Roka Wetsuits Review: Epic Wetsuits or Rip Off? [2021]

Every triathlon athlete invests in an exceptional wetsuit to help them enhance their performance during tournaments or training. When you’re wearing a quality one, it can give you more than comfort, which is why it’s crucial to buy from reliable brands.

Roka earned over 30 patents by providing exceptional products for both women and men. The designs are satisfying. Plus, it offers a variety of wetsuits from its collection. Aside from that, you’ll also find other available items, eyewear, bags, and swimming accessories.

This Roka Wetsuits review will help you decide what wetsuit to buy if you’re struggling in choosing from many brands in the market.

Top 8 Best Roka Wetsuits Reviewd

Roka always meets the expectations of every customer with its bestsellers. Below are the best entries from its collection.

  1. Roka Maverick Pro II Wetsuit (Women) 
  2. Roka Maverick MX Wetsuit (Men) 
  3. Roka Maverick Pro Thermal Wetsuit (Women) 
  4. Roka Maverick Comp II Sleeveless Wetsuit (Men) 
  5. Roka Maverick Swimrun Wetsuit (Women) 
  6. Roka Maverick Pro II Sleeveless Wetsuit (Men) 
  7. Roka Maverick Swimrun Wetsuit (Men) 
  8. Roka Maverick X2 Wetsuit (Men) 

#1. Roka Maverick Pro II Wetsuit (Women) 

Roka Maverick Pro II Wetsuit (Women) 

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Roka is one of the best brands when it comes to performance. If you can’t decide what to buy, you should check out the Maverick Comp II Wetsuit. Women triathletes admire this wetsuit because it pushes them at their optimum performances during training or tournaments.

The style will not be a disappointment because it comes with a black base-color, while the pink highlights compliment it. What adds appeal are these highlights on the neck’s opening, biceps, and calves.

It provides exceptional buoyancy, thanks to its RS2 technology. It gives optimum body-positioning, which is favorable for pros because it prevents them from tiring immediately. Any movement, from body rotation to paddling, is at maximum performance, thanks to this advantage.

Another reason to love this wetsuit is because of its Arms-up Construction feature. It gives no restriction on the shoulder on every swimming stroke. The pattern is over the head, instead of the side, providing exceptional mobility as you swim. You can move freely, which can make you swim more agile.

When it comes to comfort, this wetsuit is one of the most recommended. It comes with inner relief and support, thanks to its high-quality liner materials. The Yamamoto neoprene material also gives added relief because it controls the body’s warmth as you dip in the water for long hours.

Aside from that, it comes with an enhanced neck comfort from its Independent Neck Suspension advantage. It adds comfort, and it minimizes chafing as well.

As for acceleration, the quick release ankle panels of this wetsuit contribute to it as you paddle. It will let you kick faster with a lesser-fatigue feeling.

#2. Roka Maverick MX Wetsuit (Men) 

Roka Maverick MX Wetsuit (Men)

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Another exceptional full wetsuit that triathletes recommend from Roka’s collection is the Maverick MX Wetsuit (Men).

It’s the best buoyancy because of its Arms-up technology, and triathletes admire it because it keeps mobility on the shoulder. Also, it’s a game-changer for intermediate to pro users because it maintains an exceptional body rotation.

This wetsuit technology pushes the user to move with agility and added lift without excessive effort. Plus, the added 20% buoyancy reduces the drag as you swim in open water.

If you’re yearning for more acceleration, it comes with an SCS Nano Coating or Super Composite Skin. This advantage also contributes to reducing the drag. Also, it makes it more durable, which is the best pair with its Yamamoto neoprene material.

Another edge of this Roka wetsuit is that it’s best in controlling body temperature. As you swim for miles, you’ll need excellent thermal control to keep you going despite any water temperature.

Moving is more comfortable with its zero-restriction advantage on the shoulder. It lets you move your arms and shoulder quicker, yet it doesn’t provide fatigue regardless of any stroke. If you’re thinking of freestyle swimming, the RS Centerline Technology removes dead spots for maximum buoyancy.

#3. Roka Maverick Pro Thermal Wetsuit (Women) 

Roka Maverick Pro Thermal Wetsuit (Women)

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Professional men triathletes recommend Roka for their quality and durability. If you’re an aspiring pro who can’t decide where to buy a wetsuit, you can never go wrong with the Maverick Pro Thermal Wetsuit.

You’ll love how elegant this wetsuit is with its black, subzero, and silver color combination.

It’s 5mm thick, which is ideal for thermal control. Regardless of being in the water for how many hours, your body can retain the heat it needs to move without any distress. It makes it the best pick for water with colder temperatures.

You can assure its durability because this wetsuit comes from a premium-quality of Yamamoto neoprene material. It gives an exceptional insulation-to-weight ratio, and it’s stretchy enough for powerful paddling.

The ankles have panels that measure 2mm, helping your paddle with agility. These don’t tear straightaway because these are heat-taped. Plus, it’s sturdy regardless of big and agile movements.

Another reason why women love it is that it fits most of the body-forms. There’s a wide variety of sizes available for women because of their bodies. Regardless if you need a smaller or a bigger one, the sizing doesn’t’ meddle with performance.

The Independent Neck Suspension of this wetsuit makes it comfier. It prevents excessive water-entry, and it lessens chafing with makes it favorable to triathletes.

#4. Roka Maverick Comp II Sleeveless Wetsuit (Men) 

Roka Maverick Comp II Sleeveless Wetsuit (Men)

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Roka offers a competitive collection of wetsuits, and if you’re looking for a sleeveless one, you should consider buying the Maverick Comp II Sleeveless Wetsuit. If you’re new in the sport, it’s the best entry-level wetsuit you can consider because it’s also affordable.

It may be sleeveless, yet it provides maximum positioning as you swim because of its Graduated Buoyancy profile. It provides an added lift to let you swim with acceleration. Plus, it helps the user have an exceptional horizontal swimming position for a lesser fatigue feeling.

When it comes to agility, the ankle panels also contribute to optimum acceleration. These 2mm-panels provide a quick-release, letting you paddle effectively. Also, it will help you your legs move with your heel out.

You’ll love how comfortable this wetsuit is because it uses high-quality Yamamoto neoprene material. This limestone-based material makes it extra-durable, which is favorable if you frequently wear it for training or competitions. Plus, it comes with SCS or Super Composite Skin coating that lessens the drag to give you a boost.

When it comes to the inside-part of the wetsuit, the lined material also guarantees relief. These liners provide low absorption, and it also gives maximum support as you swim in open water. Also, these use high-quality materials, which contribute to its flexibility.

Another reason why men triathletes admire this wetsuit is because of its classic design. It comes in black and cyan color combinations, which gives it a manly look.

#5. Roka Maverick Swimrun Wetsuit (Women) 

Roka Maverick Swimrun Wetsuit (Women)

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Triathletes will always look for a wetsuit with maximum performance. You should check out what Roka provides if you can’t decide where to buy one, and the Maverick Swimrun Wetsuit is one of the top picks by women.

This wetsuit looks elegant in its black, silver, and subzero color combination. It may look meek, unlike other designs, yet it’s appealing because of its matte-look.

Triathletes admire how it doesn’t restrict them from moving as they swim in open water. Paddling is hassle-free because it has short legs, yet the long sleeves don’t compromise performance because it features Arms-up technology. Plus, it provides effective strokes for a boost.

Another reason why it’s favorable for triathletes is because of the front zip. It gives quick ventilation, yet it stops excessive water-entry while you’re in the water. Also, it has interior pockets, providing you quick access during the event. There’s no bulky feeling because these pockets come with the Velcro enclosure.

Aside from that, this wetsuit comes in a Run-specific crotch pattern. It gives comfort to users because there’s minimized chafing and rubbing between the legs.

It comes from high-quality of Yamamoto neoprene material with SCS Nano coating. It’s not only comforting, but it also provides agility as you swim. Plus, it’s flexible enough for big movements, yet you can guarantee its durability because it’s tear-resistant.

#6. Roka Maverick Pro II Sleeveless Wetsuit (Men) 

Roka Maverick Pro II Sleeveless Wetsuit (Men)

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Another bestseller from Roka’s collection is the Maverick Pro II Sleeveless Wetsuit. If you’re looking for a performing sleeveless wetsuit for tournaments or training, you should consider this one because of its optimum flexibility.

Men triathletes love this wetsuit because it features the RS2 Centerline buoyancy. This advantage will let you enable proper body rotation during swimming. It provides a natural feeling as if you have a second skin. Plus, it doesn’t provide any discomfort despite any swimming stroke.

It uses high-quality Yamamoto neoprene material, providing optimum comfort even if you wear it for long hours. The thickness doesn’t compromise the user’s performance. Also, it helps keep the body-warmth you need as you stay in the water a little longer.

The SCS Nano Coating feature of this wetsuit adds acceleration as the user swim. It’s favorable for competitions because it lessens surface drag, which contributes to its agility. This advantage also makes the wetsuit extra-sturdy for long-lasting use.

Another advantage of improving the user’s acceleration during swimming is the ankle panels. These push the legs to kick the heel out, adding more agility as you paddle. Plus, you can count on its durability no matter how powerful your kicks are.

It guarantees optimum body rotation, thanks to its graduated buoyancy profile. It promotes a better swimming position while keeping the legs and core from tiring immediately. You will not feel any fatigue, no matter how quick you paddle.

This wetsuit style is straightforward, yet it’s appealing enough to be a head-turner because of its black design.

#7. Roka Maverick Swimrun Wetsuit (Men) 

Roka Maverick Swimrun Wetsuit (Men)

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If you’re not a fan of a wetsuit covering the lower body, you can consider the Maverick Swimrun Wetsuit. It’s one of the most recommended wetsuits by triathletes because it as a short cut on the legs, yet full sleeves for the upper body.

It has an elegant design in black, neon green, and silver color combination. The silver highlights are on the arms, while the neon green lines add appeal further to keep it from a boring vibe.

Thanks to its graduated buoyancy profile, which is 1-3-5 mm, it’s effective during swimming. It provides a fatigue-free movement on every stroke and paddle. Plus, this advantage can give you a boost while swimming because it lessens the drag in the water.

You’ll find it convenient to wear and remove because of its front zip-type. There’s exceptional ventilation for breathability, yet it doesn’t let excessive water in. This advantage keeps it less weighty while swimming. Also, there are internal pockets with Velcro closure.

Adding convenience further is the Run-specific crotch style. There are lesser chafing and rubbing between the legs, which triathletes admire because they don’t feel any distress. Plus, the 2mm-thickness on the legs reduces pressure, letting these move without discomfort.

Comfort is one of the reasons why this wetsuit is a bestseller. It comes from a premium-quality of neoprene material with SCS Nano coating. You can guarantee durability and flexibility, despite any movement in and out of the water.

Another reason to love this wetsuit is the no-drag and low-profile external pocket on the right leg. It has a drainage hole, and it has a Velcro enclosure for easy access.

#8. Roka Maverick X2 Wetsuit (Men) 

Roka Maverick X2 Wetsuit (Men)

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There are lots of options available if you’re looking for a reliable wetsuit. Roka is one of the best brands to consider if you need a full wetsuit to compete or train. It’s a top pick because of its agility, and it’s an improved version, providing further acceleration as you swim.

It features the X2 Power Core technology, which turns watt into agility. It also adds 7% buoyancy, pushing your body to the best swimming position. You’ll get a less-tiring feeling despite moving quickly. Plus, it can enhance your strokes for effective swimming.

Another advantage of this wetsuit is the re-engineered XOskeleton. It provides exceptional breathability. It doesn’t restrict the belly while paddling, yet it provides the ideal support your core needs for efficient swimming.

You’ll love it further because it gives a smooth rotation, from side-to-side to freestyle. Every stroke is hassle-free with its zero restriction on the shoulder. Plus, the neck panel adds comfort and convenience because it lessens chafing, letting the suit move with you while swimming.

This full wetsuit has an appealing style with its black-base color and magma highlights on the biceps. It provides a manly look, making it a head-turner during race and competitions.

It’s also very durable because it comes from a premium-quality of neoprene material. Despite any big movement, it doesn’t tear at all. Also, it gives excellent body-warmth, making it suitable for colder water temperatures.

Getting the Best Roka Wetsuit – Buyers Guide

As you look for an exceptional wetsuit for competition or training, there are other factors you need to consider in buying one to save time and money. Here’s a buying guide for you.

Wetsuit Types

You’ll stumble on different wetsuit-types, and if you’re not familiar with these, options will leave you undecided. Here are the typical wetsuit-types to check out.

Shorty Wetsuits

This type is versatile. You’ll find wetsuits with cuts on sleeves and legs or solely on legs. Regardless of the upper body covering the sleeves, the lower body’s cut is down to the thighs. Some brands offer cuts above knees. On the bright side, it’s the perfect type for warmer water temperature or climate.

Roka offers the Maverick Swimrun from its collection if you need a shorty wetsuit.

Full Wetsuits

This type is what triathletes prefer because it covers both the upper and lower body. The best advantage of it is that it provides exceptional body-warmth to the user through its thickness. Despite staying in the water for how many hours, you’re at full relief.

The Maverick Pro II, Maverick MX, Maverick Pro Thermal Wetsuit, and Maverick X2 wetsuits are the top picks from Roka’s collection.

Long John or Long Jane Wetsuits

This wetsuit-type covers the lower body, down to the ankle, yet it’s sleeveless. Some triathletes consider it because they can move their shoulders and arms freely. Despite having no sleeves to cover the arms, it’s still excellent in thermal control.

The Maverick Comp II Sleeveless and Maverick Pro II Sleeveless are the bestsellers for sleeveless wetsuits.

Wetsuit Care: Things to Keep in Mind

It’s crucial to take care of your wetsuit because these are not cheap. If you know how to clean and store it properly, you’ll prolong its lifespan. Here are tips to remember if you have a wetsuit.

After using your wetsuit, it’s important to rinse it every time, and you have to use cool tap water. It’s how you can remove salt, dirt, and other junk from the water. Without proper cleaning, you might end up scratching because of itchiness. 

Never use petroleum-based products, such as Vaseline, if you’re going to wear your wetsuit. There are wetsuit-friendly glides or lubes that you can consider. You should apply these to your ankles, wrists, and neck. If you’re wearing a sleeveless suit, you can apply it at your shoulder or around the arms.

Dry it completely after rinsing the suit, and it’s best to hang it on a shower rod. Remember to turn the wetsuit inside-out and let it dry for one more day. Plus, never dry it in a hairdryer, or don’t put it anywhere near a furnace or fire.

After drying the wetsuit, you have to keep it in the dark places and hang it in a wide hanger. You can find hangers for wetsuits, and it’s ideal to use it because it distributes the wetsuit’s weight to avert tearing and stretching.

Roka Wetsuits: Company & History

Roka began its meek beginning in Austin, Texas, and two former swimmers of Stanford founded the company. These two founders aim to redefine the value of performance. After six years in the industry, the brand was able to earn over 30 patents. Every item is exceptional when it comes to quality and style, from wetsuits to eyewear.

Athletes around the world use this brand, and some earned championship titles in speed skating and triathlon. Roka’s pride is its wetsuit collection, yet customers also love how satisfying the rest of the accessories are.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Does Roka provide warranties on all items?

A: Yes, it provides a two-year warranty for all items from the site. However, there are terms to consider if you want to avail of the warranty. Their site will provide you a detailed list of what the warranty will not cover.

Q: I’m interested more in the Ironman gear guide. What is it about?

A: If you’re planning to join Ironman events, Roka offers a set to consider for your race day and training day. The race’s essentials include a wetsuit, a swim skin, a swim cap, and a goggle. The essentials for training include a short, a goggle, eyewear, a transition pack, a swimsuit, swim paddles, a wetsuit, a top, and a towel.

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