Top 9 Best Mid-Length Surfboards (Chilli)

Many people, especially the new surfers, go crazy about the one-board quiver. This board can handle different water conditions, whether it is a massive wave or knee-length ones.

The one board quiver is not for the average surfer who has been using longboards or shortboards for a long time. Therefore, to meet both the longboard and shortboard users’ needs, the mid-length surfboards came into the picture. The modern designs of these boards can handle the waves no matter what the water condition is.

Mid-length surfboards are commonly between seven to eight feet in length. Its performance is unique. If you are looking to experience its benefits, you need to buy one of the best mid-length surfboards.

For a successful purchase, you need to know these best products and how to buy them.

Top 9 Best Mid-Length Surfboards Reviewed

  1. Modern Falcon PU
  2. Modern Love Child PU
  3. Chilli Mid Strength TT
  4. South Bay Board Co Casper
  5. Creative Army Huevo PU
  6. South Bay Board Co 7’7 Elefante
  7. Salt Gypsy Mid Tide PU
  8. Creative Army Huevo SLX
  9. Modern Love Child XB

#1. Modern Falcon PU



  • Length: 6’0, 6’4, 6’8, 7’0, 7’6, 8’0
  • Weight range: 110 pounds and above
  • Volume (liter): 35, 39, 43, 47, 53, 60,
  • Skill-level: beginner to advanced
  • Wave height: one to six feet

The Modern Falcon PU is a perfect choice if you want a step-down from a longboard without entirely transitioning to shortboards. It provides stability and buoyancy, making it one of the ideal surfboards for confident beginners and intermediate surfers. It has an attractive shape that affects its perfect performance.

It has a broad point outline that is excellent for improved trim stability. This surfboard has a streamlined nose that provides a contemporary vibe.

The Modern Falcon has a rocker that is excellent in providing better paddle speed and steep wave access.

This product is the best choice if you are a beginner looking for a smooth transition from using a foamie to a more advanced surfboard type.

Nice step-up after using a foamieWe got nothin'
Excellent at catching waves

#2. Modern Love Child PU



  • Length: 6’4, 6’8, 7’0, 7’6, 8’0
  • Weight range: 165 pounds and up
  • Volume (liter): 43, 48, 53, 59, 67
  • Skill level: beginner to advanced
  • Wave height: one to eight feet

It has a generous surface area at the front and towards the tail has a tempered outline. It makes the Modern Love Child PU a versatile option for mid-length surfboard lovers. This product provides excellent paddling, adaptability, and maneuverability in almost any water condition.

This surfboard provides an excellent way to catch the waves early because of its outline. The tapered shape at the tail and the low rocker make this product maneuverable and fast.

The contour is a vee-double concave that adds to providing the surfers more control on this board.

Enhanced paddle powerDuck diving is difficult to achieve
Excellent for beginners
Not very durable

#3. Chilli Mid Strength TT



  • Length: 6’10, 7’2, 7’6, 8’0
  • Weight range: 165 pounds and above
  • Volume (liter): 44, 50, 55, 60
  • Skill-level: beginner to intermediate
  • Wave height: one to six feet

James Chilli was a shortboard user until he had a knee injury. The Chili Mid Strength TT was the product of his passion when he wanted to find a board that allows comfortable paddling and catching waves without exerting much effort.

This surfboard has a semi-full nose that makes paddling easier. It also has the type of rocker with the low-entry and medium-exit type feature that comfortably picks up the waves.  It has a slight concave contour that aids the speed.

It is ideal for older surfers who cannot perform on surfboards with much effort anymore. With this board, the surfers can catch waves and paddle without breaking a sweat. It also has excellent maneuverability that average surfers will also love.

Provides nearly the same performance as the shortboardWe got nothin'
Catching waves and paddling works like a breeze
Excellent for older surfers

#4. South Bay Board Co Casper

South Bay Board Co. - Hybrid Surfboard-Wax-Free Textured Soft-Top Foam Deck & 6oz Fiberglass Bottom Deck-Available in Shortboard. Funboard, & Longboard Sizes (with FCSII Boxes, Fins, Key &...


  • Length: 6’8
  • Weight range: 70 to 200 pounds
  • Volume (liter): 45
  • Skill level: beginner to advanced

The South Bay Board Co Casper is a mid-length fun board with a round nose and swallow-like tail. It focuses on providing stability and maneuverability for smooth turns and comfortable paddling. Confident beginners may use this product because it is forgiving and user-friendly.

If you are a beginner, this product allows you to carve the line comfortably. The Casper has hand-tapered rails that will enable you to catch waves quickly. The texture feels like a fingerprint, and you do not have to wax it.

The bottom part has a construction made from bamboo and I-Beam stringer that gives a slight flex.

Paddling is a piece of cake
Not a good quality for a foamie
Excellent for weak waves
Excellent for beginners

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#5. Creative Army Huevo PU



  • Length: 6’10, 7’6, 8’1,
  • Weight range: 154 pounds and up
  • Volume (liter): 44, 51, 59,
  • Skill level: beginner to advanced
  • Wave height: zero to six feet

The Creative Army Huevo is a hybrid that has the features of a longboard and a shortboard. It has a full tail and a round nose that provides buoyancy and easy paddling. Its two-in-one fin makes this board responsive for maneuvering.

Trimming and gliding work like a breeze because of its full outline with a slightly forward wide point at the center. Its slightly rolled vee contours make the transition from one rail to another work a piece of cake.

The Creative Army mid-length surfboard is a versatile product to handle the knee-length waves to overhead-sized.

Impressive maneuverabilityRoom for improvement for the light glassing
Excellent speed
Cannot handle all types of waves

#6. South Bay Board Co Elefante

7'7 elefante


  • Length: 7’7
  • Weight range: up to 250 pounds
  • Volume (liter): 57
  • Skill level: beginner to advanced

The South Bay Board Co Elefante provides classic hybrid mid-length style features with a broad chest and pulled tail. These characteristics allow the surfers to experience fast pop-ups and a loose feeling when taking on small waves.

This product comes with a two-in-one fin.

The company claims that it is one of the perfect funboards for summer, which beginners and advanced surfers can use in any water condition.

Excellent buoyancyWe got nothin'
Reasonable price
No need to wax

#7. Salt Gypsy Mid Tide PU



  • Length: 6’4, 6’8, 7’0. 7’4
  • Weight range: Any
  • Volume (liter): 37, 41, 46, 51
  • Skill level: beginner to advanced
  • Wave height: one to five feet

If you are looking for a mid-length surfboard that focuses on versatility, you will love the Salt Gypsy Mid Tide PU. It is versatile because you can use it in almost any type of wave. It can also accommodate girls who may weigh less than 132 pounds.

Its outline is perfect for drawing lines and preparing for a turn for the open face. This product provides stability and maneuverability that makes paddling works like a breeze.

This product is best for surfers of all ages and genders. No matter if you are a beginner or an expert, you will love the Salt Gypsy because of its versatility.

Surfers of all ages can use this productWe got nothin'

#8. Creative Army Huevo SLX



  • Length: 6’10, 7’6, 8’1
  • Weight range: 154 pounds up to 198 pounds
  • Volume (liter): 44, 51, 59,
  • Skill level: beginner to advanced
  • Wave height: one to eight feet

Unlike the Creative Army Huevo, the SLX variation’s construction is SLX epoxy-made, which helps reduce the overall weight of the board. It has an EPS core with a quality hand-laminated timber stringer.

Like the PU variety, the SLX is a combination of the best features of the longboard and shortboard. It has a full tail and round nose that aid paddling and floating. This product is easy to maneuver due to its two-in-one fin setup.

This wakeboard makes gliding work like a breeze because of its full outline and slightly pointed forward. Because of its low to medium rocker, this surfboard is versatile for any water conditions.

It is a perfect choice for those surfers who think that the longboards are incredibly long, and the shortboards are extremely small for them.

LightweightNo heavy surfers

#9. Modern Love Child XB



  • Length: 6’4, 6’8, 7’0, 7’6 8’0
  • Weight range: 165 pounds and up
  • Volume (liter): 43, 47, 53, 59, 67
  • Skill level: beginner to advanced
  • Wave height: one to eight feet

Unlike the PU variety, the XB’s construction is from Epoxy bamboo, a multi-layered structure that uses materials, such as fiberglass, bamboo veneer sheets, epoxy resin, and EPS core. It reduces the weight of the board without sacrificing durability.

Surfers describe the Modern Love Child XB as a combination of a cruiser and longboard because of its versatility. It makes paddling comfortable and quick to maneuver too.

It has a rocker that makes gliding easy and to maintain the speed down the line.

Capable of handling various water conditionsWe got nothin'
Excellent all-rounder

Our Favorite Mid-Length Surfboard

These products have one thing in common. They are all versatile and capable of handling almost any kind of wave. That is why it is not surprising that these are among the surfers’ favorites.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced surfer, you will love the mid-length surfboards because of their all-rounder features. However, what stands among these products is the Chilli Mid Strength TT, which is a creation of James Chilli. This guy created this board to compensate for his injury.

As a result, the Chilli Mid Strength TT is one of the user-friendliest mid-length surfboards. It focuses on providing easier and better paddling and maneuverability. Catching waves is also not a problem with it.

Why Use a Mid-Length Surfboard for Surfing

You probably know the benefits of mid-length surfboards if you already have experience in surfing. However, if you are a new surfer, you should understand why you should invest in a mid-length surfboard when you master the skill.

Here are the benefits that you can get from it.

Mid-Length Surfboards Are Adaptable

These boards are adaptable to the waves.

They allow you to glide on small waves and paddle on the big ones. If you manage to get into the right position, you can handle any size of waves. You just have to make sure to get into the proper placement.

To perform with any kind of waves, take note that mid-length surfboards use fins. These fins come in different sizes and shapes, which can help you adapt to waves.

Mid-Length Surfboards Enables You to Get Pitted

To get pitted is one of the rare and valuable achievements or moments of a surfer. To get pitted means to be able to surf under a barreling wave. It is a unique opportunity that mid-length surfboards help make it possible to happen.

These types of boards allow you to backdoor a barrelling wave smoothly. You do not have to airdrop and side slip into the tube just to perform the maneuver.

It only proves that the mid-length surfboards’ construction is for adaptability.

Different Kinds of Surfboard Shapes

If you are new or experienced in surfing, you should know the different kinds of surfboard shapes. Knowing this will allow you to compare each board’s advantages to choose the one useful for you.


Funboard is also the right choice for beginners. It is super-friendly. Because of its large size, it has a high buoyancy.

The funboard comes in different varieties. It is a category of surfboards that you can use to describe the mini longboards, super fish, mid-lengths, and hybrids. A funboard often has a length of seven to eight inches.


The groveler is a shortboard variety that can handle small to average waves. Unlike the typical shortboards, the groveler is thicker, shorter, flatter, and more extensive, although it may come in different shapes and sizes.

You can tell its difference from a typical shortboard by its ability to perform in average waves, which most of the shortboards cannot.

Mini Simmons

If you know what a longboard is and your first time seeing a Mini Simmons, you will think it is half of a longboard. The Mini Simmons has a broad but short outline and a nose that shapes like a longboard.

It is a product of Bob Simmons’s creative design in the 1940s, where it got its name.

Because of its unique shape, you can easily distinguish it from the other types of longboard. The Mini Simmons’s typical length is between 4 to 5 feet and width of between 21 to 23 inches. It often comes with two to four fins.

As for the performance, the Mini Simmons is the best if speed is what you want. It is useful for handling rough water conditions.


Many surfers call the longboards malibu or log. Its length is between 9 to 12 feet, and its width is between 20 to 24 inches. You can distinguish it with its rounded and full nose. Beginners are the ones that can benefit from using this board because of the various availability of designs that focus on providing better control, paddling,  and versatility.

Even though these boards are beneficial for beginners, even intermediate to pro surfers cannot get enough of using them too in some days.

Mini Longboard

Surfers also call this board mini-malibu or mini-mal. These boards have the longboard characteristics, only scaled down between seven to eight feet in length.


The bonzer is a unique type of surfboard when it comes to the fin setup. It commonly has a complicated design because of the unique position of the fins and heavy concaves.

It has three and five fins, in which there are a single center fin and small glassed angled side fins. Because of this arrangement, the bonzer is one of the best for maneuverability and speed that enables the surfer to have smooth transitions from rail to rail.


As the name implies, the hybrid is a surfboard with the different kinds of boards’ combined features, such as combining the fish and shortboard elements.


The gun is the best surfboard for massive waves, where the height is more than twice the overhead. For this reason, it is the type that is exclusive for expert surfers and professional surfing athletes. That is why it is not surprising that many of these surfers choose to customize their gun surfboards.

This type’s size range is between 6 to 11 in length and 11 to 22 in width. It is commonly thick, long, narrow, and pointy and has more flip at the nose part for better critical drops. The long length is for enhanced balance.


People also know the soft-top surfboards as foamie, and they come in different varieties. You can find longboard, hybrid, fish, and more types of these foamies. However, the soft-top gun type is rare.

The foamies are ideal for beginners. It is easy to control and stable. These boards are more forgiving than most of the other surfboard types mentioned here.

That is why it is not surprising that advanced surfers stay away from it because these boards are not exciting to use for them.


Some surfers also call the step-up the semi-gun surfboard. Although the shortboard’s construction is to handle huge waves, there are times that the average surfer cannot ride more massive waves. During this time, surfers need a step-up, which is a stretched variety of shortboards.

Step-ups’ length is typically between six to eight feet but still depends on the surfer’s height. It sometimes has pulled-in tails and narrow outlines for better critical drops handling.


Surfers also call thrusters shortboards. This type of surfboard has a length between 5 to 6 feet and a width between 17 to 19. It has a narrow tail and a pointy nose.

It is the type of board that beginners should stay away from because a thruster focuses on providing better performance than better stability and control. For this reason, thrusters are more aggressive, which only professional surfers can handle.

Thrusters can handle huge waves, but not the best choice for small knee-length or average kinds of waves.


The fish is what most surfers use for everyday or casual surfing. This type of surfboard focuses on providing better flow and speed. It is adaptable because you can use it in almost any condition of waves from knee-length to the overhead tube.

You can easily distinguish a fish surfboard because of the outline that resembles a fish. It has a flat rocker, fish-like tail shape, and pointed nose. The length ranges from 5 to 6 feet, while the width is from 19 to 23 inches.

However, many modern fishes come in different varieties. You can now see super fish or mega fish surfboards, where the length can reach up to nine feet.


Lastly, the mid-length surfboards are between around seven to eight inches in length. It often has the features of a mini longboard but has an egg-like shape and retro style. As mentioned, it is the best choice if versatility is what you prefer for a surfboard because of its capacity to handle knee-length to overhead barrel waves.

A distinctive characteristic of a mid-length surfboard is its fin, which is commonly single or two-in-one. It is unlike the others that have tri or quad fins.

Aside from the fins, its other distinctive quality is the rails and contours at the board’s bottom.

How to Select the Best Mid-Length Surfboard for You

Now, you know that there are plenty of options for you other than the mid-length surfboards. You can figure out if the mid-length surfboard is what you need. If you are 100 percent sure that you want a mid-length surfboard, it is time to select the best type.

Now that you know that surfboards come in different sizes and shapes, you also have to learn that mid-length surfboards come in different varieties. In this section, you will learn what these styles are. It is advisable to own each type if you like different experiences. The goal of the construction of each design is to handle certain water conditions and riding styles.

Features That These Styles Have in Common

Before discussing the different types, learn first about the features, which they share.

The first is the length. All mid-lengths are around seven to eight feet. Boards that are shorter than 6’8″ and more prolonged than 8’0  will fall under a different category.

As mentioned, the fin is the distinctive feature of mid-lengths. Unlike the others, mid-lengths only have a single or two-in-one fin.

Lastly is the contours at the bottom. Although all mid-lengths have contoured bottoms, it is the feature that distinguishes the mid-length varieties.

Now, it is time to learn the different varieties of mid-lengths.


As the word implies, the hull-bottomed are convex instead of concave from the tail to the nose. To make the best performance, the hull-bottomed relies on the waves’ power for speed. You let the waves take you because you cannot plane and pump on it for speed. What you can only control in using this type is the movement of where you want it to go.

Compared to the concave type, it is not user-friendly. It is for adventurous professional surfers. It works best for clean waves where a point break can be smooth. It also works best by surfing on the face starting from the middle. Punchy surfing is not ideal for this type of mid-length board.


The other types of mid-length surfboards other than hull may fall under this category, a tamer mid-length board variation. It is the best option if you want to ride a slower and more controllable board without resorting to a longboard. It is also the best choice if you will experiment, but does not want to entirely change your riding style.

The concave-bottomed is the opposite of the hull-bottomed. On this board, you need to pump your board to generate speed. You do not entirely rely on the waves, but you also have to do the work.


There is no such thing as the best board shape. Why surfboards are available in different sizes in the first place is to meet the surfers’ needs, abilities, and riding styles. Thus, what you need to do first before buying your surfboard is to assess your riding style and skill level. From there, you can purchase the best shape and size of the surfboard for you.

If you think the mid-length surfboard is the best for you, it is also essential to choose the right type based on your skills and preference.

If you do not know which product to choose, you can start by researching the best mid-length surfboards mentioned in this article. These products are the favorites of most surfers. If you do not like any of them, you already know how to select the best mid-length surfboard.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What Is a Two-in-One Fin Setup?

A: As you remember, this article mentioned that one of the distinctive qualities of mid-length

surfboards are its fin. Mid-lengths commonly have single or two-in-one fins. The latter refers to the two stabilizers and a single fin. The only larger is at the center. On the side, there are two smaller rail fins called side bites. These rail fins or the stabilizers, as mentioned, are great for providing control and stability in a choppy water condition.

Q: How to Know If the Mid-Length Surfboard Is the Best for Me?

A: There are several considerations to find out what type of surfboard is for you. You have to consider your height and weight. These factors can affect the performance and floatation of the board you use. The experience level is your next consideration. You need to identify whether you are advanced, intermediate, or beginner. The wave type is also a vital factor. As you notice, the different types and shapes of surfboards can handle particular kinds of waves.

Q: What Is the Disadvantage of Using a Mid-Length Surfboard?

A: Mid-lengths are like the jack-of-all-trades, but masters of none, though these boards share some of the longboards and shortboards’ ideal features. The mid-lengths still do not resemble their full features. For example, longboards have better volume because of the large surface area. For this reason, the mid-lengths do not have the same buoyancy as the longboards. Also, the shorter size of the shortboards provides better maneuverability than the mid-lengths.

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