Huub Wetsuits Review: Epic Wetsuits or Rip Off? [2021]

Triathlon is a challenging sport because you have to be extra-fit if you want to participate in races. With this activity, you’ll have to swim, bike, and run for miles under the heat of the sun. It’s not an easy sport, but it has always been fun and worth the experience. 

If you’re considering this sport as a career, it’s important to invest in stuff you need for the race, such as wetsuits. Finding the best wetsuit that can provide you comfort and flexibility will push you to your optimum performance. However, there are many options, making it more difficult to choose, which is which. 

If you want to save time, consider checking the collection of Huub. This brand has been running its business in the industry for many decades, yet it doesn’t fail in satisfying its customers. Aside from assured quality, it offers appealing designs that men and women will undoubtedly admire. 

Top 8 Best Huub Wetsuits Reviewed

If you’re still having a hard time looking for the best wetsuit, here’s a Huub Wetsuits review to consider. Every product from its collection will meet your expectations. 

  1. Huub Aura 2 Triathlon Wetsuit (Women)
  2. Huub Archimedes 3 Wetsuit (Men)
  3. Huub Varman Wetsuit (Men)
  4. Huub Alpha Tri Suit (Women)
  5. Huub Brownlee Agilis Wetsuit (Men)
  6. Huub Aegis III Sleeveless Wetsuit (Women)
  7. Huub Axiom Wetsuit (Men)
  8. Huub Archimedes Wetsuit (Women)

#1. Huub Aura 2 Triathlon Wetsuit (Women)

Aura 2 Triathlon Wetsuit 3:3 Women's + Free Tri Suit

If you’re looking for a premium wetsuit, you should check out the collection of Huub. Every wetsuit it offers has an exceptional design that women triathletes admire. One of the top-sellers is the Aura 2 Triathlon Wetsuit. Its black suit with purple highlights will make it a head-turner as you wear it during competitions. 

It provides optimum comfort because the patterns and curves fit a woman’s form. It also comes from an excellent quality of neoprene and nylon materials, making it long-lasting, even if you wear it frequently. Plus, it has a pressed neck edge for added relief. 

Another reason why it’s the best triathlon wetsuit is because of its buoyancy. Unlike typical wetsuits, the +43 foam buoyancy will keep your body in a better swimming position for an efficient kick and powerful padding. 

Aside from that, it can provide you a boost as you swim, which is favorable to triathletes in competitions. The buoyancy will lift your body out of the water for quick-swimming. Plus, you’ll feel less tired because of its Arms Neutral technology. 

The sizing ranges from double-extra-small to extra-large. You can also choose a size depending on your height, from 135 centimeters to 188 centimeters. 

When it comes to quick-transitions, you can count on it because of its Breakaway zipper. Wearing it or removing it is hassle-free. 

Also, this wetsuit is eligible for warranty. 

#2. Huub Archimedes 3 Wetsuit (Men)
HUUB Archimedes 3 Wetsuit 4:4

Huub has been one of the popular wetsuit brands because of its performance. If you’re searching for the best one, you should check out the Archimedes 3 Wetsuit. 

This wetsuit features M.A.D or Measurement of Active Drag system. It enhances your performance as you swim in open water because this technology provides a lightweight feeling as you move forward. 

It also features the +43 foam technology and Graduated Buoyancy System for an enhanced swimming position for a less-tiring feeling. It also gives balance on the hips, lower quads, and thighs for quicker movements. Plus, the hydrodynamic profile of this wetsuit is favorable while you’re paddling. 

The sizing available for this wetsuit ranges from extra-small to double-extra-large, or it’s suitable for users with a height of 145 centimeters to 203 centimeters. Also, it fits well on most body forms of men triathletes.  

When it comes to relief, it doesn’t only use a premium-quality of neoprene material. You’d be surprised that it comes from different materials; 80% neoprene, 3% metalized fiber, 15% polyamide-nylon, and 2% cotton. There’s no discomfort, even if you wear it for long hours. 

Another edge of this wetsuit is the Bicep Release 360 technology. You’ll love it because this advantage supports proper arm positioning for every stroke. Plus, it lets the biceps expand further, providing exceptional bent arm state for catch and recovery. 

It’s not only performing but also appealing, thanks to its modern design. You’ll love the highlights on the thighs. Aside from that, the biceps’ plain color-design is a head-turner. 

#3. Huub Varman Wetsuit (Men)

Varman Wetsuit Men's + Free Tri Suit

There are many wetsuits available in the market, yet if you want to save time from endless searching, you should check out what Huub has to provide. Men triathletes recommend the Varman Wetsuit because it gives optimum flexibility and buoyancy. 

This wetsuit will push you to your top performance without causing you any discomfort, thanks to its Arms Neutral technology. Every stroke is efficient because it’s stretchy enough for any swimming style. Also, it doesn’t restrict the user’s shoulder while swimming because of its Rotational Freedom. 

You can assure exceptional relief even if you wear it for long hours in the water. Despite any water temperature or climate, comfort is never questionable because it comes from high-quality Japanese Yamamoto neoprene material. Also, it’s very durable, regardless of any big movement. 

Aside from that, it gives the buoyancy that every triathlete needs because it’s lighter but effective. Your swimming position is better with the +43 Buoyancy technology, which prevents your body from tiring quickly regardless of powerful kicks. 

Another advantage of this wetsuit is that it lessens the drag while you’re in the water, thanks to its M.A.D system. Moving with optimum speed is not a problem at all with this advantage. 

When it comes to its style, it’s undoubtedly appealing. The orange, white, and silver highlights complement the black base-color of the suit. Also, it’s available in different sizes, from extra-small to double-extra-large. 

#4. Huub Alpha Tri Suit (Women)

Alpha Womens + Free Tri Suit

When it comes to versatility, Huub is one of the most recommended brands for women triathletes. There’s a lot of options to consider, yet most can be pricey. If you’re looking for the best entry-level, that’s affordable. You can never go wrong with Alpha Tri Suit. 

The classy style of this wetsuit never fails to draw attention from anyone who sees it. It may have a monochromatic design, yet it’s very appealing. 

Unlike other Huub products, the sizing of this wetsuit is straightforward. You can choose from extra-small to extra-large. 

It provides a balanced buoyancy on the chest and legs, which is 3mm by thickness. Paddling with full force is not too tiring. Plus, it keeps the body in a better swimming position while you’re in open water. 

Aside from that, it uses quality-neoprene material with Glide Skin advantage. You can guarantee comfort at any climate or water temperature. Plus, it reduces the wetsuit’s drag, making it comfier to swim. 

It’s also the best wetsuit to consider when it comes to thermal control because it uses flatlock construction. It prevents water flush, retaining the necessary water you need to keep body-warmth while you’re in the water. 

Triathletes admire this wetsuit because of its particular panel placements. These add to its entire flexibility, along with the 1.5mm-arm thickness. These features will let you move your shoulder and arms effectively without any restricted feeling. 

#5. Huub Brownlee Agilis Wetsuit (Men)

If you want an appealing wetsuit that provides exceptional performance, you should check out the Brownlee Agilis Wetsuit. The black, blue, and white color-combination make it very attractive, which is why men triathletes admire it. 

You can never go wrong with its comfort because it comes from an excellent quality of neoprene, cotton, nylon, and fiber materials. Triathletes don’t feel any discomfort regardless of any big movement. Also, the pressed neck edge gives further relief, preventing water-entry as you swim in open water. 

Every stroke is more comfortable, thanks to its Arms Neutral advantage. This technology delivers exceptional flexibility on the shoulder and arms, helping you swim with acceleration. It’s favorable during races because this advantage gives you a head-start as you begin to swim. 

Aside from that, the buoyancy of this wetsuit meets users’ expectations because of the +43 foam. The 43%-buoyancy it provides to triathletes prevents them from fatigue as they swim for miles. Plus, the enhanced swimming position it promotes also provides agility to the user. 

Another reason why triathletes admire it is a convenience it provides during transitions. Getting in and out is very easy, thanks to its breakaway zipper. It’s within the user’s reach, which is an upside for quicker transitions. 

You have different options when it comes to sizing because it’s available in extra-small to extra-large. You can also choose the buoyancy you prefer if it’s 3:5mm or 4:4mm. 

#6. Huub Aegis III Sleeveless Wetsuit (Women)

Aegis III Sleeveless Wetsuit Women's + Free Tri Suit

Huub has been meeting the expectations of many triathletes, especially pros, with its quality wetsuits. One reason is that most wetsuits are perfect-fit for most body-forms. If you struggle in looking for a comfy wetsuit, you can never go wrong with the Aegis III Sleeveless Wetsuit.

This sleeveless wetsuit is a bestseller because it promotes stroke effectiveness with its X-0 Skeleton technology. It provides superior body-positioning while swimming for agility and efficiency. Aside from that, it’s less likely for triathletes to feel tired right away despite continuous movements in the water. 

It’s available in seven sizes, ranging from double-extra-small to extra-large. Regardless of any size, it fits well on a woman’s body without causing any discomfort. 

It comes with a Breakaway zipper for easy-wearing and easy-removing, which gives quick transitions after you swim. 

When it comes to buoyancy, it’s available at 3:3, which matches the X-O Skeleton technology. Better swimming position will improve your acceleration as you swim without tiring you.

The Rotational Freedom advantage of this wetsuit adds further comfort to the user despite being sleeveless. Regardless of any swimming stroke you prefer, you can move without restrictions. 

It also stretchy, making it favorable for strokes and paddles. It’s efficient and comfy because it comes from premium-quality metalized fiber, cotton, polyamide-nylon, and neoprene. Plus, it assures durability, preventing it from tearing. 

#7. Huub Axiom Wetsuit (Men)

Axiom Wetsuit Men's + Free Tri Suit

Men triathletes are picky when it comes to wetsuits because they also consider the style aside from durability and comfort. Huub offers a competitive collection, and one of the bestsellers for men is the Axiom Wetsuit.

This wetsuit style is exceptional because it stays classy, with its black base-color and silver-red highlights. It looks like a superhero suit, which is why a lot of men triathletes prefer it. Plus, the sizing is straightforward because it’s available in extra-small to extra-large. 

It provides exceptional breathability as it comes from high-quality neoprene, cotton, polyamide-nylon, and metalized fiber materials. Comfort is never doubtful even if you wear it for longer hours. Also, it comes with a low-neckline to add ease as you take deep breaths while swimming. 

Aside from that, wearing this wetsuit is convenient, thanks to its Breakaway zipper. It also provides smoother transitions as you take it off. 

It also promotes an exceptional swimming position that will give you a less-tiring feeling from paddling. The enhanced swimming position is favorable on the agility, boosting your water speed. 

This wetsuit’s flexibility is also admirable because it doesn’t compromise your performance despite using different swimming strokes. Your shoulder and arms can move with ease. Plus, your legs can paddle without restricted movements. 

Another reason why triathletes recommend it is because it’s eligible for warranty. 

#8. Huub Archimedes Wetsuit (Women)

HUUB Archimedes 3 Wetsuit 3:3 - Womens

Women triathletes struggle the most in searching for a wetsuit that will fit their bodies. On the bright side, Huub is famous for its versatility because it offers different sizes, from extra-small to extra-large. 

The 3:3 Graduated Buoyancy of this wetsuit is its pride because it gives a more streamlined and flatter suit profile as you swim in open water. It provides the right balance for your body, promoting an improved swimming position for agile movements. 

Aside from that, its flexibility will not be a disappointment, especially on the arms. The Bicep Release 360 advantage assists in leading the arms to its proper positioning. There are less tension and fatigue with this feature for effective stroke alignment. 

As for comfort, it provides lesser drag as you get out of the water, thanks to its quality-neoprene material. It also guarantees durability, which prevents it from tearing quickly. 

When it comes to its style, this wetsuit is appealing. The red, silver and white highlights match the black-base color. Also, the design on the thighs makes it very appealing. 

You can choose a size from extra-small to extra-large, which fits most female body-forms. 

Getting the Best Huub Wetsuit – Buyers Guide

In choosing the best wetsuit, there are some factors you need to consider aside from the brand. Here’s a guide for you in buying the best out of many options. 

Type of Wetsuit

You need to keep in mind several wetsuit types if you’re starting to consider triathlon as a career. Every type is advantageous in a particular aspect. Here are the typical ones you’ll encounter in the market. 

Full Wetsuit

This type is the most popular one, and it covers the whole body, including the legs and arms. Most triathletes prefer this type because of its thermal control, especially when swimming through cold open water. Some brands offer it with a hood, yet it’s optional because most don’t need it in triathlon. 

The Aura 2, Varman, Brownlee Agilis, Archimedes, and Axiom are the best entries of Huub for full wetsuits. 

Long Jane/John Wetsuits

This type is commonly known as “sleeveless” wetsuits. There are no arm sleeves, but it covers the lower body down to the ankle. Some triathletes prefer it because they can swim with full convenience. After all, its sleeveless feature doesn’t restrict the shoulder and arms from swimming with full agility. 

If you need a sleeveless wetsuit, you can never go wrong with Huub’s Aegis III Wetsuit. 

Shorty Wetsuit

This wetsuit-type is versatile. Some brands offer wetsuits with short sleeves and legs, while others offer long sleeves but short legs. Nonetheless, this type is ideal for a warmer climate, especially water temperature. 

Huub doesn’t have any shorty wetsuits from its collection.  

Huub Wetsuits: Company & History

Huub has always been targeting to provide better products to athletes since it started its journey. This company has been operating for four decades, meeting its customers’ expectations, from quality to comfort. 

As it starts to offer wetsuits in the market, it focused on incorporating scientific fields that will be beneficial for triathlon athletes. Paul Newsome, Dean Jackson, and Adam Young focused on providing exceptional innovation to every product it offers to further satisfy its customers. 

Aside from wetsuits, there are also other products available, including goggles, clothing, and bags. 

It has been one of the most respected brands because famous athletes wear it, including Richard Varga, ITU triathlon’s fastest swimmer, and Jetze Plat, an Olympic champion. 


If you can’t find a reliable brand for wetsuits, you should consider Huub. It has satisfied its customers since day one because it provides better versions of what’s already good. You can count on its comfort, sturdiness, and flexibility because its wetsuits come with innovative technology for improved performance. Regardless if it’s a full or a sleeveless wetsuit, it’s the best brand to consider. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Q: How should my Huub wetsuit fit?

A: Wetsuits should give you a feeling as if you’re wearing a second skin. It’s too big if there are folds or crinkles on the hips and legs. Also, if you can easily pull it away from your skin, and it shouldn’t loosen as well, which is why you have to stick to the sizing chart to know what’s suitable for your body. 

Q: Do I need to wear anything for my wetsuit?

A: It’s advisable to wear swimwear if you’re going swimming. If you’re going for a triathlon race, it’s best to wear a tri suit to cover your chest. Some of the packages by Huub have a free tri suit. 

Q: Does Huub offer trade-in services for old wetsuits?

A: No, it doesn’t. However, it offers a junior upgrade for the next size, since children grow fast. You can check its website for further details regarding the upgrade. 

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