Top 10 Best Slalom Water Skis | 2023 Reviews (O’Brien)

Last Updated January 27, 2023

If it is your first time buying slalom water skis, you are probably feel overwhelmed by the tons of products available on the market. Every brand claims that their products are the best. Although there are many slalom waterskis out there that have excellent quality, there are several poorly performing ones.

This article will help you find the best slalom water skis that will suit your needs and preferences. It will give you suggestions about the products to buy based on what most customers love. If the products mentioned here do not suit your taste, this article will also provide you with guidance on how to buy the best slalom water ski.

Top 10 Best Slalom Water Skis Reviewed

  1. HO Syndicate V-Type R Slalom Waterski 
  2. HO Sports Carbon EVO Slalom Sk 
  3. HO Sports Omni Slalom Waterski 
  4. O’Brien Impulse Slalom Waterski 
  5. HO Sports Women’s Freeride Slalom Waterski 
  6. Connelly Carbon V Slalom Waterski 
  7. CWB Connelly Big Daddy Slalom Waterski 
  8. CWB Connelly HP Slalom Swerve Waterski 
  9. CWB Connelly Aspect Slalom Blank Waterski 
  10. O’Brien Siege Slalom Ski With Avid Binding and Rear Toe Plate 

#1. HO Syndicate V-Type R Slalom Waterski 

HO Syndicate V-Type R Slalom Waterski


  • Capacity (pounds): 120 to 180 depending on the chosen size
  • Available Size (Inches): 65, 66

If you are serious about your hobby and do not mind splurging, you can choose the HO Syndicate V-Type Rocker slalom waterski. Upon using this product, you will know that the price worth it because of the high-end features it has. That is why you will never go wrong with this product if you have some money to invest in your sport.

The Syndicate V-Type Rocker has several features that you cannot find in just average slalom waterski products.

Unlike most products, the Syndicate V-Type Rocker has a vibration dampening technology that eliminates the noise as you ski. It has an elliptical shape that provides stability and speed.

The radii arcs at the tail and tip areas of this product also aid in its velocity.

Because of these features, you will enjoy a stable, balanced, and safe ride. This product is also available in two sizes that can accommodate people whose weight ranges from 120 to 180. You only have to choose the right size for you.

Excellent balance and stability because of the product’s elliptical outline
Features a vibration dampening system that eliminates the noise
Enhanced velocity due to small arcs in the tail and the tip

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#2. HO Sports Carbon EVO Slalom Ski 

HO Sports Carbon EVO Slalom Ski


  • Capacity (pounds): 150 to 250 pounds
  • Available Size (Inches): 65 to 71

If you are up for a smooth ride, no matter what the water condition is, you can go for the HO Sports Carbon EVO slalom ski. What makes this product unique is its construction from a carbon fiber material that makes it stable and stiff. Because of this construction, you can ride even challenging water conditions.

This feature also enables the ski to keep and release energy. This feature makes the Carbon EVO exceptionally responsive and fast.

The Carbon Evo provides excellent support and stability, allowing you to perform at your best and make jumps without breaking a sweat.

This product also has tons of features to offer. It uses Clean Edge Technology that reduces its drag for up to 50 percent.

That is why, if you are the type of skier who cannot stand the challenges offered by the waters, you will love the Carbon EVO. This product is available from 65 to 71-inch sizes.

Versatile to handle rough water conditionWe got nothin'
Provides quick jumping speed
Excellent for performance

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#3. HO Sports Omni Slalom Waterski 

HO Sports Omni Slalom Waterski


  • Capacity (pounds): 150 to 250
  • Available Size (Inches): 65 to 71

If you are looking for an all-rounder type of ski, you will appreciate what the HO Sports Omni slalom waterski can bring. HO Sports created this product to focus on versatility and high-performance.

This product features the Flex-Frame and hybrid waist width that provides control because of its enhanced turnability, which is an upgrade from the traditional water skis. Also, Omni is stable and fast.

Like some of the HO Sports Products, the Omni has Clean Edge Technology that eliminates the item’s drag. It also has more beveled parts between the fin and the foot for added stability.

Its 3D-fin is comparable to the NACA Airfoil 3D fin that also functions by reducing the drag while adding more lift. As a result, Omni can provide you a fast, stable, and smooth experience.

This product is available in four different sizes, from 65 to 71. The Omni is advisable for those who want a versatile type of slalom ski.

Offers smooth ride in the waves because of the hybrid features
Does not come with bindings
Eliminates the drag because of the deep concave contour
Excellent stability because of the flex frame
Fiberglass polyurethane (PU) build
Comes with 3D fin

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#4. O’Brien Impulse Slalom Waterski 

O’Brien Impulse Slalom Waterski


  • Available Size (Inches): 64, 66

The O’Brien Impulse slalom waterski is your other option if you are a woman looking for an extremely forgiving product. O’Brien claims that the Impulse model is a user-friendly option for beginners because of its broad contour at the front and deep tunnel that provide its stability.

This product is excellent in giving rail to rail transitions, and it is highly maneuverable because of its responsiveness. You can quickly pivot without breaking a sweat.

However, some beginners are having a hard time riding this product.

The Impulse model has a bevel and carved fins, which are excellent in providing the best skiing experience. It is available in two sizes.

Effortless transition from edge to edgeNot an ideal option for some beginners
Excellent for performance

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#5. HO Sports Women’s Freeride Slalom Waterski 

HO Sports Women’s Freeride Slalom Waterski


  • Capacity (pounds): 110 to 150
  • Available Size (Inches): 65 to 71

If you are a woman who feels tired browsing through waterski products made for men in this male-dominated sport, do not give up. HO Sports is one of the brands that have gears designed for women, and one of them is the HO Sports Women’s Freeride slalom waterski.

This product is as excellent as the men’s version.

The Freeride features Clean Edge Technology. It has sidewalls rotated inward, which resembles the ones in wakeboards. Because of this feature, this product provides a clean release of the water that reduces the drag, while adding more lift.

The bevel of this product provides stability to the skiers. It allows the water to cover the sides and the bottom of this product.

For this reason, if you are a freeride skier and a woman, you will love what this product can offer you.

Comes with bindingsOnly one design
Uses Hex fins

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#6. Connelly Carbon V Slalom Waterski 

Connelly Carbon V Slalom Waterski


  • Available Size (Inches): 65, 67, 69

If you are an intermediate-level skier looking for a slalom waterski, you might want to consider the Connelly Carbon V. This product is forgiving and stable. To ride this equipment, you should know some skills that are valuable for riding high-end products. However, compared to other high-end slalom waterskis, this more forgiving.

With this product, you can enjoy the best moments at 32 to 34 mph, which is faster than some products.

These skis feature Skelecore and Connelly Advanced Profile Technologies, which aid in providing the product’s speed and responsiveness. It also has an extensive tunnel and carbon/fiberglass construction.

Provides excellent control and balanceWe got nothin'
Made from durable materials

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#7. CWB Connelly Big Daddy Slalom Waterski 

CWB Connelly Big Daddy Slalom Waterski


  • Capacity (pounds): 220 and above
  • Available Size: 550 square inches

If you are on the heavy side and cannot find the best slalom waterski that can accommodate your weight, you do not have to go to a strenuous diet to experience it. All you need is the CWB Connelly Big Daddy, a famous slalom waterski for the big guys.

It does not matter if you are over 200 pounds. These skis enable you to ride the waters for up to 28 mph.

This product features the Connelly Tracking System (CTS) and broad tail and tip that makes your start effortless. The Big Daddy has a narrow underfoot and flexes pattern that enables you to have a smooth experience.

This product is available only in one size, but it is not a big deal because it targets skiers or aspiring skiers who are on the heavy side.

For people who are on the heavy sideNot for petite or lightweight individuals
Uses closed-cell PU core
Not for performance usage
Excellent for beginners
Generous surface area

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#8. CWB Connelly HP Slalom Swerve Waterski 

CWB Connelly HP Slalom Swerve Waterski


  • Capacity (pounds): Up to 220
  • Available Size (Inches): 66, 68, 70

If you are a recreational skier who is only looking for a type of ski that can help you past the time on the lazy days on the lake, you can go for the CWB Connelly HP slalom waterski. This model has an intelligent and durable design, enabling you to use this product for long years.

It has a strong core, making it an ideal slalom waterski for beginners and intermediate-level skiers. You can enjoy riding this item from 20 to 30 mph.

The HP features a narrow tunnel that makes it stable, but it is also deep enough to provide responsive turns.

Even though you are a beginner or intermediate-level skier, you can ride even in rough water conditions with HP’s help.

User-friendly for beginner to intermediate level usersMight bore the expert skiers
Stable because of the generous width on the base

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#9. CWB Connelly Aspect Slalom Blank Waterski 

CWB Connelly Aspect Slalom Blank Waterski


  • Available Size (Inches): 65, 67, 60

If you think that you are a freeride skier, you will enjoy using the CWB Connelly Aspect Slalom Waterski. According to Connelly, this product makes you genuinely feel that you are riding a freeride ski and will not transform you into a course skier.

It is because the Aspect is lightweight and comfortable when you use it, although you can only ride it at a slow pace.

The Aspect features sharp bevels and full front body that provide stability and support once you make turns. It also has a V-Tech step base technology that eliminates the drag, while making it controllable.

Because of these features, beginners can ride this ski without any problems. It is an investment that will last for a long time.

Generous width provides excellent stability.We got nothin'
Lightweight and compact

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#10. O’Brien Siege Slalom Ski With Avid Binding and Rear Toe Plate 

O’Brien Siege Slalom Ski With Avid Binding and Rear Toe Plate


  • Available Size (Inches): 64.5, 66, 67.5, 69

The O’Brien Siege slalom waterski is for you if you are looking for a product that provides a smooth edge to edge transition.

This product features its shape as having almost the same contour as the Sixam 2.0, a legendary waterski model. Because of this, the Siege becomes highly responsive when making turns or transition. It also has a tunnel concave that makes transition effortless. 

It also has an increased rocker and soft flex that provide stability for the skier.

Because of its desirable qualities, you can ride the waters even in rough conditions. It can also provide you smooth landings.

Made from heavy-duty materialsDouble board users may find this board challenging to use
Lightweight and comfortableNot for beginners
Excellent as performance ski

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Our Favorite Slalom Water Skis

With several products on the market and brands that claim that their products are the best, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. If you are a pro skier, you have an advantage because you already know the features to look for when buying your gear. However, if you are a beginner surfing the Internet to find a new product, you know that there are still many things to know about your gear to have a successful purchase.


That is why this article makes it easier for you. It lists 10 of the best products on the market that most skiers love. What stands out among them is the HO Syndicate V-Type Rocker slalom waterski.

If you have money to splurge to ensure the quality of your purchase, you will never go wrong. The Syndicate V-Type Rocker is highly stable. It also incorporates some technologies, such as the vibration dampening system and carbon fiber speed skin, to give you a smooth, noise-free, and drag-free ride.

Once you use it, you will realize why this slalom waterski is expensive.

Best Brands To Buy Slalom Waterskis

If you cannot pick any of the mentioned products, but you still cannot find the product that best suits your skills and preference. Your next option is to shop from a reliable brand.

Reputable brands will never intentionally do anything that will tarnish its name. It will never produce mediocre products. Because of this, if you do not like any products mentioned here, you can look for more models based on the following brands.

The following brands have a proven reputation when it comes to selling waterski products.

HO Sports

HO Sports has been around since 1982. According to the company, its team consists of athletes, engineers, designers who are the geniuses behind the HO Sports products. This company aims for continuous innovation and unbounded imagination.

According to HO Sports, the reason they do what they do is that it wants people to experience the freedom and the deep sense of being while being the water. It wants to encourage people to satisfy their cravings for adventure.

Aside from slalom waterski, HO Sports also sells apparel, watersport accessories, kneeboards, paddleboards, and more.


The O’Brien brand has been around for almost 50 years. This long year is already enough proof of its excellence, and it has several loyal and satisfied customers.

Since it started, this company has been creating products to fulfill its mission to maximize enjoyment while in the waters. According to it, the products it creates aims to provide for the fun of the whole family.

For this reason, this company delivers its items, which are the product of constant design, testing, and innovation.

O’Brien believes in constant innovation. That is why it utilizes the newest technology and techniques in products of its watersports items.

It also believes that what it does throughout the process can affect your experience in the water.

O’Brien started by selling waterski products. At present, O’Brien is continuously selling skis to propagate its tradition. Because of this, it is not surprising that O’Brien is continuously innovating its products until it comes up with products of different varieties. It includes trainer and combo skis.

Because of this, whether you are a pro or a new skier, you will find something that will suit O’Brien’s preference and needs.

Aside from waterski products, this company sells bindings, wakeboards, kneeboards, accessories, and more.


The Connelly is also almost around for almost 50 years. It is proud to say that it created several innovative products as the years go by, from mahogany skis in the 60s to the fiberglass in the 80s.

Because of its long years in the industry, it is proud to say that it pioneered several innovations in the watersports industry. Among its changes are the 90s Big Easy design and the 00s V-Step.

Connelly believes that it still has the same passion it had when it started in 1965. The items it offers today are the product of its research and development throughout its years.

Besides waterski products, Connelly also offers other items for other watersports, such as surfing, wakeboarding, and the like. It also sells floats, watersport accessories, and apparel.

Different Types of Skiers

If you are an intermediate or a pro skier, you probably know what type of skier you are. However, if you are a beginner, knowing what kind of skier you enable you to pick the best product that will allow you to glide based on your skills and preferred water conditions.

Here are the types of skiers.

Free Skier

If you are the free skier type, you aim to ski in open water bodies like rivers and lakes. If you are this type, you should choose a slalom waterski with an excellent carve range and capacity. It should allow you to ride different kinds of water conditions, no matter how rough it can be.

Crossover Skier

If you are a crossover skier, you are versatile. There are times that you are a freeskier or a course skier, most of this type of skiers are aiming to join tournaments.

For this reason, you need the type of slalom waterski that is also as versatile as you.

Course Skier

As the term implies, this type of skier skis in the slalom course and tournament areas. If you are this type of skier, you need a slalom waterski that is responsive once you maneuver or make turns. You should be able to ride it at the maximum speed.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Slalom Waterski

You can consider a waterski an investment because it will shell you out some money. That is why you want to make sure that you will get the product that will give you the most value.

Only by choosing the right product, you will have the best waterski experience for summer.

The problem is there are thousands of products available on the market. All brands, even the new ones that have just established their business minutes ago, claim to be the best in the industry.

You should know the factors to consider when buying a slalom waterski to maximize its worth.

Parts of the Waterski

Knowing the essential components of the waterski allows you to understand the features of your item.

Construction Material

Waterskis have a core that is usually foam that may be either polyurethane or PMI-made. This core’s construction makes it possible for the ski to float.

Surrounding the core can be either fiberglass, graphite, or carbon.

These added materials should cover the core for stability and durability.

For the finish, slalom waterski products often use an epoxy resin to aid in the product’s texture and speed.

If you are at the store, selecting a slalom waterski’s best construction material. Go for the ones that use carbon or fiberglass.


What you should remember about the flex is that its points should be 20 percent or less of the next point, which can affect the ski’s performance.


As the term indicates, it is the underside of the waterski. It comes in different designs, and the most that you can find is the concave one. The concave’s tunnel width can significantly affect your performance.

The ones with full tunnels are more challenging to roll compared to the ones with narrow ones.

The bottom may also have a transitional design. In this design, the tip has a narrow tunnel, and it transforms into full as it approaches the rear. It makes the product versatile but challenging to control.

Skis with the V-bottom provides the best stability and control.

To know the differences between the different designs is to look at the edges.


The rocker refers to the curvature of the ski from tip to tail. The more rockers your ski has, the more challenging the turnability and control your ski will have.


The bevel refers to the ski side. It directs the water flow on the front and under the ski.

The one with the deep bevel controls the ski’s ability to lift. If rounded, it keeps the lift low, providing a smooth flow. The sharp one exerts water resistance below that can give you a speedy ride.


The width is also a crucial consideration because it helps in the ski’s stability.  The one with a narrow tail provides more grip to the water, providing more control. The one with the full tail offers speed and eliminates drag.

Waterski Types

Waterski comes in different types too. If you are a beginner, it is essential to know which type is the best for you.


The full type is the best option for beginners because of its generous width that provides more stability and balance. It is more forgiving, allowing you to be on your feet faster than the other types.


If you are an experienced skier, you should go for the traditional type. This ski provides responsiveness and maneuverability.


The shaped types are versatile. It combines some of the features of traditional and wide kinds, making it an excellent option for beginners and experienced skiers.

World Class

This type is for those skiers who are probably not reading this guide. This type is for experts.

This type uses carbon graphite than the usual fiberglass. It provides exceptional acceleration and experiences when used aggressively.

Skier’s Weight

Your weight should also be a consideration. Choosing the right length of your product is relative to your weight. Manufacturers have charts that suggest the appropriate weight range for their products.


Aside from the ski itself, you should also consider the compatible bindings to go along with it. It should be the right fit.

Bindings should not be loose enough that you might slip yourself out of it while waterskiing. Is should also not be tight enough to the point that you already feel uncomfortable.


Whenever you need a slalom waterski, you can always use this article as a reference to find the best product to use. This review and buying guide informs you about the best slalom waterski products that most users love. You now have some ideas about their features, advantages, and disadvantages.

One of them is the HO Syndicate V-Type Rocker slalom waterski. You have learned that even though it is expensive, its value worth its price because of the several features it offers.

If you cannot find any products that suit your preference, you now know how to select the best slalom waterski to purchase.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How to Choose a Slalom Waterski

A: There are several considerations when buying a new slalom water ski. If you are a beginner, it is best to start by knowing the various components of the products, so you can easily understand its features. You should also consider the level of your skills. From it, you should base the characteristics of the components of your ski to aid your performance as you do the sport. Another consideration is the compatible bindings on your ski. The appropriate size to use concerning your weight should also be a factor.

Q: What Size of Slalom Ski Should I Buy

A: Manufacturers suggest the skier’s appropriate weight for their products. They come up with charts that you can refer to select the best ski size that is fitting enough for you. Weight is not the only consideration when choosing the right length of slalom water ski. Other factors, such as the waterski types, can also affect your performance even if you want the ski that has the right length. These waterski types are traditional, shaped, world-class, and wide.  For example, though Connelly’s Big Daddy can accommodate heavy skiers, they can only ride it slowly.

Q: What Is the Best Slalom Waterski

A: Although this article suggests products that you may want to consider, it does not mean that they are the best slalom waterski. Even if you buy the most expensive product listed here, it will only frustrate you if it is not appropriate. The best product should be the one that is appropriate for your weight, skills, and skier type. Only by choosing the product that is right for these mentioned factors you can make the most out of your purchase.

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