Haydenshapes Surfboards Review | Epic Boards or Rip Off?

There are numerous brands in the market these days, and it makes it more challenging for aspiring surfers to choose which among these offer reliable surfboards. If you’re looking for a top-performing board, you should consider the collection of Haydenshapes.

This brand is famous for its minimalistic style. The designs may be meek, yet it doesn’t fail to meet the expectations of pro surfers because it offers competitive technologies. One is FutureFlex (FF), which is the trademark of the founder, Hayden Cox.

Aside from that, it offers a variety of surfboard types, including shortboard, hybrid, gun, and soft-tops. It provides enough options for surfers to choose from with convenience.

Top 8 Best Haydenshapes Surfboards Reviewed

Below are the top surfboards from Haydenshapes. If you can’t decide which surfboard to buy, here’s the Haydenshapes Surfboards review to consider.

  1. Haydenshapes Golden Gun Surfboard
  2. Haydenshapes Hypto Krypto Step Up Hybrid Surfboard
  3. Haydenshapes Hypto Krypto FF Soft Top Surfboard
  4. Haydenshapes Loot Hybrid Surfboard
  5. Haydenshapes Untitled Fish Surfboard
  6. Haydenshapes Black Noiz Shortboard Surfboard
  7. Haydenshapes Plunder Hybrid Surfboard
  8. Haydenshapes The Ando Shortboard Surfboard

1. Haydenshapes Golden Gun Surfboard

Haydenshapes Golden Gun Surfboard

Regarding surfing, Haydenshapes never fails to meet the pro surfers’ expectations with its collection of surfboards. If you want to buy the best surfboard with optimum performance, you can never go wrong with the Haydenshapes Golden Gun Surfboard. One reason why is that it’s available in both FutureFlex and Polyurethane Epoxy technologies.

This board uses a medium-entry rocker, letting you paddle forward without any hassle. The agility of this board is exceptional as well since it’s a gun-type. Plus, the tail-end provides the necessary curve that it needs when it comes to maneuverability, which makes it favorable for critical turns.

Surfers admire this board because the concave shape gives a little lift to the board. The double-to-vee blends well with this feature. Also, the fuller foil adds convenience in controlling the board despite any wave condition.

The sizes available for this surfboard range from 6 feet and 2 inches to 6 feet and 10 inches. Each surfboard features a round pin tail design. Plus, it can hold a surfer weighing from 165 pounds to over 176 pounds, which can vary by board size.

As for the Futures’ fin set-up, this board is suitable for three to five fins, depending on how quickly you want the board to move. Regardless of any fin number, you’ll enjoy riding this board along waves at 4 feet to 10 feet by level.

2. Haydenshapes Hypto Krypto Step-Up Hybrid Surfboard

Haydenshapes Hypto Krypto Step Up Hybrid Surfboard

Another competitive surfboard the Haydenshapes offers from its top performers’ collection is the Hypto Krypto Step Up Hybrid Surfboard. Surfers love it because it’s a more extended version of the Hypto Krypto, which is 1-inch to 2-inch lengthier.

This brand built this board for critical surfing conditions, making it ideal for intermediate to pro surfers. It comes with a swallowtail design, making it agile. Plus, it’s available in 5 feet to 6 inches to 6 feet to 10 inches, which can be challenging to control if you struggle in keeping balance while it’s accelerating.

However, the performance of this surfboard is exceptional. It features both Polyurethane-Epoxy and FutureFlex technologies, making it more competitive than other surfboards. Also, it’s very versatile as you can ride it on 3-foot to 10-foot wave levels.

Maneuvering it will never be a problem because it features a slight-medium entry with a flat center for its rocker. Adding further convenience in controlling the board is the board’s contour and low rail. Plus, you can set up a fin system of three or five fins, either FCS II or Futures.

3. Haydenshapes Hypto Krypto FF Soft Top Surfboard

Haydenshapes Hypto Krypto FF Soft Top Surfboard

Newbies need better-performing surfboards because it’s what can mold their skills until they become pros. Haydenshapes is one of the recommended brands that provide progress to beginners’ skills by introducing a suitable board for their needs, such as the Hypto Krypto FF Soft Top Surfboard.

When it comes to sizing, this board is available from 5 feet and 4 inches to 6 feet and 8 inches. Despite having a shorter size than typical-sized surfboards, there’s no hassle in riding it because the pin tail design keeps exceptional stability.

This surfboard is fun to drive, yet it doesn’t compromise its performance because it comes with FutureFlex technology for optimum maneuverability. Aside from that, it’s versatile as you can ride it on any wave level, especially on small beach breaks. Plus, with a flat center and exit, the medium entry will you to control the board in any direction smoothly.

Durability is another reason why surfers love this board. The textured deck comes with an Internal Parabolic frame from Carbon Fibre material, which makes it damage-resistant. Regardless of whether you use it most of the time, it’s long-lasting.

Since it’s ideal for beginners, you can ride this surfboard on wave levels from 1 foot to 4 feet. It’s an ideal board to start practicing, especially if you struggle with balancing.

4. Haydenshapes Loot Hybrid Surfboard


Do you need an exceptional hybrid surfboard? You should check out what Haydenshapes has to offer, such as the Loot Hybrid Surfboard. It’s one of the most recommended boards for pro surfers because of its new PE-C Technology that comes with iBeam flex.

Aside from that, this board comes in a new shape, having lesser nose width. You’ll love its flexibility as you can also use it as a cruiser if you want to surf for fun. However, it also assures maximum performance if you are to use it for competition.

Intermediate to expert surfers use it often even though it’s ideal for 1-foot to 6-foot wave levels. The fin system that uses Futures 5 and diamond tail design adds a little challenge in controlling it, especially if your stance is still shaky. However, the sizes, ranging from 5 feet and 10 inches to 7 inches, make the board convenient to drive smoothly.

The rocker works well in between the center and the exit part of the board. Plus, it features a medium-rail type for the lift you need as you execute some tricks.

Another reason why surfers prefer this surfboard is its capability to handle weights from 158 pounds to 323 pounds. You can assure stability as you ride it despite any of this weight range.

5. Haydenshapes Untitled Fish Surfboard

Haydenshapes Untitled Fish Surfboard

Another versatile fish surfboard that Haydenshapes offers is the Untitled Fish Surfboard, and it’s the ideal surfboard you need to consider if you’re surfing waves that are 3 feet to 8 feet by level. However, intermediate-level to professional surfers use this more than newbies because it needs exceptional balancing skills for gliding and executing tricks.

This board features an exceptional deck profile that’s flatter than other boards from its collection. It helps in carrying desirable volume, and it provides the ability to ride along waves with full stability. Plus, the concave shape of this board adds lift during weaker wave conditions.

You can assure optimum agility with this board, thanks to its swallowtail design. You also have two options for its fin system, which include FCS II and Futures. Despite any system you prefer, you can count on its performance because it’s agile by default.

The sizes range from 5 feet and 5 inches to 6 feet to 4 inches. It may be shorter than other surfboards, yet it doesn’t disappoint when it comes to weight range. It can hold a surfer that weighs 158 pounds to over 229 pounds without meddling with the board’s performance.

Aside from that, you’ll find ease in maneuvering the board because it features an entry flat-rocker. This advantage provides exceptional paddling power to surfers. Also, you’ll find ease in transitioning smoothly despite accelerating.

6. Haydenshapes Black Noiz Shortboard Surfboard

Haydenshapes Black Noiz Shortboard Surfboard

If you are looking for a reliable brand, many surfers recommend Haydenshapes because of its quality. If you prefer to ride shortboards, the Black Noiz Shortboard Surfboard will not be a disappointment because it’s suitable for 3-foot to 8-foot waves, pumping waves, and point breaks.

This surfboard is available in various sizes, ranging from 5 feet and 5 inches to 6 feet and 6 inches. It provides convenience to surfers in controlling the board because of its size. Plus, the round tail design makes it easier to maneuver at any wave condition, regardless if you’re a newbie or a pro.

Aside from that, you can install up to three fins, with either FCS II or Futures. This advantage adds acceleration to the movement of the board along waves. Also, doing tricks is more manageable, which is the reason why the pros love it.

Most surfers consider this board for training or competitions because of its maximum performance. It provides powerful swells, and excellent stability even if your weight range is 119 pounds to more than 246 pounds.

Surfers also recommend this surfboard because it’s very durable. It uses high-quality materials, from the deck to the fins. It may not be as thick as other surfboards, yet you can assure that it’s long-lasting.

7. Haydenshapes Plunder Hybrid Surfboard

Haydenshapes Plunder Hybrid Surfboard

Haydenshapes never fails to meet the expectations of its customers when it comes to agility and control. If you can’t decide what surfboard to buy, you can never go wrong with the Plunder Hybrid Surfboard.

This hybrid board features a full-rail type and entry rocker for exceptional drive and stability, even if you ride wave levels from 1 foot to 6 feet. The diamond tail design of this board provides the lift you need while gliding smoothly. Plus, you can install up to five Futures or FCS II fins if you want the board to move quicker.

It comes with two technologies, providing options to surfers in choosing which is more workable for enhancing their skills. You can select a board with either FutureFlex or Polyurethane-Epoxy. Either of these can contribute to providing optimum performance during competitions or training.

It has a shorter sizing than fish surfboards or shortboards because the sizes range from 4 feet and 10 inches to 6 feet and 8 inches. However, the board is thicker than shortboards, ranging from 2.13 inches to 3 inches.

If you’re a beginner who’s switching to an intermediate level, you can consider this board because it can improve your skills more.

8. Haydenshapes The Ando Shortboard Surfboard

Haydenshapes The Ando Shortboard Surfboard

If you’re searching for the best shortboard surfboard, you should check out the line of boards by Haydenshapes. One of the surfboards that users recommend is the Ando Shortboard Surfboard. This brand teamed up with Craig Anderson to build a signature board for any wave condition.

Surfers find it easier to control wave levels from 1 foot to 4 feet, making it ideal for newbies. Plus, the sizing makes it convenient to ride, ranging from 5 feet and 8 inches to 6 feet and 2 inches. Also, it can hold up to 199 pounds without compromising its performance.

Despite its squash tail design, you can count on this board’s agility, thanks to its entry rocker. You get the lift you need for executing tricks. Also, the concave structure provides an exceptional release.

This board is very sturdy as well, coming from high-quality materials. Aside from that, surfers love how it comes with either Polyurethane-Epoxy or FutureFlex technologies. When it comes to stability, the construction from the nose to the tail gives an excellent surface planning area.

Getting the Best Haydenshapes Surfboards – Buyers Guide

Don’t buy any surfboard without understanding the essential factors that you need to consider. It will save you time, and it can prevent you from buying the wrong surfboard. Here’s a guide for you.

Surfboard Volume

It’s crucial to consider the volume of the surfboard before buying it, and it will vary on the size and weight of the surfer. Plus, your skill level is another point to include in computing your surfboard’s ideal volume.

You don’t have to worry about computing manually because Haydenshapes provides the convenience you need for calculating. After all, it features a volume calculator as you go over every surfboard. All you need is to indicate your height and weight, and then select your skill level to get the right volume.

When you computed your surfboard’s volume and bought a board with the right one, it provides you an edge in the control, paddle power, stability, performance, and agility of the board.

Surfing Waves

You also need to consider the wave height and length. Even though it’s not easy to determine these by sight, some board shapers can determine these. It’s one of the reasons why they indicate the wave type in the description of their products.

Every surfboard type has an ideal wave type, and Haydenshapes also includes it in the description of all the surfboards. Choosing which board to buy will be more comfortable as you can base it on your skill level.

Surfboard Type

This factor is very significant because there is a suitable type per performance characteristics. If you can find the best surfboard type for you, you can enhance your surfing skills effectively. Here are some types to consider:

Fish Surfboard

This type is agile as its default characteristic, thanks to its swallowtail design. It has a broader and thicker deck, which needs a little paddle strength. Also, it requires exceptional control, which makes it suitable for intermediate to professional surfers.

If you need an exceptional fish surfboard, you can check out the Untitled Fish Surfboard.

Shortboard Surfboard

This type is what surfers use when they need a top-performing and versatile surfboard. It’s all-around, making it suitable for beginners as well. Plus, it’s lengthier than fish boards. The control for snappy turns is desirable for all surfers. Plus, it’s available in different tail designs aside from the swallowtail.

Some of the best shortboards of Haydenshapes are Black Noiz and The Ando Surfboards.

Soft Top Surfboards

Beginners can consider this surfboard type because it’s comfy to maneuver. It features a softer deck compared to shortboards, making it ideal for learning the basics of surfing. Also, it gives exceptional paddling strength.

If you need one from Haydenshapes, you should consider the Hypto Krypto FF Soft Top Surfboard.

Hybrid Surfboard

This type is a combination of fish and groveler surfboard types when it comes to performance. It provides stability while paddling, and it can give you a boost as you ride along waves with its swallowtail design.

The Hypto Krypto Step Up Hybrid Surfboard is the best option you can check out from the collection.

Surfboard Rocker

Another factor that surfers also consider is the rocker.

More Tail Rocker

This type is exceptional in maneuverability, yet it’s not best for quick turns. However, it provides smooth turning, especially on fast-breaking waves.

Less Tail Rocker

This type provides excellent acceleration, yet it’s challenging to maneuver to alter directions.

More Nose Rocker

This type is also not agile, yet it gives excellent control on the board. It’s not best for mush waves, yet it’s ideal for hollow ones.

Less Nose Rocker

This type is agile but has a restricted turning radius. It’s excellent for pointbreak waves.

Haydenshapes Surfboards: Company & History

Haydenshapes Surfboards has an exciting story on how it began back in Sydney, Australia. Hayden Cox founded this company in 1997 when he was only 15 years old. After introducing a set of competitive surfboards in the market, it’s one of the industry’s respected brands.

Cox focused on every surfboard’s innovation with aesthetic styles and performing technologies. It’s one reason why many surfers from more than 70 countries prefer it that other brands. Plus, he also considered every surfer’s ability, giving them the ease to choose which surfboard suits them.

In 2006, this brand introduced its signature technology, and one is the FutureFlex (FF). Since then, it continues to meet the satisfaction of every customer. Also, it won three awards as the surfboard of the year.


When it comes to buying the best surfboard, considering the brand may also help you find a suitable board. Every brand has its edge, and with Haydenshapes Surfboards, you can assure that all surfboards they offer come with exceptional performance and sturdiness.

Regardless if you need a fish, shortboard, gun, or hybrid surfboard, you should check out what this brand can offer. Every surfboard’s full description will give you ease in determining which one to buy.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Should I buy a hybrid or a fish surfboard? Both have swallowtail designs. Which should I pick?

A: It depends on your ability and the performance characteristics you need. Fish surfboards are shorter, like the Untitled Surfboard than hybrid boards. It can provide you with the agility you need during small to medium surf. However, it’s not handy to maneuver.

If you want exceptional buoyancy and a longer board by length, consider the Hypto Krypto Hybrid instead. Hybrid boards are more comfortable to maneuver, and beginners can also give this board type a try.

Q: Does Haydenshapes Surfboards provide all the necessary information about the surfboard they offer in the description?

A: Yes, you’ll get the necessary details you need to know about the surfboard. The information for sizes, volume, weight range, rocker and contour graphic layout, fin systems, and technology is available. As you browse their site, you’ll find it very informative, helping you decide which surfboard to buy. Another factor is that it’s easy to navigate. 

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