Superbrand Surfboards Review | Epic Boards or Rip Off?

Selecting the best surfboard to use can be overwhelming because of the tons of products available on the market and the different surfboard varieties. The easiest way to find the best board is by knowing the brands that offer high-quality surfboards to see where it is best to shop.

In this Superbrand Surfboards review, you will learn what makes the Superbrand trustworthy to its customers. You will learn what makes up the Superbrands team and the best-selling surfboards that they sell to give you an idea of which to look first.

You will also learn how to select the best type of surfboard appropriate for your skill level and preference. You will even know the different tail shapes that will aid your surfing performance. Knowing these basics is essential, especially that most Superbrand products are customizable.

Top 7 Superbrand Best-Selling Surfboards Reviewed

Superbrand is famous for selling highly customized surfboards that give you the liberty to select the size, tail shape, fins, and graphics. Despite this feature, its surfboards come in different varieties based on the features and the type of waves that you can ride. Here are some of the brand’s best-selling products.

  1. Fling Superflex Fish
  2. Original Pig Dog
  3. El Slammo Ben Gravy Semi-Pro
  4. Serial Keeler
  5. Black Viper Premium
  6. Magic Mix Premium
  7. Mad Cat Premium

#1. Fling Superflex Fish


The Fling Superflex is ideal for small and average days, which will give you an experience of riding the head-high wave. It is shorter than most fishes but higher in performance.

It provides smooth carving and quick down the line. It is versatile because you can select among available sizes and even choose to have a customized one.

You can select between original, squash, or wing swallow tail to give you the best experience. Choose between the futures or FCS2 fin system to go along with it.

The tails’ selections are rounded diamond, squash, swallow, rounded og, hippy squash, and wing swallow.

#2. Original Pig Dog


The Original Pig Dog came into the surfing scene in 2010. It has a curvy outline, pulled in tail, and a broad nose. To create this board, Superbrand worked with Outer Banks’s Jesse Hines and Brett Barley.

This board is perfect for a big carve and an open face. It is also an excellent replacement for step-ups because of its versatility.

Superbrand provides you the freedom to choose the best fins for your board.

The Original Pig Dog is excellent for two to seven feet waves. That is why intermediate to expert surfers can enjoy riding this board.

This polyurethane (PU) board has a medium rocker, medium to full rails, rounded-up pin, and a five-fin configuration.

#3. El Slammo Ben Gravy Semi-Pro


The El Slammo Ben Gravy Semi-Pro is what you should use if you want to have a great time riding novelty and small to head-high waves of one to five feet.

This model is a high-performance groveler that is ideal for intermediate to expert-level surfers.

This product has medium to full rails, low-entry with medium tail rocker, and five-fin configuration. With this board, you can customize the dimensions, graphics, and tails system, which is FCS2 or the future.

You can select to add your name to your PU surfboard. If you want it to be your girlfriend’s name or your dog’s name, you can do so. If you want more customizations, all you need to do is send a note.

#4. Serial Keeler


According to Superbrand, the Serial Keeler is a limited-edition twin fin model that got its inspiration from the traditional design but with modern rails and outlines, making it one of the best options if you want speed.

The Serial Keeler has medium to full rail, broad modern fish outline, and deep swallow.

The material used for making this board is PU. With this board, you can customize the dimension. You can select graphics among clear, death, beach, and south, and you can choose between Futures and FCS2 fin system.

This product is perfect for waves that are two to four feet high, making it an ideal option for beginner to expert surfers.

This board also has a low continuous modern rocker and a single to deep double with vee off the rail bottom.

#5. Black Viper Premium


The Black Viper Premium offers optimal foam distribution for balance and rail agility. This board has a curvy outline, which makes it an excellent step-down for better paddling and more powerful surfing.

Because of its medium to boxy rails, this board makes maneuvering almost effortless.

The Black Viper Premium is ideal for the waist to overhead waves. You can select a color between clear and storm and a fin system between futures or FCS2.

#6. Magic Mix Premium


The birthplace of the Magic Mix Premium is in Coolangatta, Australia, but surfers can use it worldwide. Its name describes its features that seem magical for making the board versatile and enabling the surfers to ride almost any wave conditions that are typically two to five feet.

Even though it is an all-rounder board, surfers who are intermediate to expert skill levels are the ones who can ride it.

This product has a medium rail, modern fuller shortboard outline, single to slight double to flat tail bottom, and squash tail, making it an ideal board for surfing knee-high to overhead waves. You can also use it for mush waters, barrels, and casual surfing.

With this board, you can customize the dimensions. You can choose to add a name to it. Other selections include the fin system, which is either futures or FCS2. Graphics which is either clear, TV, cube, swing.

The Magic Mix Premium has PU construction.

#7. Mad Cat Premium


Clay Marzo designed the Mad Cat, which is his signature surfboard. This design received an award as the SIMA Surfboard of the Year, which is not surprising because it contains all the needed features to smoothly ride overhead waves. With this board, you can surf the waves up to six feet high or more depending on your abilities.

Because of this, the Mad Cat Premium is for intermediate to expert surfers.

This product has a medium continuous rocker, modern high-performance shortboard, and single to slight double to vee.

This surfboard has a nose with extra width to provide better paddling and recoveries. It has boxy rails to match its power.

Its rounded square tail adds tightness and speed.

Overall, this board is one of the most forgiving surfboards that provide smooth rail to rail transition. You can select the types of fins and shapes between the squash tail thruster or a swallowtail and quad, which is the favorite of most surfers.

If you want to have a step-up experience, you should select a round pin thruster or a swallow quad. This board uses PU for its construction. The available graphics that you can choose from are clear and black to rail fades.

About Superbrand

Dion Agius, Ry Craike, and Clay Marzo founded the Superbrand in 2008. They are a team of riders who wanted progress. A group of innovative designers and shapers, the Superbrand Shapers’ Collective, joined the riders’  team to collaborate to create new surfboards.

Superbrand claims to shape the new standard for surfboard’s excellence because of its boards’ uniqueness and functionality.

In June 2010, Superbrand started its apparel line that reached boutiques in various nations, including Australia and the US.

This brand focuses on the youth as its target market. Superbrand creates products for them by creating unique, innovative, and functional surfboards to fulfill their wants and needs. That is why it makes sure to create high-quality surfboards with trending designs.

Aside from these features, Superbrand surfboards are highly customizable. It allows you to request personalized dimensions, name, tails, and other details to add.

In its online store, finding the best volume for your weight and ability becomes more manageable because of its volume calculator, which is available to all its products. What makes this brand even more amazing is that you can pay in installments.

Considerations When Buying a Surfboard From Superbrand

This article focuses on the surfboards available in Superbrand. In this section, you will learn the types of surfboards and tail shapes that will help you shop successfully in its store.

Types of Surfboards

Almost all Superbrand surfboards are shortboards or its varieties, such as the thrusters and fishes. Knowing the different types of surfboards helps you decide if you should shop in Superbrand or look elsewhere.

You need to know about selecting the best board that should suit your built and skill level. For the products available in Superbrand, most of its surfboards are for intermediate to pro surfers. However, Superbrand has some boards that even beginners can use, such as the Serial Keeler.

Here are the different types of surfboards.


As mentioned, it is the type that is typical in a Superbrand shop. However, it comes in different varieties depending on the number of fins, length, and features.

Most shortboards have three fins. Surfers also call these shortboards as thrusters.

As the term shortboard implies, it is a board that is short. When you shop in Superbrand, you will see that its length ranges from 5’0 to 6’0, although you can customize it based on your preference.

Many surfers call the shortboards as high-performance boards because these allow them to perform tricks because of their excellent maneuverability. These boards are ideal for high to double head waves.

Generally, shortboards are not ideal for complete beginners because of the lack of stability and paddle speed. If you are a beginner who wants to get your hands on this board, you should first become a strong paddler to use it effectively.


The fish is a shortboard variety that is typically under six feet in length but offers a lot of volume because of its broad nose, swallowtail, and a flat rocker. It comes with quad or twin fin configuration that makes it perfect for lining up waves.

Its other perks include the smooth flow and speed. It is a user-friendlier option when it comes to gliding compared to typical shortboards.

The fish is ideal for high to overhead waves.


The funboard is commonly from seven to eight feet long. It has a broad nose, foil, and a relaxed rocker. Many surfers call it hybrid, mid-lengths, eggs, depending on who you ask.

The funboard can accommodate any fin configuration. It provides more stability, which makes it excellent for riding different waves. Beginners can use this board, although a typical surfer can use it from knee to overhead waves.


The gun is only for the pros and experts with a lot of courage.

Guns almost have the same length as the board but can be as small as seven feet. Although the measurement is almost the same, its features are not as near as the longboard.

The guns have a pointy nose and tail, and they come in different fin configurations.

Guns are not for surfers with a weak heart because their primary purpose is to ride enormous waves, such as those you can see in Jaws, Hawaii. These waves are typically more than double overhead high.


This type of surfboard gives stability and volume. Most of these boards have a broad nose and a fin that is either single or 2+1.

This type is the oldest surfboard that people used several years ago but still popular today, although improved.

Longboards come in different varieties, but most surfers use it for cruising and noseriding, although some surfboards are high-performance.

If it uses a single fin, the longboard becomes a better choice for gliding. If it is 2+1, it is excellent at giving more grip than glide.

The longboards are for small to overhead waves, but they are challenging to use on average beach breaks.  Beginners can use this board.

Types of Surfboard Tails

Like the surfboard, its tail comes in different varieties that can affect the surfer’s performance, control, maneuverability, speed, stability, hold, release, etc. That is why you should also consider the tail of your purchase.

The typical types that you can find on Superbrand are the squash, swallow, round, and diamond. In this section, you will understand their difference. Here are some of its types.


The diamond tail provides smooth turnability that is better than the rounded pin.

Rounded Square

It resembles the square tail feature but provides more hold but less responsiveness.


The round tail gives better maneuverability and grip for riding steep and hollow waves. It is more versatile than pin tail because of its enhanced surface area that aids the speed for riding slow waves.

Rounded Pin

This type is a combination of round and pin that is excellent for speed and stability.


The squash is the most typical type of tail that gives a balanced and comfortable experience. It is a combination of the round and square tail features, which provides better stability, maneuverability, grip, and control. It is also versatile to handle almost any kind of waves from small to overhead.


The bat looks like a swallowtail, but it gives more grip in the water.


The swallowtail is common in fish and shortboards. It gives stability, grip, and control for rail to rail transitions.


Surfers also call it a chopped tail. It gives more volume that aids speed, turnability, and stability, making it ideal for slow and mushy waves.


The pin is an ideal choice for riding the barrels. It provides an excellent grip on the wave face and decreases the lift. This tail gives direction and flow by sacrificing turnability, making it not suitable for small days.


The thumb is the combined features of round and squash tails.


This tail is ideal for front side and backside surfing. It is often a combination of two-tail shapes that provide better traction.


This type is broader than the swallowtail. It is ideal to use for small waves.


In this Superbrand surfboards review, you have learned about this brand. Its customization services allow you to pick the dimension, tail shape, and fin-type that you think is the best for you. You can request to add for more details, such as your name.

Surfers who love highly customized surfboards are the ones who will appreciate the services of Superbrand. It is also for those who enjoy using shortboards and fishes.

Hopefully, this review has helped you pick the best surfboard to use. If you cannot choose the best product in Superbrand, you now know the right type and tail shape to use based on your style and abilities.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Where Can I Buy Superbrand Products?

A: The Superbrand products are available internationally. This company has branches and teams in several countries worldwide. You can buy in several stores in California, Northwest, Hawaii, Florida, Mid Atlantic, North East, Puerto Rico, Texas, and Canada. You can buy online if you are from Australia, Europe, Brazil, and other countries. You can find some of their products on surf shops, such as Swell, PacSun, Tactics, Daddies Board Shop, CCS, Evo, and more.

Q: Will Superbrand Pay the Shipment Fees?

A: The payment for the product you purchase excludes the taxes or other import duties that you need to pay. Customers should pay for them. If you need to return the product, the customers will be the ones to pay for shipping and handling. If you receive a damaged product, you need to talk to customer service for assistance.

Q: Can I Cancel My Order From Superbrand?

A: You can cancel your order within 48 hours. If you cancel beyond this allotted time, you will have to pay for the cancellation fee, which is 100 dollars. For the refund, you should wait for up to 44 days to appear in your account.

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