Top 5 Best Costco Wetsuits | Reviews (Quiksilver)

Whether it’s an occasional dive or a summer vacation by the ocean, you will always need a wetsuit to protect your skin from the harsh sun rays and to keep your body temperature warm while soaking up in the cold water for hours.   Every water lover needs a wetsuit in their wardrobe, and Costco might be the best provider. With so many wetsuit options available at the wholesale store, it is often difficult to know which one has the best quality and features that would fit your needs. So, to help you decide which one you should purchase, we made a list of the most recommended wetsuits available at the store.

Top 5 Best Costco Wetsuits Reviewed

When you get to the wetsuit section of Costco online or on the physical store, you will find various designs, dimensions, and hues for the wetsuits available. Moreover, these choices comprise many sophisticated features. When you shop for the ideal wetsuit at Costco, you should already know what’s in store

  1. Quiksilver Men’s Syncro Costco Wetsuit
  2. O’Neill Wetsuits Women’s Hammer
  3. O’Neill Reactor II Spring Suit Wetsuit
  4. Le More Cn Adults Wetsuit Jacket
  5. Seavenger Tropical Shorty

#1. Quiksilver Men’s Syncro

The Quiksilver Men’s Syncro is one of the best-selling wetsuits today. It has a lot of features for an entry-level wetsuit but affordable enough for any water sports lover. Neoprene is the most essential feature of the Syncro. The wetsuit has a StretchFlight X2 Neoprene. This material is limestone-based and flexible enough to use as clothing. Compared to other rubbers used in other wetsuits, the StretchFlight X2 Neoprene stretches better even despite its affordable price.

For 2020, Syncro’s neoprene material is partially made from recycled car tires, and the outer jersey layer is doped-dyed to reduce water usage. If you turn the Syncro inside out, you will notice a red panel on the back and the wetsuit’s front, called the WarmFlight X1 Thermal liner. The feature creates an extra layer of warmth and comfort to your core. It also dries quicker than the other parts of the suit.

The wetsuit also has a blindstitched seam, which lets less water in. It also has specific areas that are taped for additional support. Aside from the 3/2mm thickness, the wetsuit is also available in 4/3mm and 5/4/3mm thickness and has a back zip, chest zip, and a hooded chest zip entry.

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#2. O’Neill Wetsuits Women’s Hammer

One of the most well-known wetsuit brands is O’Neill. It has been in the industry for so many years and became known for its innovation, functionality, and value. One of the best wetsuits made by O’Neill is the Women’s Hammer. It is not just affordable; it is also designed to fit as you move in the water.

The wetsuit is an entry-level suit but has several features that are absolutely a great value to your money. You can choose between a 3/2mm and a 4/3 mm thickness of the wetsuit and choose between an open through the Z.E.N. zip closure and the F.U.Z.E. zip closure. The Hammer series of O’Neill is made for every condition. Aside from the 100% UltraFlex DS material of the suit, its skin neck also has a soft rolled neckline that will reduce the chaffing on the user, familiar with blunt-edged neoprene materials.

For the best surfing experience, you can use the Hammer for weather conditions between 50 degrees and 69 degrees Fahrenheit. It also has a smooth skin back aside from the UltraFlex DS body, which makes every surfing enjoyable and comfortable. The wetsuit also has Krypto knee pads that are abrasion-resistant.  It also has a high-stretch neoprene material that has ergonomic shaping for comfort. The high-stretch material is also durable. It also has flatlock seams for non-chafing material.

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#3. O’Neill Reactor II Spring Suit Wetsuit

Reactor II is one of O’Neill’s best budget wetsuits. It is one of their spring suit collections and offers unlimited mobility because of the design. The short sleeve spring suit is engineered for a combination of stretch and durability.

With the 2mm UltraFlex and FluidFoam neoprene combination, it will stretch as you move and glide along the sea. The FluidFoam material is on the chest and the back part of the suit and keeps the body warm. The neck part of the suit also has the FluidFoam material, which evenly touches the skin while not allowing water to enter and also maintains the smooth texture of the skin.

The UltraFlex DS neoprene material of the spring wetsuit is a high-performance super-stretch neoprene that has a durable outer skin that can resist Velcro pulls and snags, therefore, allowing you to move freely. The spring wetsuit also has a Flatlock seam that is strong enough to withstand stretches. The stitch of the Flatlock seam uses four needles and six threads and works by overlapping the panels when sewing.

The stitch comfortable and cannot be felt by the user because it is laid flat on the suit. But it is not intended for icy conditions because it is not a sealed seam. The paddle zones of the Reactor II are ergonomic and seamless under the sleeves. It allows free movement and eliminates rashes.

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#4. Le More Cn Adults Wetsuit Jacket

Another name that stands out at Costco wholesale is Le More Cn. The brand is known to produce very affordable yet high-performing and high-quality wetsuits and other full-body sports skins. One of the best-selling and most popular wetsuits of Le More Cn is the long sleeve wetsuit jacket. It is made from a super-stretch neoprene that is durable enough for that day at the sea. Neoprene is the most important feature of the jacket.

The outer layer of the wetsuit jacket is an imported nylon fabric that is highly elastic and durable. The middle layer is the insulation and is made from neoprene. It is high in scalability, waterproof, and has excellent heat insulation. The innermost layer is a soft close skin layer that can keep the heat inside so the user can stay warm. It is also non-chafing and eliminates rashes. All the stress points of the wetsuit have spot tapes and have flatlock seams to provide a smooth interior and ensure comfort and durability. The neck part of the wetsuit has a crewneck design that protects the neck from scrapes of the zipper and ensures that no water will enter the suit.

The wetsuit jacket is a 3mm suit designed to keep the user warm when diving, paddleboarding, kiteboarding, and other water sports.

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#5. Seavenger Tropical Shorty Wetsuit

If you are looking for a wetsuit that won’t fully cover your body or just a wetsuit that is chill enough for you, then the Seavenger Tropical Shorty might be your best bet.

The Seavenger Tropical Shorty is a wetsuit that’s great for recreational swimming and other water sports. It has many features that are surely worth your money. You are sure about the durability and the quality of the wetsuit since they only use a high-quality neoprene for the fabric. The most important feature of the Tropical Shorty, the neoprene, is 3mm in thickness and is stretchy enough, allowing it to mold into your body for an excellent fit. The flatlock seams of the suit minimize irritation and chafing on the skin.

The stretchy armpit panels also create complete flexibility on the user while moving in the water. The 3mm thickness and the neoprene material of the Tropical Shorty create insulation on the body since the suit is thick enough. The neoprene serves as insulation, not allowing the cold water to get into the suit and keeping the body heat inside. The wetsuit has a zip-up at the back but has an extra-long zipper leash for that easy zip-up.

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What to Know When Buying a Wetsuit at Costco

There are certain features that you must check before buying the best wetsuit at Costco. The best wetsuit must have the best value for money and must have the highest quality. Also, make sure that the wetsuit is versatile enough for any water sports activity that you do. Read our ultimate guide on buying the best wetsuit at Costco here.

Types of Costco Wetsuit Cuts

Full-body Wetsuit

The full-body wetsuit has long sleeves, and the pant legs can go to the ankles. This type of wetsuit cut has full coverage and protection to the user. There is full coverage of the thermal insulation for this type of wetsuit cut, so it is the best suit for diving.


The sleeveless wetsuit is a full-body wetsuit with no arms. This type of wetsuit cut is preferable for people who want to move freely since the lack of sleeve can increase the range of motion and flexibility of the user.


If you are going on a warm water adventure, the shorty is the best suit to use. This type of wetsuit cut has short sleeves and pant legs that go above the knee. Many divers prefer this wetsuit cut because they can freely move underwater. They can also quickly wear and take off shorties.

Short Cut

The short cut is more like the shorties but with no sleeves. It is preferred for faster transitions, such as triathlons. It is not great for cold water diving because both the arms and the legs are not protected.

Features to Look For in a Costco Wetsuit

#1. Material

Many wetsuits use neoprene as their primary fabric. There are different grades of neoprene with different thickness and flexibility as well. The thinner material can be used under the arms or the shoulders for that natural movement when swimming. The thicker kind of neoprene is often on the chest and back to maintain the heat of the body during cold water swimming.

#2. Buoyancy

 Many brands use thicker types of neoprene to increase your buoyancy while on water. More buoyancy means you can swim faster and efficiently. It will also lower the drag when swimming.

#3. Neck Line

Getting a right neckline means having an excellent seal on your neck. Without the seal, your neck becomes an opening for water to come in. But many swimmers complain some necklines of other wetsuits are too tight, making it harder to breathe. The best wetsuit must have a neckline, which is comfortable enough but also becomes a seal for the suit.

#4. Zipper

Wetsuits can either zip up or zip down and can be found either on the front or the back. There are advantages and disadvantages to the different types of zips, however. The zip down can help prevent the extra-long cord from getting pulled by the current. It is also faster to wear and take off.

#5. Taped Seams

Taped help lessen or even eliminate rashes and non-chafing on the skin. It can also help in the easy removal of the wetsuit.

History of Wetsuits

The innovation in wetsuits has come a long way throughout the water sports history. Today, neoprene wetsuits became essential for every water sports enthusiast because of the many features that it gives, especially in terms of thermal insulation. But a long time ago, insulation was one of the biggest problems of divers. In the 1910s, the Mark V suit was invented to let divers reach deeper waters. It resembled the modern spacesuit, which was also a little heavy for the swimmer. The design of the modern wetsuit was developed in 1951 when the physicist Hugh Bradner wanted to improve the suit for the U.S. Navy. He developed the wetsuit, which has the neoprene material sandwiched between layers of nylon or spandex. It was until 1989 that the wetsuits of today were born. Body Glove developed the non-zip wetsuit, which uses spandex to make it easier to wear and move.


With the many things that you can find at Costco, picking the best wetsuit would be difficult. You must consider many things before buying the best wetsuit,  such as quality, price, size, and brand. But from the many brands available at Costco, the wetsuit that would stand out will always be the one with the best value for your money. Wetsuits have many features, and the most important one is the material or the neoprene. It has to effectively keep the warmth inside while keeping the cold water outside of the suit. Also, the best wetsuit should have the best fit so that you can freely swim. But you have to consider that there is no need to go beyond your budget when choosing the best wetsuit because Costco can provide excellent wetsuits at different price ranges. We hope that with all the information we’ve presented, you will have a bigger picture of what wetsuit to buy on your next adventure.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How should I know that my Costco wetsuit is fit enough for me?

A: The best wetsuit should fit you just well. It must be comfortably snug and not too tight that the neckline will constrict your breathing. It should also not be too loose that too much water might get in through the neck.

Q: Is it normal that water keeps going inside my suit?

A: Yes, it’s normal. A little water should go inside the suit so that it can be heated by the body and keep you warm. But too much water is not normal, so you have to make sure that your suit has a good neckline fit.

Q: How do I clean my wetsuit?

A: After using your wetsuit, rinse it with water and hang it out to dry and out of direct sunlight. It is better to use the shower to rinse off the salt and sand from the suit. Related Resources

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