Top 10 Best Slingshot Wakeboards | 2023 Reviews (Slingshot)

Last Updated January 27, 2023
Pill Wakeboard

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  • Rocker Line: Three-stage
  • Length: 138 centimeters or 142 centimeters
  • Skill Level: intermediates to Professionals

The Pill Wakeboard is what wakeboarders consider when it comes to control and stability because of its three-stage rocker line. Keeping your balance despite any speed is hassle-free, and it’s also exceptional in performing tricks, especially ollies and jumping tricks. 

You can also install edge fins for optimum performance and improved spins, which professionals find favorable. Plus, you can count on its grip, letting you move without falling off easily. 

When it comes to its base design, many wakeboarders admire this wakeboard because of its green-colored theme. Plus, it comes from high-quality material, making it very durable for any weight. 

Suitable in handling aggressive movementsHas a limited weight-range
Very sturdyDoesn’t include bindings

2. Oli Wakeboard by Slingshot – Best Value

Oli Wakeboard by Slingshot

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  • Rocker Line: Continuous
  • Length: 136 centimeters, 140 centimeters, or 144 centimeters
  • Skill Level: Beginners to Intermediates

If you’re searching for the best one for beginners, you can never go wrong with the Oli Wakeboard. It’s not only appealing when it comes to its base-design, but it’s also top-performing on all conditions. 

It’s also very sturdy, letting you ride smoothly, even on obstacles. Plus, it’s versatile because it performs at its finest, regardless if a winch, cable, or wakeboard boat hauls you. Also, you can enjoy a lively feel because of the ample kick it provides off the wake. 

Despite being suitable for newbies, it provides the agility you need to enhance your balancing skills further. If you want a little challenge, it’s the best board to ride because it will not break easily despite its lightweight advantage. 

Provides smoother rides
Only suitable for riders with lower weight
AffordableNot the best board for competitions

3. Shredtown Wakeboard by Slingshot – Editor’s Choice

Shredtown Wakeboard by Slingshot

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  • Rocker Line: Continuous
  • Length: 139 centimeters, 143 centimeters, or 147 centimeters
  • Skill Level: Beginners to Professionals

When it comes to durability, the Shredtown Wakeboard is what you should consider buying. It comes from a premium-quality of materials, which guarantees its sturdiness, even on frequent usage. 

The ballistic base with flex tips makes it look more appealing despite its meek design. Also, it comes with graphics that complement its color combination. 

The performance of this wakeboard is another thing that professional wakeboarders admire about it. You can maximize your water time, letting you enhance your balancing and controlling skills. If you’re an aspiring pro, training is worth your time with this wakeboard.  

Easy to useThe deck is too thin for others
VersatileDesign is not appealing

4. Solo Wakeboard by Slingshot

Solo Wakeboard by Slingshot

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  • Rocker Line: Continuous
  • Length: 138 centimeters, 140 centimeters, or 146 centimeters
  • Skill Level: Intermediates to Professionals

Another slingshot wakeboard that’s worth your money is the Solo Wakeboard. If you’re looking for a top performing wakeboard for competition, you can count on it because it features the Flex Tip Technology. 

It’s unlike your typical wakeboards because it locks into presses, and it provides excellent traction to high-level wakeboarders, even when you ride it without any fins. Plus, executing tricks is not hassling because of its narrow profile and lightweight advantage. 

Aside from that, it comes with a center V-spine, which breaks up the water’s tension for landings. Balancing and controlling the board is hassle-free, especially during competitions. 

Not ideal for newbies
PortableProne to scratches

5. Response Wakeboard by Slingshot

Response Wakeboard by Slingshot

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  • Rocker Line: Continuous
  • Length: 137 centimeters, 142 centimeters, or 145 centimeters
  • Skill Level: Intermediates to Professionals 

The Response Wakeboard may look meek on the base, yet it doesn’t disappoint when it comes to control and balance because of its classic board shape. Thanks to its snow style-feel, it comes with excellent carving. 

Aside from that, it comes from an excellent quality of wood material, assuring durability, as you use it all the time. It’s the best board for pros or intermediate-level wakeboarders because of its quick yet effortless riding. 

When it comes to executing tricks, this wakeboard’s medium flex-feature provides an exceptional pop off the wake. Jumping during the ride is hassle-free because of its rocker line. Plus, it’s not hard to maneuver during turns. 

Has a wider base for controlNot suitable for inexperienced wakeboarders
Long-lastingBase-design is not attractive

6. Valley Women's Wakeboard by Slingshot

Valley Women's Wakeboard by Slingshot

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  • Rocker Line: Continuous
  • Length: 136 centimeters, 140 centimeters, or 144 centimeters
  • Skill Level: Intermediates to Professionals

The Valley Women’s Wakeboard is one of the best sellers for women wakeboarders because of its high-level performance and quality. Its wide profile with soft flex pattern and ballistic base contributes to its overall stability and traction on the water. 

You can assure that this wakeboard is long-lasting, and it’s not weighty, which is why it’s easy to control it, even when you speed up. Plus, there’s less drag, letting you move smoothly on every turn or trick. 

You’ll love how it can support a wakeboarder that’s up to 145 pounds. You can enjoy your ride without worrying about your balance because it stays stable as you move at any speed. 

Provides a lesser drag
Performance is limited to beginners only
Easy to maneuverOnly available in a feminine design

7. Nomad Wakeboard by Slingshot

Nomad Wakeboard by Slingshot

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  • Rocker Line: Continuous
  • Length: 145 centimeters, 150 centimeters, 155 centimeters, and 160 centimeters  
  • Skill Level: Beginners to Professionals

If you can’t think of what wakeboard, you can never go wrong with the Nomad Wakeboard. This wakeboard has a masculine style, yet it’s not very appealing, unlike other slingshot wakeboards. On the bright side, you can install edge fins for more agility while gliding on the surface of the water. 

The grip is compromised compared to other Slingshot wakeboards, yet it doesn’t disappoint when it comes to durability. It uses high-quality materials, making it long-lasting despite frequent usage. 

What wakeboarders love about this wakeboard are its stability and smoother landings. If you’re a newbie, you don’t have to cram on balancing or controlling the board because it’s easy to maneuver. Plus, it provides exceptional pop, which is favorable during jump-tricks. 

Best for cable and boat wakeboarding
Not ideal for weighty wakeboarders
Includes four bolts for the finsNot stylish

8. Water Gunn Wakeboard by Slingshot 

Water Gunn Wakeboard by Slingshot

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  • Rocker Line: Continuous
  • Length: 140 centimeters or 144 centimeters
  • Skill Level: Intermediates to Professionals

The Water Gunn Wakeboard is one of the bestsellers from Slingshot because of its exceptional performance, which professional wakeboarders prefer during competitions. It comes in a meek style, yet it’s appealing enough to be a head-turner because of its neat look. 

It features a carbon stringer, which adds stiffness to the board’s belly-part, and it comes with Singleshot Fusion Sidewalls. Aside from that, it uses a premium-quality material, making sure it stays durable, even on weighty wakeboarders.  

The professionals recommend this wakeboard because it promotes exceptional steadiness, even when the boat speeds up. You can perform any trick you prefer because it’s not too weighty to carry at all. 

Added belly-stiffnessBoard’s structure is not for newbies
Minimalistic style
Compromised grip

9. Terrain Wakeboard by Slingshot

Terrain Wakeboard by Slingshot

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  • Rocker Line: Continuous 
  • Length: 136 centimeters, 140 centimeters, 144 centimeters, 148 centimeters, and 152 centimeters
  • Skill Level: Beginners to Intermediates

If you need a reliable wakeboard for a part-riding style, you should buy the Terrain Wakeboard because of its slider base. Executing tricks is not a hassle at all, which is the reason why professional wakeboarders recommend it to intermediates. 

Beginners will also find it very handy to use because of its excellent traction and stability while moving on the water’s surface. You can expect a smoother gliding, which adds more fun to the wakeboarder. Plus, its rocker line will make it more comfortable to control, especially on turning. 

You can count on this wakeboard’s sturdiness because it uses high-quality materials to make sure that it will not break easily, even when you do some tricks. 

Provides exceptional balanceNot competitive for pros

10. Whip Wakeboard by Slingshot

Whip Wakeboard by Slingshot

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  • Rocker Line: Continuous
  • Length: 139 centimeters or 143 centimeters
  • Skill Level: Beginners to Professionals

The best wakeboard that you can consider for your tricks is the Whip Wakeboard because of its medium flex and ballistic park base. You can guarantee that every kicker landing and air trick is impressive because you will not have difficulty controlling it. 

Aside from that, its rocker line will let you ride this wakeboard with full stability and excellent traction for high-level performance. If you’re practicing your ollies to prepare for jump tricks, this board comes with many snaps. 

The board’s design is not a disappointment because its yellow and white highlights match the black-colored base. 

Best board for tricksNot suitable for women wakeboarders
Exceptional gripAvailability is limited

Top Pick – Best Slingshot Wakeboard

The Pili Wakeboard is the top pick among these Slingshot wakeboards because of its optimum performance when it comes to tricks. It provides bigger pop off, making it favorable to wakeboarders who want to master the jumping trick. Plus, its tech channels add traction to the movement without compromising speed. 

The durability of this wakeboard is also exceptional because it comes with an Atomic wood core. Despite frequent usage, it will not break easily, even when you’re executing tricks. Also, it comes with edge fins, which provide steadiness during landings. If you want to improve your skills, this wakeboard is the best one to buy. 

Buying the Best Slingshot Wakeboard – Buyers Guide

Aspiring wakeboarders will find it struggling to look for the best Slingshot wakeboard at first, especially when you’re entirely new to the sport. Before you spend your money buying one, here’s a buying guide to help you decide which one to pick. 

Consider the Size Chart

Wakeboards come in different lengths, and in a weight range, there’s a specific length that’s suitable for better performance. Measuring the size will be from the tail to the tip, regardless of any rocker line. However, you also have to keep in mind that every manufacturer uses its size chart, so it’s important to check the chart first before purchasing. 

Here are the suitable lengths as per weight:

  • 120 centimeters – 40 kilograms or less
  • 125 centimeters – 40 to 50 kilograms
  • 130 centimeters – 50 to 60 kilograms
  • 135 centimeters – 60 to 70 kilograms
  • 140 centimeters – 70 to 95 kilograms
  • 145 centimeters – 95 kilograms

Longer boards are more favorable to beginners because there’s a lesser drag, while shorter ones are more aggressive, ideal for intermediate to pros. 

Consider the Rocker Line

The rocker is the bend or curve in a wakeboard, from the tail to the tip. It’s a significant factor to consider because it provides pop from the wake for better performance. However, it can compromise your board’s stability and agility. 

There are different shapes that manufacturers use these days, such as the following: 

Three-stage Rocker

This shape has a flat spot in the middle part of the board, and it breaks the board’s curve for a more aggressive ride. The downside is that it’s less stable. However, you can enjoy your ride further because of the hang time it provides. Most pros and intermediate wakeboarders use this shape more. 

Continuous Rocker

Every ride is predictable with its curved shape. The speed is exceptional, and it provides smoother transitions with constant pop. Also, this shape provides lift off the wake for free ride-style wakeboarding. 

Hybrid Rocker

This shape is a blend of a continuous and three-stage rocker, which professional and intermediate wakeboarders prefer because of its speed. It also provides an added pop because of its semi-three-stage features, which makes every ride more enjoyable. 

Consider the Base Design

The base is also a crucial factor to consider because it contributes to how your board feels while on the water. When a board is flat with no channeling at all, it provides instability. When there are more channeling and shaping, the board increases grip for smoother transitions. 

The ideal base for newbies should have full-length and deep channels for stability. There’s exceptional traction with deeper channels, but landings are less forgiving. 

Consider the Tail and Tip

Like other boards, the tail and tip are also factors in providing better ride quality. Here are the typical shapes for wakeboards:


This shape gives exceptional pop, yet these are less tolerant when it comes to landings. 

Swallow or Diamond

These shapes are better on longer boards because of their performance. However, the diamond shape provides shorter landings and less pop compared to swallow shapes with landings that are less forbearing. 


This shape provides soft landings with lesser pop. It’s the perfect tip-shape for beginners. 

Consider the Fins

Fins also contribute to making every wakeboard-ride more desirable. Most wakeboards install edge or center fins, and here’s what you need about these two: 

Center Fins

Center fins are better for beginners because of these functions like training wheels. It provides better stability to help you keep your balance as you start moving. However, you should remove these during jumping tricks or surface spins. 

Edge Fins

These fins are at the edge of the tail and tip, which provides exceptional grip on your board’s toe and heel edges. These are ideal for wake jumps or spins, and intermediate to professional wakeboarders use it. 

Wakeboarding 101: What You Need to Know About It

People are very interested in activities involving boards, such as surfing, skateboarding, or skiing. It’s thrilling and fun, which is why even kids want to give these sports a try. Another activity that is worth your time and experience is wakeboarding, and here’s a quick overview of this water activity. 

Wakeboarding is combined surfing, water skiing, and snowboarding, making it very interesting, especially to kids and young adults. In this water activity, a boat is towing the rider on the board. Back in the 1980s, people call it “skurfing” before it became “wakeboarding.” 

Some sports similar to wakeboarding include wakesurfing, where a boat tows a rider using a surfboard, and kneeboarding, where the rider uses a convex board and rides it while kneeling.  

Tips in Wakeboarding for Newbies: What You Should Keep in Mind

Wakeboarding is one of the most renowned water activities these days. It’s an all-around sport since it’s also suitable for kids. Here are some tips you can consider if you’re a beginner in wakeboarding.

Determine your level and let your driver know

Wakeboarding is not as easy as you think. It needs control and balance since you’ll have to stay on your board without falling off despite any speed. If you’re new to wakeboarding, it will take some time before you can ride the board without falling, even at a slower speed. It’s best to advise your driver about your level so he or she can start from 18 miles per hour to 21 miles per hour. 

Start your ride smoothly

You don’t have to speed up immediately when you’re a newbie. Remember to keep both your arms straight and bend your knees as the board pulls you up. You can start by keeping your balance as the boat drags you. 

Remember to spin at the peak

If you feel like performing, you can attempt some spins. However, as you do it, you have to spin when you’re at the peak. It’s best to wait patiently, and your hands should be at your waist’s level to let the board out. 

Your handle should stay low

Keeping your handle low is also important because it contributes to your overall balance. Don’t hold it perpendicular since you’re not water skiing. 

Practice the ollie if you want to improve your jumping technique

Most newbies lack confidence in jumping when it comes to wakeboarding. If you’re one of these, you should consider doing the ollie for practice. Push the tail of your wakeboard down the water to pop up the board, instead of a leap. 

Determine your dominant foot

Balancing is one of the most crucial skills you should practice, and you should know your best foot to put forward. Your dominant foot will save you from losing your balance once you start wakeboarding. 

Consider the Surface 180 trick

Newbies should consider doing the Surface 180 trick. Spinning on the surface is easier, which you can practice and master in no time. The best tip is to put your elbows locked to the body and turn the body through hip-rotation as you bend your knees. 


If you want a memorable experience, you should give wakeboarding a try. This water activity is one of the most recommended because it’s thrilling and fun at the same time. Even when the wakeboarder is a kid or an adult, you’ll learn to love this activity once you start spending more time wakeboarding. 

When it comes to the best Slingshot wakeboard, the Pili Wakeboard is the bestseller because of its sturdiness, stability, and performance. Maneuvering the board is more comfortable, especially when it comes to tricks. Also, it comes with four fins, making it an excellent deal for pros or intermediate wakeboarders. 

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t swim, but I want to give wakeboarding a try. 

There are vests available for first-timers who can’t swim, yet it’s best if you know how to swim. There’s a tendency for you to go underwater. 

What should I do if I fall off during wakeboarding?

You have two ways. The first one is to wait in the water while the instructor gives the handle back, while the second one is when you need to swim to the closest exit point after removing your board. 

What gears should I prepare before wakeboarding? 

You need an impact vest or a buoyancy aid, aside from the wakeboard. Plus, you need a helmet for protection. The wetsuit is not required, but it’s up to you if you want to wear one. Most sites offer rentals. 

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