YOW Surfskate Review

While there has long been an overlapping community between surfers and skateboarders, nothing has made that more visible than the growing interest in surfskate. Yow is one of the leading brands at the forefront of this new revolution, and we will take a look at everything you need to know about the YOW Surfskate below. But first, we will consider some important questions for surfers interested in buying a YOW:

  • Is surfskate the same as a skateboard?
  • Is surfskate good for surfing?
  • What size surfskate should I get?

The answers to these and other common buying questions will help any surfer looking into surfskate as a way to improve surfing skills and enjoy another thrill seeker’s recreation.

Yow Huntington Power Surfskate Complete Skateboard -9.5x30, 9.5
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  • Model: Huntington
  • Deck Width: 9.5in
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08/21/2023 05:32 am GMT

Is Surfskate the Same as a Skateboard?

While surfskate is certainly similar to traditional skateboarding, it also differs in some significant ways. You will first notice that a surfskate is longer and wider than a traditional skateboard. A surfskate’s deck is also often concave, giving the rider more control.

Once you set out to learn how to surfskate, you will also notice immediately that the feel of it is much closer to surfing than a traditional skateboard: this is because the front trucks on a surfskate are designed to swivel from side to side. The increased range of motion on a surfskate versus a traditional surfboard makes riders feel like they are riding waves (even on the asphalt!)

women doing skateboard on YOW surfskate

Another key difference between skateboards and surfskates comes in how riders propel the board. As you picture a traditional skateboard, you would think of a rider pushing himself along with his foot pumping off the ground below; with a surfskate, riders can move with a side-to-side pumping motion of the nose of the surfskate.

Is Surfskate Good for Surfing?

Some surfers might be concerned about how surfskate skills translate to the water or how the movements could shape their performance once they are out of the “asphalt waves” and back in the real ones. The consensus among surfers is that surfskate is a great way to train outside of the water, and using a surfskate enhances their skills on surfboards.

Yow surfskate board leaning against a car

Surfskate effectively trains your body in ways that translate on the bigger board: it improves your balance and stance, muscle memory, and motor learning.

What Size Surfskate Should I Get?

Size is an important consideration when purchasing a surfskate Yow board, whether for beginners or more experienced riders, and the deck of a surfskate can vary based on the manufacturer.

For reasons related to aesthetics and skill levels, the deck (or wooden platform) of a surfskate can differ from one model to another in terms of its width, length, concaves, and outline.

The rule of thumb when looking at surfskates is to go longer if you are a beginner. The longer deck will help beginners (or even intermediates) with stability. A shorter surfskate is good for those who want to practice and perfect their sharp radical turns and cutbacks (which are generally more experienced surfers and skateboarders).

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Are Surfskates Good for Beginners?

Yes! It doesn’t matter if you have never surfed, had surf training,  or skateboarded. Learning how to ride a surfskate is easy. The moves are intuitive, and beginners can learn the basics quickly and easily. It is also said that a surfskate is easier to learn than a street skate, even if you have never touched foot on a traditional skateboard.

Yow Surfskate: The Ultimate Review and Buyers Guide

YOW (short for “Your Own Wave”) is a company and surfskate brand that prides itself on exploring “the intersections of oceans, mountains, and concrete.” And their product offerings, including their high performance series and classic series surfskate, live up to this claim, with a broad selection of surfskates, decks, skate accessories, apparel, and even a wave Yow board ramp system to bring the ocean right to your backyard.

yow surfskate woodwave

YOW board surfskates were conceived in the Basque Country, where they are still made by a skilled workforce and crew passionate about bringing the wave to the customer. “No more flat days” is their motto and promise to customers, one that is consistently delivered thanks to their high-quality, state-of-the-art surfskates and gear.

YOW Specifications and Hardware

Yow Huntington Power Surfskate Complete Skateboard -9.5x30, 9.5



Just as surfers must carefully consider the quality and design of the boards they use to tackle the biggest waves, they must also consider the quality of surfskates and how that plays into safety while using them.

Surfskating is a fantastic way to perfect difficult skills, but that can only be done with a surfskate produced with great attention to detail and the rider’s safety in mind. YOW products incorporate high-quality materials and sturdy construction to give the rider the best tools for tackling the job.

Here is what you can expect from YOW system hardware:

Bolts, Kingpins, Bushings, and Barrels

Two kinds of 10-32 flat hex bolts are used to construct a YOW system. On the front adapter, you will find 5/8-inch flat hex bolts; on a YOW rear truck, the company uses a two-inch flat hex bolt.

Nine-inch kingpins are used on the truck hangers, with the back trucks featuring a one-inch riser pad. The riser pad makes the YOW deck level with the front Meraki adapter.

Standard half-inch street barrels are used in YOW surfskate bushings and .4-inch street cones with cup washers.

The Durometer (or standard measure of hardness for rubber-like materials) is listed at 92a for YOW bushings. Durometer is an important consideration for riders based on their weight, and in general, you would look for the following Durometers based on weight:

  • 5a: up to 125 pounds
  • 85a: 125 to 165 pounds
  • 5a: 150 to 200 pounds
  • 90a: 170 to 215 pounds
  • 5a: 185 to 230 pounds
  • 95a: 230 pounds and up

YOW Trucks

A coiled tension spring is the basis for performance on a YOW Meraki truck. This spring is the key to the versatility and functionality of the YOW surfskate. Whether you are practicing tight maneuvers or just enjoying some long distance cruising on your YOW surfskate, you can count on the coiled tension spring to give it the ultimate performance.

Offering riders a wide range of motion, the truck on a YOW also quickly snaps back to the center. It is easy for riders to pump and works well no matter how you prefer to surfskate (whether you are a surfer using it to train or a non-surfer who is just enjoying the ride).

One reason YOW surfskates often outshine the competitors is what riders for this board sport describe as overall ease in maneuvering and maintaining balance. The truck system is a dual-axis system, which means you have a lateral arm that swings in a side-to-side direction. The kingpin nut can be tightened or loosened on the truck if you prefer to increase or decrease the rail-to-rail lean.

YOW Surfskate Decks

Regarding decks for landlocked surfers, YOW offers a tremendous variety. More than 30 models are available to choose from in YOW surfskates. Lengths start at 29 inches and go up to 41 inches, giving riders great variety in terms of both preferences and skill levels.

The decks are constructed of Hardrick maple wood, and the concave is offered in five choices: Low, Performance, Medium, High, and Deep (the latter three are best for more aggressive riders).

YOW Surfskate Wheels

YOW surfskate wheels balance comfort and grip effectively with a URA wheelbase formula. The 55 mm contact patch means high traction and rebound and easy pumping. Some riders suggest the grip wears off a bit faster than with other surfskate wheels, but generally, the YOW surfskate wheels get high marks overall for performance.

The combination of the URA wheels and the truck system make YOW surfskates give riders the overall sensation of surfing, making these boards a leader in the growing surfskate trend.

Will a YOW Surfskate Make Me a Better Surfer?

While there is no substitute for time spent in the water to enhance surfing skills, a YOW surfskate can significantly impact training, especially if you have to be away from the water or want to add some variety to your routine.

will skateboarding improve my surfing, will surfskate improve my surfing

Time spent riding a YOW surfskate can lead to the following:

  • Better Balance: the surfskate will help surfers improve stability and become more comfortable with the weight shifts and body movements needed to stay on a board.
  • Increased Speed: The same way your body works to pump on a surfboard, you will pump on a surfskate, meaning over time, you will increase your speed on the waves.
  • Improved Stance: Riding a surfskate will help you perfect the critical stance and positioning needed to master a surfboard.
  • Easier Turns: Riders who spend time practicing turns and cutbacks on a surfskate increase their skill level regarding turns on a surfboard. Essentially you are creating “muscle memory” for these movements, which will translate in big ways when you face big waves.

Whether you are an experienced skateboarder looking to try something new, a surfer wanting to increase your skills on dry land, or a novice in both, you can check out some of our other surfskate reviews and FAQs here.

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