Cressi Wetsuits Review: Epic Wetsuits or Rip Off? [2021]

People are fond of snorkeling, swimming, surfing, and scuba diving these days. Some are even participating in triathlon events to stay fit and have fun at the same time. If you’re starting to grow interests in these sports, it’s best to buy a wetsuit because it will keep your body warm while dipping in water for a longer time. Others may think it’s unnecessary, yet with the best wetsuit, it pushes you to your optimum performance without compromising comfort.

As you look for an exceptional wetsuit, you’ll stumble on many brands. Cressi is one of the most versatile brands that you should check out because it offers different wetsuits for many water activities. One reason why it’s popular is that it always guarantees quality. 

Aside from that, it also provides different types for both men and women. Every material is high-quality, and every design is appealing. You’ll never run out of options with this brand.  

Top 8 Best Cressi Wetsuits Reviewed

Here’s a Cressi Wetsuits review to consider. If you can’t decide what wetsuit to buy, you can check on the following:

  1. Cressi Triton Man Swimming Wetsuit
  2. Cressi Med X Man Wetsuit
  3. Cressi Endurance Man Wetsuit
  4. Cressi Fast 7 MM Man Wetsuit
  5. Cressi Fast 3 MM Man Wetsuit
  6. Cressi Skin Lady Wetsuit
  7. Cressi Lido Short Lady Wetsuit
  8. Cressi Termico Man Wetsuit

#1. Cressi Triton Man Swimming Wetsuit


If you’re looking for a wetsuit for swimming, Cressi is one of the most popular brands when it comes to wetsuits because it offers a wide variety of options. Out of many choices, the Triton Man Swimming Wetsuit is the best one to consider because it’s ideal for water temperatures, ranging from 18 degrees Celsius to 26 degrees Celsius. 

If you’re into surfing, you’ll love how comfortable this wetsuit is, thanks to its high-quality neoprene material. It’s 1.5 mm by thickness, which doesn’t restrict any movement. Plus, its Glide Skin feature makes it tear-resistant, which is perfect for executing tricks on surfboards. 

Aside from that, it comes with a smooth cuff on its collar for optimum comfort, preventing scraping. Moving is favorable because you will not feel any discomfort on the neck. 

It also provides agility on every stroke because it features Ultrastretch on its internal layer. This advantage will let you swim with acceleration on every stroke because it makes the wetsuit very flexible. Also, it prevents grinding, which contributes to its durability. 

Wearing and removing it is convenient because it comes with a YKK zipper for anti-corrosion. It’s sturdy, and it also helps in minimizing water-entry at the back. Users admire it because these advantages reduce the drag for more agile movements in the water. 

Another thing that makes it advantageous is that it comes with high visibility pads, which enhances security. Plus, the panels under the forearms use neoprene material for enhanced swimming strokes. 

#2. Cressi Med X Man Wetsuit

MED X MAN WETSUIT SHORTY Some surfers prefer shorty wetsuits so they can move without restrictions in the water. If you can’t find a reliable one out of many options, you can check out what Cressi has to offer, like the Med X Man Wetsuit. It’s short on both arms and legs, making it the best option for surfing. 

It comes with an aesthetic look, which makes it very appealing. The black, gray, and blue color combination provides a manly look, boosting the user’s confidence during training or competing. 

It also fits well on any man’s body-form, despite any sizing because it’s stretchy enough for any big movement. This wetsuit buoyancy is exceptional because it keeps your body in an excellent swimming position on the lower body-part for acceleration. 

You will not find it very hassling to wear because it uses a Velcro closing, preventing water-entry as you swim in open water. Plus, the YKK 8 pitch dorsal zipper makes it more comfortable to wear and remove the wetsuit. 

This wetsuit is best for any water sport, regardless if you’re in a triathlon event or scuba diving. The 2.5mm thickness is ideal for thermal control without compromising comfort as you move. 

Aside from that, the flat neoprene material on the chest part adds further flexibility, enhancing the user’s breathability. The flat neoprene on the legs and wrists reduces water filtrations for a lesser drag. 

#3. Cressi Endurance Man Wetsuit


Cressi offers the best wetsuits for scuba divers, and if you can’t decide where to buy, you should consider the Endurance Man Wetsuit. It’s a bestseller because you can customize its diving logos if you want to add the dive center’s name or number. 

It comes with a hoodless format, yet it’s the suggested for divers because it comes from high-quality nylon material that’s 5mm thick. You can move freely, especially when you’re underwater, without worrying about its durability. Also, it doesn’t easily tear, guaranteeing exceptional elasticity. 

This full wetsuit features a wide spectrum pattern, which makes it very exceptional for diving center use. Plus, it comes in an all-black style, keeping it elegant and attractive. The darker areas come with Small Dyamond panels, providing exceptional resistance in knees-shins, waist, shoulders, and buttocks. 

Aside from that, it’s assured sturdy as you wear it because it uses a 10mm-YKK ankle zipper. This wetsuit’s front zip-type makes sure the user gets optimum comfort, especially when wearing and removing it. 

Another reason why users admire wearing this wetsuit is that the double-lined nylon is fast-drying, making it more favorable to wear. There’s no need to worry about dragging a weighty suit after you come out of the water. 

#4. Cressi Fast 7 MM Man Wetsuit


Another exceptional wetsuit that you can consider buying if you’re planning to go for scuba diving is the Fast 7 MM Man Wetsuit by Cressi. It’s ideal because it comes from a double-lined neoprene material to guarantee sturdiness, even if you wear it frequently. Plus, it’s 7mm by thickness, letting divers use it on water temperatures ranging from 10 degrees Celsius to 18 degrees Celsius. 

The material is excellent in resisting depth-compression. Also, it has optimum heat retention, keeping your body warm while dipping in water for long hours. 

The comfort is never questionable for this wetsuit because both the outer and inner sides use high-quality nylon lining. There’s no distress as you wear it. Plus, the 120-degree preformed neck-closure makes it more comfortable to wear. 

Despite dipping in deep water, this wetsuit uses an inner seal ring. Divers love this feature because it’s watertight, preventing water-entry. Also, it uses a YKK zipper at the back, and it comes with an Aquastop sealing system. These features help in minimizing water infiltration. 

Another reason why users recommend it is because of its flexible Tatex reinforcements. Regardless of any movement under the water, it doesn’t limit its elasticity. With its shoulder and knee-area straps, you can swim without restrictions. 

Aside from its high-stretch concept, it’s also versatile because you can buy a 5mm or a 3mm-version. These are best for triathletes. 

#5. Cressi Fast 3 MM Man Wetsuit


Cressi offers a competitive collection of wetsuits for any water activity. If you’re looking for a versatile wetsuit, you can never go wrong with the Fast 3 MM Man Wetsuit. It’s a handy wetsuit because you can use it for both triathlon and scuba diving. 

The style of this wetsuit is exceptional as well. The gray and white colors complement the blue-base of the wetsuit. It has a classy look, which makes it very appealing. Plus, men admire it because of their manly design. 

This wetsuit is 3mm thick, which makes it suitable for a triathlon. Moving is more comfortable because it’s very flexible, especially on the shoulder and the arms. Every stroke is efficient as you swim in open water. Plus, paddling is hassle-free, letting you move with agility. 

When it comes to durability, it’s tear-resistant as it comes from a premium-quality of neoprene material. Thanks to its modular style, it assures a waterproof seal, keeping water from entering as you swim for miles. Also, the sleeves have a seal inner ring for a watertight seal. 

Users admire how comfy it is on the neck despite any movement. The closure flap is longer and wider, which prevents infiltration every time you tilt your neck. Plus, it minimizes water ingress, which contributes to its acceleration. 

Aside from that, it promotes better body positioning as you swim because of its Tatex reinforcements. The shoulder and knee straps contribute to the wetsuit’s elasticity. It’s also wear-resistant since it comes from high-quality nylon material on both outer and inner sides. 

#6. Cressi Skin Lady Wetsuit


Women struggle the most when it comes to wetsuits. Cressi offers many options on the bright side, and one of the best options is the Skin Lady Wetsuit. It fits well on most body-forms, which is favorable for triathletes. 

The black and pink color combination of this full wetsuit matches well, making it a head-turner as you wear it during competitions or training. 

Wearing it is convenient because it features a long front zip. It provides exceptional transition, giving you a head-start during races. 

You can never question its buoyancy and flexibility because it comes from a premium-quality spandex and polyester materials. It doesn’t only assure durability but also comfort, even if you wear it for long hours. 

Another reason why users admire this wetsuit is that it gives +40 UV protection even when you’re in a warmer climate. There’s no distress because it keeps the ideal warmth your body needs for a relieving feeling. Plus, its stretchy materials minimize drag, making it more suitable for a triathlon. 

Users also love it because it comes with heel straps for an exceptional fit. Even if you paddle with full strength, this feature will not compromise your performance. 

#7. Cressi Lido Short Lady Wetsuit


If you’re looking for the best shorty wetsuit for swimming, snorkeling, or sailing, you should check out the collection of Cressi. Out of many options from its collection, you should consider buying the Lido Short Lady Wetsuit. 

This shorty wetsuit comes from an excellent quality of neoprene material with a cut for a perfect fit. It’s 2mm thick, which is the right thickness for comfort, especially in warmer climates. 

Aside from that, it’s double-lined neoprene material guarantees sturdiness even if you wear it frequently. 

There’s convenience in wearing this wetsuit because it features a front-zip for easy-entry. Getting out of it is hassle-free because the zipper opens smoothly, yet it’s excellent in preventing water-entry for a reducing drag while swimming. 

It may look meek by design, yet this wetsuit is not out of style. Regardless of its classic design, it meets the expectation of users when it comes to performance.  

#8. Cressi Termico Man Wetsuit

If you plan to go swimming or surfing on the weekend, you should get an exceptional wetsuit to enjoy your activity further. Cressi offers the best, such as the Termico Man Wetsuit. 

Surfers admire this wetsuit because it’s ideal for a warmer climate, especially during summer. The sleeveless feature provides comfort and convenience for users to move their arms and shoulders while swimming. Plus, its above-the-knee cut makes it easier for them to paddle. 

It may have short sleeves and legs, yet it doesn’t compromise thermal control. It’s 2mm, which is the right thickness for warmer weather. Also, it comes from a high-quality neoprene material to assure its sturdiness, even if you wear it for long hours. 

Another reason to love this wetsuit is its high-stretch concept, letting you move at any movement. Movements don’t’ have a restriction, regardless of any swimming stroke. Also, it doesn’t tear easily because of its Ultraspan-lined advantage. 

There’s no discomfort at all on underarms, thanks to its Glide-skin feature for anti-friction treatment. It also minimizes water-entry as you swim. Also, it reduces drag, which helps in making your move more agile. 

Aside from that, the front-zip type makes sit hassle-free to wear and remove, providing exceptional convenience to the user. The zipper is unlikely to get stuck for smoother unzipping and zipping. 

Getting the Best Cressi Wetsuit – Buyers Guide

When it comes to buying wetsuits, a fabric’s smoothness is not the only basis for performance. Here’s a guide to consider before buying one. 

Type of Wetsuit to Buy

Before you choose what style, you have to consider the type to buy. This factor mostly depends on your preference, and sometimes on climate. Here are the typical types you’ll find in the market. 

Shorty Wetsuit 

This wetsuit-type is versatile because it can be shorter sleeves and legs, long sleeves and short legs, or sleeveless and short legs. Most users prefer it in warmer weather, like summer, because it doesn’t suffocate a user from heat since part of the body is exposed. Also, it’s excellent in controlling body-heat because most are 2mm-thick. 

The bestsellers of Cressi are Termico, Lido Short Lady, and Med x Man Wetsuit. 

Full Wetsuit

This type covers the whole upper and lower body, starting from the neck to above-ankles. It also comes with long sleeves and long legs to retain body-warmth, especially during scuba diving and triathlon races. Also, the thickness varies, ranging from 2mm to over 6mm. 

Cressi’s Triton, Fast, and Slim Lady are the best options for full wetsuits. 

Wetsuit-types and Water Temperature Range

Here’s what you should wear when the water temperature is within this range: 

  • below 72 degrees Fahrenheit – rash guards
  • 65 degrees to 75 degrees Fahrenheit – shorty wetsuits
  • 62 degrees to 68 degrees Fahrenheit – shorty wetsuits or full wetsuits
  • 58 degrees to 63 degrees Fahrenheit – full wetsuits
  • below 42 degrees to 58 degrees Fahrenheit – full wetsuits including gloves, hood, and boots

How Do Wetsuits Work?

Before buying any wetsuit, it’s important to understand how it works and why you need to buy one. The purpose of a wetsuit is not only to keep you dry. This neoprene insulation suit provides protection and warmth during any water activity. 

What happens is that it traps a thin layer of water inside, between it and your body. This layer serves as your thermal control, keeping your body warm as you stay in the water for how many hours. 

Cressi Wetsuits: Company & History

Cressi has been in the industry since 1939, and this company began out of the passion and talent of two brothers, Nanni and Egidio Cressi. Both crafted spearguns and masks that might let them hunt and move in waters near their house. They called the mask “Pinnochio.”

After seven years, its products and designs became popular when the Cressi company began in Genoa, Italy. Since then, it has been one of the most respected brands, up to now. 

This brand is committed to providing exceptional products, which many customers admired. After their success, it continued to provide other products that users need on any water sport. Plus, it continues to introduce exceptional technologies on their products for better performances and quality. 


Buying an exceptional wetsuit is never easy, especially when you’re picky about quality. If you can’t find a reliable brand, you should consider Cressi. It has been providing satisfaction to all its customers since day one. Plus, you can choose from a wide-variety of wetsuit options, regardless if you’re scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, spearfishing, or participating in triathlon events. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Does Cressi offer wetsuits for kids? 

A: Yes, you can find a collection for kids. You can buy wetsuits, fins, masks, snorkels, and goggles for them, regardless if you’re buying for a boy or girl.

Q: What’s the main product of Cressi?

A: Cressi began selling masks back in 1946, and these are the masks that people use for scuba-diving or snorkeling. As the company grows, it offers its product line, including wetsuits, swimming accessories, bags, fins, regulators, and watches. 

Q: What Cressi items are subject to warranties? 

A: Items under the scuba-diving section, such as B.C.D., Computer & Consoles, Regulators, and Octopus. There’s a section on Cressi’s page to activate the warranty. All you need to do is to supply the necessary information. 

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