Top 9 Best Wetsuits for Women

People enjoy water activities nowadays, especially in surfing and scuba diving. It’s one way to stay fit and have fun at the same time. While some prefer those, others participate in triathlon events. If you are to try these water activities, you should look for an exceptional wetsuit

Wetsuits are significant when you’re spending most of your weekends doing water activities or training for a triathlon event. Wearing one will give you many advantages, and one is keeping your body warm as you swim in cold water. If you’re struggling in looking for a reliable wetsuit, here are the top wetsuits for women. 

Top 9 Best Wetsuits for Women Reviewed

  1. Endorphone Full Sleeve Wetsuit by Snergy
  2. Guardian 3mm Full Wetsuit by Hevto
  3. Ultra Stretch 3mm Full Diving Suit by ZCCO
  4. 2.5mm Wetsuit by Cressi
  5. Unisex Short Sleeve 2mm Wetsuit by Shorty Wetsuit
  6. 3/2mm Triathlon Wetsuit by Synergy
  7. Shorty 3mm Neoprene Wetsuit by Hevto
  8. Reactor 2.2mm Short Sleeve Wetsuit by O’Neill
  9. 3mm Farmer Jane Wetsuit by NRS

#1. Endorphone Full Sleeve Wetsuit by Snergy

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  • Material: Yamamoto neoprene 
  • Wetsuit Type: full
  • Zip-Type: back-zip
  • Style: black with purple highlights

If you’re looking for a top-performing wetsuit for triathlon tournaments, you should consider Synergy’s collection. One of the best sellers is the Endorphone Full Sleeve Wetsuit. 

It comes in a full wetsuit with a thickness of 5mm on the core. It has an excellent buoyancy profile, letting you move with lessen fatigue, especially while paddling. Also, it pushes the body to the right swimming position, which adds agility as you swim in open water. 

This wetsuit comes from a premium-quality of Yamamoto material, assuring comfort as you wear it for a longer time. It also comes with an SCS coating, which makes it very durable and tear-resistant. 

Moving is never a hassle with its optimum flexibility, which is favorable for triathletes. Its 680% elasticity lets the user move with full motion-range. Also, swimming is very effective despite any stroke. 

You can count on its thermal control, keeping your body warm despite any water temperature. It’s excellent in trapping the amount of water you need to keep you going, which is why it’s also suitable for scuba diving. 

The smoothskin on the soft low neck adds further comfort as you move during the race. Also, it prevents excessive water-entry from the neck’s opening because it’s snug-fit without any discomfort. 

Another reason to buy this wetsuit is the durable zipper at the back. It uses the highest YKK zipper grade, which promotes anti-corrode and reduced drag as you swim forward. After a long swim, getting out of this wetsuit is also hassle-free, which gives triathletes a smoother transition. 

Uses Yamamoto #39 neopreneToo tight for users with muscular shoulders or arms
Has 680% flexibilityNo other styles available

#2. Guardian 3mm Full Wetsuit by Hevto

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  • Material: neoprene and nylon
  • Wetsuit Type: full
  • Zip-Type: back-zip
  • Style: blue women I or orange women II

Hevto is one of the popular brands when it comes to wetsuits because of its quality and style. If you need a reliable one, you should consider buying the Guardian 3mm Full Wetsuit. It comes with two styles, which are the orange women II and blue women I. 

The flatlock stitching of this wetsuit averts excessive water-entry as you swim in open water, regardless if you’re participating in triathlon events or scuba diving. You can move without worrying that it might tear because of it’s assured sturdy and elastic. 

Removing this wetsuit is hassle-free, thanks to the strap on the zippers at the back. Plus, it controls water-entry, keeping the wetsuit from getting weighty while you’re swimming in open water. Triathletes admire the smooth transition it provides after swimming for miles. 

Another reason why you need to buy it is that it’s impressive in maintaining the body-warmth your need, especially when you’re dipping in cold water. You can move effectively without shivering, keeping your focus on your activity. 

The 3mm neoprene material provides comfort, which is why a lot of triathletes prefer it. The nylon fabric adds relief inside, preventing any discomfort even if you wear it for longer hours. Plus, it uses eco-friendly materials, which makes it favorable to both the skin and the marine wildlife. 

Suitable for scuba diving and snorkelingSaggy on the arms
Uses eco-friendly materialsInaccurate sizing

#3. Ultra Stretch 3mm Full Diving Suit by ZCCO

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  • Material: neoprene and nylon
  • Wetsuit Type: full
  • Zip-Type: front-zip
  • Style: black

One of the versatile wetsuits from ZCCO is the Ultra Stretch 3mm Full Diving Suit. It’s not only ideal for triathlon competitions or training but also surfing. Despite having a 3mm-thickness, it guarantees optimum flexibility on any movement, especially when you’re executing tricks. 

What you’ll love about this wetsuit is the knee pads, which provide enhanced protection on the knee. Plus, it promotes anti-abrasion, making it more favorable for triathletes. 

Water-entry is the least problem with this wetsuit because it comes with a water-stop seal at the collar, legs, and arms. There’s a smoothskin neoprene material that adds relief to the user while wearing it for many hours.

Aside from that, it comes with four small zippers at the legs and arms, providing convenience in wearing and removing it. Compared to other wetsuits, it provides an ease to triathletes or divers because of its front-zip type.  

When it comes to its style, it comes in black color. Despite its meek design, it’s elegant, and it suits most body-form, which is why women prefer it. 

The comfort it provides is never a disappointment because it comes from a premium-quality of neoprene material. It also gives maximum flexibility, letting you swim without restrictions. Plus, the 3mm thickness helps keep the body-heat you need as you dip your body in cold water. 

Comes with four small zippers for easy-removingOthers find the sizing too small
Anti-abrasion knee padsThe zipper is a bit saggy

#4. 2.5mm Wetsuit by Cressi

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  • Material: neoprene
  • Wetsuit Type: shorty 
  • Zip-Type: front-zip
  • Style: black/aqua or black/pink

If you’re looking for a wetsuit to wear during a warmer climate, Cressi has something to offer, like its 2.5mm Wetsuit. It’s the best wetsuit for surfing, paddleboarding, or wakeboarding because it comes with short legs and sleeves. Moving is more comfortable because of its flexibility, no matter how big your movements are. 

It comes from high-quality neoprene material that guarantees comfort while you’re under the sun. It also provides exceptional breathability, letting you move more comfortably despite the warm climate. 

This wetsuit features the Playa Flex technology, providing maximum performance and buoyancy as you swim in open water. Every stroke is effective, yet it doesn’t give a tiring feeling, no matter how powerful your kicks are. Plus, it pushes the body to a better swimming position for acceleration. 

The Ultraspan braided seal of this wetsuit on legs and arms controls water from coming in, which is another reason why you should buy it. It may not cover the whole lower and upper body, yet it doesn’t disappoint when it comes to thermal control because of its double-lining. 

The style of this wetsuit is also satisfying for women. It’s available in two designs, yet both are appealing, making these head-turners in the field. 

Wearing or taking it off is not a hassle at all because it comes with a front-zip type. Donning and doffing are more comfortable. Plus, the zipper smoothly glides, which is a plus point for quick transitions if you’re wearing it for a triathlon. 

Uses braided seal-construction on the legs and armsSizing is too tight for other women
Comes with the Playa Flex technologyNot the best fit for curvy women

#5. Unisex Short Sleeve 2mm Wetsuit by Shorty Wetsuit

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  • Material: neoprene
  • Wetsuit Type: shorty
  • Zip-Type: front-zip
  • Style: pink/black, navy blue/pink, black, or black/green

If you’re looking for an affordable wetsuit with satisfying performance, the Unisex Short Sleeve 2mm Wetsuit is what you should consider buying. It comes in a shorty wetsuit-type, yet it’s versatile because you can use it for surfing, scuba diving, or triathlon. 

It may have short sleeves, but it has excellent thermal control. It’s not only suitable for warmer temperature or water but also colder ones. Plus, it stops excessive water-flushing, making it more favorable for users who are cold-sensitive. 

Convenience is another edge of this wetsuit because of its front zipper. It’s guaranteed durable, securing the suit on your body while in action. Plus, it also stops excessive water from entering the suit for a lighter feeling.

This wetsuit’s flexibility is reliable because it doesn’t limit big movements, especially while swimming. If you’re executing tricks on a surfboard, you can move freely at full comfort. 

The neoprene material with a premium-quality contributes to its overall elasticity and comfort. It’s 2mm thick, yet it doesn’t compromise buoyancy as you swim for miles, and it comes with a comfy collar for added relief. Plus, it has an excellent fit, which prevents water from coming in the neck-opening. 

Has different styles availableHas a small sizing 
AffordableHas a toxic odor

#6. 3/2mm Triathlon Wetsuit by Synergy

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  • Material: neoprene
  • Wetsuit Type: farmer / long jane
  • Zip-Type: back-zip
  • Style: black

Triathletes consider long jane or sleeveless wetsuits because they can move more effectively during training or tournament. If you’re not a fan of full suits, you can check out the 3/2mm Triathlon Wetsuit by Synergy. When it comes to mobility, you can count on this wetsuit. 

You’ll love this wetsuit because it doesn’t give any restriction on the shoulder and arms as you swim for how many miles during the race. The buoyancy profile is exceptional because it pushes your body to the proper swimming position, adding acceleration to your movements. 

Another reason to love it is how it saves you energy by exerting less effort with effective results. You can move with full agility with its SyPrene technology. Plus, it uses the right thickness on the legs and back for maximum performance. 

It uses hydrodynamic neoprene material, guaranteeing comfort while wearing it for how many hours. You can enjoy your time in the water because there’s no discomfort from its snug-fit-advantage. 

It comes with a back-zip type, yet it doesn’t fail in meeting users’ expectations when it comes to convenience because it comes with an adjustable Velcro closure. Plus, it lessens drag since the zipper is at the back, letting you swim quicker in the water. 

This wetsuit is also versatile, regardless if you’re a beginner or a pro triathlete. It’s Ironman approved, which is why it’s one of the best options from Synergy’s collection. 

Aside from that, it has a one-year warranty with a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee. 

Enhanced buoyancy profileOnly available in black color
Has an SCS Nano CoatingNo long strap in the zipper

#7. Shorty 3mm Neoprene Wetsuit by Hevto

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  • Material: nylon and neoprene
  • Wetsuit Type: shorty
  • Zip-Type: back-zip
  • Style: X-Women Gray

The Shorty 3mm Neoprene Wetsuit by Hevto is one of the top picks for shorty wetsuit-entries because it comes with an elegant black color style. It’s very appealing, especially when you’re in the field. What you’ll love more about its exterior is the X-design. 

It’s versatile because you can wear this wetsuit on different water activities, including surfing, wakeboarding, boating, kayaking, and paddleboarding. If you want to use it for a triathlon, scuba diving, or snorkeling, it’s also effective because of its thermal control. 

There’s convenience in wearing or removing this wetsuit because the zipper at the back comes with a strap. There’s a smoother transition as well, which triathletes admire. 

Regardless of whether you’re in warmer or colder water temperature, you can wear it with full relief because the 3mm-neoprene material effectively traps the water. It prevents the suit from flushing, which controls the body-heat inside the suit. Also, it doesn’t let excessive water in as you swim, keeping the body-warmth as is. 

The performance of this wetsuit is also another reason why you should consider buying it. Moving your arms and legs are hassle-free because of its exceptional flexibility. If you’re surfing, executing tricks is more comfortable because there are no restrictions as you move your upper and lower body. 

Aside from that, it comes with a flatlock stitching, which makes it very durable. This advantage is also impressive in controlling excessive water-entry, which prevents any distress that can compromise your performance as you swim. 

The buoyancy profile also pushes you to your optimum performance by letting you paddle effectively without causing too much fatigue. As it pushes your body to enhance your swimming position, it’s adding agility to your movement. 

The zipper comes with a strapThe neckline is not ergonomic-friendly
Uses skin-friendly materialsSizing is too big for others

#8. Reactor 2.2mm Short Sleeve Wetsuit by O’Neill

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  • Material: neoprene
  • Wetsuit Type: shorty
  • Zip-Type: back-zip
  • Style: black/light aqua, black, black/pink, or black/slate

O’Neill has been providing exceptional wetsuits to triathletes, scuba divers, and surfers. Out of its competitive collection, the Reactor 2.2mm Short Sleeve Wetsuit is one of the top picks because of its flexibility. The Ultra Stretch technology of its neoprene material provides ease to users while moving in open water. 

The high-quality neoprene material also assures comfort as you wear it for how many hours in the water. The thermal control never fails to amaze users because there’s extra insulation from its smoothskin lining. 

It features a back-zip entry with a water-resistant closure, assuring that no excess water can enter the wetsuit while enjoying your time in the water. Also, taking it off or wearing it is never a hassle because it comes with a strap at the zipper. 

This wetsuit is multipurpose because you can also use it for other activities, like snorkeling and kayaking. Despite any water activity, it always meets the expectations of users when it comes to performance. 

What users love about this wetsuit is the neck collar because it doesn’t give any distress, especially when you’re in the water. It also prevents excessive water from coming in, keeping a lightweight feeling even if you stay in the water for long hours. 

Another edge of this wetsuit is its buoyancy profile. Even if it’s not a full wetsuit, it still promotes an enhanced swimming position for acceleration. Plus, there’s reduced drag as you swim forward. 

The zipper has a water-resistant closureStyles are too meek for others
Exceptional mobilityPricey

#9. 3mm Farmer Jane Wetsuit by NRS

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  • Material: neoprene
  • Wetsuit Type: farmer / long jane
  • Zip-Type: front-zip
  • Style: black

Triathletes or surfers prefer sleeveless wetsuits because of its zero-restriction-advantage as you swim for how many miles. If you’re having a hard time looking for a reliable one, you should check out what NRS has to provide, like the 3mm Farmer Jane Wetsuit. 

This wetsuit may have a meek style, yet it’s appealing enough to make heads turn in its all-black color. It looks well on most body-forms, which is the reason why many women prefer to wear it. 

It may not be as stylish as other wetsuits, yet the performance is never a disappointment. The high-quality neoprene material guarantees maximum comfort because it retains the suitable body-heat you need as you stay in the water for a longer time. 

Aside from that, this wetsuit is 3mm thick, but it doesn’t cause any discomfort to the user on every paddle and stroke. It comes with exceptional flexibility, boosting your performance to an optimum level. 

Unlike most sleeveless wetsuits, it comes with a front-zip type. It gives convenience to the user is wearing and removing it after use. Plus, it also helps in controlling excessive water from entering the wetsuit for better thermal control. 

The 4-way stretch PowerSpan feature provides excellent fit, preventing a saggy wetsuit from inferring in your performance. This advantage contributes to its flexibility, letting you swim without tiring you immediately. 

You can also guarantee this wetsuit’s durability because the sealed seams make it tear-resistant. Even if you use it frequently, all materials are long-lasting. 

Comes with a titanium laminate adhesiveNo other designs available
Features a 4-way Stretch PowerSpan
Has a large neck-opening

Top Pick – Endorphone Full Sleeve Wetsuit 

The Endorphone Full Sleeve Wetsuit by Synergy is the top pick from this collection of best wetsuits for women because it has everything you need. 

Performance-wise, this wetsuit is exceptional. The SCS coating provides acceleration as you swim in open water. Plus, the neoprene material assures you get the best comfort at any water temperature or climate. 

The 680% flexibility is also another edge of this wetsuit. You can move without restrictions while paddling in open water. The Yamamoto #39 neoprene material also contributes to its elasticity without giving users a worry that it might tear during triathlon competitions or training. 

A lot of triathletes prefer it because of its buoyancy profile. It pushes the body to a better swimming position, which gives acceleration to the user as you swim forward. Also, it prevents you from getting tired immediately. 

Aside from that, you can assure smoother transitions after swimming for miles with its zipper. It may be at the back, yet it secures it well because of its Velcro-closure.  

Getting the Best Wetsuit – Buyers Guide

There are many wetsuits available in the market. Before you consider the brand, there are some factors you need to determine in choosing what wetsuit to buy. Here’s a buying guide to help you as you look for the best wetsuit. 

Choosing the Wetsuit Type

There are different types, and each depends on the water activity you’re in or the water temperature. Here are the typical ones in the market. 

Full Wetsuit

This type is the most typical for all users, especially for scuba diving and triathlon. It covers the upper body down to the lower body, yet the length of sleeves depends on the brand. Some offer it in long sleeves, while others offer it in short sleeves. Nonetheless, most are 2mm thick and above. 

Shorty Wetsuit

This type has a short cut on the legs, while the sleeves also vary as per brands. Some provide a collection with long sleeves, while most offer it in short sleeves. It’s also typical for warmer water temperatures or climate, which is why surfers prefer it. 

Farmer Wetsuit

This type is distinct because it’s sleeveless, yet the cut on the legs varies. Some brands offer it short, while most offer it with long legs. It’s also one of the preferred wetsuits by triathlon athletes because of the zero-restriction on the shoulder and arms. 

Wetsuit Tops

This one covers the upper body only, and the cut of the sleeves also depends on the brand. Most people pair it with bikinis or boardshorts because they only wear it for thermal control. 

Wetsuit Thickness

Every wetsuit type has different thicknesses, and here’s a guide to help you determine the right one you need per temperature. 

  • 72 degrees Fahrenheit or under – You don’t have to wear a wetsuit with this temperature-range. Most wear rash guards. 
  • 75 degrees to 65 degrees Fahrenheit – With this range, you’ll need at least 0.5mm to 2mm by thickness. The best wetsuit-types are either a shorty wetsuit or a wetsuit top. 
  • 68 degrees to 62 degrees Fahrenheit – This range needs at least 2mm to 3mm thick, and you can wear a full wetsuit or a shorty wetsuit. 
  • 63 degrees to 58 degrees Fahrenheit – It’s best to wear a full wetsuit for this temperature range, and the thickness 3mm to 4mm. 
  • 58 degrees to 52 degrees Fahrenheit – You’ll need a wetsuit for this temperature-range and a full wetsuit. Some consider wearing accessories, like gloves, hood, and boots, because the thickness should be 4mm to 5mm. 
  • 52 degrees to below-42 degrees Fahrenheit – The thickness ranges from 5mm to 6mm, and you need to wear a wetsuit too because this temperature is too cold for shorty wetsuits.  

Knowing the Zip-Types

Zip-types are also necessary for wetsuits because quality-ones need to prevent excessive water-entry from keeping it lightweight and retaining the body-heat you need while you’re in the water. 

Front-zip Type

This zip-type is the most convenient because it’s easy to reach. However, it’s not as effective as zip-free types when it comes to controlling water-entry. Most wetsuits for surfing use this type, and wetsuit tops. 

Back-zip Type

This zip-type is the most typical, and the length starts from the neck down to the spine. Most also have straps to provide ease to users as they wear or remove it. It may not be as convenient as front-zip types, yet it’s excellent in reducing excessive water-entry. 

Chest-zip Type

This zip-type is the least convenient when it comes to wearing or removing it. On the bright side, it’s effective in keeping excessive water because there’s a smaller opening, unlike front-zip or back-zip types. 

Zip-free Type

It’s the most expensive zip-type, yet it’s the most effective for controlling water-entry. What’s excellent about this type is that it’s flexible. However, it’s challenging to wear or remove it, especially when it’s wet. 

Determining Different Wetsuit-Constructions

Another factor that controls water-entry and contributes to a wetsuit’s durability is construction. 

Glued and Blindstitched Seams

This construction is best for 55 degrees Fahrenheit and above. The neoprene-pieces have glue, and it uses the blindstitch method. The stitch doesn’t come out on the other side, reducing holes for a watertight-advantage. 

Flatlock Wetsuit Stitching

This construction is best for a temperature ranging from 62 degrees Fahrenheit or above. It may let a little amount of water in because of the holes, yet it lies flat on the body, which doesn’t cause any distress even if you wear it for long hours. 

Sealed and Taped Wetsuit Seams

This type is best when the water temperature is 55 degrees Fahrenheit and below. This construction uses glue and the blindstitch method to join neoprene-pieces. Plus, it also uses inner seam taping for exceptional water-entry-control. It will prevent water from coming in, yet it’s the most expensive because high-end wetsuits use it. 

How a Wetsuit Works

Wetsuits use neoprene material, which traps a little amount of water between the material and your skin. This thin layer of water is necessary for retaining the body-heat, letting you move comfortably in the water, especially for colder temperatures. 

How a Wetsuit Should Fit

Another thing to consider is how it’s a snug fit. When a wetsuit is saggy, it’s not effective because it flushes water, which you need for thermal control. Also, a saggy one compromises its buoyancy. 

You know that it’s the perfect fit when it feels like a second skin. Snug-fit also means that it’s not too tight. When you’re having a hard time breathing, the wetsuit is too fit in your body. It’s significant to look at the sizing guide before buying to know the right one for your body. 


If you frequently go out during weekends to scuba dive, snorkel, or surf, you should invest in a wetsuit. If you’re also becoming more interested in triathlon, it’s best to look for a top-performing one. You may stumble on many options in the market, yet these are the best wetsuits you can consider. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Do I need wetsuit accessories, like a hood or gloves for a triathlon? 

A: The necessity of wetsuit accessories depends on the temperature of the water. If it’s freezing or it’s too cold for the body, you may need these to protect your head or hands from the coldness. If the temperature ranges from 58 degrees to below-42 degrees, you may need these accessories. 

Q: How do I know if my wetsuit has the right fit? 

A: The best fit should not have any excess room in your shoulders, torso, knees, and crotch. If it gives you a feeling as if you have a second skin, then your wetsuit has the right fit. 

Q: Aside from the water temperature and weather, are there other factors to consider in choosing the best wetsuit?

A: You may also consider your sensitivity, especially when it comes to coldness, along with your activity level. When there’s more wind but lesser movements, especially when it’s cold, you’ll need a thicker wetsuit. 

Q: How should I clean my wetsuit? 

A: Here are some significant tips in cleaning your wetsuit. 

  • Use cold water in rinsing your wetsuit, and make sure it’s freshwater. 
  • Don’t use strong washing powder or bleach in cleaning your wetsuit. 
  • Never use a washing machine or a dryer. Let it dry on a hanger inside and out, and keep it in an area away from direct sunlight. 
  • If you want to get rid of the bad odor, you can use special soaps for wetsuits, like PISS OFF by Rip Curl.

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