7S Surfboards Review | Epic Boards or Rip Off? [2021]

People are becoming more interested in surfing, and most surfers aspire to be pros. If you’re one of them, you’ll need to invest in a top-performing surfboard. Finding the best surfboard will help you enhance your surfing skills. However, with numerous options in the market, it’s becoming more difficult to decide which one to pick.

Always look for reliable brands, and one to consider is the 7s Surfboards. It has been in the industry for over 10 years, yet it always meets the expectations of surfers, from performance to quality. What makes this brand distinct from others is that it only focused on offering hybrid surfboards.

This brand also offers meek yet appealing designs, which a lot of surfers admire.

Top 3 Best 7s Surfboards Reviewed

Hybrid surfboards can be challenging, especially if you’re still improving your balancing skills. As for intermediate to pros, this surfboard-type is advantageous. If you need an exceptional one, read this 7s Surfboards review to check out its collection. 

  1. 7s Jetstream PU Hybrid Surfboard
  2. 7s Superfish PU Surfboard
  3. 7s Double Down PU Hybrid Surfboard

#1. 7s Jetstream PU Hybrid Surfboard


7s is one of the recommended brands when it comes to optimum performance because every surfboard it offers uses high-quality materials and features exceptional designs. Professional surfers prefer it, and if you’re curious to know one of its bestsellers, you can check out the 7s Jetstream PU Hybrid Surfboard.

This surfboard’s sizes range from 5 feet and 5 inches to 6 feet and 9 inches. The sizing makes it convenient for surfers to control it. Plus, it can accommodate surfers who weigh 121 pounds to 198 pounds without sacrificing its floatation for full performance.

Another edge of this surfboard is that it comes from a premium-quality of polyester material with excellent lamination. It features single to double-rolled vee concave contours, which helps in maintaining stability as you ride it. Plus, you can install FCS II Performer fins if you want a boost in your board’s movement.

Surfers also admire this board’s entry rocker, which is from low to moderate. It can make the board agile as well, while the tail-rocker keeps the board down during acceleration. Also, maneuvering it is hassle-free since the design has a more surface area than shortboards.

You may struggle in using it if you’re a newbie since it’s best for intermediate to professional surfers. Also, it’s ideal for a wave height of 2 feet to 8 feet. It’s one of the reasons why this board can help you enhance your surfing skills further until you become a pro.

#2. 7s Superfish PU Surfboard

7s Superfish PU Surfboard

Do you need a quicker surfboard for training or competitions? Check out what 7s has to offer, such as the 7s Superfish Surfboard. It uses the Superfish 3 shape, carrying over some features. Yet this board comes with improved performance, which surfers love.

It features a full nose with parallel rails, establishing a stable platform for acceleration. It comes with smoother curves after the removal of the flyer. Plus, the swallowtail-design makes it easier to control on tighter turns.

This board comes with a three stage-rocker, providing balance, and it averts nose-diving during steeper waves. The mid-section part of the board is flat, which gives an excellent drive. Also, the stepped rail adds an advantage to its performance.

You’ll find this fish surfboard versatile as any surfer can use it. It’s best for beginners to pros. Plus, you can ride it with ease along with 1-foot to 6-foot waves, making it ideal for executing tricks.

It comes from an excellent polyester material with Hexcel fiberglass, Bennett foam, and Silmar resin. It guarantees the board’s sturdiness regardless of frequent usage. Also, it comes with a quality stringer that provides a progressive flex pattern.

Regardless if you weigh anywhere between 132 pounds to 198 pounds, you can count on this board. It’s also lengthier than the 7s Jetstream, ranging from 6 feet to 8 feet. Aside from that, it’s one of the reasons why beginners can use it for skill-enhancing.

#3. 7s Double Down PU Hybrid Surfboard

7s Double Down PU Hybrid Surfboard

7s assures quality-surfboards from its collection. If you want to enhance your small wave-game, you should consider the 7s Double Down Hybrid Surfboard. You’ll undoubtedly enjoy how flat this board is. Plus, it provides ample flow and agility for better performance.

This board is very durable as it comes from a premium-quality of polyester material. It also comes with an exceptional lamination with a durable finish, making it long-lasting. Regardless if you use it most of the time, it’s damage-resistant.

Intermediate or advanced surfers can use it without any hassle, yet it’s only advisable for a wave height of 3 feet or less. Aside from that, it’s available in different sizes, ranging from 5 feet and 6 inches to 6 feet and 8 inches by length. As for the thickness, the thickest board is 3.13 inches.

You can install FCS II Accelerator fins if you want to make your movement agile along small waves. With the subtle concave contour, there’s no need to worry about keeping balance. Plus, you can turn with ease in any direction.

Aside from that, this board’s outline features a tail and a noise with a 12-inch dimension. It provides a better planning zone with optimum stability. Plus, the Corner Round tail-design never fails to provide smoother transitions.

When it comes to weight range, this surfboard can hold up to 240 pounds without compromising its performance as you glide along waves.

Other Construction of 7s Surfboards

7s Surfboards also use other construction materials for the three products aside from the polyester material.

One is the Innegra Matrix (IM), and the company collaborated with Colan Australia. This material comes with 3-ounce bi-axial fiberglass. Plus, the fiberglass features the Innegra cross-net woven and unidirectional carbon strands.

Another material is the Carbon Vector (CV), which harnesses the flex characteristics of carbon’s strength and epoxy. It comes with high-density EPS core with a typical carbon fiber webbing, epoxy resin, and bi-axial fiberglass.

Getting the Best 7s Surfboards – Buying Guide

There are numerous surfboards in the market. If you don’t want to regret buying a non-suitable surfboard, there are some factors you need to consider before purchasing. Here’s a guide to help you further:

Surfboard Volume

Calculating the surfboard’s volume before the purchase is crucial as it can determine whether the board you prefer to buy is suitable for you or not. Having the right volume will give you an advantage in some characteristics, including stability, speed, drive, paddle power, performance, and pivot.

Your surfing ability is a part of the computation, aside from your weight. On the bright side, 7s provides the convenience to surfers as it indicates the volume of all its surfboards, and it depends on the surfboard-sizes. Also, it’s easier to determine which size to take based on the right volume for you.

Surfing Waves

Aside from the volume, the wave height is also a significant factor in determining the best surfboard to buy. Each surfboard-type has an ideal wave-height. It’s where it can perform well, letting you glide smoothly and execute tricks without any hassle.

There’s no need to worry as 7s indicates the wave height for all surfboards it offers. It makes it easier for users to determine if their desired surfboard is worth buying, considering the surfing area and ability.

Surfboard Types

Choosing the surfboard-type that will suit your skills is essential if you want to improve effectively. If you’re new to surfing, here are the typical surfboard-types you’ll see in the market:


This type is one of the surfers’ favorites because it provides maximum performance. Another edge of this board is its versatility, since it’s available in various tail-designs, depending on the brand. Also, you can control this board without any hassle, especially on snappy and quick turns. However, intermediate and pros are advisable to use this type more than newbies.

SoftTop Surfboards

If you’re a newbie who doesn’t have any surfing experience, the best type you can consider is the SoftTop surfboard. The soft deck on top will make sure you’ll find comfort as you paddle and stand on the board. The dings and dents are also favorable. Plus, it’s available in different sizes.


This type is also ideal for beginners, yet even pros can use it if they want a fun time on the water. It provides exceptional paddle strength, and it doesn’t fail to meet the expectations of surfers when it comes to stability. Plus, these are longer than shortboards.

Fish Surfboards

This type is what most surfers consider when it comes to agility. It’s shorter than shortboards, and it features a swallow-tail design, which makes the board quicker during rides. This type of maneuverability is not ideal for beginners, yet its acceleration is favorable to intermediate and professional surfers for executing tricks.

The 7s Superfish 4 Surfboard is what you need to check out if you’re looking for a top-performing fish surfboard from 7s.

Hybrid Surfboards

It’s one of the in-demand surfboard-types for surfers because it doesn’t disappoint when it comes to performance, from speed to maneuverability. Plus, it’s also an exciting surfboard-type since it’s a combination of fish and shortboards.

Most of the surfboards that 7s offers come from the hybrid type. Here’s everything you need to know further about this surfboard-type:


Hybrid surfboards are typically 5 feet and 2 inches to 7 feet and 2 inches by size. Other features of this surfboard-type are its thickness compared to shortboards, and its more extensive outline. Plus, it also uses a low rocker-profile and a pulled-in tail.

Size Guide

There’s a wide range of sizes and shapes for hybrid surfboards. It’s essential to get a suitable size for your surfing ability if you want to improve your skills. Here’s a size guide to consider in buying a hybrid surfboard:

The sizes for newbies depends on your weight. If you weigh 100 pounds to 139 pounds, you need a board that measures 6 feet and 2 inches to 6 feet and 4 inches. If you’re over 198 pounds, you need a 7-foot and 2-inch board.

For intermediate to pro surfers, the board size ranges from 6 feet to 6 feet, and 4 inches are ideal for surfers who weigh 100 pounds to 139 pounds. As for those who weigh over 198 pounds, the best size is 7 feet and 2 inches or over.

Hybrid vs. Fish Surfboards

Some surfers find it too confusing for these two types. Hybrid surfboards have a lot of common characteristics of fish surfboards. Plus, these share the same range of sizes, agility, and stability compared to shortboards. When it comes to structuring, some hybrid surfboards use a swallowtail-design, which is the same as fish surfboard’s tail-design.

The only difference is that hybrid surfboards perform well at higher wave-levels than fish surfboards.

Hybrid vs. Egg Surfboards

Another confusion on the end of other surfers is the difference between the hybrid and egg surfboards. These are different by shape, and if you’ll notice, the egg surfboard-type has rounder tails and egg-shaped noses.

Hybrid is for intermediate to pro surfers, while egg-type is suitable for beginners.

Pros of Hybrid Surfboards

If you’re having doubts about buying a hybrid surfboard, here are some of its advantages of this type:

  • It’s more convenient to paddle over shortboard surfboards.
  • It will let you ride waves in average wave-conditions or below.
  • It provides better stability than shortboard-type.

7s Surfboards: Company & History

Surfers will always stick to a brand that provides exceptional service and offers quality products, such as 7s Surfboards. This brand has been supporting surfers for over 10 years already, yet it never fails to meet the satisfaction of all its customers.

This brand focused on offering top-performing hybrid and fish surfboards. Also, all models from the collection are ideal for training and competing.

In 2014, Richie Lovett founded the company. He’s a professional surfer, and he won the ASP World Tour award. His 30 years of surfing experience pushed him to start his brand, offering three board models.

Lovett shared that he concentrated on the usability of surfers for them to be able to focus on what they want to do. Now, the line of products is more convenient to ride than the previous ones. Despite having limited options, this brand assures quality on all surfboards it offers.


If you want to step up your surfing level, you should consider using a hybrid surfboard. If you’re an intermediate to a pro surfer, you will not have any difficulty in transitioning from your old board to a new one because this surfboard-type is longer and more stable than typical boards. 

One of the most trustworthy brands you need to consider is the 7s Surfboards. Every surfboard has its edge, and these come with minimalistic designs, keeping it classy yet appealing. Aside from that, it provides convenience to surfers because they don’t have to cram in deciding which one to pick.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: If I buy any surfboard from 7s, will I get the fins as a part of the set?

A: No, you will not. You can install fins on all the surfboards that 7s offers, yet these are not part of the set upon purchase. You’ll have to buy these separately. Each surfboard has an ideal fin system, and this brand uses the same for all sizes per surfboard.

Q: Are there other designs available for the 7s Superfish 4 Surfboard?

A: No, it’s only available in one style, having a white-colored deck with line details in black. All surfboards from 7s’ collection follow the same minimalistic style.

Q: Are there various tail-designs available on one surfboard model?

A: No, every model only features one tail-design. The 7s Superfish 4 uses a swallowtail-design, the 7s Double Down Hybrid uses a diamond-tail design, and the 7s Jetstream uses a roundtail-design.

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