Bing Surfboards Review 2023

Are you looking for the best Bing Surfboards? Did you feel genuinely amazed by this iconic and classic longboard lately? This brief guide will give you some insights into the best-selling Bing Surfboards brand. Surfing enthusiasts have given them high ratings for their delivery of the best surfing experiences for years!

If it is your first time to hear about Bing surfboards, you may want to know some essential tidbits about them. Herbert “Bing” Copeland was a young man from California whose hobby was surfing and watching surfers hit Hermosa Beach waves. He and his friends traveled around the world after they graduated and obtained their high school diplomas. They looked for the best beach waves and enjoyed surfing in foreign waters.

Back in their native California, Copeland and his friends later began shaping surfboards. Then, they opened Bing Surfboards, the first-ever surf shop in 1959. Bing Surfboards expanded rapidly with a group of stylish and prominent surfers aboard. They include Chris Schlichenmeyer, David Nvvhiwa, and Dru Harrison. Copeland’s surfboard shaping team produced more than 40 surfboards per day. Bing Surfboards became one of the largest surfboard makers in the 1960s and 70s.

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Today, Bing surfboards continue to impress surfers from around the world. Their shops in Encinitas and Leucadia in California carry on with receiving bulk orders. This online discussion will introduce you to some of the best-selling Bing surfboards. You will discover the one that will suit you best from the following four surfing equipment pieces by Bing Surfboards:

Our Top 4 Best Bing Surfboards Reviewed

  1. 6’2″ Bing Bulb Surfboard 
  2. 9’4″ Bing Beacon – Smoke Surfboard
  3. 9’4” Bing Silver Spoon Surfboard
  4. 5’6″ Bing Dharma Surfboard

#1. 6’2″ Bing Bulb Surfboard

Bing surfboards - Bing Bulb Surfboard


  1. Length: 6’2″
  2. Width: 21.75 inches
  3. Tail: Slightly rounded, double-wing diamond tail
  4. Thickness: 2.625 inches
  5. Volume: 36 cubic liters
  6. Nose: Pulled-in nose
  7. Fins: Quad or tri-fin setup
  8. Color: Gold
  9. Finish: Sanded

When dealing with critical and massive beach waves with ease, nothing compares to the power of the 6’2″ Bing Bulb Surfboard. This little board is versatile and ideal for top-to-bottom beach waves as it lets considerable amounts of glide possible. Plus, the 6’2″ Bing Bulb Surfboard will wow you with its capacity to engage with head-high and lined up beaks, onshore and waist-high beach waves, and hollow and heaving overhead beach waves.

Bing Surfboards’ chief surfboard shaper Matt Calvani designed the 6’2″ Bing Bulb Surfboard by referring to the appearance and outline of its predecessors, which are the Swee’ Pea, Mini Simmons, Dharma, and Puck. The 6’2″ Bing Bulb Surfboard features a small rocker in the front, double-wing diamond tail resembling a light bulb, and a pulled-in nose. The 6’2″ Bing Bulb Surfboard’s double-wing diamond tail perfectly complements its outline.

Furthermore, this magnificent piece of water sports equipment is the perfect blend of sensitivity and glide. The 6’2″ Bing Bulb Surfboard connects the gap between the alternative, short surfboard, retro-style, and conventional surfboards. This product offers you a balanced and smooth ride, gravitating towards a vertical approach. This Bing surfboard provides surfing aficionados with rapid and more detailed control as they surf as well.

You can ride the 6’2″ Bing Bulb Surfboard with a tri-fin or quad setup. It is ideal for quick roundhouse cut-backs and open-faced conditions. You can direct the 6’2″ Bing Bulb Surfboard where you want it to proceed, and it will head there!

#2. 9’4″ Bing Beacon – Smoke Surfboard

Bing surfboards - Bing Beacon – Smoke Surfboard


  1. Length: 9’4″
  2. Width: 23 inches
  3. Tail: 15.75 inches (Average) / Square
  4. Thickness: 2.938 inches
  5. Volume: Unspecified
  6. Nose: 19.5 inches (Average)
  7. Fins: Single Box
  8. Color: Smoke
  9. Finish: Sanded Gloss

If you are a surfing enthusiast interested in continuously getting to the surfboard’s nose with confidence, then, the 9’4″ Bing Beacon – Smoke Surfboard is for you. This amazing surfboard appeals to surfing aficionados of all ability levels. Also, the 9’4″ Bing Beacon – Smoke Surfboard concentrates on the surfer’s stability and early wave entry. It helps surfers develop their longboarding talents.

Moreover, the 9’4″ Bing Beacon – Smoke Surfboard features a mellow entry rocker, heightening the overall stability to assist you in getting that extended nose time. This continuous and easy-entry feature is steady and forgiving for late take-offs and cross-stepping.

While you maneuver up and down the 9’4″ Bing Beacon – Smoke Surfboard, you will benefit from stable movements. Thanks to this surfboard’s midsection that facilitates this benefit. The 9’4″ Bing Beacon – Smoke Surfboard’s midsection measures a quarter-inch wider than most Bing surfboards. This portion offers considerable space for moseying your way to the tip.

The 9’4″ Bing Beacon – Smoke Surfboard also features a fantastically blended concave and 50/50 rails throughout. This wide-nosed Bing surfboard has a slightly more pulled-in tail as well. These advantages make the surface boat maneuverable from rail to rail, facilitating quicker rail-to-rail twists. Besides the decently pulled-in squash tail, the 9’4″ Bing Beacon – Smoke Surfboard features an effortless setup for noserides.

You can undoubtedly get yourself set up faster for a walk from the surfboard’s back towards the nose. Indeed, the 9’4″ Bing Beacon – Smoke Surfboard, which has a design inspiring fluid surfing and early take-offs, will help you get the most of your surfing moments as it takes you from the surfboard’s center towards the ending line effectively.


#3. 9’4” Bing Silver Spoon Surfboard

Bing surfboards - Bing Silver Spoon Surfboard


  1. Length: 9’4”
  2. Width: 22.75 inches
  3. Tail: 16.25 inches (Average) / 3-stringer basswood cluster square tail
  4. Thickness: 2.875 inches
  5. Volume: Unknown
  6. Nose: 19.5 inches (Average)
  7. Fins: Single fin; Includes fiberglass fin
  8. Color: Teal tint T & B
  9. Finish: Gloss/Polish

Bing’s best-selling surfboard is the 9’4” Bing Silver Spoon Surfboard. This piece of water sports equipment is an awesome, all-around surfboard. If you are a new or seasoned surfer, you can work in different kinds of waves with this water sports equipment. The 9’4” Bing Silver Spoon Surfboard lets you feel tremendous confidence as you deal with beach break, reefs, and points.

Moreover, this magnificent Bing surfboard is a highly versatile noserider. It features a profoundly blended concave that enhances noseriding and incorporates lift. Plus, this Bing surfboard assists in keeping glide and pace down the line.

With the 9’4” Bing Silver Spoon Surfboard, you can enjoy better turns, trimming, and hold, thanks to its thinner tail. This piece of water sports equipment’s step or “spoon” tail also makes the rear thin for more excellent maneuverability and offers a noseriding lift.

If you are a first-timer when it comes to utilizing the traditional noserider, the 9’4” Bing Silver Spoon Surfboard is an excellent piece of surfing equipment with which you can begin. This surfboard has the impressive weight of a conventional noserider. But it is sufficiently moderate for surfers of all levels to relish.

Even on choppy or windy days, the 9’4” Bing Silver Spoon Surfboard is a smooth paddler through the water. This best-selling Bing surfboard has a traditional longboard weight, glassed slightly, with 8 ounces on the bottom and 6+6+4 organic carbon (OC) deck patch on the deck.

Bing Surfboards’ lead surfboard shaper Matt Calvani applied all of the original Bing surfboard’s nuances. The 9’4” Bing Silver Spoon Surfboard’s inspiration came from the Bing Original Noserider. Calvani blended Bing Lightweight’s template with the profound blended concave to design the 9’4” Bing Silver Spoon Surfboard, which is a development of the noserider.

Indeed, the 9’4” Bing Silver Spoon Surfboard has been among the most in-demand products of Bing Surfboards. Customers adore its pulled-in middle and functional noseriding advantages. Hence, you can find the 9’4” Bing Silver Spoon Surfboard fantastic for drawn-out turns, proving itself as a versatile, best-selling noserider.


#4. 5’6″ Bing Dharma Surfboard

Bing surfboards - Bing Dharma Surfboard


  1. Length: 5’6″
  2. Width: 20 1/2 or 21 inches
  3. Tail: 17 1/2 inches / 16 1/2 inches (2.0 Version)
  4. Thickness: 2 1/2 or 2.31 inches
  5. Volume: 32.4 cubic liters
  6. Nose: 17 1/2 inches / 16 1/8 inches (2.0 Version)
  7. Fins: Futures quad (Includes production fins)
  8. Color: Clear
  9. Finish: Sanded

If you are looking for the fish surfboard that delivers the ultimate performance, you should try the 5’6″ Bing Dharma Surfboard. You can obtain all the cruise and enjoyment you expect from this kind of surface boat, with an added performance kick. The 5’6″ Bing Dharma Surfboard’s design works amazingly front and back-side. It is the ideal combination of back-footed shredding and front-foot speed.

Moreover, the 5’6″ Bing Dharma Surfboard’s flat nose rocker offers you the optimum paddle and glide. It is versatile and effectively combines the subtleties of riding a retro fish surfboard with contemporary surfing. Plus, the 5’6″ Bing Dharma Surfboard delivers never-ending amounts of enjoyment to wave riders as its manufacturer designed it to catch substantial waves. You will undoubtedly feel impressed because this incredible surfboard is rapid down the line and capable of pivoting in the pocket and turning with laser-sharp precision.

For heightened sensitivity in rail-to-rail spins, the 5’6″ Bing Dharma Surfboard also features a concave deck and beveled rail. These beneficial features decrease the volume. Also, for fast direction modifications, this surfboard’s butt tail gives numerous pivot points. Bing Surfboards’ head surfboard shaper Matt Calvani contoured the next evolution of this Bing surfboard. The Bing Dharma 2.0 features less tail volume and nose. However, it has plenty of glide and paddle speed attributes of the original.

If you like riding different beach waves, the Bing Dharma 2.0 can be your go-to surfboard. Being among the best Bing surfboards, you can enjoy this product even if the beach waves become faster, steeper, and more extensive.


Our Favorite Bing Surfboard – 6’2″ Bing Bulb Surfboard

Versatile surfboards ensure that you get what you deserve, regardless of your surfing level ability. In this review, the gold, 6’2″ Bing Bulb Surfboard delivers this advantage best. With the volume of 36 cubic liters, this 21.75-inch wide and 2.625-inch thick surface boat can offer plenty of variety when surfing.

The 6’2″ Bing Bulb Surfboard assists you in obtaining smooth and balanced rides. Also, this water sports equipment, which you can enjoy via tri-fin or quad setup, offers you more control and speed in the beach waters. The 6’2″ Bing Bulb Surfboard with pulled-in nose and slightly rounded, double-wing diamond tail is fantastic because it lets you deal with massive and critical ocean waves effortlessly.

Plus, this awesome Bing surfboard enables you to enjoy and engage with open-faced and top-to-bottom surfing with ease. The other Bing surfboards in this review are also excellent. However, none of them is as versatile and high-performing as the 6’2″ Bing Bulb Surfboard.

Buying Guide to Bing Surfboards 

3 Critical Dimensions to Consider When Buying Surfboards

 When you shop for surfboards, you must consider the dimensions. These measurements affect your moments in the water. Most of today’s surfboard models feature stock dimensions. These are the thickness, width, and length of the piece of surfing equipment.


If you are an advanced or professional surfer, you can avail of thin surfboards. These pieces of water sports equipment deliver less maneuverability. You should also remember that the thinner the surfboard, the more effortless it is to cut the rail through the water.

On the other hand, if you are an intermediate or a beginner surfer, it is best to purchase thick surfboards. These surface boats are effortless to pedal. Plus, thick surfboards are most appropriate to ride on soft beach waves.


Short surfboards offer effortless maneuverability. You can observe that you can alter their direction quickly. As you go side to side with the short surfboard, there is less water resistance. Also, short surfboards are perfect for small waves.

Alternatively, long surfboards assist in catching more waves and more rapid paddling. It pays to remember that the longer the surfboards are, the more perfect they are for massive beach waves.


With narrow surfboards, you will find ease in spinning or turning in the beach waters. These kinds of surface boats are for professional or advanced surfers. On the other hand, wide surfboards feature more buoyancy. They are perfect for starting surfers. Wide surfboards feature big surface area offering stability and ease in gliding and paddling.

Thickness, length, and width are the three crucial measurements you have to consider when availing of a surfboard. They allow you to match your capability level to the type and size of the surfing equipment you are buying. Therefore, if you get the surfboard with the appropriate dimensions, you will enjoy a hassle-free surfing experience in the water.


Bing surfboards are among the best-in-class pieces of surfing equipment in the market today. The world’s surfers rank the best Bing surfboards highly because of their guaranteed delivery of optimized surfing experiences in the beach waters. Bing surfboards are available in various designs, sizes, purposes, and features. Also, these pieces of surfing equipment come at different prices.

As a surfing enthusiast, you may be a seasoned or professional surfer, intermediate, or beginner. Regardless of your ability level, you can always find a Bing surfboard that is right for you. You can discover the suitable product by first considering your ability level and the significant dimensions of the surfboard you are buying. These measurements include the width, thickness, and length of the Bing surfboard.

After taking note of these essential elements, you can consider the color, design, goals, and other significant aspects. You should remember that it is advantageous to keep on reading about Bing Surfboards’ offerings. Also, you can benefit from going over numerous buyer reviews online.

Since Bing Surfboards cater to all types of surfing enthusiasts, you will find an appropriate product for yourself. Your Bing surfboard will undoubtedly let you enjoy your surfing experiences since it is a water sports innovation of one of the world’s prestigious surfboard manufacturers and global surfers have rated it highly for years.

Happy Bing surfboards shopping!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Q: Is it a wise decision to purchase a second-hand surfboard?

If you are a beginner surfer, it is ideal to start your surfing journey with a used surfboard. Novice surfers have a high chance of dinging their water sports equipment while putting it inside their vehicle or carrying it down the steps.

Thus, as a new surfer, if you buy a used surfboard, all the dents or dings would not hurt you and your wallet at all. Once you reach the intermediate or professional level, that is the best time to purchase a brand-new surfboard.

Q: What are the different kinds of surfboards?

There are many kinds of surfboards. They come in different sizes, shapes, designs, and purposes. Depending on your surfing experiences and style, these types help you decide which surface boat suits you best. The following are the eight common kinds of surfboards:

  1. Shortboards or thrusters
  2. Foamboards
  3. Longboards
  4. Gun surfboards
  5. Malibu or Minimal
  6. Fish boards
  7. Funboard

Also, you can consider buying either a long surfboard or a shortboard. Long surfboards allow you to pedal them effortlessly and to catch the beach waves. Therefore, when your surfing experience has crossed the starter’s level, you can graduate from a fun surfboard or a foam surfboard to long surfboards or longboards. Longboards give you more stability in the water and more strength over the pedals.

Meanwhile, buying shortboards is ideal if you are an advanced surfer. Otherwise, if you are a beginner, you can get high chances of getting injured because shortboards are neither comprehensive nor long enough.

Q: In surfing, what makes the surfboard’s tail an essential factor?

In the world of surfing, tails play a crucial role. You should keep in mind that the smaller the surfboard’s tail is, the more that it will sink in the water. Small surfboard tails offer professional surfers more control over the more massive beach waves.

On the other hand, large and broad surfboard tails let surfers achieve optimal speed. Also, these surfboard tails allow you to get more buoyancy and stability in the water.

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