Top 8 Best Dry Boxes | 2021 Reviews (Pelican, Otterbox, NRS)

As a hobbyist, you need a convenient container to store pieces of materials that you utilize in your leisure pursuits. These storage units will help you hold anything, including tools, keys, fishing lures, and the likes. Dry boxes are compartments that help you keep essential items dry. Furthermore, these containers offer various levels of security.

If you are searching for the best dry box available today, this online discussion is a must-read. You will make your time well-spent as this guide will provide you with some ideas regarding today’s highly rated compartments. Here are eight of them:

Top 8 Best Dry Boxes Reviewed 

  1. Pelican 1120 Protector Case with Foam (Desert Tan)
  2. MTM Survivor Dry Box with O-Ring Seal
  3. GSI Outdoors Lexan Gear Box
  4. Plano 131252 Dry Storage Emergency Marine Box
  5. Otterbox Drybox 3250 Series
  6. ENGEL Cooler/Dry Box 30 Qt - White
  7. NRS Boulder Camping Dry Box
  8. Wise Outdoors Small Utility Dry Box

#1. Pelican 1120 Protector Case with Foam (Desert Tan) – Best Overall Dry Box

Pelican 1120 Protector Case With Foam (Desert Tan)


  1. Product Dimensions: 8.1 x 3.6 x 6.6 inches
  2. Weight: 1.75 pounds
  3. Material: Polypropylene and Copolymer
  4. Designed for: Protection of personal items, such as wallets, house, and car keys
  5. Other features: Available in various colors, including Desert Tan, Black, Blue, Orange, Silver, Olive Green, and Yellow; Has interior foam; Includes stainless steel padlock protectors and the Automatic Pressure Equalization valve; Has a single folding front handle

The Pelican 1120 Protector Case with Foam will make you want to purchase it because of its impressive nature. Are you aware that in Tanzania, SUVs have rolled over this perfectly watertight and indestructible dry box? In Norway, the Pelican brand’s storage units have floated through frigid fjords and gotten thrown out of helicopters in Iraq.  

Thus, you may want to try the Pelican 1120 Protector Case with Foam since it is a trusted brand. Its makers are, indeed, deserving of your trust. After all, it is a reputable company that has created highly secure and the toughest compartments in the world for more than three decades!

The Pelican 1120 Protector Case with Foam allows you to safeguard your gear and keep it intact and functional from one place to another. This dry box is also capable of maintaining its contents unscathed despite possible scratching or dropping that can take place. The Pelican 1120 Protector Case with Foam is durable and secure. Thanks to the pressure equalization valve, polymer O-Ring, and tongue and groove fit because you can feel assured your valuables remain dry even if you get caught at sea or in the rain.

Theft and cutting are also kept at bay since the dry box features stainless steel, reinforced padlock protectors. Thus, you get additional security and strength. The Pelican 1120 Protector Case with Foam is shatterproof, too, thanks to the stainless steel hardware and durable copolymer and polypropylene-made shell. These favorable attributes, along with the solid wall and open cell core construction, make the dry box lighter and more robust than its rivals.

Furthermore, you will appreciate the sturdy handles and hinges of this dry box made of stainless steel pins. Besides, the Double-Throw latches make this compartment smarter and much easier to open. The stainless steel latch with the classic C-shaped clamp design provides you with so much leverage to open the dry box with a light pulling action.

With the Pelican 1120 Protector Case with Foam, you can also personalize the fit. You can configure this dry box’s interior just how you want it and fit what you desire. When you are on the road, the crushproof compartment’s padded Pick N’Pluck foam protects your belongings from bumps and shocks.

These advantages you can get by purchasing the Pelican 1120 Protector Case with Foam is genuinely worth it because professionals all over the world trust the brand. They include fire safety personnel, military, and law enforcement professionals who admire Pelican’s engineering, versatility, and innovativeness when it comes to its storage products.

Offers superb value for moneyMinor customer complaints about the foam
Durable and crushproof
Quality material

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#2. MTM Survivor Dry Box with O-Ring Seal

MTM Survivor Dry Box with O-Ring Seal


  1. Weight: 12 ounces (small)
  2. Material: Rugged, tongue and groove construction
  3. Designed for: All outdoor enthusiasts’ belongings; Functions well as an ammunition travel case; personal and safety items
  4. Other features: Available in small and large sizes; Available in forest green and orange hues; Features shoulder strap and lanyard; With built-in compass and signaling mirror; Lockable

If you are an outdoor enthusiast who loves to go on an adventure in the mountains or the jungles, you need a survival kit. The MTM Survivor Dry Box is a dependable choice. It is sturdy and can hold all your safety and personal belongings. Plus, these items can include maps, medicines, ammo, rain gear, and first aid kits. Besides, this weather and water-resistant dry box can carry your wallet, flashlight, snacks, flares, and many more securely.

As an outdoor aficionado, you can consider the MTM Survivor Dry Box as your perfect geocaching container. This excellent dry box features an O-Ring Seal, and it is ideal for gear bags and lightweight backpacks. Plus, the MTM Survivor Dry Box can help you withstand extreme weather conditions, thanks to its rugged and tongue-and-groove construction.

You can get your personal belongings secure as you travel to your intended destination via the MTM Survivor Dry Box’s help. The shoulder strap and lanyard features make carrying this handy container more effortless. The MTM Survivor Dry Box follows the US Transportation Security Administration’s guidelines for a lockable ammunition travel container.

You can also tie this dry box down for all-terrain vehicles or ATVs and rafting excursions via its lanyard attaching advantages. This storage unit’s beneficial properties make it the perfect compartment for your hiking GPS as you trek a trail.

Aside from the O-Ring seal that facilitates water resistance, you get a signaling mirror. This benefit on the dry box’s bottom has a similar size to the item that US Armed Forces members get in their survivor packages.

You can secure the MTM Survivor Dry Box quickly, too, thanks to the double padlock tabs and the triple latching system that ensures the most optimal seal. With these features, you can consider the MTM Survivor Dry Box as a reliable storage compartment offering tremendous value for your hard-earned money. 

Available in two sizes: Small and largeMinor buyer complaints about the compass getting stuck
Capable of storing various items
Isolated customer complaints regarding weak latch

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#3. GSI Outdoors Lexan Gear Box

GSI Outdoors Lexan Gear Box


  1. Material: Polycarbonate
  2. Designed for: Weekend camping, storage of valuables
  3. Other features: Available in various sizes, which are extra-large, large, medium, and small; Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty

If you are searching for a multipurpose dry box, the GSI Outdoors Lexan Gear Box is a perfect choice. This virtually crushproof and waterproof polycarbonate compartment can hold the valuable gear that you want to safeguard. Plus, the GSI Outdoors Lexan Gear Box can carry your smartphone, first aid kit, kitchen utensils, GPS, small tools, and other essential items. It ensures that your gear stays safe and dry.

Moreover, the GSI Outdoors Lexan Gear Box is convenient. It is a compact Lexan resin box that you can take on any adventure. This dry box features an attachment loop that enables you to tie it down. Besides, the secure latching guarantees your belongings remain dry, valuable, and intact. GSI Outdoors designed its Lexan Gear Box intelligently via the inclusion of dual lash points. Also, the rugged, stainless steel hinge pins let you relish sheer security for your essential items. 

You will genuinely appreciate purchasing the GSI Outdoors Lexan Gear Box. Its manufacturer warranties all its offerings for the original buyer against manufacturing damage for the lifetime of the merchandise. Thus, you get tremendous value for your hard-earned money.

Watertight and keeps contents dry
Flexes when straps around it get tightened
Available in various sizesComplaints about the opening the clasps
Great value for money

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#4. Plano 131252 Dry Storage Emergency Marine Box

Plano 131252 Dry Storage Emergency Marine Box


  1. Product Dimensions: 11.625 x 5.125 x 7.125 inches
  2. Weight: 11.4 ounces
  3. Material: Polypropylene
  4. Designed for: Tools storage, holding of survival gear, fishing tackle, emergency supplies
  5. Other features: Available in orange hue; Convenient carry handle; Water-resistant O-Ring seal; Brass-bailed latch; Available in other sizes

Are you tired of the old storage compartment that failed you in keeping water and moisture out? Also, is your storage unit disappointing because of its weak handle? Then, availing the Plano 131252 Dry Storage Emergency Marine Box is a recommended decision for you. The makers of this dry box utilized the most premium-quality parts to produce a highly durable product.

The Plano 131252 Dry Storage Emergency Marine Box is functional and sturdy. It is capable of keeping things dry, thanks to its unique tongue and groove lid that keeps moisture out. Besides keeping your belongings waterless, the Plano 131252 Dry Storage Emergency Marine Box ensures that your essential items are clean through its water-resistant, urethane O-Ring seals.

You can bid farewell forever to disappointing and weak carrying handles. With the Plano 131252 Dry Storage Emergency Marine Box, you can expect comfortable and effortless carrying regardless of your load’s weight. This dry box features convenient, over-molded, and oversized carry handles. They feature rubberized grips as well.

The Plano 131252 Dry Storage Emergency Marine Box is the top solution if you want an excellent and easily accessible storage compartment. Along with the heavy-duty, brass-bailed latch, and the limited lifetime warranty, you can truly count on it.

Watertight and keeps items dryComplaints on the carry handle unable to hold heavy items
Durable and well-constructed
Available in various sizes
Highly visible

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#5. Otterbox Drybox 3250 Series

Otterbox Drybox 3250 Series


  1. Product Dimensions: 8.3 x 5.1 x 2.5 inches
  2. Weight: 13.8 ounces
  3. Material: Rugged polycarbonate
  4. Designed for: Personal items, such as car keys, house keys, smartphone, flashlight, wallet
  5. Other features: Available in black color; Features OtterBox Limited Lifetime Warranty; Wireless; 100-percent authentic

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, you must have visited dusty campsites. Besides, you must have encountered tipping over your boat or going on a muddy trek. These experiences of yours made you inconvenienced by your belongings wandering and getting disorganized.

You can charge these uncomfortable outdoor encounters of yours to experience. With the Otterbox Drybox 3250 Series, you can feel assured that your personal items are secure on all your journeys. This dry box is a rugged polycarbonate container that its manufacturer included foam padding for extra security on the interior. This crushproof and waterproof compartment’s stainless steel latch and hinges add to the protection that this storage unit offers.

The Otterbox Drybox 3250 Series lets you keep your essential items, such as smartphone and house and car keys, dry and safe. Also, it features sturdy and easy-to-open latches that prevent your properties from wandering unnecessarily. The Otterbox Drybox 3250 Series’ lock holes keep it secure and hold your belongings intact.

The Otterbox Drybox 3250 Series also includes a robust base so you can stack it effortlessly. Plus, it contains a pressure-release slot and utility mounts for the carabineers and straps. As a modern adventurer, you can truly count on this storage unit. The makers of the Otterbox Drybox 3250 Series water-tested and exposed this product to compressive and heavy load. It is a proven trustworthy product backed by the Limited Lifetime Warranty of OtterBox.

Offers tremendous value for money
Isolated complaints about the latches' durability
CompactDifficulty opening dry box

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#6. ENGEL Cooler/Dry Box 30 Qt - White

ENGEL Cooler/Dry Box


  1. Product Dimensions: 19 x 12.5 x 14.5 (exterior)
  2. Weight: 7.5 pounds
  3. Material: Polypropylene Copolymer
  4. Designed for: Outdoor activities, such as camping, hiking, hunting, and sports; Valuable items, including cameras, electronics, and emergency kits; Functional for photography and as a construction site lunchbox
  5. Other features: Available in assorted colors, including Arctic Blue, Grassland Camouflage, Coral, Pink, Seafoam, Silver, Tan, White; Comprises a hanging accessory tray and integrated shoulder strap

When it comes to storage products, commercial and industrial workers, such as company drivers and construction workers, trust the Engel brand. You will agree that it is an excellent option because of its hardworking sturdiness and ruggedness. If you use one of the Engel compartments, which is the Engel UC Series Drybox Cooler, you will surely not regret it.

This dry box and cooler is ideal for use in plenty of settings. If you work in the construction business, the Engel UC Series Drybox Cooler functions well as the perfect lunchbox. You can also utilize this compartment for various pursuits like photography, sports, hunting, camping, hiking, and many more.

The Engel UC Series Drybox Cooler works well as a keeper of personal items, too. It is virtually indestructible and leak-proof. Hence, you can expect your cameras, electronics, emergency kits, drinks, and food to stay chilled and dry for quite some time. Plus, this dry box keeps dust and moisture away effectively.

The light and compact Engel UC Series Drybox Cooler has stainless steel screws securing all the fittings and an Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene or ABS-made self-stopping hinge, making it easy to use. Besides, it includes a hanging accessory tray, polypropylene integrated shoulder strap, and ABS-made carry handles that add to its high functionality. You will find this dry box easy to maintain because of its non-absorbent surface that makes it effortless to clean. The Engel UC Series Drybox Cooler is both odor and stain-resistant, and it truly deserves to get tried by you!

Keeps beverages and food cold and freshWe got nothin'
Multipurpose or versatile

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#7. NRS Boulder Camping Dry Box

NRS Boulder Camping Dry Box


  1. Weight: 8.8 pounds
  2. Material: Engineering-grade polyethylene plastic
  3. Designed for: Food, camping gear, camp kitchen equipment, groceries
  4. Other features: Two compression straps; Available in two colors, which are Yellow and Gray

One of the best dry boxes available in the market today is the NRS Boulder Camping Dry Box. This plastic storage unit has the same size as a medium-sized ice chest. The NRS Boulder Camping Dry Box will make you feel impressed by its capability to safeguard your belongings, such as camping gear and food, and to keep them dry.

Moreover, the NRS Boulder Camping Dry Box is durable and lightweight. Its manufacturers used engineering-grade polyethylene plastic to produce a premium-quality compartment. The NRS Boulder Camping Dry Box features six tie-down points that allow you to secure it effortlessly to your truck, boat, trailer, and a luggage rack. As you can see, this dry box is a perfect companion on the road and in camp.

The NRS Boulder Camping Dry Box also features two compression straps. They are heavy-duty and easy to utilize. Moreover, these two compression straps guarantee a tight seal between the dry box and the lid’s foam gaskets. Therefore, you can always expect your items to stay dry in inclement weather and splash. The NRS Boulder Camping Dry Box is useful for protecting and keeping food, groceries, camp kitchen equipment, camping gear, and many others dry and safe.

Waterproof and keeps items dry
A bit expensive

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#8. Wise Outdoors Small Utility Dry Box

Wise Outdoors Small Utility Dry Box


  1. Product Dimensions: > 15 x 7.75 x 6.5 inches [exterior]
  2. Weight: 2.2 pounds
  3. Material: Copolymer; Thick wall injection-molded plastic
  4. Designed for: Small gear items, survival lighters
  5. Other features: Includes a sealing lid; Available in white, orange, and green hues; Lifetime Warranty; Heavy-duty hinge pins; Locking latch system; Recessed carry handle; Special molded-in retainers for box-on-box stacking

The Wise Outdoor Small Utility Dry Box is one of the best dry boxes today. The manufacturer of this product created model number 5601 using molded plastic. You can find the design of this storage unit as patterned after the ammo box utilized in the US Armed Forces.

You will appreciate availing the Wise Outdoor Small Utility Dry Box because it is among the toughest compartments you will discover in the market today. The very thick, copolymer material prevents it from warping due to coldness, sunlight, or rough handling.

Plus, this dry box features extraordinary molded-in retainers useful when stacking boxes on top of one another. Your gear can stack tightly and without shifting, thanks to the genuine square inner sidewalls of this product.

The Wise Outdoor Small Utility Dry Box can also protect your belongings against damage via its hand-laid lid gasket. This advantageous property seals this dry box’s interior from unwanted moisture effectively. You will find the Wise Outdoor Small Utility Dry Box useful in storing your small gear properties, survival lighters, and plenty of other items.

Effectively prevents moisture from coming in
Some complains about the latch not working
Good price

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Top Pick – Our Favorite Dry Box

Durability must be a top priority for you. Considering this significant feature when availing dry boxes can save you considerable amounts of time, hard-earned money, and energy. Plus, you can save yourself from unwanted hassles, headaches, and discomforting customer complaints, returns, and exchanges.

Therefore, with the Pelican 1120 Protector Case with Foam, you can get the best storage experience. In this online discussion, this dry box is the best overall. It prevents you from getting inconvenienced. After all, the Pelican 1120 Protector Case with Foam has all the essential attributes of the ideal dry box.

It is shatterproof, watertight, secure, and durable. With these properties, the Pelican 1120 Protector Case with Foam appears to be virtually the perfect dry box.

Buyer’s Guide to Dry Boxes

The primary purpose of dry boxes is to safeguard your personal items against water splashes, dust, moisture, and shocks. They are lockable and give you peace of mind and assurance of protection against robbery. You will appreciate the dry box you will purchase if you first learn the essential things you need to consider before buying.

Since dry boxes come in different brands, the following factors can help you determine the right compartment suitable for your needs:

Durability, construction quality, and warranty coverage

It is crucial if the dry box you choose to buy is heavy-duty. This advantage means that the product can withstand water, dust, shocks, and other damaging elements, mainly if you utilize it outdoors.

Highly rated dry boxes are waterproof and shockproof. These storage models come with an O-Ring that seals it off and protects it from water. Plus, these dry boxes can function well even when they get submerged in the water.

Durable dry boxes can also resist any kind of damage caused by crushing, falling, and dropping. Paying attention to the warranty coverage of the product you will buy is also significant. Some manufacturers can be generous in terms of warranties. They typically provide buyers with full coverage of defects.

Materials and weight

You should make sure that you avail of a dry box made from durable and impact-resistant materials. Copolymer polypropylene and polycarbonate are among the construction materials commonly used in creating sturdy and long-lasting storage units. They offer the necessary robustness in harsh settings.

Furthermore, when you buy a dry box, make sure that it is lightweight. In this way, you can prevent the inconvenience caused by adding more things to your already heavy gear.


Your choice of a dry box depends on the items that you will put in it. Hence, size is a crucial consideration. If you need a storage unit to keep your smartphone, wallet, car keys, and other tiny belongings, a small dry box is useful. This compartment is convenient to take with you.

On the other hand, if you need a protective dry box for your electronics, camera, handheld GPS, a large dry box is ideal. Remember that this compartment may not be handy to transport because it is enormous.

These three critical factors are the things that you need to consider before availing of a dry box. They can help you determine which compartment is right for you, depending on your intended use.


Dry boxes are significant parts of people’s daily lives. You can benefit from using it as storage for your hobbies and outdoor pursuits’ essential materials. Dry boxes keep your personal belongings safe, dry, and intact. Also, they help you stay organized and not misplacing any of your stuff.

Reading this guide is quite helpful because it allows you to discover the top-rated dry boxes available in the market today. When shopping for these compartments, you can surely find the storage unit right for you if you pay attention to the key factors you need to consider, such as durability, materials, and size. Above all, you can achieve the protection you require that is essential for your essential personal items.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions): 

Q: What makes a dry box useful?

A dry box helps users in keeping their belongings dry and safe. On its lid, this container typically has a watertight seal, such as a tongue-and-groove design or an O-Ring gasket.

Also, utilizing different desiccants to prevent moisture actively is a feature of some high-quality dry boxes. With these handy compartments, you can keep your gear safeguarded against drops, water, dust, and other harsh conditions.

Q: How does a dry box protect a camera?

You can maintain your camera by storing it in a dry box. Using this watertight and airtight container lets you keep a stable level of humidity for your photography equipment.

Dry boxes also safeguard your camera against dust. These storage units can be lockable, feature a backup plug, and control humidity electronically.

Q: What type of items can I keep in big and small dry boxes?

Huge dry boxes can accommodate personal items like USB drives, lip balm, earbuds, and pocket knives. Also, these big compartments are perfect for storing hunting ammunition and a few vital tools in your car, truck, or boat. They typically feature carrying handles that make them effortless to take with you on the go.

On the other hand, small dry boxes are ideal for keeping tiny wallets, car and house keys, and other small items. You can carry them in your pocket because of their small dimension.

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