Slater Designs Review | Epic Boards or Rip Off?

Performance is the main factor that surfers consider in looking for an exceptional surfboard. Most surfers would look for a shortboard, and fish surfboard when it comes to improving their skills, and Firewire is one of the respected brands.

The quality of every surfboard they make is outstanding, which many users love because it doesn’t compromise the performance regardless of any wave condition.

Aside from that, this brand doesn’t only offer high-quality and performing surfboards. It also collaborates with renowned surfers, such as Kelly Slater. The collaboration with the 11-time champion introduced a set of boards with minimalistic styles in white, black, and gray colors.

Top 6 Slater Designs Surfboards Reviewed

Firewire is one of the popular surfboard brands, and if you need an exceptional fish or shortboard surfboard, you should check out its collection. Here is a Slater Designs review to help you decide what to buy.

  1. Slater Designs Gamma Shortboard Surfboard
  2. Slater Designs Sci-Fi Shortboard Surfboard
  3. Slater Designs Cymatic Shortboard Surfboard
  4. Slater Designs No Brainer Fish Surfboard
  5. Slater Designs Houdini Shortboard Surfboard
  6. Slater Designs FRK Shortboard Surfboard

#1. Slater Designs Gamma Shortboard Surfboard

slater designs r eview

Firewire is one of the brands that surfers love because of its top-performing surfboards. If you’re looking for a shortboard-type, you should check out the Slater Designs Gamma Shortboard Surfboard.

This surfboard comes in a meek style, having a white and black combination. It looks very classy with its design from the top deck to the bottom. Plus, it’s available in various sizes, ranging from 4 feet and 8 inches to 6 feet and 8 inches.

You can count on this board’s durability as it comes from an excellent quality of materials, featuring the HELIUM technology. Aside from that, the volume-levels of this board range from 14.8 liters to 47.3 liters. Despite having a minimalistic style, it’s long-lasting and damage-resistant.

When it comes to performance, this surfboard is very agile. It comes in a single concave shape with a vee, along with the thruster box. Also, it features a noticeable hip, which lets surfers make tight turns without any hassle.

Another thing that makes it ideal for intermediate to professional surfers is the easiness to control during forceful movements.

#2. Slater Designs Sci-Fi Shortboard Surfboard

slater designs r eview

Aside from shortboards, Firewire offers a competitive collection of shortboards for all surfer-levels with Slater Designs. If you need one for improving skills, you can never go wrong with the Sci-Fi Shortboard Surfboard.

This surfboard features a thrill in the tail-part and impressive Single Concave bottom contours, impacting its performance. You’ll enjoy controlling it as if you’re calmly cruising along waves. Also, it only measures 5 feet and 1 inch to 6 feet and 6 inches, making it is suitable for beginners.

Another feature is the medium rails, which make it move quicker despite any wave condition. If you’re up for challenges, this board is what you should ride. Aside from that, the quality is very satisfying, thanks to its sturdy deck.

You’ll also love how this board looks meek with Slater Design’s signature style in white and black. Plus, it can accommodate up a volume of 45.2 liters, which makes it ideal for any surfer.

#3. Slater Designs Cymatic Shortboard Surfboard

slater designs r eview

Pro surfers became pro with the help of exceptional surfboards, which enhanced their surfing skills at the start of their careers. If you want to be a professional surfer, you should find the best shortboard surfboard. One of Firewire’s most recommended boards is the Slater Designs Cymatic Shortboard Surfboard.

This surfboard features the Linear Flex Technology, which makes it a performance-machine for beginners to experts. This hybrid model with a double bat provides exceptional grip to surfers as they execute their tricks. Plus, the Quad-Inside Single Concave contour at the bottom offsets a lift for agility as you ride waves.

When it comes to design, it features a minimalistic look. It comes in white and black color combination, which is very pleasing in the eyes. Plus, you can choose from 5 feet to 6 feet and 4 inches, depending on your surfing expertise.

Aside from that, it comes with sharp rails, letting surfers control the board with ease despite any surfing conditions. If you’re surfing waves that are 2 feet to 8 feet high, you’ll enjoy using this board.


#4. Slater Designs No Brainer Fish Surfboard

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If you need an attractive and performing longboard, Firewire has something to offer, such as the Slater Designs No Brainer Fish Surfboard. It’s not only a head-turner, but it also provides optimum performance as surfers ride it on 1-foot to 5-foot waves.

Another reason why customers love this board is because of its concave bottom contour. This shape makes it easier for surfers to maneuver it regardless of size, ranging from 5 feet to 6 feet and 6 inches.

You can guarantee full control as you ride it because it’s not too lengthy. Plus, the volume is up to 49.2 liters, making it favorable to any surfer when it comes to maneuvering.

This fish surfboard is ideal for beginners to professionals because of its Linear Flex Technology. It comes with a rocker, and a flip on the tail and nose, assuring exceptional performance as you enhance your skills. Plus, the tail-design provides the speed you need as you glide along waves.


#5. Slater Designs Houdini Shortboard Surfboard

slater designs r eview

If you’re looking for a reliable shortboard for training or competitions, Firewire is one of the top brands to consider. One of the recommended surfboards from its collection with Slater Designs is the Houdini Shortboard Surfboard.

This board’s versatility never fails to meet surfers’ expectations regarding performance because it’s ideal for newbies to experts. The Linear Flex Technology makes it more accessible to control regardless of any wave condition. If you frequently surf 5-foot to 10-foot waves, you’ll love this board because it moves smoothly.

Aside from that, its volume doesn’t compromise the convenience of paddling. Surfers find it easier to maneuver in any direction. Plus, it maintains a tapered rail for maximum control and acceleration.

You can also install fins, yet these are not part of the set with the main surfboard. What’s best about it is that you can use up to five, which can boost the board’s speed while using it. Also, its bottom contour comes with a slight vee, impacting both control and acceleration.


#6. Slater Designs FRK Shortboard Surfboard

slater designs r eview

Firewire always satisfies aspiring and pro surfers because of its minimalistic yet attractive style. Despite using black and white, the overall look of the board is pleasing. The focus was more on the structure of the board because it’s how it performs any wave condition. If you’re looking for a shortboard, you should check out the Slater Designs FRK Shortboard Surfboard.

It comes from a premium-quality of materials, which assures durability to users regardless of frequent usage. It’s convenient to use because the volume ranges from 18.6 liters to 36.4 liters, depending on your size preference. Also, it’s available in various sizes, from 5 feet and 2 inches to 6 feet and 6 inches.

Surfers love using this surfboard because of its intuitive design, which impacts the performance during low or high-level waves. It doesn’t fail to provide smooth transitions, thanks to its concave shape. However, it’s advisable for intermediate to professional experts.

Another reason why surfers admire it is because of the style. It’s straightforward, in white, black, and gray color. Plus, it keeps a classy look, yet it makes sure every surfer gets the best performance out of its meek design.


Getting the Best Slater Designs Surfboard – Buyers Guide

Every surfer needs a performing surfboard, regardless if you’re a beginner or a pro. However, finding the best one out of various options can be challenging. Here’s a guide to help you decide which surfboard to buy.

Surfboard Types

One thing that’s interesting about a surfboard is its various types, depending on speed and performance. Here are the common types:

Fish Surfboard

Another surfboard type for intermediate to professional surfers is the fish surfboard. Despite having a smaller size than shortboards, or sometimes the same size, this type will need excellent balancing skills along waves. Plus, this board is broader and thicker, and it features a swallowtail, which makes it more agile than other types.

Firewire only offers a reliable one, which is No Brainer.

Shortboard Surfboard

If you’re looking for a performing surfboard, this type is what you need to consider. It’s suitable for snappy and quick turns, and it’s easy to maneuver because the sizes range from 5 feet to 8 feet, depending on your surfing skills. Plus, most intermediate to pro surfers use it because it requires a little experience in surfing.

Firewire offers a variety of shortboard surfboards in their Slater Designs’ collection, including Gamma, FRK, and Cymatic.

Longboard Surfboard

This type is suitable for beginners, yet intermediate and pro can also use it. It’s hassle-free to use, yet you’ll need paddling strength because it’s longer than shortboard surfboards. On the bright side, you can count on its stability.

Surfboard Tail Designs

Aside from the type, the tail design of a surfboard can also affect its performance. Here are some models you’ll encounter under Slater Design’s collection:


It has a resemblance to the squashtail, and it has a shorter rail line. However, it’s best for taller boards. Plus, it provides a lot of releases as you ride it.


This design helps the board in making tight turns. You can pivot the board with ease, letting you change direction immediately. Plus, it matches well with twin fins and quads.

From Slater Designs’ collection, the No Brainer has this tail design.


This tail design is broader than roundtail, allowing more release. However, it doesn’t provide an optimum drive because of its full structure.

The Sci-Fi and Cymatic surfboards have this tail design.


Most surfboards have this tail design, especially longboards. This design provides smoother turns, yet it’s not best for maneuverability. Also, it’s not ideal for a groveler as well.


This tail design has restricted mobility, yet it provides an exceptional drive. It’s best for optimizing speed, which is why it’s ideal for intermediate to pro surfers.

Among the surfboards that Firewire offers, the FRK, Gamma, and Houdini have this design.

Firewire Slater Designs: Company & History

Firewire Surfboards is one of the most famous brands that surfers admire because it always meets all its customers’ expectations and satisfaction since 1981.

This company started in Western Australia, and it people know it as “Nev Surfboards.” After the trend of computer shaping machines in the 90s, it began to produce exceptional quality surfboards, which became a hit in the industry. By 2004, it depended on devices for shaping surfboards, yet it continues to meet every surfer’s needs, not only in Australia but also worldwide.

With the success of this company and its products, it now offers various boards with three different technologies, including Timbertek, Helium, and LFT or Linear Flex Technology. Aside from that, it also introduces a collection from Kelly Slater’s designs.

Slater is a professional surfer, winning 11 worldwide championship titles. Aside from his career, he and Firewire started to offer surfers a collection of shortboard and fish surfboards. Now, the Slater Designs Surfboards are the most in-demand boards because of their quality and minimalistic styles.


As you explore the realm of surfing further, one of the essential gears that you should focus more on is a surfboard. There are different types available in the market, yet you need to buy the best surfboard to effectively enhance your skills. Plus, if you’re considering entering competitions, you need to find the best performing one.

Firewire offers competitive shortboard and fish surfboards, featuring Slater Designs. If you’re looking for a top-performing board with a meek style, any board from its collection will not be disappointing. If you’re a beginner or a professional, you’ll find every surfboard worth trying.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Do all shortboard surfboards feature pintail designs?

A: No. Some shortboard surfboards are also available in thumbtail designs. In determining whether a surfboard is a shortboard or not, you need to check the size of the board, instead of the tail. This type ranges from 5 feet to 8 feet, regardless of any tail design. Plus, the tail design of a surfboard doesn’t determine its class, yet it can impact the performance.

Q: Can I install fins on surfboards offered by Firewire Slater Designs?

A: Yes, you can. However, you’ll have to buy these fins separately. Each surfboard has a suitable type for optimum performance. Plus, if you want to a speedier board, you’ll need the help of these.

Q: What makes the surfboards of Firewire Slater Designs more competitive compared to other brands?

A: This brand introduced three technologies on their surfboards, such as Helium, Timbertek, and LFT or Linear Flex Technology. These advantages are the reason behind all surfboards’ outstanding performance.

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