Creative Army Surfboards Review | Epic Boards or Rip Off?

Who doesn’t find surfing interesting? Most people would go to the beach to surf because it’s an exceptional stress reliever. As for some, they take surfing seriously that they start to make it a career. If you want to be a pro surfer, you need an exceptional surfboard to help you achieve your goals.

Creative Army is one of the best brands when it comes to exceptional surfboards. All surfboards meet the expectations of many surfers. Plus, most of the items from its collection are best for maneuverability and speed.

When it comes to designs, this brand will not be a disappointment. It features themes with colors that are pleasing in the eyes. It leaves every board with either a polish or matte finish, depending on a surfer’s choice.

Top 8 Best Creative Army Surfboards Reviewed

There are many surfboards, and determining the best one for you can be challenging. If you want a hassle-free time, here’s a Creative Army Surfboards review for you.

  1. Creative Army Jive Longboard Surfboard
  2. Creative Army Huevo Hybrid Surfboard
  3. Creative Army Five Sugars Longboard Surfboard
  4. Creative Army Olsen Twin Fish Surfboard
  5. Creative Army Jet Longboard Surfboard
  6. Creative Army Taco Fish Surfboard
  7. Creative Army Sea Horse Longboard Surfboard
  8. Creative Army Painter Surfboard

#1. Creative Army Jive Longboard Surfboard


Do you need an exceptional longboard this coming summer? Creative Army is one of the famous brands to offer the best longboards in the industry. One of the top surfboards is the Jive Longboard Surfboard.

This board features a round tail-shape with a traditional rocker, which surfers admire for turning. It provides swooping and smooth turns, despite moving at full speed. Plus, it comes with a single fin set-up, which is favorable during rail transitions.

You can either choose from 9 feet and an inch or 10 feet and an inch, which are both recommendable for any surfer-level. If you’re looking for a lengthier or shorter size, you can also request it from its team of pro shapers. Despite any board-size you select, each longboard is ideal for 2 to 6-foot waves.

What makes this surfboard exceptional is the full pigment color and tint design. It’s very appealing when surfers use it on the water. Plus, it comes in either polish or matte finish, depending on your preference.

This board comes with a cedar stringer as well. The size of the stringer depends on the length of the boards. Anything below 8 feet has a 1.5-inch stringer, while 8 feet over has a 3-inch one.

#2. Creative Army Huevo Hybrid Surfboard


If you are not after typical longboards, the Creative Army is famous for offering a competitive hybrid surfboard, such as the Huevo. Users love riding it because it’s very versatile. You can either use it as a longboard or a shortboard, which is ideal for intermediate to pro surfers.

This board comes with a unisex design in full color and tint. It features a minimalistic look, and surfers admire it because the polish or matte finish blends well with the water. Plus, these are available in different sizes, from 5 feet to 8 feet and 11 inches, letting you choose the best board for your skill level.

When it comes to the fin set up, this board comes with a 2+1. You’ll enjoy riding this board further because these make it speedier and more comfortable to control. If you’re enhancing your skills, it’s the best board to consider. 

Another edge of this hybrid board is how it provides an exceptional floatation, thanks to its round tail-shape and nose. These features provide ease to surfers in paddling. Also, its traditional rocker assures optimum performance as you ride it along a chest-level to double-overhead-level waves.

#3. Creative Army Five Sugars Longboard Surfboard


Creative Army never fails to satisfy every surfer with its collection. Many admire its set of longboards, and if you need a nifty one, you can never go wrong with the Five Sugars Longboard Surfboard.

It’s available in different sizes, ranging from 9 feet to 10 feet and one inch. Plus, the cedar stringer of the board depends on its size. If you chose a board that’s under 8-foot, the stringer measures 1.5 inches. As for a board that’s over 8 feet, it comes with a 3-inch stringer.

Surfers love this longboard because it’s easy to maneuver during turns, thanks to its round tail. The modern rocker it has makes it exceptional for fast trimming. Plus, the long nose lets it accelerate at optimum speed despite any wave condition.

You can count on this board because it’s best for waves that are 2 feet to 8 feet high. Also, the single fin set-up helps it to propel along big waves.

When it comes to its design, it has a white color-base on top and bottom. Plus, it either has a matte finish or polish, which makes it more appealing despite its meek style.

#4. Creative Army Olsen Twin Fish Surfboard

creative army olsen twin

If you need a competitive fish surfboard that can provide maximum speed, Creative Army makes sure you get the best out of the Olsen Twin Fish Surfboard. It features a modern-traditional rocker with a deep swallow tail-shape, which is responsible for its agility.

Despite moving at optimum speed, this board is not hassling to maneuver. It lets you control it smoothly along a chest to double head-high waves. Also, the twin keel fin set-up helps in keeping it stable as you ride.

You’ll find its style relaxing in the eyes because of its green and light green color combination. It features a polish or matte finish with full tint. Also, surfers admire its 70s’ style in various sizes, ranging from 4 feet and 6 inches to 8 feet and 11 inches.

If you want exceptional performance, it’s best to choose a board-size from 4 feet and 6 inches to 6 feet and 6 inches. Plus, the cedar stringer depends on the length of the board, and with this range, the stringer measures 1.5 inches.

#5. Creative Army Jet Longboard Surfboard


If you’re looking for a longboard with an alluring style, you should check out the collection of Creative Army for longboards. One of the best boards by design is the Jet Longboard Surfboard. Its full pigment color and tint makes it a stand-out as you ride it. Plus, it features a dirty colored look in pastel color combinations, which makes it more attractive.

This longboard comes in sizes that range from 9 feet to 10 feet and 1 inch. If you need a larger one, you can also request to the shapers. However, it’s best to stick to 9 feet to 10 feet by size, if you want excellent performance.

Aside from that, it makes the board quicker despite its length, thanks to its 2+1 fin set-up. The stability of the board is never questionable with its fins. Also, it comes with a 1.5-inch or 3-inch stringer.

Surfers like this board because it comes with a modern rocker and a rounded-square tail for hassle-free maneuverability. It adds convenience to surfers as they use it on any surfing condition. Also, it’s favorable to users who frequently ride 2-foot to 8-foot waves.

#6. Creative Army Taco Fish Surfboard

Creative Army Taco Fish Surfboard

Surfers consider the Creative Army as a go-to brand for exceptional fish surfboards, and if you’re searching for a unique one, you should choose the Taco Fish Surfboard.

It’s one of the fun boards to ride because it lets surfers turn smoothly at full speed. The traditional rocker is one of the features behind its performance. Plus, the diamond-to-swallowtail-shape provides excellent control despite riding waves at ankle-level to head high.

The style of this board is also one of the reasons why intermediate and professional surfers choose it. The blue and pink color combinations make it versatile and suitable for both men and women surfers. Plus, the board’s full color and tint makes it very attractive.

It comes with different board-sizes, from 4 feet and 5 inches to 8 feet and 11 inches. Larger size-requests are also available, but the recommended size ranges from 4 feet to 6 feet. Also, the cedar stringer varies on the length of the board. Any size under 8 feet uses a 1.5-inch stringer, while boards over 8 feet have a 3-inch one.

The Quad fins’ set-up is also the reason behind this board’s agility as you ride waves.

#7. Creative Army Sea Horse Longboard Surfboard

Creative Army Sea Horse Longboard Surfboard

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or pro, you’ll need a board that can provide you excellent maneuverability and stability. If you can’t find one, Creative Army has a surfboard to offer, like the Sea Horse Longboard Surfboard.

This longboard features a beach-vibe and old-school-style with its blue and white color combination at full tint. Plus, the polish or matte finish makes it a head-turner as you use it. It may look meek, yet its minimalistic design never fails to satisfy many surfers.

When it comes to performance, this longboard features a square tail-shape with soft rails and a low, traditional rocker. It lets you control the board with full ease, regardless of any wave-size. Plus, you’ll enjoy riding it more on 5-foot waves.

Aside from that, it also features a single fin set-up, which helps in boosting the board. It makes your surfing experience challenging yet fun.

This board is available in sizes, ranging from 9 feet to 10 feet and 1 inch. The expert shapers recommend this size-range for most surfers. However, if you want a larger one, you can also request them for customization.

#8. Creative Army Painter Surfboard

Creative Army Painter Surfboard

Another entry from the collection of the Creative Army is the Painter Surfboard. If you’re looking for a board that provides maximum speed on every ride, you can never go wrong. The flat, modern-traditional rocker makes it agile along waist-level to double over head-level waves.

Aside from that, it’s also hassle-free to control, thanks to its single, concave nose. This feature makes it suitable for beginners as well. Plus, the round tail-shape and thruster fin set-up add convenience in maneuvering it.

You can choose from various sizes, from 5 feet to 8 feet and 11 inches. Yet, if you want this board at its best performance, you should go for sizes from 5 feet and 2 inches to 7 feet and 2 inches. If you need a bigger size, you need to request it from its expert shapers.

The style of this surfboard is also the reason why many surfers want it. It looks meek with its two-color combination, yet it doesn’t fail to attract surfers around your surfing area.

Getting the Best Creative Army Surfboards – Buyers Guide

When it comes to buying a performing surfboard, one of the main points you need to consider is the type of board you need and your skill-level. Riding the wrong board might put you at risk because it will be difficult for you to control it, especially at full speed. Here’s a quick guide before buying.

Longboard Surfboard

This type is versatile because it’s ideal for beginners to professional surfers. It’s lengthier than typical surfboards, but you may need further strength and stamina in paddling. On the bright side, it has excellent stability.

Creative Army offers a wide variety of longboards, including Jive, Five Sugars, and Sea Horse Surfboards.

Fish Surfboard

This type is typically shorter than a longboard and hybrid surfboards, yet it’s broader and thicker. One distinct feature of this board is the swallowtail, which is responsible for its agility. However, intermediate and pro surfers frequently use it because it requires excellent stability while riding it.

Some of the best fish surfboards of the Creative Army include Taco and Olsen Twin Surfboards.

Hybrid Surfboard

This type is a combination of a fish-type and a groveler-type. It’s longer than a fish surfboard, yet it’s still shorter than a longboard. Intermediate and professional surfers use it because it needs exceptional balancing skills at any speed level.

The Huevo Surfboard is an excellent hybrid surfboard by Creative Army.

Creative Army Surfboards: Company & History

Surfing continues to be a trendier water activity, and Creative Army Surfboards continues to support surfers in their journey.

Josh Constable founded this company, along with some of the best surfboard shapers around the globe. He was as a surfer and a competitor for 20 years, winning some titles in Australia. He works with a group of experts under this company to provide quality and top-performing surfboards for all surfers at any skill level.

This brand uses the traditional templates for all its boards, yet shapers crafted each board with uniqueness, making all surfboards it offers competitive. Plus, one of its trademarks is the contemporary pallet, which beginners admire further.

Constable’s passion led him and the company to the right spot in the industry. As you check this brand’s collection, not a single board is annoying or less handy. All surfboards are top-performing, which is the reason why pro surfers recommend it.


If you need a board with optimum performance, you’ll need a reliable shaper. Creative Army assures every surfer that all surfboards come with excellent quality and durability. Most of the surfboards it offers are for speed and maneuverability, which is very favorable to intermediate-level surfers to pros. Also, it provides satisfying boards for beginners, which can help them enhance their skills more.

If you’re looking for a fish, longboard, or hybrid surfboards, you can never go wrong with this brand. Plus, the styles never fail to please the eyes of surfers, as well as spectators.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Should I buy a hybrid surfboard instead of a fish?

A: It depends on your skill level, and on what you want to get from it. Creative Army offers both types, yet these vary on the speed and convenience that each board provides. If you can balance well despite using a short-sized board, you can use a fish-type. If you want a speedy board, yet you’re still trying to keep your balance, the hybrid is advisable because it’s longer than the other.

Q: Can kids use a fish surfboard?

A: The size of the fish surfboard is suitable for kids since it’s short. You can let your kid use it as long as you accompany him or her. However, make sure you’re not riding it with them on high-level waves. You can also use it in shallow areas, so your kid will not panic once he or she falls.

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