Rusty Surfboards Review | Epic Boards or Rip Off?

Surfing has been one of the go-to activities of people these days. Some consider this water sport as a career, and if you’re one of these aspiring pro surfers, an exceptional surfboard will help you improve your skills until you reach the pro level.

You should invest in an exceptional surfboard if you want to improve effectively. You’ll stumble on various types, with different edges, and Rusty Surfboards offers a collection of different kinds. Plus, every surfboard guarantees quality and performance.

If you’re a newbie or a pro, this brand is what you should consider. It features minimalistic styles, yet it doesn’t disappoint as you start using it.

Top 9 Best Rusty Surfboards Reviewed

Below are the following top surfboards that surfers admire from Rusty’s collection. Regardless if you’re looking for a fish, shortboard, longboard, or hybrid, this Rusty Surfboard review will help you further in deciding what to buy.

  1. Rusty 419Fish Surfboard
  2. Rusty Mi Amigo Shortboard Surfboard
  3. Rusty Fish Quattro Surfboard
  4. Rusty Utility Longboard Surfboard
  5. Rusty Hatchet Groveler Surfboard
  6. Rusty Torsion Spring Dwart Too Shortboard Surfboard
  7. Rusty Twin Fin Fish Surfboard
  8. Rusty Barking Spider Hybrid Surfboard
  9. Rusty Torsion Spring Smoothie Shortboard Surfboard

1. Rusty 419Fish Surfboard

Rusty 419Fish Surfboard

A fish surfboard is one of the more challenging surfboards to ride, yet with Rusty, maneuvering is easier. One of the top fish surfboards is the 419Fish Surfboard. If you need a classic one, you’ll undoubtedly find this board handy.

This board features rail transitions, which makes it easier to control during any wave condition. The flat deck advantage of the structure provides comfort to surfers as they ride it. Plus, it comes with angular rails for maneuverability.

Aside from that, the bottom part of the board comes with a slightly convex shape. It transitions to a single concave with a vee along with the corners, impacting its performance. Plus, it comes with a low-entry rocker, keeping the board stable.

It’s available in different sizes, which are up to 6 feet and 6 inches. It’s shorter than typical shortboard surfboards, making it convenient to bring. Plus, it features a minimalistic design in white deck color.

Intermediate or pro surfers are best for this board because it’s more agile than other surfboards. You’ll need excellent balancing skills if you are to use it. Also, it uses either FCS or the Futures fin system.

2. Rusty Mi Amigo Shortboard Surfboard

Rusty Mi Amigo Shortboard Surfboard

Are you looking for a top-performing surfboard for your competitions? Rusty makes sure you enjoy surfing without compromising performance. If you can’t find one, you can consider the Mi Amigo Shortboard Surfboard.

This board is one of the top entries with high performance, thanks to its rocker. It features a thumbnail design and a pointed nose, making it more agile at any wave condition. Plus, the thickness may vary per size, yet it doesn’t meddle with the overall performance.

The board measures 5 feet to 6 feet and 6 inches, and it’s smaller than typical sized-shortboard surfboards. It’s one of the reasons why it’s ideal for intermediate to pro levels. Since the size is more modest, it’s quicker than typical ones.

Aside from that, you can also install a fin system on this board for added speed. You can choose between FCS or Futures, depending on your preference. These fins will make it more accessible for the board to propel on big waves.

When it comes to stability, you can count on this surfboard. The deck is flatter, and the block is 0.25 inches thicker than the typical one. Plus, it uses high-quality materials, which assure you durability even when you use the board frequently.

3. Rusty Fish Quattro Surfboard

Rusty Fish Quattro Surfboard

Rusty is famous for its fish surfboards, and many surfers admire this brand because it exceeds their expectations when it comes to speed and control. If you can’t decide what to buy, you should check out the Fish Quattro Surfboard.

This board features a meek style with a white-colored deck. What makes it appealing despite its minimalistic vibe is the distinct logo of the board. Plus, surfers admire the highlights on the holes where you can set up the board’s fins, which is the only colored part of the entire board.

This fish surfboard can be lengthier than the 419Fish because it’s available up to 7 feet. The availability of different sizes from 5 feet makes it ideal for beginners, who transition to the intermediate level. Plus, the fins are removable, letting you install either the FCS or Futures fin system with ease.

The rail and concave bottom of the board will ensure vertical performance as you ride it along waves. Thanks to its V off the swallowtail, you can glide smoothly, as if you’re cruising. Also, it’s advantageous on tighter arcs because of its decreased width.

4. Rusty Utility Longboard Surfboard

Rusty Utility Longboard Surfboard

Rusty makes sure it has something to offer for beginners. Aside from shortboard or fish surfboards, this brand also introduced a collection of longboards, making it favorable to newbies. If you’re curious to know one item from this collection, you should check the Utility Longboard Surfboard.

This board is available in either FCS or Futures fin system, which can help you keep stability as you take on bigger waves. Surfers find it convenient to use because the fins are removable. If you’re up for a calmer ride on the surface, you can uninstall these with ease.

What makes this longboard more impressive is its versatility. It’s all-around, thanks to its overall rocker. Plus, it’s excellent in smooth turning, making your surfing experience desirable.

The simplicity of its design doesn’t prevent it from performing well along waves. Sizes are available from 9 feet to 10 feet and 5 inches. When it comes to volume, it ranges from 65.69 liters to 101.70 liters.

5. Rusty Hatchet Groveler Surfboard

Rusty Hatchet Groveler Surfboard

Aside from speed, Rusty guarantees optimum performance at any wave level. If you’re looking for a reliable surfboard with both advantages, you can never go wrong with the Hatchet Groveler Surfboard.

This semi-fish board is also a groveler, which makes it very interesting. Surfers enjoy riding it because it’s agile, yet it doesn’t compromise stability during small or big waves. Plus, it comes in shorter sizes than shortboard surfboards, ranging from 5 feet and 6 inches to 6 feet and 6 inches.

Users love this surfboard more because it features an attractive style on the top and bottom parts. It uses a white-color base with a shade of green and gray as its main design. Adding further appeal to the top part are the traction pads on opposite sides of the tail part.

The tail and nose are narrower than other fish surfboards, which makes it easier to control. You can also install up to five fins, using either FCS or Futures as the system. Also, it’s easy to set up and remove.

6. Rusty Torsion Spring Dwart Too Shortboard Surfboard

Rusty Torsion Spring Dwart Too Shortboard Surfboard

Are you looking for a unique shortboard for competing? You should check out the shortboard collection of Rusty. One of the most recommended boards is the Torsion Spring Dwart Too Shortboard Surfboard.

This board is available in various sizes, ranging from 5 inches to 7 inches. The option for a longer-sized shortboard makes it suitable for beginners as well. Plus, the thickness ranges from 2.50 inches to 2.97 inches.

It comes with a squash tail, which is the reason behind this board’s speed, especially during turns. The nose is narrow, letting you make a quicker turn to keep up with the board’s acceleration. Also, the thinned rails keep it stable despite its agility.

Surfers recommend this surfboard for beginners because it’s easy to maneuver. The width makes it convenient to control, especially if you’re still improving your balancing skills. Regardless of small or big waves, you’ll enjoy riding this surfboard.

When it comes to its style, it features a meek design with gray highlights on the opposite sides of the top and bottom parts. The logo of Rusty also catches the attention of the audience because it’s in yellow.

7. Rusty Twin Fin Fish Surfboard

Rusty Twin Fin Fish Surfboard

If you’re an intermediate or a pro surfer who needs a reliable fish surfboard for training, you should check out what Rusty offers. Many surfers recommend the Twin Fin Fish Surfboard, mainly because it features the 70s and 80s template.

The bottom comes with a shallow single concave shape, and it has a vee, making it more accessible to maneuver regardless of any condition. You can also ensure maximum performance because the swallowtail design pushes the board to be more agile than other fish surfboards.

The style is very straightforward, in white-deck color. The top comes with the logos of Rusty and Twin Fin. Also, it features pads on the opposite ends of the back part of the board. 

The sizes of this surfboard are not far from the typical sizing. However, intermediate or professional surfers are more advisable than beginners because of the dimensions, which range from 5 feet and 2 inches to 6 feet and 7 inches. Adding further convenience in riding it is the thickness, which doesn’t exceed 2.60 inches.

You also can install a fin system on this surfboard, which can help keep stability as you glide along big, quick waves. However, only the Futures fin system is available for this surfboard.

8. Rusty Barking Spider Hybrid Surfboard

Rusty Barking Spider Hybrid Surfboard

Rusty never fails to fascinate all customers with its versatile surfboard collection. If you’re looking for a hybrid surfboard that’s shorter than the typical ones, you can count on the Barking Spider Hybrid Surfboard.

Despite being a hybrid surfboard, the sizes only vary from 5 feet and 8 inches to 6 feet and 8 inches. It’s very compact, which surfers love because carrying it will not be a hassle at all. Plus, the thickness of these sizes, ranging from 2.15 inches to 2.62 inches, makes it easier to control regardless of wave condition.

Besides that, you can add up to five fins, depending on the speed you need, and these are easy to install. Also, the fin system available for this surfboard is FCS and Futures.

This board’s design is a head-turner because it looks like a sketch of lines at the tail part. The deck comes in white color, yet it doesn’t fail to attract other surfers as you use it for training or competition. Plus, the fin spots feature blue-colored highlights to make them appealing.

The performance of this board is one of the reasons why pro surfers prefer it over other brands. The double concave shape of the board provides smoother turns and transitions. Also, the shallow swallowtail makes it favorable during sharp turns.

9. Rusty Torsion Spring Smoothie Shortboard Surfboard

Rusty Torsion Spring Smoothie Shortboard Surfboard

Another entry to add under the shortboard collection of Rusty is the Torsion Spring Smoothie Shortboard Surfboard, and it’s the best surfboard for small surf.

Users love this surfboard because of its versatility. Any surfer can ride it at any wave condition because of its full deck. It’s easier to keep balance as you ride it along waves, and maneuvering will not be a hassle.

It features a double concave shape between the vee and fins, making it convenient to control, especially during tight turns. It doesn’t disappoint when it comes to stability because it’s wide enough to keep your feet in the best stance. Plus, you can expect smoother and quicker turns with this board, even without the fins.

If you prefer to install fins, you can choose between FCS or Futures. Some surfers add these to gain more speed and steadiness as they ride any level of waves. Also, the maximum number of fins you can put on your board is up to five.

Getting the Best Rusty Surfboards – Buyers Guide

It’s always essential to buy the best surfboard you can find because it will help you improve your surfing skills. The speed and performance are what surfers prefer as they buy a board from respected brands. However, there are also other factors you need to check. Here’s a quick guide to buying.

Determine the Surfboard Type

Various brands offer different surfboards, and it’s important to know what you need before making any purchase. Do you want an Agile surfboard? Are you looking for a board that’s easy to maneuver? Here are different types:

Longboard Surfboard

This surfboard type is versatile because any level can use it. If you’re looking for a fun experience, you can consider it. It’s also easy to control along waves as you ride it. However, you need to exert any effort in paddling, since it’s longer than shortboards.

Rusty offers Utility, which is what most beginners buy.

Shortboard Surfboard

This type is the most common, and it’s widely available in the market. It focuses on performance, which is why it’s suitable for intermediate to pro surfers. It can be agile, depending on the tail design, fin system, or nose shape, yet it requires exceptional balancing skills. Plus, it has full control over snappy turns.

Some of the bestsellers of Rusty include Mi Amigo, Torsion Spring Dwart, and Smoothie Torsion Spring.

Fish Surfboard

If you need optimum speed, you should look for this type. It’s shorter than typical surfboard sizes, and the distinct feature of this surfboard is the swallowtail. With installed fins, this board is more agile than other types, yet it’s not always suitable for beginners.

Surfers recommend the 419Fish, Twin Fin, and Fish Quatro as the top picks for Rusty’s fish surfboard collection.

Groveler Surfboard

This type is also small, but it provides exceptional power like shortboards. Plus, it uses some features of the fish surfboard. You can determine this type by looking at the width of the noses and tails. Aside from that, these have concave bottoms.

The Hatchet is Rusty’s best groveler surfboard.

Hybrid Surfboard

This type is a combination of fish and groveler types when it comes to its performance. Paddling is more convenient than other models, and it’s easy to control.

The Barking Spider is one of the best surfboards of Rusty with this type.

Determine the Rail Design

Aside from the type, you also have to determine the rail design. Here are three rail designs to guide you.

Soft Rails

This rail design provides ease during turning, yet it gives lesser drive. The excellent thing about it is that it’s easy to use, which is convenient for newbies.

Hard Rails

This design is famous for providing ample drive as you ride it. However, there’s limited mobility because of the hard edge of the board’s length. If you have a substantial back foot, it’s a suitable type for your board.

Full Rails

This type provides exceptional floatation because it has a flatter deck, but it has limited drive, especially during turns. It’s versatile on both short and big waves.

Rusty Surfboards: Company & History

Every big brand started small, and Rusty Surfboards had a humble beginning as well in 1985.

Rusty Preisendorfer started the company under his name, and he used the classic R-Dot logo, which is now a renowned symbol in the industry. His innovation influenced the careers of some professional surfers, leading them to where they are now.

After the success of Starlight Surfboard in 1967, Preisendorfer continued to make another surfboard in 1975, which he called “Music! Surfboards.” Since he introduced a line of competitive surfboards in the market, it dominated the industry for years.

Aside from board shaping, this company also started its clothing line for surfers. The apparel features a vintage theme, which is still trendy to people these days.

If you need a reliable surfboard and matching shirts or caps, you should check out this brand’s collection.


If you want to be a pro surfer, never compromise performance and quality over style. Rusty may offer most of its surfboards with a meek style, yet it doesn’t fail to satisfy every surfer. You’ll find various surfboard types from its collection, letting you choose depending on your need.

If you need a quicker surfboard or one that’s ideal for snappy turns, Rusty has something to offer. Also, you need to consider the buying guide to help you decide which surfboard type to buy for your competition or training.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Can kids use a fish surfboard since these are shorter than typical surfboards?

A: Yes, kids can use this surfboard type. It can enhance their balancing skills, but you have to guide them as they ride it. This board’s stability will make it easier for them to ride it, yet it’s best to start on a shallow area for safety precautions.

Q: Which surfboard type should I buy shortboard or hybrid if I want a speedier one?

A: Since a hybrid surfboard is a combination of a fish and a groveler, it’s better to consider it for speed. Shortboards provide exceptional performances, yet when it comes to agility, a board with a swallowtail design is what you should buy.

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