DHD Surfboards Review | Epic Boards or Rip Off?

Every surfer aspires to be a pro, yet before everything else, you have to find the best surfboard to help you improve until you reach your goals. Most people consider this sport as their career, and if you’re one of them, you need to choose a board that can enhance your balancing skills, especially during challenging wave-conditions.

Some aspiring pros struggle in deciding where to buy. Not all surfboards in the market are reliable, and if you don’t want to waste your time searching, DHD is the best brand you can consider.

It has a team of expert shapers to assure performance on any surfboard you choose from their collection. Plus, it commits to providing exceptional quality, which is why a lot of surfers recommend it.

Top 10 Best DHD Surfboards Reviewed

Below are the best surfboards from DHD. If you’re looking for an exceptional shortboard for better surfing experience, read this DHD Surfboards review.

  1. DHD Phoenix Shortboard Surfboard
  2. DHD Sweet Spot 3.0 Shortboard Surfboard
  3. DHD MF DNA Shortboard Surfboard
  4. DHD DX1 Phase 3 Shortboard Surfboard
  5. DHD MF JBAY Fish Surfboard
  6. DHD MF DNA JNR Shortboard Surfboard
  7. DHD Ducksnuts Shortboard Surfboard
  8. DHD Black Diamond Shortboard Surfboard
  9. DHD Wilko F13 Shortboard Surfboard
  10. DHD 3DX Shortboard Surfboards

#1. DHD Phoenix Shortboard Surfboard

DHD Phoenix Surfboard

If you’re looking for a surfboard that matches your skill-level, you should check out what DHD has to offer, such as the Phoenix Shortboard Surfboard. It’s best for intermediate to pro surfers. Plus, you’ll find ease in riding it on waves that are 1 foot to 4 feet by height.

Pros love using this board on competitions because it provides various fin-options, including FCS II MR Twin + Stabiliser, FCS II AM Twin + Stabiliser, Futures T1 + Stabiliser, and Futures AMT Twin + Stabiliser. Any of these fin set-ups will make your movement agile.

This board features a medium to low rail with a rounded squashtail-design. It helps in maneuverability, providing exceptional performance despite any wave condition. It also uses a single to double concave-outline, which lets the board accelerate with ease. Plus, the flatter entry rocker helps in keeping your balance stable as you execute tricks.

You can never go wrong with this board’s durability as it comes from a premium-quality of material, featuring a Stock + Tiger Claws glassing advantage. It enhances the board’s flexibility and strength.

When it comes to sizing, it’s available in different sizes, ranging from 5 feet and 5 inches to 6 feet. As for the volume, it’s from 27 liters to 38 liters.

#2. DHD Sweet Spot 3.0 Shortboard Surfboard

DHD Sweet Spot 3.0 Surfboard

Another exceptional surfboard from DHD’s collection is the Sweet Spot 3.0 Shortboard Surfboard. Surfers admire it for its paddle power. Plus, it comes from an excellent quality of material, assuring sturdiness despite frequent usage.

You’ll love this surfboard as it’s a recommended all-rounder. However, it’s not suitable for beginners since it’s best for 3-foot to 10-foot waves. You’ll need an excellent balancing skill to maneuver it effectively.

It features a concave-outline, from single to double. Controlling it will not be a hassle for intermediate surfers. Plus, it keeps a stable stance as you glide or turn.

There’s more rocker in the board’s nose, making it agile as you ride it. If you want a boost, you can install up to five fins, and you can either choose Futures or FCS 2.

Aside from that, the size depends on your surfing ability. The typical sizing ranges from 5 feet and 10 inches to 7 feet and 2 inches, which is for intermediate. As for pros, this board is available from 6 feet and 2 inches to 6 feet and 6 inches.

#3. DHD MF DNA Shortboard Surfboard

DHD MF DNA Surfboard

DHD is one of the best brands when it comes to quality. It’s one of the reasons why surfers choose it for competition. Thanks to its MF signature rocker, maneuvering it is more comfortable, which lets surfers execute their tricks. Also, it performs well on hollow waves.

It features a single to double concave-outline, which adds ample water flow under it to the installed fins. This advantage provides the suitable agility you need as you control the board on any wave-condition. Plus, it boosts the board’s sensitivity.

Performance is the main reason this board is ideal for competitions, and with its tour tail-design, you can assure a desirable drive as you ride 1-foot to 6-foot waves. The mid-rail also helps in controlling the board without any hassle during turns.

If you want to boost your agility more, you can install up to three fins. The FCS 2 and Futures are ideal for this surfboard. Aside from that, it lets the board propel along waves effectively.

The sizes range from 5 feet and 9 inches to 6 feet and 6 inches. If you’re a newbie, you may find it challenging to drive this board since high-performance needs excellent balancing skills. On the bright side, if you’re an intermediate, it can improve your skills more.

#4. DHD DX1 Phase 3 Shortboard Surfboard

DHD DX1 Phase 3 Surfboard

DHD’s collection is what surfers recommend to intermediate to expert surfers. If you’re looking for an exceptional shortboard, the DX1 Phase 3 Shortboard Surfboard will not be a disappointment. It’s versatile since you can use it on waves that are 1 foot to 6 feet by height.

You’ll love how sturdy this surfboard is, thanks to its high-quality materials. The Stock Lite + Tiger Claws glassing helps in enhancing the board’s buoyancy and power. Plus, it features White Carbon Innegra Toe Patches as an added factor in its overall quality.

When it comes to the fin set-up, it features a three-fin system. You’ll love it further because it’s suitable for either FCS II or Futures.

Aside from that, it’s available in different sizes. The average model’s sizes range from 5 feet and 7 inches to 6 feet and 4 inches. As for the JNR models, the sizing is from 5 feet to 5 feet and 6 inches. Regardless of any size you prefer, it’s not very hassling to control.

If you’re yearning for agility, the lowered rocker and squashtail-design provide ample acceleration. The single concave-outline also contributes a desirable lift, as you ride waves. Plus, the medium to low rail makes it easier to turn, and it provides comfortable wave-cuts.

#5. DHD MF JBAY Fish Surfboard

DHD MF JBay Surfboard

DHD never fails to satisfy pro surfers by offering competitive surfboards. If you need one with optimum agility and performance, you should check out the MF JBAY Fish Surfboard. It features a swallowtail-design, which is responsible for its acceleration. Also, this feature comes with a 4 Channel Bottom advantage.

This surfboard is one of the best sellers because it’s a signature product with Mick Fanning’s style. It will let you experience how this three-time Champion rides his surfboard during competition or training. Plus, your intermediate surfing-level is suitable for this board.

It features a medium to low rail, which maintains the board’s stability regardless of any wave-condition. When it comes to controlling, the single-to-double concave-outline makes it comfortable for surfers to ride it on a wave-height of 1 foot to 4 feet. Also, the MF Signature rocker is what makes it unique, letting you move in any direction smoothly.

The quality of this board is excellent as it comes from high-quality materials, from deck to fins. The Team Lite glassing, featuring a 4×4 + Toe Patch, makes it very durable even if you use it frequently.

Aside from that, you can install three Thruster fins, and you can choose between Futures or FCS 2. If you want to make your board agile, these fins will boost your board.

#6. DHD MF DNA JNR Shortboard Surfboard


DHD worked with Mick Fanning to introduce the MF DNA JNR Shortboard Surfboard, which is a bestseller.

This board features a three-fin system, and you can install Futures or FCS 2. Setting up these fins will let your board accelerate as you glide along waves. Plus, it’s favorable to surfers who execute tricks.

This board has a shorter size than the MF JBAY Fish Surfboard. The sizes range from 4 feet and 11 inches to 5 feet and 9 inches. Despite its sizing, surfers can maneuver this surfboard with convenience, regardless if you’re an intermediate or a pro.

It features a tour tail-design, providing a desirable lift during the ride and a medium to low rail. When it comes to water flow-channeling, the single to double concave-shape of this board is exceptional. Plus, the outline of the board makes it agile by default.

Another feature that makes this surfboard exceptional is the MF Signature rocker. You can alter direction with ease, especially during steep waves. Plus, it lets you control the board without any hassle. 

You can count on its durability as it comes from premium-quality materials, featuring a Stock (4x4x4) glassing. Surfers love its quality more because of its White Carbon Innegra Toe Patches. If you frequently surf, you don’t have to worry about its sturdiness since it’s damage-resistant.

#7. DHD Ducksnuts Shortboard Surfboard

DHD Ducksnuts

If you need a reliable shortboard surfboard for competitions or training, you should check out DHD’s collection. One of the top boards that professional surfers recommend is the Ducksnuts Shortboard Surfboard. What makes it more interesting is that it’s from Mick Fanning’s designs.

You can assure this board’s sturdiness, thanks to its high-quality materials. Also, it features a Standard (4x4x4) glassing with Carbon Re-enforcements on the tail part of the board.

When it comes to controlling, you’ll find it hassle-free to maneuver because of its single to double concave-outline. It’s excellent for quick-turning, as well as smooth gliding. Also, the rounded pin tail-design comes with Reinforced Toe Patches, which adds agility to the board’s movement.

Aside from that, this surfboard doesn’t fail to meet the expectations of surfers on its stability. It makes it convenient to drive during acceleration. Plus, MF Signature rocker lets surfers enjoy every ride, regardless if you’re riding a wave-height of 3 feet to 10 feet.

If you’re a newbie, you may struggle in controlling this board. It’s ideal for intermediate to professional surfers because DHD built it for the reef, hollow, and point breaks. On the bright side, it’s a useful gear to practice your skills.

The sizing of this surfboard is straightforward since it’s available from 5 feet and 10 inches to 6 feet to 10 inches. Regardless of any size, the quad-fin set-up of this surfboard adds to its overall performance. Plus, you can choose between Futures or FCS 2.

#8. DHD Black Diamond Shortboard Surfboard

DHD Black Diamond Surfboard

Do you need an all-rounder surfboard? You should check out what DHD has to offer, like the Black Diamond Shortboard Surfboard. It’s suitable for a wave-height of 1 foot to 6 feet. Plus, it’s versatile since it’s best of all wave-conditions.

Surfers enjoy riding this surfboard because of its excellent floatation, which adds ease in paddling. Plus, it provides outstanding performance as you execute tricks or glide along waves.

It comes with a quad-fin set-up for exceptional agility. You also get the option to select between Futures and FCS 2.

Aside from that, it features a single to double concave-outline with vee, making it convenient to maneuver at any condition. The medium to low rocker helps in keeping stability as you glide along waves. Also, since the volume is now on the front part of the board, you’ll love its exceptional paddling strength.

It’s also available in different sizes, which is workable for all surfers. The sizes range from 5 feet and 6 inches to 7 feet. Regardless of any size you prefer, you’ll find it convenient to ride because the outline matches the sizing.

Another edge of this board is the pulled in tail with a rounded pin-design, which contributes to smoother and quick turning. The rear also comes with Reinforced Tail Patches, making it more favorable to pro surfers during steeper waves.

#9. DHD Wilko F13 Shortboard Surfboard

DHD Wilko F13 Surfboard

You may stumble on numerous surfboards in the market, yet if you can’t decide which one to buy, it’s better to check the collection of DHD Surfboards. One of the most recommended boards for pros is the Wilko F13 Shortboard Surfboard.

It features a slight-single to a partly-double concave-shape, which lets you control the board with full convenience at any conditions. The flat deck is advantageous when it comes to its stability. Plus, the squashtail-design is ideal for acceleration at any wave-height, ranging from 1 foot to 4 feet.

This surfboard is a collaboration between DHD and Matt Wilkinson. The outline is suitable for small waves, highlighting a fuller nose. Aside from that, you can install three fins, which are either Futures or FCS 2.

When it comes to this board’s sizing, it’s available in sizes that range from 5 feet and 8 inches to 6 feet and 4 inches. The volume depends on the dimensions, ranging from 25 liters to 25.5 liters.

You don’t have to worry about this board’s sturdiness as it uses premium-quality materials, from fins to deck. Also, it features White Carbon Innegra Toe Patches and Standard (4x4x4) glassing, making the overall quality favorable to a lot of surfers.

Beginners may find it challenging to use this board, even on small waves. The outline is best for surfers with intermediate-level to expert because it requires excellent control while gliding.

#10. DHD 3DX Shortboard Surfboards

DHD 3DX Surfboard

Another exceptional surfboard to consider from DHD’s shortboard collection is the DHD 3DX Shortboard Surfboards. You’ll love this surfboard’s versatility as you can ride on waves that are 1 foot to 4 feet high. Plus, it’s ideal for beginners to pros, which makes it one of the bestsellers.

It’s available in different sizes, ranging from 5 feet and 6 inches to 6 feet and 8 inches, and this sizing is for typical models. There’s another sizing for the JNR sizes, from 5 feet to 5 feet and 4 inches.

Aside from that, this board is very durable as it uses high-quality materials. Regardless if you use it for daily training, you can assure that it’s damage-resistant. What’s more impressive about the quality is the Standard (4x4x4) glassing.

This surfboard features a rocker that’s medium to flat to low, making it easier to maneuver with full convenience and stability. Another advantage that contributes to its performance is partly single to double concave-shape. Plus, it glides smoothly despite its agile movement along waves.

If you want to add fins, it features a quad-fin system to make it more agile as you ride it.

Getting the Best DHD Surfboards – Buying Guide

DHD offers excellent shortboards, yet choosing the best one can still be a hassle. One of the essential factors to consider is the tail-design, and here’s a quick guide to help you out:

Tail Design

Shortboards are versatile, which is why you might stumble on various tail-designs, such as the following:


This design provides exceptional and smoother turns, yet it’s not ideal in giving release.

The Ducksnuts and Black Diamond use this design, which DHD incorporates with pin and squash tail-style.

Squash tail

This design is an all-rounder, providing ample release while riding it. Plus, it gives ease to surfers in turning.

Most surfboards of DHD have this design, such as the Phoenix, Wilko F13, 3DX, and the MF series.


This design is best for maneuverability, yet it provides limited flexibility.

Some of the surfboards that use this design include Black Diamond and Ducksnuts.


This design is distinct because it features a cut for agility and tight turning. You can pivot with ease, yet it’s not ideal for beginners.

The MF JBAY surfboard has this tail-design.

DHD Surfboards: Company & History

Surfers also consider brands, which is why it’s essential to make a lasting impression. Out of numerous brands in the industry, DHD is one of the most respected for its exceptional performance and quality.

DHD started in Australia, and Darren Handley founded the company. If you’re curious about what DHD means, it stands for Darren Handley Designs.

Handley began as a surfer, and he lived in a place where big waves helped him mold his skills until he started shaping surfboards. Now, his brand is famous for offering responsive surfboards.

DHD focused on shortboards, and as it continued to offer top-performing surfboards to surfers at any level, the world started to notice it. After the success, it began to collaborate with World Champions, including Stephanie Gilmore and Mick Fanning, to offer signature boards that aspiring surfers will undoubtedly love.

Even up to today, this brand doesn’t fail to please every surfer. From quality to performance, every surfboard helps surfers to mold their skills until they become professional surfers.


Shortboard surfboards are famous for their performance, yet finding a reliable one can be tricky these days. There’s a wide variety of options in the market, yet not all can guarantee exceptional performance, especially on difficulty wave-conditions. It’s best to check with DHD if you want to get the worth of your investment.

DHD’s surfboards never fail to satisfy users when it comes to performance, agility, stability, and durability. Its team of shapers makes sure that every surfboard is favorable to everyone, especially to those who continue to enhance their skills. If you’re looking for the best one in the market, you can never go wrong with this brand.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Do I need to consider the board’s volume to know if the size I want is suitable for me?

A: If you want optimum performance, it’s best to consider volume, yet this will vary. You can compute for the board’s capacity by multiplying the length, width, and height. However, you need to match it with your level and weight.
DHD doesn’t feature a volume calculator, yet it has a chart that indicates the volume per size.

Q: I can’t choose between the Black Diamond and MF DNA JNR. Which one should I pick?

A: These two surfboards’ main difference is the ability it requires for maximum performance. If you can’t decide which to pick, you need to consider your skill level. If you’re a beginner, you should go for the Black Diamond. If you think your skill-level is for an intermediate surfer, you can choose MF DNA JNR instead.

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