Top 7 Best Wakeboards for Beginners

Wakeboarding is genuinely a fun-filled sport that can give you an exhilarating adrenaline rush. We understand that, at this point, there is scarce data about the best wakeboards for entry-level wakeboard riders online. Thus, we conducted our research and gathered the products we believe are the optimal choices for beginner wakeboard riders.

Remember that buying a high-quality wakeboard for beginners is really important. This piece of water sports equipment will ensure that you get maximum safety in the water. Also, premium-quality wakeboards for beginners let you enhance your skills, serving as the ideal equipment that you can progress with your wakeboarding lessons.

The following seven wakeboards are the highly rated ones in the market today:

Top 7 Best Wakeboards for Beginners Reviewed

  1. Airhead Radical Wakeboard
  2. Liquid Force Trip Wakeboard
  3. CTRL Imperial Men’s Wakeboard
  4. Slingshot Choice Wakeboard
  5. Ronix Vault Boat Board
  6. O’Brien System Wakeboard with Clutch Bindings
  7. Hyperlite Dipstick Wakeboard

1. Airhead Radical Wakeboard

Beginner Wakeboard Airhead Radical Wakeboard

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  • Size Available: 143 centimeters
  • Rider Weight: 150 pounds and above
  • Height: 12 inches
  • Color: Multicolored
  • Riding Style: All levels
  • Rocker: Continuous
  • Core Material: Reaction injection molding (RIM)-molded polyurethane (PU)-core
  • Other Features: 2 removable fiberglass-reinforced nylon fins, Beveled perimeter, Large binding sizes, Rounded end profile

If you are looking for a fantastic transitional piece of wakeboarding equipment from novice to professional levels, the Airhead Radical Wakeboard highly suits you. This visually appealing wakeboard lives up to all riders’ standards, delivering a bit more pop.

The Airhead Radical Wakeboard is 143 centimeters in size, and its manufacturer designed it to assist wakeboard riders of all levels to be the best they can be in the sport. Also, this wakeboard lets you attain excellent tracking through its two pieces of removable fiberglass-reinforced nylon fins. Off the wake, the Airhead Radical Wakeboard allows you to relish consistent and forgiving release through its beveled perimeter and rounded end profile.

Furthermore, the Airhead Radical Wakeboard comprises bindings that will transform you into the “king of wakeboarding.” These features are more form-fitting and stiffer than the standard series. The Airhead Radical Wakeboard’s bindings give superior support, as well as a tight and cozy fit. These advantages are through the five pairs of independent lace eyelets and the lower and upper cinch lace-up system.

With the Airhead Radical Wakeboard, you can anticipate unprecedented performance in the water. Its float type is for aiding wakeboard riders in excelling in the water sport, regardless of their ability levels. The Airhead Radical Wakeboard is also gorgeous, thanks to its abstract geometric graphic design.

Perfect as transitional wakeboard from novice to intermediate levelsIsolated complaint about the binding strap retainer falling apart
Eye-catching geometric design
Amazing tracking capacity
Fantastic release off wakes
Superior sturdiness

2. Liquid Force Trip Wakeboard

Beginner Wakeboard Liquid Force Trip Wakeboard


  • Sizes Available: 130 centimeters, 135 centimeters, 139 centimeters, 144 centimeters
  • Rider Weight: 60 to 130 pounds (130), 90 to 170 pounds (135), 140 to 225 pounds (139), 170 to more than 240 pounds (144)
  • Height: 2.4 inches (130); 2.5 inches (135); 2.6 inches (139); 2.7 inches (144)
  • Color: Multicolored
  • Riding Style: Beginner to advanced
  • Rocker: Aggressive continuous
  • Core Material: Fiberglass and polyurethane core
  • Other Features: Double concave V at ends, Variable edge rail, D-I-S-C (Double, Inside, Single, and Concave) Hull with edge channels, Diamond, bat-tail shape, Warped, molded-in side fins, Removable center fin

As a beginner, are you seeking wakeboard durability and the best wakeboarding experiences? You should look no further because the Liquid Force Trip Wakeboard offers these two benefits. It is the ideal wakeboard for riders of any ability level.

Plus, the Liquid Force Trip Wakeboard has a fuller tip contour, so you get more pop. The Liquid Force Trip Wakeboard offers you greater control with its D-I-S-C hull. D-I-S-C stands for “double” for D, “inside” for I, “single” for S, and “concave” for C. This advantage makes your landings much more predictable. The D-I-S-C hull lets the wakeboard hover on a favorably maintained pace as well. If you hit the beach water, the D-I-S-C hull got your back safeguarded, so you do not need to worry.

As you cruise across the beach water, the Liquid Force Trip Wakeboard’s longer, molded-in fins deliver additional stability by keeping the water out. This wakeboard also includes a continuous rocker bottom, so you can break up the landings and perform well in the water. The variable edge rail makes the middle smoother and sharper towards the ends.

The Liquid Force Trip Wakeboard can surely help you progress from being a beginner wakeboarder to an advanced one easily. It is forgiving and smooth for new wakeboarders and aggressive and fluid for expert ones.

You get into a comfortable position with the Liquid Force Trip Wakeboard as it is a genuine classic in the wakeboarding industry that has stood the test of time. This piece of wakeboarding equipment lets you enjoy a smooth-performing wakeboard at a budget-friendly cost.

Offers tremendous value for buyer's hard-earned moneyHeavy
Easy to use for wakeboarding lessons
Consistently terrific performance
Facilitates smooth landings
Speedy rides

3. CTRL Imperial Men’s Wakeboard

Beginner Wakeboard CTRL Imperial Men's Wakeboard


  • Sizes Available: 136 centimeters and 140 centimeters
  • Rider Weight: 160 pounds and above (136); 180 pounds and above (140)
  • Height: About 2.4 inches
  • Color: Red
  • Riding Style: Beginners
  • Rocker: 3-Stage
  • Core Material: PBT deck (Terephthalate and Polybutylene)
  • Other Features: Removable center fin, V Hull, 6-inch insert pattern, Variable edge design Nexus base

Do you want a straightforward way to start your wakeboarding journey? Then, avail of the CTRL Imperial Men’s Wakeboard! This piece of water sports equipment for beginners is a classic piece of wakeboarding equipment. It is high-quality and easy to use.

The manufacturer of the CTRL Imperial Men’s Wakeboard is the Cable Technology Research Lab or CTRL for short. The company puts a premium on the production of superior-quality wakeboards. Plus, the CTRL constructed the CTRL Imperial Men’s Wakeboard using Polybutylene terephthalate or PBT material. It includes a step cap rail and a six-inch insert pattern, making this piece of wakeboarding equipment ideal for cable park and boat use.

Furthermore, the CTRL Imperial Men’s Wakeboard is durable and features fantastic graphics. It is a beautiful wakeboard that performs well in the water, regardless if it is wet for a long time. As a beginner wakeboard rider, you may find it challenging to remain stable on the water and may need to adjust for quite some time. You do not have to worry because the CTRL Imperial Men’s Wakeboard’s design is for novice wakeboard riders like you.

This standard wakeboard features a removable center fin. You will benefit from this feature, especially since you are a beginner. You can pop out the center fin after getting up and feel comfortable riding. Then, you can impress your friends and family members by pushing yourself to catch some air.

The CTRL Imperial Men’s Wakeboard also features a three-stage rocker. With this profile, you get the advantage of having more control and popping off the wake. As you can see, the CTRL Imperial Men’s Wakeboard is a tried-and-tested piece of wakeboarding equipment. Its manufacturer created it to help you advance your wakeboarding skills fast.

Comfortable and easy to use for beginnersMinor buyer complaints about the color advertised
Amazing graphics
Reasonable price
Excellent quality

4. Slingshot Choice Wakeboard

Beginner Wakeboard Slingshot Choice Wakeboard

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  • Sizes Available: 137 and 142 centimeters long
  • Rider Weight: 95 to 165 pounds (137); 135 to 225 pounds (142)
  • Height: 2.55 inches (137); 2.75 inches (142)
  • Color: Red
  • Riding Style: Beginner to intermediate
  • Rocker: Continuous
  • Core Material: Foam
  • Other Features: 4 pieces of 6 X 0.75 inches Black Wake Fin, Bio Sensor Core, Taperwall technology, Elliptical concave, 4D Graphics

You can achieve quicker progress in your wakeboarding lessons with the Slingshot Choice Wakeboard. This piece of wakeboarding equipment is a fantastic option for any beginner rider, especially if you want high-end and affordable value.

The Slingshot Choice Wakeboard makes smoother and larger pops. Also, you can get knee-saving and softer landings, thanks to the flex technology. This benefit makes lift off the wake as the flex rebounds. Besides, you get a more vibrant feeling compared to conventional construction wakeboards.

Furthermore, the Slingshot Choice Wakeboard will impress you if you are a snowboard-style rider because it offers exceptional control. This product’s Taperwall technology provides you an excellent hold and edge control. It makes the Slingshot Choice Wakeboard capable of plowing through any beach water condition as well.

The Fastrack proprietary mounting system is another excellent advantage of the Slingshot Choice Wakeboard. It allows you to adjust the stance effortlessly. Thus, you and your friends can share and enjoy using this great wakeboard among yourselves.

Also, you can position the bindings as fast as minutes and in your preferred manner. As a wakeboard rider, the Slingshot Choice Wakeboard allows you to determine the most optimal stance for yourself via some trial and error. Moreover, you can get comfortable rides and smooth transitions through its continuous rocker pattern when carving outlines behind the boat.

The Slingshot Choice Wakeboard’s elliptical concave tail and tip guarantee easy edge-to-edge transitions as well. This piece of wakeboarding equipment’s four Black Wake fins diminishes the drag and enhances responsiveness and control.

Above all, if you purchase the Slingshot Choice Wakeboard, you can count on a durable and robust wakeboard because of its biosensor core. This advantage is a modified and high-strength wooden body. Aside from the light and flexible aura you get, you benefit from the Slingshot Choice Wakeboard’s ability to endure any beating.

The Slingshot Choice Wakeboard offers good value for money. It is, indeed, a practical and straightforward value selection for beginner wakeboard riders. You can let yourself loose and enjoy this fantastic wakeboard’s lovely design as you relish advancing your wakeboarding know-how.

Allows easy learning of wakeboarding tricks and other jumps
Not ideal for aggressive wakeboarding
Delivers exceptionally flexible and soft landings
Impressive color pattern and 4D graphics
Facilitates effortless transitions

5. Ronix Vault Boat Board

Beginner Wakeboard Ronix Vault Boat Board


  • Sizes Available: 134 centimeters, 139 centimeters, 144 centimeters
  • Rider Weight: Up to 175 pounds (134), 170 pounds and above (139), 175 pounds and above (144)
  • Height: 2.5 inches (134), 2.6 inches (139), 2.7 inches (144)
  • Color: Green, black, and white body
  • Riding Style: Beginner to intermediate
  • Rocker: 3-Stage
  • Core Material: Foam
  • Other Features: Sharper and thinner toe-side rail, 2 pieces of 1.7-inch, fiberglass hook fins, 2 molded-in fins, A vertical heel-side rail that is fuller

The Ronix Vault Boat Board is wakeboarding equipment that is one of the best wakeboards for beginners. It is exceptional and thrilling to use, and you can progress in your wakeboarding skills with it fast.

The Ronix Vault Boat Board’s bottom features four pieces of low-profile fins molded in. Also, you get extra 1.7-inch fiberglass fins that offer you a stable hold on the beach waters. You do not have to worry about your pace because the Ronix Vault Boat Board’s fins do not produce drags.

Furthermore, you will appreciate this highly rated wakeboard for beginners’ bottom made of a sintered base as it keeps your speed as you ride it. As a starting wakeboard enthusiast, you will find the Ronix Vault Boat Board effortless to maintain.

You can transition from edge to edge smoothly, thanks to the elliptical concave feature. Besides, the Ronix Vault Boat Board’s heel side will give you a more forgiving twirl via its shallower and slightly smoother fin. This amazing wakeboard also facilitates you to pre-spin and gear up effectively off your heel side as you progress.

As for the toe-side edge, you also get tremendous advantages because it features sharper and deeper edges. These perks give you added hold because of the more profound and more prolonged fin on that portion and thinned-out rails. Most beginners struggle with getting up initially and other factors. But because of the unique and exemplary features of the Ronix Vault Boat Board, you do not have to worry.

The Ronix Vault Boat Board takes more inline riding heel-side and your physique crossing up riding toe-side into consideration. You would feel more secure with this piece of wakeboarding sports equipment regardless of the heel-side or toe-side cut. The Ronix Vault Boat Board is stable, affordable, durable, and quick. You will surely not ask for more.

Easy to use and rideDue to the thin profile, some complained about balance problems
No bindings
Good quality

6. O’Brien System Wakeboard with Clutch Bindings

Beginner Wakeboard O'Brien System Wakeboard with Clutch Bindings


  • Sizes Available: 119 centimeters (red), 124 centimeters (blue). 135 centimeters (red). 140 centimeters (blue)
  • Rider Weight: 140 to 230 pounds
  • Height: 2.1 continuous (119); 2.15 continuous (124); 2.25 continuous (135); 2.35 continuous
  • Color: Red, blue
  • Riding Style: Beginner
  • Rocker: Continuous
  • Core Material: Foam core (lightweight)
  • Other Features: 6-millimeter binding inserts. Dual-zone laces. Available in four different wakeboard sizes. Dual molded channels

The O’Brien System Wakeboard with Clutch Bindings is among the best wakeboard for beginner wakeboard riders. Also, you do not have to worry about spending your hard earned money because this piece of wakeboarding equipment is budget-friendly.

The O’Brien System Wakeboard with Clutch Bindings has plenty of advantageous features. One of them is the continuous rocker, which comprises an even curve from tail to tip. This balanced rocker line facilitates smooth, predictable pop for being easy to control, remarkably consistent, and rolls up the wake.

Furthermore, this excellent wakeboard for starter wakeboard riders features a very buoyant and lightweight foam core. Hence, you can get in and out of the beach waters quite effortlessly. The O’Brien System Wakeboard with Clutch Bindings also features 11 to 13 men’s bindings. Plus, the dual-molded channels assist in directing water flow under the wakeboard. Hence, you benefit from effortless edging and predictable tracking.

The O’Brien System Wakeboard with Clutch Bindings also features dual-zone laces that make it effortless for you to get inside and outside of the bindings and get a perfectly snug fit. Plus, while you ride your wakeboard, the integrated lace holders preclude the laces from bouncing.

Finally, the O’Brien System Wakeboard eliminates fatigue and stress on your ankles and knees through the 2º canted binding chassis. As you ride your wakeboard, you get a better leg position and more natural alignment. Hence, you can enjoy longer and more comfortable wakeboard rides. All of these perks make the O’Brien System Wakeboard with Clutch Bindings the ideal first wakeboard for beginners at an affordable cost.

Greater floatability or buoyant force
Not for professional or intermediate wakeboard riders
Ideal for starting wakeboarders
High quality

7. Hyperlite Dipstick Wakeboard

Beginner Wakeboard Hyperlite Dipstick Wakeboard

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  • Sizes Available: 139 centimeters, 143 centimeters, 147 centimeters
  • Rider Weight: 160 pounds and above (139), 170 pounds and above (143), 170 pounds and above (147)
  • Height: 2.5 inches (139), 2.6 inches (143), 2.7 inches (147)
  • Color: Blank, Multicolored
  • Riding Style: Beginner
  • Rocker: Continuous
  • Core Material: Fully Machined Wood Core
  • Other Features: Urethane Sidewall, M6 inserts, Flat base design, Sintered Enduro Base, Finless

Being a first-time wakeboard rider, you may be an enthusiastic one who is always looking forward to going out. Also, every season, you desire to shred boards. Thus, you may be looking for a highly durable wakeboard to complement your desire for enjoyable beach experiences.

With the Hyperlite Dipstick Wakeboard, you can experience the best wakeboarding moments regardless if you are a novice. This premium-quality wakeboard for beginners lets you relish numerous slides and presses, thanks to its sintered Enduro base.

The Hyperlite Dipstick Wakeboard offers the most durable and robust running surface. The Sintered Enduro Base formula undergoes a procedure featuring particles bonding solidly. Hence, the piece of wakeboarding equipment is virtually indestructible.

Besides, the Hyperlite Dipstick Wakeboard features a fully machined wood core that lets flexing on rails and facilitates excellent pop off the water effortlessly. This wakeboard is genuinely a sturdy one as its manufacturer built it with Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene or ABS tail and tip protectors. Therefore, you do not have to feel terrified of chips, and you can shred them all season!

The Hyperlite Dipstick Wakeboard’s molded urethane sidewall also flexes effortlessly with the piece of wakeboarding equipment. It bonds to the top and base, laminating for an utterly connected design. Plus, the Hyperlite Dipstick Wakeboard’s continuous rocker property enables fluid and quick pop. So, with minimal drag, you can carry tremendous pace into the wake.

Also, the continuous rocker benefit delivers a more extensive trajectory with similar pop. With these impressive features, you can expect to get fun and unforgettable wakeboarding experiences as a beginner with the Hyperlite Dipstick Wakeboard!

Offers tremendous value for customers’ hard-earned moneyNot a budget wakeboard
Ideal for novice or beginner wakeboarders
Super-strong construction

Our Favorite Wakeboard for Beginners – The Airhead Radical Wakeboard

The best wakeboard for beginners in this list is the Airhead Radical Wakeboard. Its versatility makes it a budget-friendly and ideal wakeboard which you can use when you begin your wakeboarding training.

The Airhead Radical Wakeboard is highly durable with a reaction injection molding (RIM)-molded polyurethane (PU)-core. Also, it caters to all kinds of wakeboarders, whether you are a beginner or an expert. Therefore, you can use the Airhead Radical Wakeboard for a long time as you graduate from one level to another.

Furthermore, you can save more money since you do not need to avail yourself of a new wakeboard as you conclude one ability level and move on to the next. The Radical Wakeboard by Airhead is beautiful and stable. The highly stiff and form-fitting bindings give you tremendous comfort and support in the water. Hence, you can count on this multicolored beginners’ wakeboard, and you do not need to feel anxious about tipping over the water.

The other wakeboards in this list also feature similar benefits. However, the Airhead Radical Wakeboard is the most functional, considering that it transcends all capability levels and features superior durability. This advantage leads to more perks for you as a novice wakeboard rider, including saving more money and the benefits of having a sturdy piece of water sports equipment that can last a long time.

Buyer’s Guide to Wakeboards for Beginners

Wakeboards for beginners come in various styles, sizes, prices, and so forth. This fact confirming the variety of features is splendid since you get plenty of options. Also, wakeboard features can be different from one piece of equipment to another.

If you are a novice wakeboarder, it pays to find a simple wakeboard that you can use to commence your journey. This kind of equipment will provide you with an initial feeling of being on the water. Also, the following elements are what you should look into when you avail of your first-ever wakeboard:

4 Factors to Consider When Buying Your First Wakeboard

Width and Length

Being a beginner, you should look into the wakeboard’s width. For throwing down wakeboarding tricks, remember that wider wakeboards have more pop. However, they do not carve well in the water.

Furthermore, you should consider the wakeboard’s length. You need the equipment that is correct for your weight and height. You can find online tables that will assist you in determining the right wakeboard size for your body’s size.

As a novice wakeboarder, you will also desire to contemplate selecting a slightly larger wakeboard. This type of water sports equipment is slower and easy to use for wakeboarding lessons.

Edges or Rails

You must understand the kind of rails or edges that your potential wakeboard possesses. Rounded edges are more forgiving. They are ideal for performing surface wakeboarding tricks. On the other hand, if you use a wakeboard with sharp rails or edges, you can get more speed and acceleration.

Meanwhile, if you want to try both worlds’ best, you can find a wakeboard with variable rails. This blend of rounded and sharp rails features thick and rounded edges in the wakeboard’s middle portion. The sharper rails at the ends allow you to relish the wakeboard with a combination of both sharp and rounded edges.


The rocker pertains to the degree to which the piece of wakeboarding equipment curves at the ends. Some wakeboards have plenty of rockers. Similar to a banana, they are more rounded at the bottom. These kinds of wakeboards make it more effortless for you to perform wakeboarding tricks and land jumps.

Meanwhile, wakeboards with less rocker offer wakeboard riders with more control when going straight. Wakeboards with lower rockers have flatter bases.

Moreover, as a beginner, it is ideal if you select a wakeboard with a three-stage rocker. This type of wakeboarding piece of equipment allows you to make it more effortless to land jumps. When lifting off the wake, the three-stage rocker performs better and gives a more aggressive feeling.

Finally, a wakeboard with a continuous rocker involves a gradual curve on the wakeboard. It creates a more predictable and smoother ride. Plus, wakeboards with a constant rocker are typically on most intermediate and beginner wakeboards.


Wakeboard fins aid in steering the wakeboard and making it head in the direction you want. As a novice wakeboarder, you should get the equipment with longer or deeper fins. Also, you can try a wakeboard with removable fins. These features let you experience more stable wakeboard sessions.

Before making your purchase, the length, width, edges, rocker, and fins, are four of the significant components of a wakeboard that you need to evaluate. These essential elements will help you find the right beginner wakeboard. Remember to always ask questions on wakeboarding online forums or from the local wakeboard shop’s staff. In this manner, you will not make mistakes in your shopping.


As a popular water sport, wakeboarding is undoubtedly exciting. Beginners like you can enjoy it even if you do not have considerable amounts of water experience yet. Remember that the best wakeboard for beginners come in various brands, prices, and features.

You can find the suitable one for you by assessing the product’s fundamental properties. They include the fins, rocker, width, edges, and length of the wakeboard, among plenty of others.

Reading this brief buying guide and other customer reviews online will also help you discover the correct piece of wakeboarding equipment. You may be impatient and want to polish your wakeboarding skills fast.

But you should not worry because you will eventually get to that time when you have graduated from being a mere novice wakeboarder to becoming a professional or experienced one.

Happy shopping for the best wakeboard for novice wakeboarders!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the typical appearance of a wakeboard for novice wakeboard riders?

Wakeboards for beginners usually feature squared rails or edges. As a beginner, you do not land wakeboarding tricks yet. Wakeboards for novice riders offer you more stability and control in the water.

Q: What is the main difference between a twin-tipped and single-tipped wakeboard?

Twin-tipped wakeboards are common among modern pieces of wakeboarding equipment. They can head to both directions.

On the other hand, single-tipped wakeboards are available, and they ride predominantly in a single direction. This feature is because single-tipped wakeboards get squared off at one end and pointed at the other end.

Q: What is the typical cost of a wakeboard for novice riders? 

You should have a budget of at least $200 and above to avail of the best wakeboard for beginners. You should keep in mind that these premium-quality pieces of wakeboarding equipment are usually not budget-friendly or affordable.

You may get some fantastic deals on the Internet. However, you should talk to your local wakeboard store. Their staff can typically offer you first-hand recommendations and advice.

Plus, wakeboard shop personnel can provide you with some suggestions on the ideal wakeboard shape that suits your wakeboard riding style. They frequently offer packages for novice wakeboard riders that consist of bindings together with the wakeboard.

Moreover, you should try a wakeboard before you purchase it. You can head to one of the many wakeboarding centers with their demonstration ranges you can ride before making your purchase.

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