Xterra Wetsuits Review | Epic Wetsuits or Rip Off? [2021]

Whether you are a pro or a new triathlete, there are times that you may feel overwhelmed by the tons of products available in the industry. It includes wetsuits. A lot of manufacturers claim that their products are the best.

Although there are several high-quality products out there, you would want to buy the best comfort and experience. That is why it is worth taking a good look at some of the best brands to start searching for your products.

In this XTERRA Wetsuits review, you will learn more about this brand. You will find out more about its products to choose which one will suit you the best. You will also know how to select the wetsuit that you prefer. We 

Top 5 Best Xterra Wetsuits Reviewed

The XTERRA Wetsuits are available for men and women. You can choose between a full suit or a sleeveless suit. What you need to know about XTERRA products are the following variations.

  1. Vengeance Xterra Wetsuit
  2. Vector Xterra Wetsuit
  3. Vortex Xterra Wetsuit
  4. Volt Xterra Wetsuit
  5. Vivid Xterra Wetsuit

#1. Vengeance

The XTERRA Vengeance is what you need if you are going for the best XTERRA product. Vengeance is the brand’s most high-end edition of wetsuit because of the excellent paneling and quality. It provides the swimmers the downhill feel when they swim.

Unlike the most wetsuits on the market, the Vengeance’s thickness varies in strategic places. It is 5 mm thick on the legs, 3 mm thick on the chest, and 1.5 mm on the arm part. These variations will cause your legs to increase buoyancy. It will also cause your chest to expand while you are breathing, and your arms to move freely, which are essential for swimmers.

The Vengeance suit needs some getting used to although these features seem ideal for triathletes and swimmers. It is because of the unique placement of thickness in the areas of the wetsuit. If you get the hang of it, you will feel grateful for purchasing it because it helps your performance.

#2. Vector 


The Vector model is a downgrade of Vengeance. It is suitable for intermediate to advanced-level triathletes. Even if it is not as good as the Vengeance, it still has its essential features, except that the Vector’s drag force increased. However, it is more affordable.

It also has thick paneling that allows you to swim in colder areas for 10 miles.  XTERRA boasts its strategically designed arms, paneling, and hydrophobic coating.

However, the Vector model is only available as a full-suit.

#3. Vortex


The Vortex is an ideal mid-range wetsuit pack with tons of features. It is the next option you have if you dislike the Vector’s price. Like the Vector, it still is 1.5 mm thick in the arms and shoulders, 3 mm thick at the back, and 5 mm thick at the front.

What makes the Vortex different is its 2-panel arm, which is unlike the others’ 6-panel arm. It also uses generic neoprene, which makes this model affordable.

Even though it is not as high-end as the Vector and Vengeance, it is something that you would want to use if you are looking for an all-rounder wetsuit. It allows you to race, swim, and train. According to XTERRA, the Vortex has X-Flex Liner 2.0 linings that provide smooth transitions.

It is an ideal wetsuit to use if you need to swim for 10 miles.

#4. Volt 


XTERRA created this for entry-level triathletes. It is affordable, which makes it an excellent option for beginners. Even though it is not as durable or high-end as the other XTERRA products, you can consider this product high-quality enough, considering the price and skill as a beginner.

Volt is 3 mm thick at the front and 2 mm thick at the back. It is not as buoyant as the other XTERRA products, but it is excellent when you swim for approximately 1.2 miles. You can swim even longer when you are in saltwater.

Also, it allows the natural range of motion that is essential for fast and effortless swimming. It has a low-profile collar that enhances the product’s durability to ensure that the suit remains in place.

Volt features the X-MAX seam-seal technology that uses triple layers of glue and double blindstitches to make the seams waterproof.

Available in nine sizes from extra-small to extra-large.

#5. Vivid


Like the Volt, the Vivid is an entry-level wetsuit that you can buy at an affordable price. It is unlike the pro-level wetsuits that are typically 5 mm thick. Like the Volt, the Vivid is 1.5 mm in the arms, 2 mm at the back, and 3 mm at the front, making it less buoyant but good enough for beginners who engage in less strenuous races.

Beginners will be happy enough to have this wetsuit because of its quality and price. According to  XTERRA, Vivid wetsuit provides comfort, flexibility, and speed.

What makes this model unique is its Capri cut that makes wearing it or taking it off easier. It also has a bright green color for higher visibility.

If you are a sincere triathlete with a clear vision and determination to become a professional triathlete, it is advisable to invest in a higher-end wetsuit that will last long.


XTERRA has been creating high-quality wetsuits in the industry since 2001 in San Diego. This company focuses on targeting triathletes because the brand’s owners are also one.

According to XTERRA, its products aim to make you feel comfortable to enable you to swim faster. The company stands firm about its claim that it provides the world’s fastest wetsuits and has their sponsored athletes testify it.

It also claims that it provides the wetsuit with the best value by cutting the middleman and selling directly to its customers. Plus, you are sure about the quality because you are not getting it from second or third retailers, wherein it eliminates possible damages caused by the product distribution through multiple channels.

XTERRA aims to create products based on what the brand claims to be the four main components of its creations, which are speed, value, comfort, and buoyancy.

It also claims to provide the best customer service because of its 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. The company is right to it because it offers a 30-day return policy for its products.

Aside from the wetsuits’ quality and price, XTERRA boasts about using limestone-based neoprene and not petroleum-based ones. According to XTERRA, the latter is messy and hard to clean.

For the company, the limestone-based has more benefits. Limestone neoprene is eco-friendly and less water permeable. Besides wetsuits, you can also buy triathlon bags, speed suits, goggles, or other products to go along with the wetsuit.

Wetsuit vs. Speedsuit

If you go to XTERRA’s website, you will notice that this brand sells wetsuits and sells speed suits, another of the triathlete’s must-have. If you are a beginner, you should know the difference between a triathlete’s wetsuit and a speed suit.

Both these garments allow you to move in a fast transition from one sport to another. However, you should have both in your wardrobe. What makes them different is the design and the material makeup to adapt at a specific temperature on the race day.

You need to wear the wetsuit if you have to swim in colder waters around 76.1 Fahrenheit. You want to wear the speed suit in warmer temperatures, typically hotter than 76.1 Fahrenheit.

Between these two, the speed suit is the one that gives better performance because of its design that compresses the body shape and reduces the drag. It is something that you wear over your tri suit on race day.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Wetsuit for Triathletes

If you are a triathlete, you should look for a wetsuit that is suitable for your lifestyle. The proper wetsuit appropriate for water sport enthusiasts can differ from triathletes because of the various sports that the latter should play.

From the word itself, you can say that triathletes engage in three different races that test their strength and endurance. It often includes running, cycling, and swimming, in which all participants should engage in a timed transition.

As you can see, the sports that the triathletes have to delve into requiring a different range of motion and frequent use of their limbs. Thus, the triathletes need not just any ordinary kind of wetsuit. They need a specialized wetsuit that will allow them to breathe comfortably and move freely.

Here are the considerations for selecting the best triathlete wetsuit.


The cost is an essential factor that can affect your purchasing decision. Typically, the value that you can enjoy on a wetsuit depends on the price that you are willing to pay. Even if you must buy the most high-end wetsuit, but you do not have the purchasing power, you still have to look for cheaper alternatives.

That is why it is helpful that you know the specs and features to look for when buying a wetsuit. If you know have a basic understanding of the type of wetsuit that you will buy, you can cut some cost. You can compare the prices of the wetsuits from different brands of the same features.


All wetsuits are tight and challenging to wear.

The primary thing that you need to understand about the right fitting is that it should be snug but not tight to the point that it already feels uncomfortable to move and to breathe.

You must consider that the fitting may change once your wetsuit becomes wet. All wetsuits are neoprene-made, and this fabric tends to expand when it turns wet.

On your next trip to the store, consider the wetsuit’s fitting and comfort in both wet and dry conditions.


Wetsuits are not just ordinary sports garments. They have the power to make and break your wellness and performance.

Imagine that you are wearing a constricted-fitting wetsuit, and you have to swim for miles. To cope with it, you have to adapt your strokes or movements that might sacrifice your speed. You will end up losing the race. Worse, you will end up having sore muscles after.

That is why it is not surprising that most triathletes choose to wear sleeveless wetsuits to allow free movement.


All wetsuits are neoprene-made. Neoprene is the best choice for a wetsuit construction because it provides warmth and buoyancy. This fabric contains tons of air pockets that provide the insulation and floatation that the athlete needs.

However, not all neoprene wetsuits are the same. The quality differs based on the source of this neoprene. The common is petroleum, which is not environmentally-friendly, and the other one is limestone, which provides a lot of benefits.

Limestone-based neoprene is more expensive than the petroleum-based ones, but the price is worth it.

Petroleum-based neoprene is bulky. It may also compromise the athlete’s performance if the manufacturer places the thickness in places where there are many movements.

With a limestone-based neoprene, you can enjoy warmth and performance at the same time with a thinner fabric.


What makes most triathlon wetsuits unique is the forearm panel that enhances the athlete’s stroke power. If you are an entry-level triathlete, you can go for a kind that uses an applique, but choose the molded neoprene type if you want a high-end one.


Make sure to buy a wetsuit with high-quality seams. Ensure that it reduces chafing, and you also do not like them to rip as you move.

Cuffs and Collars

Make sure to buy a wetsuit with flat cuffs and collars. You do not want the water to rush in tiny spaces. Also, loose collars may cause skin irritation and discomfort because it tends to rub to your skin.


If you are a triathlete, you are likely to love XTERRA’s wetsuits because of its quality products at a reasonable price. The company lives through its values of providing buoyant, comfortable, fast, and valuable products.

However, do be aware that there are many negative reviews on the BBB regarding their quality as well as their customer service, which appears to be nonexistent, so buyers beware. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Is There a Way to Try on XTERRA Wetsuits?

A: XTERRA sells directly to its customers, so you cannot try on the XTERRA wetsuits. If you are in San Diego, XTERRA has a retail outlet there. You can ask if you can try it on when you buy it there. If you buy online, you can benefit from the store’s 30-day return policy. Thirty days after receiving your order, XTERRA encourages you to swim on its wetsuit to see if it fits you well. If it does not suit you, you can return it to the manufacturer, but please return it without any damage.

Q: How Do I Select the Appropriate XTERRA Wetsuit Size?

A: Look at your torsos and chest. If you have long trunks, add two inches to your height. If they are short, you should subtract two instead. Suppose you have a large chest add seven pounds to your weight. If you fall on the border, choose the bigger suit if you have a big chest, broader shoulder, or disproportionate body-size. Select the smaller suit if you feel comfortable wearing a snug suit. If you are a woman, add one size if your bra’s cup-size is C and above.

Q: Can I Use My XTERRA Wetsuit in a Swimming Pool

A: XTERRA strongly recommends that you should avoid swimming in chlorinated waters, whether it is in a pool or not. It is because chlorine can damage the glue of the wetsuit; thus, deteriorates its quality. XTERRA voids the warranty from damages caused by chlorine. XTERRA recommends that you use it in saltwater. However, if you must dive in chlorinated water, do not spend more than five minutes, and wash it thoroughly with clean water.

Q: How to Wear My XTERRA Wetsuit?

A: You should have someone with you who will help you correctly zip your back. To wear the XTERRA Wetsuit, you should start from the ankles and work your way up until it reaches the arm area to put your arms in the sleeves or armholes. You should adjust the wetsuit by ensuring no air pockets, especially between the armpit and the material. Next, bend over 90 degrees and pull the ripples away from the body.

Q: How to Maintain My Wetsuit?

A: As mentioned, never dive into chlorinated waters, because it deteriorates the quality of your wetsuit and voids the warranty. Avoid extreme heat exposure and sharp objects. After using your wetsuit, make sure to rinse it with clean water and hang it dry. If it is dry, turn it inside out to dry the other side. Never use a dryer or expose it in the sun. Take note that you should not hang your wetsuit like a dress where the stress is on the shoulders, hang it by folding it like pants.

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  1. Personally I owned an Xterra wetsuit and trained with other triathletes that also had similar negative experiences to mine.
    The wetsuit I purchased directly from their website arrived used and with some minor tears. The neoprene they use is not of great quality and is really easy to damage. Since then I changed brand and I had to go through a dispute because they refused to refund the product, even though I had to pay for the shipping to return the item.
    I would not really recommend this brand to anyone. They have plenty of complaints on the Better Business Bureau website, so I though would be important mentioning

  2. Do not buy anything from Xterra.
    I returned my wetsuit in perfect conditions and packed the way they ask to do it and they would not return me my money back saying it was broken when they received it.

  3. I bought xTerra wetsuits for my husband and son for Christmas after reading your positive reviews. My attempts to reach customer service and return two (too small) of the four I bought have been frustrating to say the least. After multiple attempts to reach them by phone and email, I finally got a response, but it was later than the 30-day return window, so they wouldn’t take them back. Their slow response time felt purposeful. It was the kind of experience that has left me so upset, that I will do my best to warn prospective customers away from this company.

  4. Xterra is all sales and marketing, no customer support. I was also burned by their return process. I wouldn’t recommend touching any of their products. If you happen to have any issue with your purchase (sizing, package not delivered, product defects, etc…), you might as well give up and buy another one. There are plenty of other brands with better quality and support at the same price points.

  5. I want to echo Julie’s experience. Look them up at the Better Business Bureeau (BBB.org) They get an F. I ordered a suit, decided I didn’t want it and sent it back without trying it on. I continually trid to reach the and after 3 months they finally told be it was ‘damaged’. How it got damaged is beyond me since it was barely out of the box. They refused to refund my money and are still asking me to pay to have it returned back to me! I have already payed for the original shipping and return shipping! I am trying to get the word out to as many people as possible that they are a terrible company to do business with!


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