Top 7 Best Wetsuits for Kids | 2023 Reviews (Seavenger)

Last Updated March 17, 2023

As the water can be severely cold or warm, your children need to wear the right wetsuit. This water sports clothing is essential because it safeguards these young people against extreme water temperatures. Plus, it protects them against the sun’s hazardous ultraviolet or UV rays, sunburn, and abrasions.

Also, wetsuits for children heighten buoyancy and keep them safe from any damaging stimuli in the water. This online discussion will help you find the best wetsuit for kids in the market today. This high-quality clothing is available in various brands, from newer brands like Seavenger to well-known companies like O’Neill.

Top 7 Best Wetsuits for Kids Reviewed

  1. Seavenger Scout Child Wetsuit
  2. Realon Kids Shorty Wetsuit
  3. Hyperflex Access Child’s and Junior’s Shorty Wetsuit
  4. O’Neill Toddler Reactor 2 2-Millimeter Back Zip Full Wetsuit
  5. Dive and Sail Kids’ Wetsuit
  6. LayaTone Kids Wetsuit
  7. Cokar Wetsuit for Kids

#1. Seavenger Scout Child Wetsuit – Best Overall Wetsuit for Kids

Seavenger Scout 3mm Neoprene Child Wetsuit


  1. Colors: Ocean Blue, Pearl Blue, Fire Red, Coral Pink
  2. Available Sizes: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14
  3. Sex: Girls and Boys
  4. Material: 3mm neoprene
  5. Designed for: Water activities, including water sports such as swimming
  6. Other features: Ultraviolet or UV ray protection, Flatlock and anti-chafing stitching, Rubberized and anti-abrasion knee pads, Ankle zipper

Playing and swimming in chilly waters will no longer be a problem for your children with the Seavenger Scout Child Wetsuit. This full-body water sports clothing offers sheer thermal protection and conserves body heat. As a result, your children will feel cozy, warm, and safe with this product, which is among the best wetsuits for kids.

Also, the Seavenger Scout Child Wetsuit safeguards your young water sport enthusiast against the sun’s harmful ultraviolet or UV rays. All of these benefits are possible with the 3-millimeter neoprene construction material. The Seavenger Scout Child Wetsuit adds more protection and comfort with the flatlock and anti-chafing stitching. This advantage prevents children from getting skin irritation.

Plus, the anti-abrasion, rubberized, and flexible knee panels safeguard their joints from accidental falls or slips as they relish their water adventures. The Seavenger Scout Child Wetsuit also has a large zipper, enabling the children to quickly put it on and off their bodies. Meanwhile, the ankle zippers diminish the necessity for flushing.

Your kids will love the redesigned Scout Child Wetsuit by Seavenger. This swimwear’s updated and improved fit and sizing make all-day play more fun and exciting for your children and your family.

Warm and comfortable
Sizing runs a bit small
Prevents skin chafing

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#2. Realon Kids Shorty Wetsuit

  REALON 3mm Kids Wetsuit Full Body Girls Surfing Snorkeling Swimming Kayaking 2mm One Piece Boys Shorty Wet Suit for Cold Water


  1. Colors: Blue, Red, Navy, Pink, Green. Yellow
  2. Available Sizes: XS to XXX-L; 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14
  3. Sex: Girls and boys
  4. Material: 90 percent Neoprene, +10 percent stretch nylon
  5. Designed for: Water sports lessons; Swimming, surfing, diving, snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, bodyboarding
  6. Other features: Easy #10 YKK Back zipper, 50+ Ultraviolet or UV protection, One-piece or full-body design, 30-day unconditional refund for kids aged 2 to 13 years old

As a parent, you want the best wetsuit for kids, guaranteeing your children with ultimate comfort and protection in the water. Your children may be taking swimming or surfing lessons, and you want their moments to be convenient and fun. With the Realon Kids Shorty Wetsuit, you get what our children deserve: Safety and convenience.

This full-body suit is warm, waterproof, soft, and cozy, thanks to the 90-percent neoprene and 10-percent stretch nylon materials used in its development. Furthermore, the Realon Kids Shorty Wetsuit allows your children to relish exceptional sportiness, flexibility, and warmth via the super-stretchy chloroprene rubbers or CR fabric.

The Realon Kids Shorty Wetsuit surely has your beloved offspring covered. As a result, you do not have to feel anxious about the sun’s harmful ultraviolet or UV rays negatively affecting your kids. You can also feel assured that your children get the protection they need from jellyfish, sea lice, and other irritants that harm their skin.

Finally, this zip wetsuit for children is effortless to wear. The #10 YKK back zipper makes sure that this fastener is not slippery. Besides, the Realon Kids Shorty Wetsuit’s neck opening makes swimming and filling effortless. You surely will not regret availing of the Realon Kids Shorty Wetsuit because it will give you peace of mind and the feeling that your children will be alright as they learn and enjoy their preferred water sports.

Protective against ultraviolet or UV rays and other hazardsStrong scent from wetsuit
Extremely comfortable
Sizing runs a bit small
Stretchable material

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#3. Hyperflex Access Child's and Junior's Shorty Wetsuit

Hyperflex Access Child's and Junior's 2mm Backzip Shorty Wetsuit - Warm, Comfortable Kid's Springsuit with 4-Way Stretch Neoprene and SPF Protection - Adjustable Collar and Flat Lock Co...


  1. Available Sizes: 1 to 8
  2. Sex: Boys and girls
  3. Material: Neoprene
  4. Designed for: Beach or lake outings; Surfing, swimming, bodyboarding, diving, snorkeling
  5. Other features: Adjustable collar, 2-Millimeter back zipper, Sun Protection Factor (SPF) protection, Available in nine colors, Heavy-duty #8 YKK front zipper

Being a concerned parent, you worry about your children’s safety in the water, whether they are in the lake or the beach. Also, you want to ensure that they are safe during their water sports lessons. You can ease your worries with the Hyperflex Access Child’s and Junior’s Shorty Wetsuit. This affordable children’s swimwear offers an ultraviolet or UV shield.

Along with the Sun Protection Factor (SPF) Protection, your children will not get harmed by the sun’s damaging UV rays. Also, you get more protection for your children with the Hyperflex Access Child’s and Junior’s Shorty Wetsuit, as it keeps them away from harsh elements. These organisms cause skin irritation, including jellyfish, sea lice, and other irritants.

The Hyperflex Access Child’s and Junior’s Shorty Wetsuit is comfortable to wear, too. It is warm and soft, thanks to the four-way stretch neoprene material. This construction mode also allows your children to float effortlessly. Furthermore, the Hyperflex Access Child’s and Junior’s Shorty Wetsuit features a flatlock design, an adjustable collar, and a two-millimeter back zipper. These benefits all make this high-quality, multi-sport swimwear among the best wetsuit for kids.

Also, it is effortless to wear the Hyperflex Access Child’s and Junior’s Shorty Wetsuit, thanks to the durable #8 YKK front zipper. If you are unsatisfied with the Hyperflex Access Child’s and Junior’s Shorty Wetsuit, you can enjoy the limited one-year manufacturer’s warranty as a customer.

Excellent sizesZipper issues
Good price

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#4. O'Neill Toddler Reactor 2 2-Millimeter Back Zip Full Wetsuit

O'Neill Toddler Reactor-2 2mm Back Zip Full Wetsuit, Light Aqua/Graphite/Berry, 3


  1. Sex: Boys and Girls
  2. Material: Ultra-stretch Neoprene
  3. Designed for: Perfect for lake or beach outings and activities
  4. Other features: Back zip system for easy entry, UltraFlex combination, Strategic seam placement, Flatlock-stitched, breathable seams

You can make your beloved toddler enjoy your family bonding time at the beach or the lake with the O’Neill Toddler Reactor-2 2-Millimeter Back Zip Full Wetsuit. This ideal swimwear for kids fits comfortably. Also, it is not tight. The O’Neill Toddler Reactor-2 2-Millimeter Back Zip Full Wetsuit is a new upgrade and is an ideal mix of durability and stretch. Your little one will look adorable with the dynamic graphics, fresh hues, and beautiful style built to last long.

Thanks to the stretchy neoprene material in making this wetsuit, your child will feel ultra-comfortable. The O’Neill Toddler Reactor-2 2-Millimeter Back Zip Full Wetsuit offers incredible softness and flexibility. You will not have a hard time with this new wetsuit because this one is quite sturdy, featuring flatlock-stitched seams. Therefore, your little water sports enthusiast will enjoy playtime in the water despite the cold temperatures.

O’Neill Toddler Reactor 2 2-Millimeter Back Zip Full Wetsuit also protects children against the sun. It is effortless and convenient to wear because of the Back zip system that facilitates effortless exit and entry. The O’Neill Toddler Reactor-2 2-Millimeter Back Zip Full Wetsuit has a water-resistant closure. You will surely appreciate this product because of its unparalleled advantages for your child and it’s affordable, too.

Soft and comfortableNeoprene odor
Lets the child float
Good quality
Good price

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#5. Dive and Sail Kids' Wetsuit

DIVE & SAIL Toddler Girls Neoprene Full Body Wetsuit Long Sleeve 2.5mm Thickness Thermal Siwmsuit for Swimming 2-3T Pink


  1. Available Sizes: Small to XX-Large
  2. Sex: Boys and Girls
  3. Material: 90 percent 2.5-millimeter neoprene; 10 percent nylon
  4. Designed for: Beach getaways, Underwater activities, and water sports such as diving, water skiing, bathing, surfing, and swimming
  5. Other features: Back Zipper, Sun Protection, Excellent stretch

Comfort, protection, and style are all in the Dive and Sail Kids’ Wetsuit. This one-piece swimwear will leave you and your child asking for nothing more. Besides, the Dive and Sail Kids’ Wetsuit is comfortable, thanks to the super-stretchy, 2.5-millimeter neoprene construction. Your little water sports enthusiast can swim freely in the pool or any body of water like a fish.

The Dive and Sail Kids’ Wetsuit has received high marks because of its protective features. Your child will undoubtedly feel safe against the harmful sunlight and getting sunburn. The Dive and Sail Kids’ Wetsuit delivers sun protection effectively. Plus, it prevents children from experiencing harm from jellyfish stings, coral reef injuries, and abrasion.

Finally, the Dive and Sail Kids’ Wetsuit is stylish. This wetsuit features a sharkskin design in the chest made of chloroprene rubber or CR neoprene. This feature lets your child stay buoyant and reduces water resistance efficiently.

The Dive and Sail Kids’ Wetsuit’s exquisite style also offers ideal support and shaping. Plus, this wetsuit is effortless to wear because of the back zipper with a draw cord.

Excellent soft materialSome have complained about odor
Good size

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#6. LayaTone Kids Wetsuit

  LayaTone Kids Full Wetsuit 3mm Neoprene Suits Toddlers Girls Boys Full Body Diving Suit Surfing Swimming Surfing Paddle Boarding Suits One Piece Wetsuits Youth


  1. Colors: Pink and blue
  2. Available Sizes: Sizes are available for children age 2 to 13 years old
  3. Sex: Boys and Girls
  4. Material: high-quality, 2-millimeter neoprene
  5. Designed for: All kinds of water, outdoor, and beach sports, such as beach volleyball, snorkeling, sailing, kayaking, diving, canoeing, swimming, underwater diving, surfing, running, fitness, and weight-loss exercises
  6. Other features: YKK Back Zipper, Keep Warm, Super Elastic, Quick-Drying, Ultraviolet or UV Protection, Wear-resistant, Non-fading design and color

As a parent of toddlers or tween-aged kids, you want your children to enjoy diving, swimming, beach volleyball, and other outdoor sports pursuits. You can make them relish their active time more by giving them one of the best wetsuits for kids: The LayaTone Kids Wetsuit.

This full diving suit offers comfort and softness that your children will truly appreciate. The LayaTone Kids Wetsuit’s high-quality, 2-millimeter neoprene construction keeps them warm and free to wade and play in the water. LayaTone utilizes materials imported from Taiwan, Japan, and China. Its one-piece thermal swimsuit is 90 percent neoprene and 10 percent nylon.

Furthermore, your children will find it effortless to put the LayaTone Kids Wetsuit on, thanks to the strengthened YKK zipper. It lets kids enter and exit the full thermal diving suit effortlessly. The LayaTone Kids Wetsuit is also super-elastic and flexible. It is water-resistant, dries fast, and safeguards children against the sun’s harmful ultraviolet or UV rays.

Price-wise, the LayaTone Kids Wetsuit also does not disappoint because it is among the best wetsuit for kids costing merely below $50.

Protective against harmful environmental elements, including UV
Minor customer complaints about sizing
Right sizes and perfect fitting
High-quality material

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#7. Cokar Wetsuit for Kids

Cokar Neoprene Wetsuit One Piece Swimsuit for Kids Boys Girls UV Protection for Swim Surf Snorkel Scuba Diving


  1. Colors: Blue, Yellow, Red
  2. Available Sizes: 2 to 14
  3. Sex: Girls and Boys
  4. Material: Neoprene
  5. Designed for: Swimming, scuba diving, surfing, and snorkeling
  6. Other features: One-piece kids’ swimsuit, Ultraviolet or UV protection, Easy-pull zipper, Slim fit

While in the water, your young water sports enthusiasts can enjoy freedom when you buy them the Cokar Wetsuit for Kids. This one-piece children’s swimwear facilitates kids’ free movement, affirming the mission of Cokar. The company aims to deliver absolute swimming freedom and comfort. As a result, they produce swimsuits only after hundreds of tests.

The Cokar Wetsuit for Kids is soft on your children’s skin. It is lightweight, quick-drying, and breathable, making your young water sports enthusiasts feel super cozy.

Also, the Cokar Wetsuit for Kids is slim-fit, and this exquisite style delivers optimal support and shaping. Plus, the easy-pull zipper adds to a more convenient dressing.

You do not have to worry about the sun’s hazardous ultraviolet or UV rays with the protection that the Cokar Wetsuit for Kids guarantees to give. You can expect your offspring to enjoy their water sports lessons and their snorkeling, swimming, scuba diving, and surfing moments.

Premium-quality neoprene material
Isolated buyer complaints about sizing
Contours to the kids' body easily

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Our Favorite Wetsuit for Kids – Seavenger Scout Child Wetsuit

The seven products in this review offered protection, comfort, warmth, style, and other similar advantages. However, being a parent, you want your child to stay safe and not fall ill following time in the water. The wetsuit with the thicker neoprene is the best wetsuit for kids. In this article, this swimwear is the Seavenger Scout Child Wetsuit.

It features a 3-millimeter neoprene, making it a thick wetsuit. This advantage makes the Seavenger Scout Child Wetsuit warm for your child, so they don’t have to worry about trembling in the water as if they were in a freezer.

The thick neoprene also heats your child’s tendons, muscles, and ligaments. The breathable and durable Seavenger Scout Child Wetsuit’s thick neoprene feature complements the Ultraviolet or UV ray protection it offers.

Aside from the other fantastic features of this swimwear, like the variety of sizes and colors available, you can feel assured that you are getting tremendous value for your money. Above all, you can feel sure you get more excellent protection and comfort for your budding water sports fan.

What to Know BEFORE Buying Your Kid’s First Wetsuit

children with swimsuits

Wetsuits are not a subject that every parent is an expert on, especially for their kids. While we cover the essential elements to look for when purchasing a wetsuit below, there are some other things to consider right off the bat.

When purchasing your child’s first wetsuit, it’s essential to consider the temperature of the water in which your child will be swimming. If you’re just purchasing one wetsuit for your child and the purchase is not for a one-off occasion, it’s always better to buy a “winter wetsuit,” or a wetsuit meant for colder temperatures.

While winter wetsuits tend to be a bit bulkier and, therefore, don’t dry as fast, it’s more important that your child is kept warm in the water. If you are unsure of the water temperatures in the location you are going, you can do a quick Google search to find out the average temperature.

If you are purchasing your child’s wetsuit to use in warmer temperatures only, with the water temperature never going below 62°F, then you should choose a summer wetsuit. However, it’s important to keep in mind that your child may wish to continue their watersports in the colder months, so you will have to purchase a second, winter suit!

Buying Guide to Wetsuits for Kids

kid surfing in ocean

3 Elements to Consider When Buying Children’s Wetsuits

Your children need wetsuits if you are a family whose favorite pursuit is going out on adventures in the water. The best wetsuit for kids typically keeps young water sports enthusiasts warm as they play in and out of the beach, lake, or ocean.

This swimwear has protective mechanisms, safeguarding the children from the hazards of the sun’s ultraviolet or UV rays and wind damage. You may find it challenging to find a suitable swimsuit for your children. The following three factors are the elements you need to pay special attention to and help you find the best choice for your little ones.


Wetsuit thickness is the most crucial element you need to consider when availing of the best wetsuit for kids. Sufficiently thick wetsuits, like those with two or three millimeters of neoprene, help your children stay warm as they swim in the water.

You should remember that the thicker the swimwear, the more effective they are in waters with low temperatures, which will help prevent your children from catching a cold or flu later on.

Comfort and durability

You surely do not want your child to feel inconvenienced by wetsuits that are not cozy and can fall apart anytime. Therefore, you must look for stretchy swimwear. This product is typically durable and lets your children have more room to move and grow.

Durable wetsuits for kids also feature robust seams. They are comfortable because they do not feel itchy for your child. Plus, swimsuits with sturdy seams are highly stretchy. They feature flatlock or blind stitching, and they do not stick up.

Fit & Sizing

Being a loving and caring parent, you do not want your child to feel the discomfort of wearing tight and even loose wetsuits. Also, you want them to have the capability to move around on your beach getaway freely.

Hence, you should ensure that your purchase fits your offspring’s skin and body snugly. Otherwise, you will encounter the water moving through the wetsuit effortlessly and eliminating the insulating benefits.

The best thing you should perform is to take note of your children’s measurements when buying wetsuits. Then, refer to the online merchant’s sizing chart. These steps can help you determine the suitable wetsuit size for your little one.

It’s important to note that wetsuit sizing for children is done by age and is typically in increments of 2 years, separated by boys and girls. And while this may be fine for a perfectly average-sized child, others will not achieve the same ideal fit in a wetsuit that is bought according to their age.

Any wetsuits smaller than age six are typically sized by a more exact age (2 or 4). Again, it’s essential to refer to the online merchant’s size chart before ordering your child’s wetsuit and not assume by age or age range.

It’s important to note that even though wetsuits are often separated by gender, a girl can wear a girl’s wetsuit, and vice versa. The only difference is usually in the fabric, as girls’ and women’s wetsuits will have thicker fabric around the chest, thighs, and hips, whereas boys’ and men’s will have thicker fabric around the shoulders.


The best wetsuit for kids comes in various brands. They also offer different sizes, colors, construction materials used, and other key features. You can find the best swimwear for your child by considering the essential buying factors, including the wetsuit’s thickness, durability and comfort, and fit.

Taking note of these features will help you land on the right choice for your child. You should remember that your young water sports enthusiast should get protection, warmth, comfort, and enjoyment with the swimwear you will buy.

Also, it helps if you read the customers’ perspectives about the product. This measure gives you advanced knowledge about your options and assists you further in hand-picking the best wetsuit for your child.

Happy shopping for kids’ wetsuits!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q: How do I know if I need to buy a smaller or larger wetsuit for my kid?

While wearing the wetsuit, make your child cross his arms across his chest. If you see that the wetsuit is tight for him, you should go up one size.

On the other hand, you need to go down another size if you witness folds in the swimwear, especially around the armpits or the crotch.

Q: How can I maintain my children’s wetsuits and keep them in good condition?

You can make your child’s wetsuit last long by performing the following steps:

  1. Soak the wetsuit in fresh and cold water before washing it. This step eliminates embedded chemicals or salts.
  2. Use shampoo specially made for wetsuits. This exclusive and gentle liquid is the right cleaning agent and not the harsh detergents. It tidies neoprene swimwear without damaging it.
  3. When using the washing machine to clean and wash the wetsuit, put it on a gentle and cold wash. Plus, you should only utilize wetsuit cleaner.
  4. Make sure that you dry your kid’s swimsuit thoroughly.

Then, you can put it away.

Q: What are the pitfalls of buying low-priced wetsuits for kids?

You may find it practical to buy cheap wetsuits for your children. After all, kids grow up very quickly.

However, low-priced wetsuits may inconvenience you and your child. You may need to replace your purchase sooner because it may not fit your child correctly. Also, cheap wetsuits for children may be difficult for your offspring to put on. The inferior neoprene may soon get out of shape and will not offer your child the stretchy benefit.

Also, your child may not get the effective thermal insulation he needs from a wetsuit. Considering these disadvantages of buying cheap kids’ wetsuits will help you make the right decision regarding your kids’ swimwear investment.

Q: Are wetsuits good for toddlers?

Yes! Wetsuits are perfectly comfortable for babies and toddlers, providing extra warmth for long days at the beach or for swimming lessons. Although technically an extra layer, wetsuits give extra buoyancy, which is always ideal for toddlers and babies learning how to swim.

Q: Do kids need a life jacket while wearing a wetsuit?

It’s important to note that while thicker wetsuits do provide some floatation assistance, they do not replace the need for life jackets in small children or children who do not know how to swim.

Q: Is it harder to swim in a wetsuit?

In contrast, swimming is easier in a wetsuit due to its added buoyancy, drag reduction, and insulation. If you are swimming in cold water, swimming in a wetsuit is especially beneficial, as it can make the experience warmer, more comfortable, and all-around more enjoyable!

Q: Is neoprene good for kids?

Neoprene is a synthetic rubber and is an extremely popular material for wetsuits due to its cheap production and lightweight, elastic, and breathable properties. Neoprene is generally completely safe for kids to wear, as it is a non-toxic material, with skin sensitivity being extremely rare. It should be noted, however, that neoprene is extremely harmful to the environment and nature, making it a problematic material in other ways.

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