Liquid Force Wakeboards Review | Epic Boards or Rip Off?

Liquid Force encapsulates everything to do with wakeboarding. This trusted company offers wakeboards, clothing, and other related accessories. Besides that, it sponsors a large number of professional wakeboarders, too.

Liquid Force’s mission is to help all players to experience the best wakeboarding life. It aims to help everyone create memories and learn new skills while remaining safe and protected. Thanks to their love for water sports, you can guarantee that Liquid Force excels in product design and quality. Plus, their jaw-dropping range of products is more than enough for beginners, intermediates, and professional wakeboarders.

Furthermore, art is at Liquid Force’s culture. This manufacturer places heavy emphasis on top-quality aesthetics and materials, making their products stand out against most of their competitors. With this brand, you can guarantee that their wakeboards will enhance your strength and improve your weakness. They customized each wakeboard to meet all the riders’ specific requirements.

Moreover, you will surely appreciate its price associated with excellent performance, quality, and value. Liquid Force made sure that all products are not overpriced, so wakeboarders with tight budgets can still enjoy their products.

Below are the top nine Liquid Force wakeboards that you need to consider.

Top 9 Best Liquid Force Wakeboard Reviewed

  1. Liquid Force Eclipse Wakeboard
  2. Liquid Force Peak Wakeboard
  3. Liquid Force Rhythm Wakeboard
  4. Liquid Force Asym Noodle Wakeboard
  5. Liquid Force El Guapo Wakeboard
  6. Liquid Force Rant Kid’s Wakeboard
  7. Liquid Force Deluxe Wakeboard
  8. Liquid Force TAO Hybrid Wakeboard
  9. Liquid Force SLAB Wakeboard

#1. Liquid Force Eclipse Wakeboard


  • Dimension: 152 centimeters / 158 centimeters / 164 centimeters
  • Construction: Extra Long Diamond Thumbtail Shape, Single Concave Hull w/ Edge & Tip Channels, FSC™ Certified Full Wood CNC’d Core, Triax Glass Layup
  • Designed for: Advanced Wakeboarders

Next on the list is the Liquid Force Eclipse Wakeboard, one of the most robust and most durable products from this trusted brand. Unless you want to ride a beginner-friendly board, this one can be an excellent choice for the pros.

Regarding its construction, the Liquid Force Eclipse Wakeboard offers an extra-long diamond thumbnail shape with a Triax glass layup, single concave hull, and full wood CNC’s core. Its weight is good enough to prolong airtime while jumping but strong enough to make carving and turning effortless.

The Liquid Force Eclipse Wakeboard is a robust all-rounder wakeboard that is a suitable choice for advanced wakeboarder who need explosive pop off the wake. Thanks to its full wood CNC’d core, this product can deliver softer landings even on higher jumps. Plus, it provides outstanding control and stability, too.

Professional riders love the Liquid Force Eclipse Wakeboard because it offers the perfect balance between comfort, responsiveness, stability, and agility. Plus, it has a more mellow and rounded edge that provides catch-free riding and excellent maneuverability on flat water.

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#2. Liquid Force Peak Wakeboard

liquid force peakliquid force wakeboards review


  • Dimension: 138 centimeters / 142 centimeters / 146 centimeters
  • Construction: LF Exclusive FlexTrack™TM, LF Exclusive Liquid Rail™, Full Wood CNC’d Core, Center Concave With Edge And Tip Channels, Triax Glass Layup
  • Designed for: Advanced Wakeboarders

The Liquid Force Peak Wakeboard is another favorite product from this company that became known for its excellent performance and consistency. Advanced wakeboarders looking for a three-stage rocker that can provide an aggressive yet accurate pop should choose this model. According to the product description, the Liquid Force Peak Wakeboard offers the LF exclusive Flextrack, full wood CNC’d core, Triax glass layup, center concave, and tip channels.

Thanks to its perfect construction, you can guarantee that the Liquid Force Peak Wakeboard can perform very well. Besides that, it has a unique flex pattern that will help you stay more connected and in control with your wakeboard than ever before. This reliable Liquid Force produce has a newly designed underfoot that provides the maximum grip while keeping you flexible enough to perform your favorite tricks.

Liquid Force has decades of wakeboarding experience. Thus, you can assure that Peak can provide a massive boost to your overall performance. However, keep in mind that it is slightly stiffer than other wakeboards. Despite this issue, it is still easy to spin and lets you control and glide the board like a professional athlete.

#3. Liquid Force Rhythm Wakeboard

liquid force wakeboards review


  • Dimension: 140 centimeters / 144 centimeters / 148 centimeters
  • Construction: Diamond Squaretail w/ Inverted Sidecut Ends, Triax Glass Layup, Concaved, Beveled Rail
  • Designed for: Advanced Wakeboarders

The Liquid Force Rhythm Wakeboard hits the sweet spot that intermediate and advanced wakeboarder needs – speed. Thanks to its approachable design with diamond squaretail, inverted sidecut ends, concaved and beveled rails, and Triax glass layout, this wakeboard generates a faster rate. It also employs a subtle stage rocker profile that helps advanced wakeboarders pop off the wake and efficiently execute controlled landings.

Furthermore, the Liquid Force Rhythm Wakeboard has a deep center channel position that can deliver confident and better flat landings every time you launch. Liquid Force claimed that they designed this model for advanced wakeboarders. However, several intermediates are still purchasing Rhythm due to its beneficial structure that improves its speed and control.

Intermediate and advanced riders looking for the perfect wakeboard for speed should not hesitate to purchase the Liquid Force Rhythm Wakeboard. It comes in three different sizes, to ensure everyone can find the best board length for their weight.

#4. Liquid Force Asym Noodle Wakeboard

liquid force wakeboards review


  • Dimension: 148 centimeters / 152 centimeters
  • Construction: Reinforced Biax Glass Layup, Asymmetric Sidecut, and Tip Shape, Beveled LiquidRail™ Sidewalls
  • Designed for: Intermediate to Advanced Wakeboarders

The best-selling wakeboard is the Liquid Force Asym Noodle, thanks to its bigger size that helps you float and glide better. While Liquid Force won’t divulge about their core construction, you will surely have the best comfort with this product.

According to the Liquid Force Asym Noodle Wakeboard’s description, it is one of the most responsive, flexible, and smoother wakeboards. It rides fast with more significant flights and softer landings. You can also rely on its speed that provides consistent pop off the wake.

Regarding its features, the Liquid Force Asym Noodle Wakeboard offers an asymmetry side cut, tip shape, reinforced Biax glass layout, and beveled LiquidRail sidewalls. Its perfect body amps the overall smoothness and offers more accessible release and optimal control even on heavy currents.

Currently, the Liquid Force Asym Noodle Wakeboard is available in two different sizes. Thus, you can conveniently choose the best board length that matches your weight and preferences.

#5. Liquid Force El Guapo Wakeboard

liquid force wakeboards review


  • Dimension: 5’2″ × 20.38″ × 1.77″ (23.09L) / 5’6″ × 20.75″ × 2.12″ (30.49L)
  • Construction: EPS Foam with Surf Stringer, Fiberglass Hand Lamination, Single to Double Concave Hull with Spoon Nose
  • Designed for: Beginners to Intermediate Wakeboarders

Beginners and intermediate wakeboarders looking for lightweight and easy to control wakeboards should choose the Liquid Force El Guapo Wakeboard. This product delivers a more playful and loose feel that can push you to execute better tricks. Besides that, its EPS foam with surf stringer, fiberglass hand lamination, and single to concave hull delivers a slower speed when you need to launch or rail slide.

Several intermediate riders purchase El Guapo since it has the same tech found in higher-end Liquid Force products. Although it primarily focuses on being an effortless board, it has a stiff belly that adds extra rigidity for wakeboarders who need to overcome stubborn situations.

Beginners can easily choose the best Liquid Force El Guapo Wakeboard for them since it comes in two different sizes. You can enjoy a larger sweet spot with these dimensions that can deliver softer landing and better pop off the wake when you are out in the flats. Plus, it has an increased efficiency than other Liquid Force boards.

#6. Liquid Force Rant Kid’s Wakeboard


  • Dimension: 120 centimeters / 125 centimeters / 130 centimeters
  • Construction: Rounded Thumbtail Shape, Rounded Thumbtail Shape, Full Wood Profiled “Split Core,” Lightweight Biax Glass Layup
  • Designed for: Beginners

The Liquid Force Rant Kid’s Wakeboard is one of the most recommended equipments for kids. With its large sweet spot, lightweight Biax glass layup, and rounded thumbnail shape, young riders can feel flowy, flexible, and loose, helping them reduce fatigue and remain comfortable. Besides that, Liquid Force also claims that this board can cushion landing significantly due to its concave belly and tail. Impact-resistant materials wrap around the board to protect the core’s quality, too.

Since young boarders need wakeboards that deliver extra stability and a smoother ride, they should consider this Liquid Force Rant Kid’s Wakeboard. With enough camber to provide pop and forgiveness to ease landings, kids will surely improve their performance with this one.  Its modest-density core and lightweight Biax glass keep everything light while still providing added durability.

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#7. Liquid Force Deluxe Wakeboard


  • Dimension: 140 centimeters
  • Construction: LF FlexTrackTM System, Triax Glass Layup, Beveled LiquidRailTM Sidewalls, Full FSCTM Certified Paulownia Wood Profiled Core
  • Designed for: Beginners

Newbies looking for affordable yet high-performing board should purchase he Liquid Force Deluxe Wakeboard. This product is potentially the most beginner-friendly wakeboard to ever hit the market.

Thanks to its Triax glass layout, LF FlexTrack System, and beveled Liquid Rail sidewalls, amateurs can enjoy a stable and safe ride. Besides that, this product is suitable for smoother and more predictable landings. It’s exclusive LF FlexTrack system tracks better on edge and delivers the softest and perfect touchdown.

Although the Liquid Force Deluxe Wakeboard specifically targets beginners, it can still be an excellent choice for intermediate riders due to its full FSCTM-certified Paulownia wood profiled core keep edges in place. With this Liquid Force board, you will surely end up with the best of both worlds – comfortable yet super flexible wakeboard.

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#8. Liquid Force TAO Hybrid Wakeboard


  • Dimension: 137 centimeters / 142 centimeters / 147 centimeters
  • Construction: Aggressive Three Stage Rocker, Concaved Beveled Rail, Finless, Triax Glass Layup, Single Concave Hull w/ Edge & Tip Channels
  • Designed for: Intermediate to Advanced Wakeboarders

This Liquid Force TAO Hybrid Wakeboard was designed to emulate everything that female rider needs. According to the product description, it provides a high degree of control suitable for the tightest turns while maintaining a good velocity for more tricks. Regarding its dimension, the Liquid Force TAO Hybrid Wakeboard comes in three different sizes so female riders can conveniently choose the right one for their way.

Even if the wakeboard’s tag says it targets advanced wakeboarders, the Liquid Force TAO Hybrid Wakeboard still works perfectly among intermediate riders. If you don’t know yet, this board has a forgiving yet aggressive three-stage rocket and concave beveled rail that can assist you in tracking. Several users claimed that this Liquid Force TAO Hybrid Wakeboard is easy to stay one, easy to learn, and will forgive several wakeboarding mistakes.

Furthermore, the Liquid Force TAO Hybrid Wakeboard is excellent equipment for control. The manufacturer claims that it keeps advanced riders focused on their favorite tricks instead of worrying about stability and flexibility. With this board, ladies can enjoy the smoothest wake attack without the need to add extra turns. Plus, it has a more aggressive edge that produces more speed.

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#9. Liquid Force SLAB Wakeboard


  • Dimension: 135 centimeters / 139 centimeters / 143 centimeters
  • Construction: Rounded Diamond Squaretail Shape, Beveled LiquidRail™ Sidewalls, Lightweight Biax Glass Layup
  • Designed for: Intermediate Wakeboarders

Liquid Force SLAB Wakeboard is one of the most impenetrable and versatile products in business. Thus, if you are looking for a high-performing board that works very well in all conditions, choose SLAB.

According to its product description, it is a speed demon with a rounded diamond squaretail shape and lightweight Biax glass layup that delivers graceful landings for reduced impacts. Its rails are also good enough to remain deep in the water for more cutting turns and apt edging.

Liquid Force spared no expense on the table when they developed the SLAB Wakeboard. Despite being deceptively simple, it’s built can trim any excess power so that the rider’s energy will not go to waste.

You can use this board to fight off saltwater or use it on a calmer lake. With a top speed and excellent stability, you can experience the smoothest wakeboard experience without dragging along too much.

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Liquid Force Wakeboards Buying Guide

Here are the top three essential factors that you need to consider before purchasing a wakeboard:


A wakeboard’s flex has something to do with its stiffness. If you are an amateur, go for stiffer ones since they provide better stability, one of the essentials for beginners. Liquid Force boards have different flex since they have unique riding characteristics. According to experts, there’s no perfect flex. It all comes down to your needs and preferences.


Rocker describes a wakeboard’s arc or curve profile. The most common types that you will encounter are the “Three-Stage” and “Continuous” rockers. The Three-Stage rocker is more responsive, while Continuous delivers faster speed. Remember that some boards carry more momentum upon landing and have less drag due to less rocker.

Ability Level

Another crucial factor that you need to consider is your ability level. Are you an amateur, intermediate, or pro? Liquid Force wakeboards are designed to different ability levels. Thus, do not purchase something too low or advanced for your skills.

Liquid Force Wakeboard: Company & History

Liquid Force has been producing kiteboarding and wakeboarding products and clothing since 1995. It was founded by Tony Finn and Jimmy Redmon, both passionate wakeboarders. Tony Finn is a natural salesman with an energetic personality, while Jimmy Redmon is a soft-spoken designer that offers better products.

If you don’t know yet, these two individuals met at a tradeshow. They built a friendly competition and complemented each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

Over the years, it has received several awards, such as the WSIA Manufacturer of the Year last 2005 and 2008. To spread more brand awareness, Liquid Force sponsors numerous athletes and events. Some of the most famous wakeboarding personalities are Shane Bonifay, Harley Clifford, Meagan Ethel, and Daniel Fetz. This company continuously gain more customers and increase its team from different countries, such as Argentina, Thailand, Germany, and the USA.

To this day, Liquid Force remains one of the strongest brands in the wakeboard community. They continuously work with several professional athletes to come up with the most beneficial designs and innovations. Since this company is based in Encinitas, California, they remain close to the wakeboarding roots.


Liquid Force is a pioneer in the wakeboard manufacturing industry. This company offers high-quality products that several professionals use. As the name suggests, Liquid Force boards are powerful enough to provide the best performance regardless of the user’s skills. Most products that you will access from this brand have a three-stage rocket, making it easier to turn during high speeds.

Furthermore, Liquid Force wakeboards have high-quality construction to ensure the best comfort and optimize the board for a superior ride. With this brand, riders will have a more reasonable price, making it a great value gift. If you don’t know yet, Liquid Force is one of the most trusted budget-friendly brands that produce the most recommended wakeboards for all ages.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Why should I choose Liquid Force Wakeboards?

A: You have to purchase your wakeboard at Liquid Force since all products have been customized for kids, men, and women. It also has an impressive array of accessories that complement perfectly with its boards.

Besides that, Liquid Force has an excellent reputation in producing advanced wakeboards with high-performing capabilities. Some of their products are light enough to pass off any obstacle. Plus, you can expect that their wakeboards have premium-quality cushion to lighten the landing impact.

Q: How about the pricing of Liquid Force Wakeboards?

A: Liquid Force wakeboards come with reasonable prices. Although they don’t offer the lowest price tags, you can guarantee that its high quality provides the best value for the money.

With Liquid Force, you can guarantee that you are riding on a durable and safe board. Do not hesitate to invest a few extra bucks to ensure your safety and smooth performance on the water. Many amateurs tend to purchase wakeboards from this manufacturer since they can guarantee the extra durability to withstand stubborn situations.

Q: Are there other Liquid Force products for me?

A: Yes, Liquid Force offers other products, such as CGA and non-CGA life jackets, t-shirts, outerwear, towels, neoprene tops, bindings, big bags, and wakesurf boards.

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