Top 10 Best Surfboards for Kids | 2021 Reviews (Liquid Shredder)

Surfing has a lot of benefits for your kids. It is right that you encourage them to do it because it helps develop their balance, strength, coordination, and confidence. The best surfboards for kids can help you kids learn this skill.

Choosing the best product is almost the same as looking for the best surfboards for beginners. Even surfing is beneficial; it is also a dangerous sport. They must use a surfboard to support them as they learn to find their balance and get used to the water currents.

Finding the best product can also help them to avoid getting injuries and fatal accidents. There are tons of surfboards available on the market. Therefore, it is crucial to find the best surfboard to entrust your kids’ safety.

Top 10 Best Surfboards for Kids in Review

Not all surfboards are the same. It is essential to pick the product that your children can use and maneuver easily. It should also help them avoid possible injuries and accidents. Here are some of the users’ favorites:

  1. South Bay Board Co “Guppy” Soft Top 
  2. Liquid Shredder Foam Surfboard
  3. Thurso Surf Lancer Soft Top Surfboard
  4. Rock-It Chub Twin Fin
  5. North Gear Surfing Thruster Foam Surfboard
  6. Giantex 6′ Foamie
  7. California Board Company 7′ 
  8. Catch Surf Beater
  9. Wave Bandit EZ Rider
  10. Wavestorm Classic Pinline Surfboard

#1. South Bay Board Co Guppy

South Bay Board Co Soft Top


  • 6′ in length
  • 60-liter volume
  • Supports up to 125 pounds
  • Rounded edge safe fins with a surfboard leash

The South Bay Board Co Soft Top aids your children’s performance and balance in water with the help of the product’s rounded nose and squarish tail. You do not have to worry about spending much, because, like most any entry-level surfboards, the South Bay Co Soft Top is budget-friendly.

Also, the material used for this surfboard’s construction is expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam. Therefore, this surfboard is lightweight enough for your kids to carry, and it will last frequent usage.

The South Bay Board Co Soft Top has a diamond-weave on the underside that helps your kids move quickly in water.

Therefore, you will never go wrong on South Bay Board Co Soft Top because it is one of the best products for beginners.

Heat lamination against wear and tearLimited for up to 150-pound capacity
Enhanced performance in water
Common packaging issues
Fun design

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#2. Liquid Shredder Fish Foam Surfboard

Liquid Shredder Fish Foam Surfboard


  • 5′ and 6′ in length
  • 41-liter volume
  • Removable twin fins
  • Available in different designs

Your kids will fall in love with the Liquid Shredder Fish Foam Surfboard because of its fish-like design. Its attractive aesthetics, the split tail, and the rounded nose are functional for its maneuverability in the water.

Your children can choose from the different designs available.

The Liquid Shredder Fish Foam is also broad, which is vital for gaining control.

You do not have to worry about its durability, because the material used for its construction is highly durable. It can withstand frequent usage. Plus, it is versatile enough to be functional even if you remove the fins.

Rigid constructionRequires some surfing experience
High buoyancy
Leash not included

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#3. Thurso Surf Lancer Soft Top Surfboard

Thurso Surf Lancer Soft Top Surfboard


  • 5’10 in length
  • 6-liter volume
  • Twin fins
  • Supports up to 200 pounds weight

The Thurso Surf Lancer Soft Top Surfboard is best for kids and beginners who are new to twin fins. The product gives flexibility, stability, and maneuverability.

The swallow tail design provides better control when using it on waves. It also has double stringers that give the product its durability. It also helps the users to have better control even if they cannot stand steadily on the board.

The Thurso Surf Lancer Soft Top comes with accessories, which include leash. The leash helps avoid accidents and injuries.

Its fins are soft; even if you bump with other surfers, you will get hurt.

Free accessoriesLimited weight capacity at 200 pounds
High stability

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#4. Rock-It Chub Twin Fin

Rock-It Chub Twin Fin


  • 4’10 in length
  • 5-inch width
  • 5-inch thick

You are wrong if you think that there are no available surfboard brands that focus on children’s needs. Rock-It is a famous brand of surfboards that centers on the surfboard needs of kids and beginners. The company creates surfboards to accommodate children’s size and weight.

If you buy this for your children, you will never go wrong because it has attractive designs that will motivate your kids to attend surfing classes. It also has dual stringers and twin-fin that enable the kids to move fast on waters because of its enhanced maneuverability.

Attractive designsNot ideal for wake surfers
Dual stringers

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#5. North Gear Surfing Thruster Foam Surfboard

North Gear Foam Surfboard


  • 6′ in length
  • 60/40 rails

The North Gear Foam Surfboard is available in vibrant designs that children will love. It has a polypropylene (PP) bottom that helps improve the surfboard’s speed and can handle up to 4-foot waves.

The North Gear Foam Surfboard can be an excellent investment because even pro surfers can use it. Once your kids become accustomed to surfing, they can still continually use it.

Plus, the North Gear Foam Surfboard is lightweight. You can carry it almost everywhere. It also has removable accessories, which are the leash, fins, traction pad. It is up to you or your kids to remove or use them for a more personalized experience.

Great even for experienced usersUniquely shaped fins
Attractive design
Needs waxing
Thick fins
Fragile leash

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#6. Giantex 6′ Foamie 



  • 6′ in length
  • Supports up to 200 pounds
  • Removable pins

If you are looking for an affordable entry-level surfboard that can accommodate both you and your kids, put the Giantex 6-Inch in one of your lists of choices.

It is a foam surfboard that is ideally for kids and teens. It is also for beginners who are trying to learn how to surf. This surfboard is advisable for parents with multiple kids.

The Giantex 6-Inch is available in three vibrant colors, which are attractive to kids. With its marvelous choices of designs, your kids can pick one that they can proudly show to the class. They will feel motivated to learn more about surfing.

The Giantex 6-Inch has a foam top, expanded polyethylene (EPE) deck, EPS core, and rigid PP underside for better safety and speed. These features also help in the product’s buoyancy.

Removable finsNot for heavier individuals
Vibrant design
Prone to scratches
Free leash

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#7. California Board Company Surfboard

California Board Company


  • 7′ in length
  • Supports up to 210 pounds
  • Tri-fin
  • Plastic tail cap
  • Traction pad

The California Board Company Surfboard is lightweight enough for kids and teens to carry it by themselves. It also has a broad deck that can accommodate heavier and taller kids, and even parents can join.

The California Board Company Surfboard has a traction pad at the rear side of the surfboard that aids for the better foot grip. It is also available in an attractive wood-like design that can fool anyone to thinking that it is wood made. Children, especially teens, will love this surfboard.

Plus, its fish-like design, not only it is attractive, but it also helps in the product’s maneuverability. However, the California Board Company Surfboard is not for beginner surfers because of its short length. Surfers who can already balance themselves on surfboards will appreciate this product.

Excellent board gripFoam pads are harder than the others
Easy to maneuver
Needs some surfing experience
Free surf leash

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#8. Catch Surf Beater

Catch Surf Beater


  • 4’6 in length
  • Vintage themed designs
  • Finless or twin fins

What is impressive about the Catch Surf Beater is that it is versatile enough for the users to use it as a bodyboard, surfboard, and skimboard. Its lightness is also one of the reasons why it is one of the best surfboards for kids.

The Catch Surf Beater has stringers made from two maple plywoods and dual composite core. These features are useful for the product’s durability and water-resistance.

The Catch Surf Beater has a crescent-shaped tail and tapered-D rails that make the product functional even without the fins.

It is advisable for children who can paddle, but kids with some surfing experiences can benefit the most from this product.

VersatileWe got nothin'

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#9. Wave Bandit EZ Rider 9′

Wave Bandit EZ Rider


  • 9′ length
  • Tri fins

Through its name, you know that the company would not call this product as EZ Rider for no reason. As the name implies, this surfboard provides a smooth ride for its users. Beginners can benefit a lot from using this board.

Plus, this board can catch waves easily. It provides excellent stability, and its soft foam surface helps keep your children from injuries.

This surfboard has a fish-shaped design, which is useful for making exhibitions while surfing.

However, what you only have to remember when you purchase this product is to have wax at hand. You still need to use wax for a better grip on this board.

Easy to control and to rideNot suitable for heavier users
Dual maple stringersNeeds waxing for better grip
EPS core
Leash not included

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#10. Wavestorm Classic Pinline Surfboard

Wavestorm Classic Pinline Surfboard


  • 8′ in length
  • 86-liter volume
  • More than 3-inch thick
  • Removable bolt thru pins

Wavestorm claims that it is one of the most prominent soft boards in the United States. Its product is easy to control. Wavestorm is confident to have such claims because of its years of experience in manufacturing surfboards.

The Wavestorm Classic Pinline Surfboard has EPS core and three marine plywood stringers that make this product resilient. It also has a textured grip that gives better control to the riders. The bottom part has a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) skin that holds the board’s shape.

Although it only has one design, it is attractive enough, and it is easy to control in waters. It is excellent for surfers in-training.

Textured skin and traction pad
Not for experienced surfers
Removable pins
Not suitable for heavier users
HDPE bottom

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Top Pick: The Best Surfboard for Kids

To pick the best surfboard for kids, you should select the one that will protect them from injuries. You have to consider size and volume to ensure it. Among the mentioned products, the best pick is the South Bay Board Co Guppy.

It is large enough to aid your children’s balancing skills, and it also has high buoyancy because of its 60-liter volume.

Your children will also love it because of the different attractive designs that they can choose.

By using this surfboard, your children will feel motivated to learn surfing because of the support it gives. This surfboard’s diamond weave underside helps in its speed.

Plus, it comes with a free leash that ensures that your surfboard will never drift away.


The first recorded use of surfboards was in the 6th century. Polynesians used these surfboards. These items were indications of the Polynesians’ status in their tribe.

The longer the surfboard, the nobler its user was. The Polynesian chiefs surfed on a 25-foot surfboard during that time, while the commoners had to settle on the 7-foot ones.

In 1778, Captain James Cook and his crew discovered that Hawaiians used surfboards. One of the surfboards used in this era is still existing today. It is in the Bishop Museum and dubbed as the oldest surfboard on display.

In 1926, a man named Tom Blake, who was a surfer, author, and swimmer, invented hollow surfboards. Before his invention, the surfboards were extremely heavy. To cut off some weight, Tom created the hollow surfboards by drilling holes in his 15-foot board.

In 1935, Tom innovated his surfboard again to create a tail fin for enhanced stability and maneuverability.

In the 1960s, the twin fins came into history. Meanwhile, the triple fins were in the 1980s.

In 1971, a man from California named Pat O’Neill always lost his surfboards. To prevent them from being lost again, O’Neil invented the first surf leash by using the surgical cord and suction cup.

Differences Between Beginner and Professional Surfboards

Not all surfboards are the same. There are various kinds of boards available in stores. Therefore, you cannot just snag one for your kid without knowing the difference between the surfboards for beginners and pros.

Beginners often face issues on standing, padding, and controlling their boards. Some have a problem balancing on the waves. Therefore, entry-level surfboards should address this issue.

These beginner surfboards, which are also the ideal boards for kids, are popularly known as foamie or soft foam boards. These boards are beneficial for enhanced buoyancy and maneuverability. If the amateur surfer bumps into another surfer, both of them will not get hurt because of the soft foams that also serve as a barrier.

These soft foam surfboards are also cheaper compared to hardboards.

Though it seems like the foamies seem perfect, they are not. The majority of foamies are bulky and heavy. That is why you should consider having a place to store it. You should also make sure that you can transport it from one place to another.

Surfboards for professionals are hardboards or hardtops. These products are great for people with surfing experience or in-training to become one.

Amateur surfers might find themselves injured if they use it without any surfing experience.

Although it is hard, it is lightweight and portable. However, these products are prone to dents when improperly handled.

What to Consider When Buying a Surfboard for Kids

Now that you know that there are different kinds of surfboards in the market. It is time to learn how to pick the best surfboard for kids.

Typically, kids who need new surfboards are the ones that are new to surfing. Therefore, you can forget about hardboards and start with foamies. You can use these considerations on which foamies to purchase on your trip to the store.

Features to consider when buying a surfboard for kids or beginners:


Design refers to the surfboard’s appearance and texture. Although the presentation and style are minor considerations, having an attractive surfboard may boost your child’s confidence. Imagine how your children will feel if they will show up to surfing class with plain-looking surfboards. They will lose their confidence to present them.

On the other hand, if your children own attractive surfboards, it will give them confidence. They will have the motivation to attend a surfing class and learn how to surf.

You also have to consider the surfboards’ texture.

Boards that have texture provide additional grip. These boards help improve your children’s performance because of enhanced maneuverability.


What you have to keep in mind about the size is that larger surfboards provide better stability. Your children will be able to learn how to stand on the board fast if they have larger surfboards. However, before you buy the giant board for your child’s size, make sure that you have room to store it and transport it easily from one place to another.


The surfboards’ volume has a direct relationship with their buoyancy. Stores measure the boards’ volume in liters.

To find out how much volume you have to purchase for your kids’ surfboard, you need to assess their weight first.

It is a general rule that you surfers should ride a board that is 100 percent the equivalent of their weight in kilos. For example, if your child weighs 30 kilograms, you should buy a surfboard that is 30 liters in volume.

However, as indicated above, it is a general rule. Other factors can change this rule, such as the skill level of the child and wave conditions.

What you need to consider when buying surfboards for your children is that boards with higher volume have higher buoyancy. These boards are more accessible to paddle, control, and float. These foamies are also more stable.

On the other hand, surfboards with lower volumes are not stable. Catching waves with these boards is challenging. The plus side of these surfboards is that these are easy to turn. Professional young surfers can benefit from these boards.


You do not have to worry a lot about the price. Surfboards for beginners, which are also typically for kids, are cheap.

It is more advisable to purchase the cheaper ones, especially if the surfboards are for kids. Children change their minds quickly. You do not want to invest in pricey ones only to throw it in the trash later because your children do not want to surf anymore.

You also need to consider the frequency of use. It is not practical to buy expensive surfboards if your children use them once every two years.

You may choose to invest in expensive surfboards for your children if you think that they are sincere for this passion or if they already have the skills. However, if they are just starting, you can only take advantage of their training period by saving for the professional surfboards and giving rewards.


Not all surfboards are the same. If it is your kids’ safety at stake, you should not settle for just anything. Pick the best surfboard to help keep them safe and support them as they learn how to surf.

One of the best examples of these products is the South Bay Board Co Soft Top. It has all the characteristics of beginner surfboards that can help your children learn how to surf. Plus, its intelligent design minimizes possible injuries and accidents.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Are surfboards for kids expensive? 

Surfing is not an expensive hobby. If your kids are just starting, you do not need to spend a lot on the surfboard. Entry-level surfboards are not that expensive. What you only need to pay for at the beginner level is a foamie, which is cheaper than the hardboard, and wetsuit. However, buy the quality ones as much as possible. You do not want to end up spending twice than you should just replace the defective low-quality products.

Q: How should I determine what size surfboard to buy? 

To determine the size of the surfboard that you should buy, consider your children’s height, weight, and surfing experience. As mentioned, larger surfboards provide better stability and control. If you insist on the smaller ones, make sure that your children know how to paddle or already have the skills. What you only need to remember is that higher volume and thicker surfboards provide more stability, which is the perfect choice for starters. As much as possible, buy the ones that are wider and longer. Aside from that, you also need to consider the product’s weight limits.

Q: What are the factors that affect your ability to stand on a board?

No one can guarantee how long your children have to train to learn the skill. It depends on your children’s determination and the condition of their physique and sense of balance. What you only need to know to have an idea is that children must have a strong core for this sport. They also need to practice right and a lot. Most of all, they should have the motivation to learn. For this reason, it is best to find a coach to teach them or surf classes where they can attend.

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