Top 10 Best Wakeboards for Kids

People are trying different activities to unwind from a stressful day, and one of the most popular activities is wakeboarding. Nowadays, it’s not only suitable for adults. Kids are also starting to enjoy this water activity because it’s challenging but pleasurable. 

If you’re encouraging your kid to pursue it as a career, you should buy an exceptional board that will improve his or her wakeboarding skills. Here are the best wakeboards for kids to check out if you can’t decide what to buy.  

Top 10 Best Wakeboards for Kids Reviewed

  1. Fury Grind by Liquid Force – Best Overall
  2. August Wakeboard by Ronix – Best Value
  3. 2021 Dream 125 Wakeboard by Liquid Force – Editor’s Choice
  4. El Von Videl Schnook 126 Wakeboard by Ronix
  5. Rant Wakeboard by Liquid Force
  6. Valley Women’s Wakeboard by Slingshot
  7. Hooky Wakeboard by Obrien
  8. Blank Wakeboard by CWB
  9. Vault Wakeboard by Ronix
  10. Impact II Wakeboard by RAVE Sports

1. Fury Grind by Liquid Force – Best Overall

Best Wakeboards for Kids Fury Grind by Liquid Force

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  • Rocker Line: Hybrid, Three-stage, or Continuous
  • Tail: Square
  • Length: 118 centimeters or 125 centimeters
  • Skill Level: Beginners to Intermediates

The Fury Grind by Liquid Force is a reliable wakeboard if you need to buy one. You can count on its durability because this wakeboard comes from premium-quality materials. Plus, its full wood core provides an excellent snap, making it more favorable to wakeboarders. 

It features a double concave hull, which gives soft landings after it breaks the water. Also, it comes with edge channels that add hold and control as your kid rides it. 

Your kid can enjoy a big boost if he or she uses the 125-centimeter size because it features a hybrid or three-stage rocker type. For the 118-centimeter size, it features a continuous rocker type. 

The design of this wakeboard is also not disappointing because of its modern style. 

Excellent weight capacityOnly available in bigger sizes
Easy to useNot ideal for pros

2. August Wakeboard by Ronix – Best Value

Best Wakeboards for Kids August Wakeboard by Ronix

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  • Rocker Line: Three-stage
  • Tail: Square
  • Length: 120 centimeters
  • Skill Level: Beginners to Intermediates

When it comes to balance, the August Wakeboard by Ronix is a recommended wakeboard for kids because of its rocker line. It functions as an assistant as she starts to ride on the board, letting her keep a balanced position at any speed. 

It features a symmetric shape, and it also comes with asymmetric highlights, which contribute to the board’s overall stability. Your kid can ride it without any worry that she might fall off because of the board’s structure.

The best feature of this wakeboard is that it comes with a pair of boots. These flex with any movement without causing any discomfort. Plus, your kid can expect smoother transitions with lesser effort. 

Removes delamination through stitched reinforcingPerformance is limited to beginners
Comes with a pair of boots
Only available in a feminine style

3. 2019 Dream 125 Wakeboard by Liquid Force – Editor’s Choice

Best Wakeboards for Kids 2019 Dream 125 Wakeboard by Liquid Force


  • Rocker Line: Continuous or Hybrid
  • Tail: Diamond
  • Length: 115 centimeters, 120 centimeters, or 125 centimeters
  • Skill Level: Beginners to Intermediates

If you can’t think of what wakeboard to buy for your aspiring wakeboarder, you can never go wrong with the 2019 Dream 125 Wakeboard by Liquid Force. It features a PU core from high-quality materials, assuring sturdiness as your kid uses it frequently. 

This wakeboard’s design is competitive, which most kids admire because it comes with a modern touch. Aside from that, it’s also reliable for performance because of its Double Inside Single Concave (DISC) hull, which keeps the board quicker when the water flows out of the tail. 

It’s available in different rocker types, depending on the size. The 115-centimeter board uses a mellow continuous rocker, which provides smoother transitions. The 120-centimeter board comes with an aggressive continuous rocker, while the 125-centimeter board uses a hybrid type. 

Provides smoother transitions
Not ideal for competitions
Uses resilient materialPricey

4. El Von Videl Schnook 126 Wakeboard by Ronix

Best Wakeboards for Kids El Von Videl Schnook 126 Wakeboard by Ronix

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  • Rocker Line: Three-stage
  • Tail: Diamond
  • Length: 136.3 centimeters, 141.1 centimeters, and 146.3 centimeters
  • Skill Level: Beginners to Professionals

The El Von Videl Schnook 126 Wakeboard by Ronix is the reliable wakeboard that pros recommend because of its G&R Technology. It comes with Grip and Release channels that provide exceptional traction without creating any resistance with the water. 

You’ll love how its Sintered base comes from an excellent quality material, which doesn’t compromise his or speed during wakeboarding. There’s also no discomfort once your kid starts riding this wakeboard because it doesn’t meddle with its agility. 

Aside from that, it has a thin profile, making it more favorable to control the water’s surface. Your kid will not have a hard time maneuvering it because it’s lightweight. 

Suitable for first-timersDoesn’t come with a pair of boots
Not budget-wise

5. Rant Wakeboard by Liquid Force

Best Wakeboards for Kids Rant Wakeboard by Liquid Force


  • Rocker Line: Continuous, Three-stage, or Hybrid
  • Tail: Square
  • Length: 120 centimeters, 125 centimeters, or 130 centimeters
  • Skill Level: Beginners to Intermediates

If you need a handy wakeboard for your kid who’s a first-timer in wakeboarding, you can never go wrong with the Rant Wakeboard by Liquid Force. It features a soft flex, and it features a subtle dual concave hull, which promotes proper channeling for optimum performance. 

The core is very durable since it comes from high-quality materials, and it features the “Split Core” profile. Plus, the LF Sintered Grind base adds durability further to his or her wakeboard. If you want to install fins, it comes with the LF Slider Quad fin set-up. 

The rocker type of this wakeboard depends on the size. The 120-centimeter board comes with a continuous rocker, the 125-centimeter board uses a hybrid one, and the 130-centimeter board comes with a three-stage rocker type. 

Has removable slider fins
Has performance limitations
Crack-resistantProne to scratches

6. Valley Women’s Wakeboard by Slingshot

Best Wakeboards for Kids Valley Women's Wakeboard by Slingshot


  • Rocker Line: Continuous
  • Tail: Square
  • Length: 136 centimeters, 140 centimeters, and 144 centimeters
  • Skill Level: Intermediate to Professionals

The Valley Women’s Wakeboard by Slingshot is also the best entry-level wakeboard you can purchase for your kid, especially when she already had some experience in wakeboarding. 

She’ll find it more comfortable to control the wakeboard because it features carbon bedrock inserts, which lessen its weight while providing consistent flex. Also, it features a soft flex pattern and Singleshot Fusion sidewalls for optimum performance. 

Wakeboarders love this board because its Atomic wood core contributes to its overall flex. Plus, it features 0.77-millimeter protection to add further sturdiness to the board. 

Provides a lesser drag
Only available in longer sizes
Easy to learnDesign is not very stylish

7. Hooky Wakeboard by Obrien

Best Wakeboards for Kids Hooky Wakeboard by Obrien

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  • Rocker Line: Continuous rocker
  • Tail: Square
  • Length: 110 centimeters, 118 centimeters, 123 centimeters, and 128 centimeters
  • Skill Level: Beginners to Intermediates

Another wakeboard that you should consider buying for your kid is the Hooky Wakeboard by Obrien because it can improve your kid’s wakeboarding skills, thanks to its shape and lightweight advantage. 

Wakeboarders also recommend this wakeboard because of its Feather core. It lessens the swing weight of the wakeboard, which provides further mid-air control and exceptional pop. Despite being lightweight, it doesn’t compromise sturdiness because of its impact-resistant tip and tail and Dual Hybrid Rail construction. 

The modern design of this wakeboard is also another feature that your kid will undoubtedly love. It’s suitable for both girls and boys. Plus, it even comes with a pair of boots, making it an excellent deal.  

Damage-resistantComes with basic features only
LightweightNot suitable for first-timers

8. Blank Wakeboard by CWB

Best Wakeboards for Kids Blank Wakeboard by CWB

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  • Rocker Line: Three-stage
  • Tail: Swallow
  • Length: 130 centimeters
  • Skill Level: Beginners to Intermediates

CWB is one of the most popular brands for wakeboards because it offers quality boards for all, including kids. If you can’t find what board to buy, you should consider the Blank Wakeboard. 

It provides excellent steadiness once he or she stands on the board while moving. It comes with 4×4 molded fins, which provide the wakeboard a boost during rides. Plus, your kid can control the board without any hassle with its stability because it comes with a removable center fin. 

Most aspiring wakeboarders use this board for training because of its shape. It comes with a forgiving spine, which matches well with its three-stage rocker type. Aside from that, your kid will undoubtedly love its base design. 

Provides exceptional balance
Size is too small for tall riders
Best board for trainingNot ideal for executing tricks

9. Vault Wakeboard by Ronix

Best Wakeboards for Kids Vault Wakeboard by Ronix


  • Rocker Line: Three-stage
  • Tail: Square
  • Length: 134 centimeters, 139 centimeters, or 144 centimeters
  • Skill Level: Beginners to Intermediates

Ronix has been providing high-quality wakeboards, and if you can’t find one for your kid, you should consider the Vault Wakeboard. This wakeboard is an excellent deal because it comes with two molded-in fins and a pair of boots. 

This wakeboard’s performance is not disappointing because it features the G&R Technology for excellent traction without creating resistance. Also, it comes with a low friction base, which assures stability as your kid glides. 

Aside from that, this wakeboard provides a more explosive pop for immediate explosion off the wake. If your kid is starting to execute some basic tricks, using this board will not be a hassle at all. 

Has a wider base
Board-structure is not ideal for pros
Rust-resistantInsufficient matching bindings

10. Impact II Wakeboard by RAVE Sports

Best Wakeboards for Kids Impact II Wakeboard by RAVE Sports

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  • Rocker Line: Continuous
  • Tail: Round
  • Length: 122 centimeters
  • Skill Level: Beginners to Intermediates

Wakeboarding doesn’t only require consistent practice to improve your kid’s skills. It also involves the board that he or she’s using. If you want to buy a recommended one for beginners or first-timers, the Impact II Wakeboard is the best option to consider. 

It comes with a high-density laminated core with reinforced edges from Fiberglass material. It also has built-in boots with high-wrap heels and ankle support from Velcro material. 

This board’s advantage is its oval design with a wider base, which provides excellent stability as he or she practices the stance. Plus, it has a round-shaped tail, providing ease to your little wakeboarder when it comes to controlling and balancing. 

Best board for tricks, stunts, and jumps
Compromised agility
Comes with a secure gripNot very sturdy

Top Pick – Best Wakeboards for Kids

The Fury Grind by Liquid Force is one of the top picks because of its versatility. It’s available in two rocker types, depending on the size you need for your kid. You can choose whether you want one with a big boost with smoother transitions or one with excellent carves. 

This board’s sturdiness is exceptional, too, because it comes with an LF Exclusive Grind base. It forms the board’s contours, providing firm protection as your kid frequently uses it to train. 

Aside from that, this wakeboard has molded fins for better control, regardless of whether you’re buying the 118 centimeters or the 125 centimeters. 

Buying the Best Wakeboard – Buyers Guide

Finding the best wakeboard is not as easy at all, especially when it’s your first time buying for you or your kid. There are several things to consider in looking for a wakeboard that’s suitable for your skill level. Here’s a buying guide to consider if you want to get the best one.  

Rocker Line

The rocker line of a wakeboard is a significant factor to consider in buying a board because it can help you improve your balance and stability as you continue to pursue your career. Here are the typical rocker lines to consider:

Continuous Rocker

This rocker line has a smooth curve, providing a predictable ride with exceptional speed and smoother transitions. This rocker will also provide a steady pop, and it depends on the board’s speed. The agility of the movement creates the lift, which makes it very suitable for freestyle wakeboarding. 

If you’re a newbie, you should look for a board with a continuous rocker. 

Three-Stage Rocker

This rocker line is what professional wakeboarders prefer because of its aggressive ride. There’s a flat spot in the center that breaks the board’s curve. The downside is that it’s not as stable as boards with continuous rocker lines. This wakeboard’s best feature is the exceptional hang time and more pop it provides than a continuous rocker line. 

Hybrid Rocker

Another rocker line that pro wakeboarders also recommend is the hybrid rocker line. It’s a combination of continuous and three-stage, and it’s excellent in keeping the board’s agility. However, this rocker line is not widely available, unlike boards with a continuous rocker line. 

Size and Weight

The wakeboard size is also another thing that you should check out before buying one because it depends on the rider’s weight. Also, the length of the board is from the tip to the tail. Here’s a guide on what weight range is suitable as per the board’s length. 

  • 120 centimeters –40 kilograms or below
  • 125 centimeters – 40 kilograms to 50 kilograms
  • 130 centimeters – 50 kilograms to 60 kilograms
  • 135 centimeters – 60 kilograms to 70 kilograms
  • 140 centimeters – 70 kilograms to 95 kilograms
  • 145 centimeters – 95 kilograms and over


In buying a wakeboard, you should also consider the rails or edges. These should be on the toe and heel side if you want your board to move quickly into the wake. Sharper edges are less forgiving, yet these provide more aggressive rides. If you’re a newbie, you should choose a rounded one to avoid falling off the board all the time. 

Base Design

A wakeboard base is also another crucial factor that wakeboarders should consider because it contributes to the board’s overall feel on the water. If your wakeboard is flat without any channeling, it will provide you with a loose feeling. When your wakeboard has more channeling and shaping, it provides softer landings and boosts traction. 

The best base design for newbies should have deeper base channels with full-length ones for more stability and grip. 

Tail and Tip

Most wakeboarders overlook these factors when they buy boards. You should determine what suits your skill level, and here are the main shapes:

Rounder Shape

This shape provides soft landings to wakeboarders with a lesser pop. It’s a suitable shape for beginners. 

Square Shape

This shape gives a better pop, yet landings are less forgiving. Intermediate to professional wakeboarders prefer this shape for executing tricks. 

Swallow or Diamond Shape

This shape provides optimum performance, especially when your board is longer. Even though there are a lesser pop, boards with diamond-shaped tails have softer landings. As for swallow-shaped tails, there’s an added pop, but the landings are not desirable. 


You should also keep in mind that fins can contribute to your wakeboard’s speed, and there are two types available:

Edge Fins

This type provides exceptional grip on the toe and heel edges, which is favorable during wake jumps and spins. 

Center Fins

This type provides excellent stability, and beginners need it once the board starts to pull the rider. These function as training wheels, which is why you should consider installing one on your board. 

Quick Overview About Wakeboarding for Beginners

Wakeboarding is a water activity where a motorboat or a jet ski is towing a rider while the rider or wakeboarder rides aboard. Most of the boards have foot bindings, which is why it’s not too hard for everyone to ride it. It’s a fun activity because it’s a combo of surfing, water skiing, and snowboarding. 

Wakeboarding originated from different places, yet the most renowned origin back in the 1980s is in Australia, and it was called “Skurfing.” Jeff Darby started using this so-called “skurfing board” and his friends while a wakeboard boat hauls them. They decided to establish their company and named it “Surfer,” which began selling boards. 

In Florida, there’s another surfer who began using smaller surfboards while a motorboat drags him. Howard Jacobs added footpads and straps on the board for executing tricks, which typical surfboards can’t do. 

In the mid-eighties, Darby collaborated with Bruce McKee, a surfboard shaper, to establish the Mcski board, which they renamed “Wake-snake.” As people began to appreciate this sport further, McKee continues to offer exceptional boards, like the “Surf-Ski,” in which he collaborated with Mitchell Ross. 

The Wakeboarding Kit: What Beginners Should Prepare

Up to these days, wakeboarding is the go-to water activity of most people, even kids. Some are even investing in their kit to come prepared for every session. Here are some necessary things to prepare if you’re an aspiring pro wakeboarder. 


This equipment is the most crucial one because it has to depend on your skill level. If you’re a newbie, it’s best to buy a wakeboard that’s best for beginners. If you want to level up your game, you can upgrade your wakeboard. 

Quality is very significant for this equipment because cheaper ones are less durable, which is not very favorable to weighty riders. After all, the board might break easily.  

The best one for beginners is the double-ended or twin-tip board. 

Boots and Bindings

These are also important in wakeboarding because they will keep the board with you during the ride, letting you execute the tricks you or your kid want to do. The sizes vary, which is why the best option you can consider is either a bungee binding or a sandal. These are also ideal for beginners since the pair is cheaper, yet it’s not excellent in withstanding pressure. 

Professionals prefer wakeboard boots instead for more support, and the high-back boot is the best one for doing tricks, like spins or flips. 


Another important thing to wear is a helmet. There’s a lot of pressure in wakeboarding, especially when you fall off, which is why a crash helmet is necessary to avoid serious accidents. 


Your handle will also help when it comes to executing tricks because a good one will let you learn these without any hassle. If you’re a beginner, wide handles are suitable. It’s best to invest in the comfiest handles you can find for better performance. 


If you’re a beginner in wakeboarding, a shorter rope is best to consider buying. You should buy about 50 feet. Professionals target a longer line, around 55 feet to 60 feet. Water ski ropes are not the best option when it comes to wakeboarding.

Aside from that, you should buy a line winder, to help you avoid irritation or dangerous kinks or tangles in ropes. 

Wetsuit or Drysuit

These are unnecessary, but it’s always better to wear one if you’re going to stay longer in the water. The thickness depends on the water’s temperature and climate, and it can restrict your movements, which is why most don’t wear a full wetsuit during wakeboarding. Shorties are better options because they have shorter sleeves and legs. 

Benefits of Wakeboarding: Why You Should Encourage Your Kids

Wakeboarding comes with many benefits, which is why you should encourage kids to give this water activity a try. Here are some of the benefits of wakeboarding:

Enhances your feet and hand’s flexibility

There are sudden shifts when you’re moving in a different direction, depending on the boat’s movement. As you continue to practice, it can enhance your feet and hand flexibility.

Strengthens the leg and arm muscles

In wakeboarding, stretching and maintaining poses is crucial because you’ll have to keep it for a longer time. At first, you’ll find it too challenging to carry your weight during wakeboarding, especially when you’re weighty. However, you’ll need ample practice to strengthen your arms and legs. 

Enhances your hand-eye coordination

It’s another advantage of wakeboarding. Balance and stability are necessary for this water activity. As you move, you’ll have to use both your hands and eyes on rotation, turns, and leaps. 

Enhances your versatility and reaction time

Wakeboarding can improve your reaction time every time you change direction, keeping you active, and focused on your movements on the water. 

Provides improvement on your swimming skills

Newbies tend to fall off their boards, and they have no other option but to swim back to the nearest exit. Wakeboarding can improve your swimming skills from time to time. 

Contributes a lot to your social life

Besides fitness and flexibility, wakeboarding can enhance your social life because you’ll have a fun bonding time with your friends and family. It’s the best way to strengthen the bonds. Plus, you can also join other clubs to widen your circle. 

Some Tips for Newbies in Wakeboarding to Keep in Mind

First-timers are always excited to experience wakeboarding, despite knowing that this water activity can be too challenging for most. If you or your kid is new to wakeboarding, here are some tips for you. 

Expect that it’s tough in the arms

Most of the time, you’ll hold the handle, which is why your grip should always be tight. If you’re new to the sport, your arms will get tired immediately. After a few minutes, when a boat starts to haul you, you’ll feel the ache. It’s one of the reasons why most wakeboarders fall off their boards. 

Expect to fall flat on the face

Beginners tend to fall off their boards, and they will always fall flat on their faces. The pressure can hurt, but it’s something inevitable when it comes to wakeboarding. 

Water can hurt during slamming

Water is liquid, yet the surface can hurt you, especially when you’re at full speed. When you’re wakeboarding, you also can’t avoid it when you’re executing tricks. 

Goofy or regular footers will find it easier

If you have experience in skateboarding, surfing, or snowboarding, you will not have a hard time wakeboarding. Regardless if you’re a regular or goofy footer, your movements will come naturally once the boat starts pulling you. 

Stop pulling on the rope

Most wakeboarders pull the rope, which is a typical mistake in wakeboarding. You don’t have to pull the rope since the boat should pull you. When you pull a rope, the nose of your wakeboard will dig in the water. 

Lower your handle to your hip

Another handy tip to consider is to keep your handle low down to your hip level, and it should be close to your hip. Most beginners will hold the handle high because it’s what you should do in water skiing. However, in wakeboarding, the handle should be at a lower level. It’s ideal for practicing your grip before you step into the water. 

Always look straight ahead 

It’s advisable to look straight ahead whenever you’re wakeboarding. No matter how tempted you are, stop looking at bindings since it will compromise your focus and balance. 

Put 60% of your weight on the front foot

Standing up on your wakeboard may be challenging. The best tip is to put about 60% of your weight on the front foot. Plus, it has to stay closer to the board because immediately standing up will let you fall off the board. 

Use shorter ropes if you’re a beginner

Shorter ropes are more suitable for newbies so that they can hold the handle lower without any hassle. 

Rent a wakeboard first before buying

Beginners can give wakeboarding a try without buying a board yet. You can rent boards to experience the water activity and assess if your rented board is suitable for your skills or not. From there, you can find the best wakeboard for you. 

Teach Kids to Wakeboard: Handy Lessons to Help Them Improve

Wakeboarding is an excellent activity for kids, and if you want to encourage yours to pursue it as a career, here are some techniques you can teach to them. 

Be a Ball, Boy Technique

This one is an excellent technique to keep the body parts close. They should pull their arms to their chest, while knees should be locked out and the but should be dragging. Advise your kid to form a ball, and it will let the board float easily in front of the short. Plus, he or she should bend the knees and keep the elbows outside their knees. 

Stand Up When Your Shorts Show

Once your kid could break out of the water, advise him or her to stay in a compact situation until the shorts are out of the water. Your kid can stand without straightening their legs. 

Squash the Bug

Standing will move their back foot to the rear part of the wakeboard. In this technique, let your kid imagine as if he or she’s squashing a bug using the back foot’s heel. Avoid stomping because it will lead the rider to fall off the board. Through squashing, it will distribute the weight to the rear, which provides an excellent stance.


Wakeboarding is becoming trendier, not only for adults but also for kids these days. Aside from the fun experience that riders get, they also benefit from this water activity since it keeps them fit in a less boring way. If you’re planning to encourage your kid to pursue it as a career, you should buy him or her the best wakeboard. 

The Fury Grind by Liquid Force has everything you need, from control to sturdiness. It’s the best wakeboard for your kid who’s aspiring to be a wakeboarder pro someday because every feature contributes to its optimum performance, including the lifted variable edge rail, LF Exclusive Grind base, and Double Concave hull with edge channels. If you can’t decide what to buy, you should let your kid try this wakeboard first. 

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Should I worry if my kid doesn’t know how to swim? 

It’s best if your kid knows how to swim. However, you don’t have to worry because kids need to wear a buoyancy aid or a vest. In case your kid falls off, he or she will float in the water.  

Should my kid use a longer board as a first-timer? 

The length of the board should depend on your kid’s weight. It’s how he or she can perform well. When the board is too long or short, balance and stability are compromised.  

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