Mares Wetsuits Review: Ultimate Review + Guide [2021]

With Mares’ collection, you’ll find the top-selling wetsuits for scuba diving. Aside from that, it even offers more wetsuits for other activities, like snorkeling or diving. The quality of every product it sells never fails to meet the expectations of customers, especially pros. Also, it’s a one-stop-shop for other accessories, aside from suits. 

If you can’t decide where to buy, this brand’s collection is where you should find one. Another plus point is that it provides downloadable instructions on all products it offers, making everything easier. 

Top 8 Best Mares Wetsuits Reviewed

This Mares Wetsuits review will help you save time from endless searching. Below are the best from its collection: 

  1. Mares Flexa Core Wetsuit
  2. Mares Seal Skin Wetsuit
  3. Mares Shorty Manta Wetsuit
  4. Mares Pioneer 7MM Wetsuit
  5. Mares Flexa 5.4.3 Wetsuit
  6. Mares Flexa Graphene Wetsuit
  7. Mares Steamer Manta Lady Wetsuit
  8. Mares Shorty Manta Junior Wetsuit

#1. Mares Flexa Core Wetsuit

flexa core

Mares is popular for its exceptional flexibility, which is why a lot of users recommend it. One of the top-sellers is the Flexa Core Wetsuit. 

This shorty wetsuit is versatile because it’s suitable for triathlon and scuba diving. It’s best for warm water, and it has excellent thermal control, keeping your body warm as well. 

It comes with a 4mm-thickness, yet it doesn’t compromise buoyancy because you can move efficiently underwater or on the surface without tiring you quickly. Plus, it provides optimum elasticity, thanks to its quality-neoprene material. 

When it comes to comfort, you can move without any distress. Also, it assures durability even if you wear during weekends as you unwind from a stressful week. 

The design of this wetsuit is elegant with its black color. Plus, users love it because it comes with a detachable hood. Thanks to the integrated buckle on the leg, you can attach your hood if you don’t feel like using it. 

#2. Mares Seal Skin Wetsuit

seal skin

Most scuba divers prefer full wetsuits because it keeps their body from itchiness as they swim underwater. If you are to buy a full wetsuit, you can check out what Mares have to provide. Out of its wetsuit collection, the Seal Skin Wetsuit is the top pick. 

You’ll love this wetsuit’s modern look in its black, blue, and gray color combination. Also, it comes with an exceptional structure, thanks to its integrated buckle for the inclusive hood. 

Comfort is one of its edges because it comes with a comfy neck closure. Despite having a 6mm-thickness, moving is not a hassle at all, especially underwater. Also, it can stand cold water temperature while keeping your body warm with its S-Seal technology. 

Wearing this wetsuit is easier, thanks to its Glideskin ankles and wrists. Plus, the zippers on the ankle provide convenience in removing it after dive. 

Another reason why it’s a top pick under the 6mm-entry is its Ultrastretch advantage. It comes from quality-neoprene material, providing easy doffing and donning as you move in the water. Also, the Suratex kneepads add flexibility to the lower part of the body while paddling. 

#3. Mares Shorty Manta Wetsuit

shorty manta

If you’re into surfing, Mares also makes sure you can find an exceptional wetsuit from its collection. One of the most recommended by surfers is the Shorty Manta Wetsuit.

This wetsuit is only 2.2mm thick, making it the perfect wear for good surf. Both legs and arms are short, and it’s best for warmer water temperatures. 

It comes from a premium-quality of neoprene material, assuring its durability even if you wear it most of the time. Its double-lining is excellent for thermal control, keeping you warm even if you stay in the water for long hours. 

Another edge of this wetsuit is its zip pull and locking feature at the back. There’s no need to worry about any tear or unzipping concern, regardless of any movement. Also, it prevents excessive water-entry for lesser drag. 

It’s also not out of style with its blue and black color combination. Plus, its classic design makes it very appealing despite its meekness. 

#4. Mares Pioneer 7MM Wetsuit

pioneer 7mm

If you can’t decide where to buy a wetsuit over 6mm-thick, Mares has everything you need. One of the best wetsuits for scuba diving is the Pioneer 7MM Wetsuit because it comes with a hood. 

When it comes to its style, this wetsuit is a bestseller because of its elegant design in black and blue color combination. Plus, this full wetsuit comes with an integrated ring, holding the hood securely when you’re not using it. 

It’s worth the money because of its gripping material on wrists, which optimizes instruments’ positioning, like a watch or pedometer. 

It’s the best wetsuit for colder water temperatures because of its thickness. The neoprene material makes it durable, and it’s exceptional in keeping the ideal body-warmth you need. 

Comfort is also another advantage of this wetsuit. The hood comes with a venting system, which helps in releasing air and maximizing relief. Also, it comes with a non-rubber custom closure for added comfort, along with a kneepad from anti-abrasive material. 

Aside from that, the Double Cone System reduces water flow, providing the most significant sealing areas, such as in ankles and wrist. 

#5. Mares Flexa 5.4.3 Wetsuit

flexa 5.4.3

Mares has been meeting the expectations of every scuba diver since day one by providing quality products. If you can’t find a top-performing one, you should check out the Flexa 5.4.3 Wetsuit. 

This wetsuit thickness follows the measurement 5mm, 4mm, and 3mm for optimum comfort and flexibility. It provides comfort despite big movements underwater because of its plastic material design. Plus, there’s an added neoprene-layer on the shoulder and back for protection.

Another reason why divers recommend this wetsuit is because of the Back Protection System. This ergonomically shaped cushion between the tank and back provides added warmth, especially on sensitive areas in cold temperatures. 

Aside from that, there’s a Thermo Plush in the chest part for upper-body-warmth. The best thing about this advantage is that it dries quickly, and it’s durable. 

The front zip provides convenience to the diver because it has a neoprene flap for isolation. Plus, it comes with an integrated buckle for a smart pocket or hood attachment. 

#6. Mares Flexa Graphene Wetsuit

flexa graphene

If you need a thick wetsuit for diving, it’s best to look from Mares’ collection. Out of its numerous wetsuit, the Flexa Graphene Wetsuit is what you should check out. 

This wetsuit has the most exceptional thermal comfort because it comes with graphene. The soft fabric, along with this material provides thermal control, keeping the body warm when you’re underwater. Plus, it comes with an S-Seal Technology for additional thermal relief. 

There’s a minimized water-entry because it comes with a soft waterproof master seal rear zip, along with zippers at the ankles. Also, the hood with Glideskin makes it a better seal, and it also drains water quickly. 

Another feature to love about this wetsuit is that it comes with grip areas on the wrist. It’s favorable when you’re wearing any instrument. Also, it comes with a pop-out pocket design for storing other stuff while you’re underwater. 

Flexibility is never questionable with this wetsuit because it comes from ultra-stretch neoprene material. There’s no restriction on any movement. Plus, it doesn’t easily tear even if you use it frequently. 

#7. Mares Steamer Manta Lady Wetsuit

steamer manta lady

If you’re looking for thinner wetsuits for swimming or snorkeling, you can consider buying the Steamer Manta Lady Wetsuit. It’s a full wetsuit, yet it’s suitable for warmer temperature because it’s only 2.2mm thick. 

What’s best about this wetsuit is the comfort it provides to the user. It comes from high-quality neoprene material, which doesn’t restrict movements underwater despite having a double lining. 

It features a zip pull and locking system to secure the wetsuit as you wear it. Also, it stops excessive water-entry, making less weighty as you come out of the water. Getting in and out is hassle-free with its back zip-type 

Paddling is more comfortable because the material is stretchy, yet it doesn’t’ tear easily. Plus, it comes with knee pads for added mobility, which come from high-quality rubber. 

Aside from that, it comes with a classic wetsuit-design in pink and black color combinations. 

#8. Mares Shorty Manta Junior Wetsuit

shorty manta junior

Mares is one of the most versatile brands because it also offers a collection for kids, such as the Shorty Manta Junior. 

Your kid will undoubtedly love this wetsuit because it has the best thickness for a warmer climate or water temperatures. It’s 2.2mm by thickness, yet it’s excellent in body-thermal control.

Besides that, it provides convenience in wearing and taking it off because of its Zip Pull and Locking System. The back zip-type makes it hassle-free, and it also stops water from entering the suit. Your kid can enjoy any water activity while wearing it. 

Regardless of your kid learns how to surf or want to snorkel, this wetsuit will keep her from chilling without trapping too much heat in the body. 

Getting the Best Mares Wetsuit – Buyers Guide

There is numerous wetsuits available market, and wearing one will depend on the water activity where you need to use it. The thickness and type vary, which are the crucial factors you need to consider in buying. To make things easier, here’s a guide in looking for the best wetsuit. 

Thickness of Wetsuits

If you are to buy a wetsuit, the thickness is one thing you have to consider, depending on the water temperature. 

During summer, when the water temperature ranges from over 22 degrees Celsius down to 19 degrees Celsius, it’s best to wear one with 2mm thickness. As the temperature goes down, from 15 degrees to 12 degrees, the ideal thickness is 3mm to 4mm. 

The Shorty Manta and Steamer Manta from Mares’ collection are 2.2mm by thickness. 

During winter, or as the water gets colder, from 12 degrees Celsius to 9 degrees Celsius, you should wear one with 4mm or 5mm thickness. You’ll need to wear a thicker wetsuit, which is more than 6mm if the water temperature is down to 6 degrees Celsius or lower. 

Some of the wetsuits that are 4mm-thick and over are Flexa 5.4.3, Flexa Graphene, Flexa Core, and Seal Skin wetsuits. 

Types of Wetsuits

Aside from thickness, it’s also best to pair it with the ideal wetsuit-type for optimum performance. 

Full Wetsuits

This type covers the upper and lower body, from neck to ankles. It’s typical for triathlon events, scuba diving, spearfishing, and diving because it’s excellent in keeping body-warmth. Also, the thickness ranges from 3mm to 6mm or more. However, the necessity to use hoods, gloves, and boots depends on the water temperature, yet these are best with this type. 

Some full wetsuits from the collection include Flexa 5.4.3, Flexa Graphene, and Steamer Manta Lady wetsuits. 

Shorty Wetsuits

This type comes in various cuts on the sleeves, including full or short. However, the lower body’s cut comes with short legs. Some triathletes prefer it because they can move better, yet this type is frequently for surfing or snorkeling. When the water is warmer, it’s best to wear it. 

The Flexa Core and Shorty Manta wetsuits are the best options for this type. 

Long Jane or Long John Wetsuits

This type is sleeveless, yet it covers the lower body down to the ankles. It’s also typical for triathletes because its sleeveless feature gives them a boost during swimming. It’s best for warmer temperature, which is why the thickness ranges from 1.5mm to 2mm. 

Proper Way of Taking Care of Wetsuits

Wetsuits are not cheap investments because these can last long if you know how to take good care of it. Here are some tips for doing if you want a long-lasting wetsuit.

  • Remember to never use harsh chemical detergents in cleaning your wetsuit because these cleaners can ruin its material, especially the neoprene. 
  • Never urinate in your wetsuit because it can make it stinky. Plus, it can also meddle with its lifespan because acidic properties can destroy the neoprene. It will also ruin the seals, which keeps water from entering. 
  • Hot water is never an option for rinsing your wetsuit because it can also ruin the seals’ glue. 
  • Never fold wetsuits because molds can grow on it, especially if you’re storing it wet. Also, there will be a stench from the material. 
  • Never wash your wetsuit in your washing machine. 
  • When it comes to rinsing, it’s best to use clean, fresh, and cold water, and it’s best to clean it immediately after using it. 
  • Hang or keep your wetsuits in a place where direct sunlight cannot reach these. However, you have to dry it first before hanging it, to prevent it from stretching. 
  • Dry both sides without exposing it under the sun to protect the neoprene material. Also, it’s best to use a plastic hanger instead of metal ones to avoid rusts. 

Mares Wetsuits: Company & History

Mares has been providing quality services and products to all its customers for 70 years. Before it became one of the most respected brands, it had a humble beginning when Ludovico Mares founded the company. 

Born in 1898, Mares made his first mask for scuba diving, and he was only 21 years old. In creating the mask, he used a glass and car tire inner tube. Before his products became famous, he was in the navy, and he finished his dive training during World War I. He enhanced his fishing skills as he used the equipment he made. 

After that, he moved to Italy and became a dive instructor. From there, he enhanced the brand further, and it’s not only providing scuba diving masks, but also other accessories, including suits and war, fins, snorkels, and other accessories for diving, snorkeling, spearfishing, and freediving. 

This brand aims to provide high-quality products, from gadgets to suits. Being in the industry for 70 years let it earn its spot as one of the most reliable brands.  


Mares is the best option if you want versatility. You’ll find many products under different water activities, such as snorkeling, diving, freediving, and spearfishing. Another exceptional thing about it is the rental service it provides. If you’re looking for an exceptional wetsuit to wear during scuba diving or other underwater activities, you should buy from its competitive collection. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Can I be a Mares dealer? How to be one?  

A: Yes, you can be a dealer. All you need is to send their team an email at Once the team receives your message, it will forward it to the responsible person regarding proposals. 

Q: Do all wetsuits include a hood as part of the package? 

A: No, only wetsuits for diving come with a hood. Some wetsuits don’t need a hood, such as those for snorkeling, because this add-on is for colder water temperatures. 

Q: Are there instructions available if I buy a scuba diving wetsuit and some accessories from Mares? 

A: Yes, you’ll find user guides on products in the English language. You can also download these for offline-accessing. 

Q: Do scuba diving-wetsuits include a smart and customized pocket on the leg? 

A: No, you’ll need to buy the customized pocket separately, unlike hoods. 

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