Bare Wetsuits Review | Epic Wetsuits or Rip Off? [2022]

People always enjoy their time at the beach, and more are becoming interested in water activities, like scuba diving and surfing. If you’re into these activities, it’s best if you can buy a performing wetsuit. 

This suit has many advantages, especially when you’re wearing a quality one from a reliable brand, like Bare Wetsuits. This brand is famous because of its competitive wetsuit-collection for many water activities, including scuba diving and surfing. 

Aside from performance, many divers and surfers recommend it for its design and innovative technology.  Whether you need a full wetsuit or a shorty, every item from its collection is worth the try. 

Top 7 Best Bare Wetsuits Reviewed

Here’s a Bare Wetsuits review to consider if you still can’t decide what to buy. Below are the bestsellers from this brands collection.

  1. Bare 5mm Evoke Full Wetsuit 
  2. Bare 7mm Velocity Ultra Full Wetsuit 
  3. Bare 7mm Nixie Ultra Full Wetsuit 
  4. Bare 5mm Nixie Full Wetsuit 
  5. Bare 3mm Reactive Full Wetsuit 
  6. Bare 2mm Elate Shorty Wetsuit 
  7. Bare 2mm Sport S-Flex Shorty Wetsuit 

#1. Bare 5mm Evoke Full Wetsuit 

Bare Evoke 5mm Full Wetsuit  

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Bare offers nothing but top-quality, and if you’re looking for the best full wetsuit for scuba diving, you can never go wrong with the 5mm Evoke Full Wetsuit. 

Women divers love this wetsuit because of its exceptional performance, thanks to its OMNIRED Infrared Technology. This feature boosts circulation, making you feel as if you’re doing yoga while in the water. 

The design of this wetsuit improves a woman’s body-form. The modern style also makes it very appealing because the black, pink, and aqua color combination matches well. 

What makes it the best wetsuits for women is the Glideskin collar. It also comes with an adjustable neck seal with the 360-degree technology. This advantage with Velcro has a booklet-style cover to keep the wetsuit from snagging. 

Another reason to love this wetsuit is because of the 21-inch back zipper. It features a G-lock zipper with an offset tooth-style for easy-entry. Plus, it’s exceptional in stopping the water from coming in the suit.

When it comes to swimming, moving is hassle-free because of its Armor Flex 2.0. It provides exceptional flexibility, letting you move your arms and legs freely while you’re underwater. 

The buoyancy profile of this wetsuit is also one reason why you need to buy it. It enhances your swimming position as you move on the surface of the water, which lets you move quicker. 

Aside from that, the quality-neoprene material it uses will guarantee relief, even when you wear it for how many hours underwater. 

#2. Bare 7mm Velocity Ultra Full Wetsuit 

Bare 7mm Velocity Ultra Full Wetsuit  \

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Men scuba divers yearn for performance and comfort. If you think it’s impossible to find a wetsuit with both advantages, you can check out what Bare has to offer. One of the top-selling entries is the 7mm Velocity Ultra Full Wetsuit.

It comes with an elegant vibe in its all-black style, which you’ll undoubtedly love because it has a matte finish. Wearing it in the field will make your suit a head-turner. 

Aside from that, it comes with a Progressive Full-stretch or PFS construction, which adds to its velocity as you move in the water. Despite any big movement, it doesn’t tear easily, thanks to its high-quality neoprene material. Plus, it gives an exceptional fit to most body-forms, no matter how slim or bulky the user is. 

Scuba divers recommend this wetsuit because it’s excellent in retaining the body-warmth you need underwater, especially when you’re in colder water temperature. You can enjoy your activity without the discomfort of shivering because of coldness. 

Another feature that you’ll love about this wetsuit is the PROTEKT knee protection, which gives an anti-abrasion advantage. Paddling is more comfortable and effective because this advantage matches its optimum flexibility. 

This wetsuit is also one of the recommended for preventing excessive water-entry. It comes with a contoured GLIDESKIN collar, along with ankle and wrist seals, to avert water from coming in. 

The zipper at the back makes it hassle-free for users to wear or remove it. Plus, the neck collar has an adjustable zipper with a booklet-style suit saver, keeping the wetsuit from snagging. 

#3. Bare 7mm Nixie Ultra Full Wetsuit 

Bare 7mm Nixie Ultra Full Wetsuit  

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Bare offers a wide variety of wetsuits, and the entries for scuba diving will undoubtedly satisfy you. If you need one, you should check out the 7mm Nixie Ultra Full Wetsuit. 

The thickness of this wetsuit, which is 7mm, is ideal for scuba diving because it can retain the suitable body-warmth you need as you go deeper. The neoprene material traps the right amount of water your body needs for thermal control. 

Despite its thickness, it doesn’t restrict the user from moving underwater. The Progressive Full-stretch advantage makes it easier to swim even when you’re going deeper. Plus, this feature retains the comfort, assuring you a better scuba diving experience. 

Another exceptional technology of this wetsuit is the Armor-Flex on the knee pads. These pads will protect you from abrasion and snares. 

The skin-in flip seals of this wetsuit at the mid-calf and mid-forearm minimize water-entry, and it keeps the wetsuit lighter for a comfier feeling. Also, the seamless underarms contribute to its maximum relief.

#4. Bare 5mm Nixie Full Wetsuit 

Bare 5mm Nixie Full Wetsuit  

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If you want a thinner wetsuit that will not compromise thermal control while scuba diving, the 5mm Nixie Full Wetsuit of Bare is what you should buy. 

It comes in a sleek style, yet the design doesn’t fail to attract women divers because the blue and pink color combinations complement this wetsuit’s black-base color. Also, it forms well on most body-forms. 

Scuba divers prefer this wetsuit because of its S-Flex Full-Stretch technology on its neoprene material. It assures exceptional mobility as you swim around, and it also makes sure it will not tear, even when you use it most of the time. 

The Glideskin collar gives an optimum seal, which lessens flushing for thermal control. It even comes with a Velcro adjustment collar in a booklet-design cover. This feature keeps the wetsuit from piling or snagging while you’re underwater. 

The zipper at the back makes it more comfortable in wearing and removing. It measures 19-inch long, and the zipper comes with a strap, letting you reach it with full ease. 

You can also guarantee minimized flushing but enhanced isolation because it comes with a double-glued construction with a secure-lock advantage. 

Aside from that, this wetsuit features an Armor Flex kneepads to secure it against abrasion and snares. This advantage makes paddling more comfortable underwater. 

#5. Bare 3mm Reactive Full Wetsuit 

Bare 3mm Reactive Full Wetsuit  

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Bare is also famous for introducing versatile wetsuits, which users admire because they can buy a single wetsuit to use different water activities. If you want one, you should consider the 3mm Reactive Full Wetsuit. This wetsuit is suitable for snorkeling, surfing, and even for triathlon events. 

It assures exceptional comfort as you use it because of its OMNIRED Infrared technology. It makes it very responsive to any swimming stroke. Plus, it lets you paddle effectively without tiring you immediately, thanks to its buoyancy advantage. 

Another advantage of this wetsuit is that it converts the body heat to infrared energy. It’s more favorable to the user because it helps in circulation, enhancing oxygen levels to use lesser energy without compromising your performance. 

You can count on this wetsuit’s flexibility because it features Elastek Full-stretch technology on the neoprene material. It pairs well with the OMNIRED technology, providing the user a high degree of thermal control and comfort.

Wearing or removing this wetsuit is not a hassle at all with its back-zip type. It’s 21 inches long, and it comes with an S-Lock2 advantage to secure it from excessive water-entry. Also, the skin-to-skin double internal sealing on the flap contributes to it. 

It may come in a meek style, yet it doesn’t fail in attracting people as you wear it in the field. It’s available in two designs. The pink base comes with black and silver highlights, while the black base has blue highlights.  

#6. Bare 2mm Elate Shorty Wetsuit 

Bare 2mm Elate Shorty Wetsuit  

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Bare also offers other wetsuit-types for surfers, such as the 2mm Elate Shorty Wetsuit. It comes with short sleeves and legs for optimum mobility. It’s ideal for surfers because it’s easier to move, especially when they execute tricks. 

The flexibility of this wetsuit is also one of the reasons why you should wear it while surfing. It features a High-Stretch neoprene blend for maximum comfort. Plus, it gives an excellent fit to most body-forms, which guarantees relief to every woman who wears it. 

Aside from that, it comes with a low-profile collar to keep the wetsuit from sagging. It comes with Velcro closure for a less-bulky feeling while you’re having fun along waves. Plus, it comes with an integrated suite saver that secures the wetsuit. 

When it comes to convenience, wearing or removing it is hassle-free because the back-zipper slides smoothly. It also has a heavy-duty zipper for easy-doffing and easy-donning. If your concern is water-entry, the zipper at the back assures a minimized water-entry for added relief. 

Another reason to admire this wetsuit is the watersport-inspired design. Users love the style on the shoulder to the right arm-sleeve. 

You can also count on its buoyancy if you’re up for freestyle swimming. There’s lesser drag as you swim on the surface of the water. Plus, it promotes the body to an improved swimming position. 

#7. Bare 2mm Sport S-Flex Shorty Wetsuit 

Bare 2mm Sport S-Flex Shorty Wetsuit  

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Men love Bare for its versatility, especially when it comes to its wetsuit-collection. If you’re having a hard time deciding where to buy, you should consider buying the 2mm Sport S-Flex Shorty Wetsuit. 

It comes with a classic design in black and blue color combination. It may look meek, yet it doesn’t compromise its performance underwater. 

This wetsuit is famous for its optimum-performance. It comes from a premium-quality of neoprene material, which provides excellent elasticity and relief as you wear it for longer hours. Also, it comes with S-Flex technology, letting you move without limitations, especially when you’re surfing. 

It’s also an excellent scuba diving-suit despite its 2mm-thickness because it gives excellent thermal-control. It retains the warmth you need as you go deeper underwater without causing any distress. 

It has an exceptional buoyancy profile, which reserves your energy as you move without meddling with your performance. It lets you effectively paddle as you swim underwater or on the surface. Also, the lesser-drag advantage can make you move faster. 

This wetsuit has a flat-lock seam construction, which guarantees durability despite big movements. It’s also effective in preventing excessive water-entry.

Getting the Best Bare Wetsuits – Buyers Guide

Before buying anything from any brand when it comes to wetsuits, there are some factors you need to consider to know you’re buying the right one for you. This guide will help you out. 

Know the Type of Wetsuit You Need

There are many water activities these days, and if you want excellent comfort, you should know what type suits you for better performance. Here are the three types you can consider.

Full Wetsuits

This type of wetsuit is versatile because people wear it during most water activities. Regardless if you’re surfing, scuba diving, or participating in triathlon events. It covers the lower body, down to the ankle. As for the upper body, the sleeves can either be short or long. Plus, most of this type are 3mm thick and above. 

Some of Bare’s bestsellers include the 5mm Evoke Full, 7mm Velocity Ultra, and 7mm Nixie Ultra Full wetsuits. 

Long Jane or Long John Wetsuits

This type is similar to full wetsuits, but instead of having long sleeves, it’s sleeveless. Triathletes and surfers wear it because it’s favorable as they move their arms and shoulders. Plus, it’s also best for warmer weather because of its breathability, yet it still keeps the warmth your body needs inside. 

Shorty Wetsuits

This wetsuit type is an ideal one for surfers. It’s for warmer water temperature or weather, and it promotes zero-restrictions on any movement, especially when it comes to executing tricks. It still maintains the ideal warmth your body needs, but it’s not as effective as full wetsuits. 

The 2mm Elate and Sport S-Flex Wetsuits are the top picks from Bare’s collection. 

Know the Different Wetsuit Accessories

If you’re scuba diving or surfing in colder water temperatures, you have to consider some accessories to keep you warm. Most wetsuits that are 5mm thick and up use these accessories because of the temperature, and here are the typical ones to check out. 

Wetsuit Boots

This accessory comes from neoprene and rubber materials, and it comes in either split toe or round toe. If you want improved agility, you should consider the external split toe. As for internal split-toe, it combines thermal control and acceleration. 

Wetsuit Gloves

This accessory is also necessary for scuba diving, and it comes from quality-neoprene material. It’s available in three-finger hybrid type, or lobster hands, and five-finger-type. 

Wetsuit Hoods

This wetsuit accessory comes as an attachment on most wetsuits that are 5mm thick and up, while some include it as a built-in feature. Plus, it adds warmth, which is ideal for winter water activities. 

The 7mm Nixie Hooded Full Wetsuit comes with a built-in hood. 

Know the Different Wetsuit Zip-Types

The zip-types are also important factors in choosing the ideal wetsuit for you. It’s responsible for controlling water-entry. With excessive water inside your wetsuit, it compromises your thermal control and agility. 


This type doesn’t have a zipper, but it’s very flexible that your body can fit as you use the neck-opening to wear it. It’s very advantageous because you can assure that there’s reduced water-entry, yet it’s not too convenient. 

Chest Zip or Front Zip-type

This type is either on the chest or at the front, from neck to the core. 

It’s excellent in preventing water from coming in for the chest zip-type because there’s lesser opening, yet it can be hassle-free for users to wear and remove it. The front-zip has a bigger opening, but it’s easier to wear and remove. 

The 7mm Nixie Hooded Full and 7mm Nixie Ultra Full Wetsuits use a front-zip type. 

Back Zip-type

This zip-type is frequent on wetsuits because of its convenience. Wearing and removing it is hassle-free because it comes with a strap for easy-reach. It’s also excellent in averting water from coming in, unlike the front zip or chest zip-type. 

The 5mm Nixie Full and 2mm Revel Shorty Wetsuits have a back zip-type. 

How Wetsuits Work

One big misconception about wetsuits is that it keeps your body from getting wet inside. However, you need to retain the body-warmth you need. A little amount of water inside is necessary for thermal control, and the thing a neoprene material is that it traps this little fluid to maintain body heat. 

As you wear a wetsuit, it should feel like your second skin. Water might still come in, but there’s a minimized amount entering from the openings with a quality-wetsuit. You have to find the best one that provides excellent control for water-entry. 

Bare Wetsuits: Company & History

Bare began its small factory back in 1972, and it’s on the coast of British Columbia. Two divers founded the company, and they introduced a drysuit capable of the chilly Canadian Pacific Ocean. Both crafted the suit, where they failed many times while perfecting its performance. As they continue to push themselves after every failure, they finally introduced a performing drysuit for scuba diving, which is also durable and functional. From there, the offered wetsuits as well, along with other swimwear. 

As years pass by, this brand commits to providing exceptional products for scuba diving and other water activities, like surfing and snorkeling. It continues to provide innovative technology to improve every wetsuit’s comfort, durability, and elasticity. 

Besides wetsuits and drysuits, you’ll also find accessories, like gloves, hoods, boots, and neck gaiters. 


Regardless if you’re scuba diving or surfing, you should consider buying from the collection of Bare. You can guarantee a top-performing wetsuit, along with exceptional comfort and flexibility. Whether you’re in warmer or colder water, temperature every wetsuit has the advantages you need to push your performance to your maximum level.  

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Does my Bare wetsuit have a warranty? 

A: Yes, all wetsuits have a two-year warranty. However, if the damage didn’t come from normal misuse, wear, tear, or negligence, the warranty will not cover it. Also, it’s for repair or replacement. 

Q: I bought a hood and a pair of gloves for scuba diving. Does it also have a warranty?

A: Yes, accessories have a one-year warranty, and it’s following the same conditions from suits and wear. If the damage is from typical negligence, misuse, or wear and tear, it’s not valid for repair or replacement.  

Q: Does Bare offer wetsuits for kids too? 

A: Yes, you’ll find a wide variety of wetsuits for youngsters or toddlers, such as the Manta Series, Dolphin Floaty, Guppy, and Tadpole.

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