 5’6”, 5’9”, 6’0”, 6’2”, 6’4”
  • Colors: Gray, White, Light Green

This light and durable hybrid surfboard from Protech series offer high-performance that meets paddling power in its most versatile and user-friendly way. Aside from premium performance and looks, it boasts the tail design of a shortboard for performance and the wider nose of a fish to make the most of paddling power and stability.

The performance rails, bottom rocker, and foil construction make it swift, steady, and easy-to-handle on the waves. The combination of flat rocker, wide nose, and pulled in round tail catches waves easily as it generates speed. All components bite and hold through rail turns and steeper waves.

Protech Hybrid is ideal for intermediate to advanced surfers who want the most versatile shortboards on the market. It suits any wave situation from beach and point breaks. 

NSP Surfboards Protech Fish

protech fish NSP surfboards
  • Lengths: 5’6”, 6’0”, 6’4”, 6’8”
  • Color: Gray, Blue, White

With its new shape and new technology, NSP Fish is stable, wide, and with a flatter rocker. It is swift, fun, and very affordable – the perfect board for ripping in all conditions. 

Its wide nose makes extra volume for added buoyancy for that additional stability, faster paddling, and easy entry even into the smallest waves with quick speeding up. The outline for the rail and the rocker is combined with single to double concave bottom with vee through the tail that is fused into a wide swallowtail. 

The spot under the back foot that creates a pivot point for snappy turns has been reduced with a slight hip behind the front fins. Its boxy and full rails also enhance the overall volume and the forgiving nature of this model. 

NSP Surfboards Protech Funboard

NSP surfboards protech funboard
  • Lengths: 6’8”, 7’2”, 7’6”
  • Color: Blue, White

Protech Funboard is designed as the weekend warrior. With it, you can paddle and catch waves easily, leaving you getting up and riding a lot often. After all, that’s what fun means. 

Combining fanciful value, durability, and performance, Funboard is one of the most popular in all of NSP’s surfboards in terms of progressing skills. The semi-rounded nose with low entry rocker design adds more volume upfront to offer more paddle power to get the waves early and swiftly. 

Its rounded pintail provides control to bottom turns and cutbacks when the doomed deck profile is pulled in. Additionally, its concave bottom creates a fast water transition through the tail – delivering balance and control in different conditions. 

NSP Surfboards Protech Longboard

NSP surfboards protech longboard
  • Lengths: 8’0”, 8’6”, 9’0”
  • Color: Blue, White, Mint

A perfect addition to any surfer’s quiver is NSP’s Protech Longboard. The refreshed version, it has an exceptional shape for the recreational surfer who is looking to accelerate those riding skills. 

A proven classic, it is NSP’s best-selling longboard range in the world with its all-new technology. Its versatile longboard performance uses the technically advanced construction at a reasonably attractive retail price. 

The sharper rails in the tail are improved with modern performance rocker combined with mellow V bottom merged with delicate double concave. 

NSP Surfboards Elements HDT Hybrid

NSP surfboards elements hdt hybrid
  • Lengths: 5’6”, 5’9”, 6’0”, 6’2”, 6’4”, 6’6”
  • Color: Blue, White

When high-performance meets paddling power in a surfboard, it instantly becomes the most versatile and user-friendly hybrid surfboard in the market. Designed with the tail of a shortboard for performance and the wider nose of a Fish for maximum paddling power and stability, Elements HDT Hybrid is worthy to be on your wish list. 

Its performance rails, bottom rocker, and foil make it quick, steady, and controllable on the waves. You can easily catch waves while generating speed with its flatter rocker and added width. They also help to bite and hold through rail turns and in sharper waves. 

Elements HDT Hybrid is ideal for intermediate to advanced riders who seek one of the most adaptable and flexible shortboards in the market. It suits any wave situation from beach breaks to point breaks. 

NSP Surfboards Elements HDT Fish 

NSP surfboards elements hdt fish
  • Length: 5’6”, 6’0”, 6’4”, 6’8” 7’2”
  • Color: Gray, Blue, White, Aqua

A new addition to the Elements HDT series, Fish is stable, wide, and flatter-rockered, making them fast and fun. The perfect board for ripping in all conditions, this board has a wide nose that pumps volume beneath the rider’s chest. 

Along with the wide nose is the rocker and rail outline that are combined with single to double concave bottom that has a vee through to the tail incorporated into a wide swallowtail. These add for more paddling power, stability, and easy entry with the quickest acceleration even into the smallest of waves.

Elements HDT Fish offers a five fin box system that provides the option of stock tri-fin or optional quad-fin setup to optimize the fin cluster for your preference. 

NSP Surfboards CocoFlax Hooligan

NSP surfboards cocoflax hooligan
  • Lengths: 8’4”, 9’0”
  • Color: Blue, Wood

The award-winning construction is utilized with sustainable coconut husks. The CocoFlax Endless is the best choice for the eco-conscious and most real longboarder who seeks the endless glide on the waters. 

This design represents the classic period of surfing and is made to express every rider in that soulful style. Its neutral egg-shaped rails with no edges by the tail endorses drag off the tail that gives the freedom for nose riding and hanging-10. 

Kym Thompson, the shaper of this model used “V” under the rider’s trim area, offering effortless rail to rail shifts and moves and drop knee cutties. Lastly, its bottom shape is the signature tucked edge rail design that gives positive feels and response from small to over-head sized waves. 

NSP Surfboards CocoFlax Dream Rider

NSP surfboards cocoflax dream rider
  • Lengths: 7’2”, 7’6”
  • Color: Blue, Wood

Dream Rider is Coco Mat Technology’s premium funboard shape. Built with the award-winning expertise, you are sure it is also made of the materials that do not only look good but feel better for the environment. 

In terms of performance, it doesn’t come short with the features for the aspiring rider, the style-conscious rider, and the professional who wants to fire up their surfing game with fun and versatile surfboard. 

Dream Rider features an exotic double wing rounded pintail that maximizes stability and shortens the radius of the turns, providing a snappier and quicker riding stick. 

NSP Technologies


NSP Protech boards are created from a locked and secured cell EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) core and reinforced with a union of 6 or 4 oz layers of fiberglass. 

NSP surfboards review epoxy construction

  • Protech boards have each stick that is built distinctively: Fish and Hybrid constructed with a combination of 6 and 4 oz decks and Funboard and Longboard using two layers of 6 oz. All 4 types of sticks under this technology have a bottom that uses a combination of 6 + 4 oz and an additional 4 oz patch.
  • NSP surfboards under Protech Technology offers increased durability with its Carbon Flex Tail. Strategically applied to the back end of the rails, it becomes more responsive than conventional construction. Plus, it adds flex response in turns beyond compare. 
  • Protech Surfboards are all ECOBOARD certified – one of the many NSP technologies that have been recognized by Sustainable Surf’s ECOBOARD Project. Its EPS(Expanded Polystyrene)-molded blanks require less material, thus reducing environmental impact. Epoxy resin use lessens the footprint of Protech Boards even further.

Elements HDT (Hi-Def Technology)

When it comes to durability, value, and performance, the go-to-board series from NSP for any recreational surfer is Elements HDT. It takes its name from the line of the sophisticated production process – Hi-Definition Technology. 

  • Elements HDT molding technology presents highly accurate shape reproduction with dynamic flex characteristics
  • Lightweight fiberglass wraps the EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) SecureCell Core and molded it to create a durable shell
  • It is the best choice for retailers looking to stash a single surf range
  • The remarkable blend of construction features that includes eco-friendly bio-resin is a game-changer in its class

Coco Mat

One of NSP’s sustainable efforts that have been recognized by award-giving bodies is their technology that incorporates the eco-friendly use of precision molded boards utilizing coconut husks. Innovative, sustainable, exclusive and patent-pending technology

  • Uses raw coconut husk fibers coming from innately sustainable plantations with eco-friendly bio-resin
  • Very unique with an unmatched strength to weight ratio
  • Easy to carry, light to maneuver and even simpler to paddle


Introduced in 2019, CFX is Coco Flax. It is NSP’s unidirectional Flax fiber technology to its already eco-friendly CocoMat series. CFX is extremely robust and naturally reinforced with fibers that allow the board construction with significantly lesser fiberglass, resulting in a noteworthy lesser carbon footprint. 

  • Recognized and awarded at the 2019 Paddle Expo as “Product of the Year”
  • Natural Flax fiber rail and tail patch
  • Graphically unique board with an unparalleled strength to weight ratio
  • Light to carry, easy to maneuver and even lighter to paddle

SLX Carbon

NSP’s super durable technology, impact-resistant and ideal for surf foiling. SLX stands for Super Light Epoxy. Its lightweight characteristics make the board responsive and extremely versatile. 

  • Standing area is reinforced with biaxial glass that adds extra strength to keep the board from dings and dents due to excessive pumping
  • Technology that helps keep it from delaminating
  • Rail to rail carbon vector net wrap that optimizes the board’s performance 

E+ Technology

The evolution of E2 Classic molding technology by NSP, E+ has unrivaled strength and high durability. 

  • It features most of NSP’s most famous board designs
  • Arranges extremely tough military grade fibers and ASA (acrylonitrile styrene acrylate) sheet forming a ballistic skin on deck and bottom
  • EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) SecureCell core and eco-friendly bio-resin
  • Ideal for surfing schools and rentals that demands a highly durable product with long term return of investments

P2 Soft 

P2 Epoxy Reinforced Soft is NSP’s technology that focuses on safety first and ease of teaching. This is their surfboard for beginners and kids. 

  • Fully glassed in a sturdy fiber epoxy shell with eco-friendly bio-resin
  • Polished with a soft-top deck with secure rails and slick PE bottom
  • Fitted with high-end accessories for safety and ease of use
  • Rubber bumpers present on nose and tail and neoprene handles on selected models for instructor board control
  • Comes with durable bolt-through fins that will blend well on beaches

NSP and Going Green

Since local and international agencies have started pushing for greener materials, fewer wastes, and safer conditions on the production line, NSP believed it was paramount to initiate their drive for greener technologies. 

NSP, using epoxy and composite production has always been on the environmental front foot while still making sure their surfboards function more durable than most surfboards with traditional construction. They were the first to integrate SecureCell blanks that resulted in almost zero foam dust waste. 

Their Cocomat Technology uses environmental and sustainable coconut husks to create an airy, but strong micro sandwich. Aside from coconut husks, they developed technologies that use a bio-based epoxy resin that derives up to 28% of its molecular structure from plant matter. 

New Surf Project is proud to be acknowledged by Sustainable Surf’s Ecoboard project that the majority of their surfboards feature Sustainable Surf’s Ecoboard logo. 


nsp surfboards review


Who are NSP Surfboards?

World-renowned for manufacturing and producing great performing, highly durable boards that last longer than traditionally built boards, NSP has been around since 2001. They pride themselves in offering better value to all their patrons and greater ROI (return on investment) for surf schools and rental operators.

NSP is New Surf Project and was born from the vision of Bruce “Buzz” Hansen – a life-long surfer, skater, and all-around waterman. Buzz, while working in Maui as a custom surfboard builder, had a vision about affordable, versatile, durable, and great performing surfboards. 

He knew some surfers needed such sticks with a cheaper price tag. Those that can perform in Hawaiian waters but didn’t require to be custom-made or specialized competition, nor extreme surfboards. 

The quest began with a meeting of minds. He gathered his friends who were then working for leading composites manufacturing. They wanted to create a light and sturdy board but at highly competitive prices. 

They started by introducing epoxy technology. Their aim to have a utilitarian surfboard that could ride in the back of a pickup truck turned to revolutionize the industry and eventually created recreational surfing. No longer did occasional surfers rely on poorly performing foam boards. 

New Surf Project’s first sale in Hawaii and Australia in 2002 was followed by instant success. In 2007, they became one of the first brands to produce SUPs based on their original concept of performance and value. 

Fast forward to the present day, they have under their belt thousands of surfboards produced. Their core values remained the same – staying true to the vision of making high-performance, affordable, durable surfboards, and SUPs. 

Aside from that, they take pride in the milestones the team achieved:

  • 2003 Sold our first boards in Australia and Hawaii
  • 2007 Shipped our first SUP boards
  • 2011 Launched our first NSP race boards used in ISA Worlds
  • 2012 Dale Chapman & Alain Teurquetil started on the race program
  • 2012 Travis Grant joined the team
  • 2012 Launched patent-pending, award-winning Coco technology
  • 2016 Alain Teurquetil started exclusively designing our race program
  • 2015 Travis Grant won Molokai on a production NSP board
  • 2018 Launched our first foil boards
  • 2019 Launched our first foil wing sets
  • 2020 Collaborated with Carl Schaper on a performance surf range
  • 2021 Collaboration with Tully St. John on PU and Elements Sleep Walker Longboard
  • 2022 2x female shortboarders competing on WSL QS Tour
  • 2023 Official board sponsor for Australia’s SurfGrom program


NSP Surfboards are what most local surf shops try to sell people as their first board mainly for the simple reason that you can throw it under the car and you can still use it after. That means it can take any ding and scratches you can bring it in for. 

While they can’t win you any competition because they’re not the best surfboard in the world, you can use them for a long time until you gain enough experience to ride the same surfboards most professionals use. 

NSP Surfboards are best for anyone trying to learn how to surf or getting back on surfing. 

Did you have any experience with any NSP Surfboards? Tell us in the comment section down below. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: In terms of public demand, what are the top 3 selling NSP Surfboards?

Almost every NSP surfboard in different technologies run out of stocks every once in a while, only proving how much the public demands for them. But, the three that most stand out are Elements Funboard 6’8-7’6, Elements Longboard 8’0-10’0 and Elements Fish 5’6-7’2.

Q: Is NSP no longer offering traditional PU models?

Now that the use of eco-friendly bio-resin is becoming popular, it has become more difficult to argue about the benefits of using new technologies especially when it comes to shape reproduction, dynamic flex characteristics, weight durability, and most of all, price point.
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