Top 10 Best Wakeboards

Wakeboarding is an exciting sport. That is why riders of different skill levels showcase their talents and personality through the wakeboards they own. Because of this, it is no wonder that manufacturers create products in various sizes, shapes, styles, and materials to provide the best experience and to meet the multiple riders’  demands.

Because there are tons of products available on the market, it is understandable that selecting the best wakeboard is a pain in the butt. That is why finding a useful review of the best wakeboards can help you choose.

In this review, you will find out about the top-of-the-line brands to give you an idea of the best products to buy. You will also learn how to distinguish the best wakeboard that fits your skills and style.

Knowing this information will help you have a great time in your wakeboarding experience.

Top 10 Best Wakeboards Reviewed

To start, here are the lists of the leading wakeboards in the industry. If you have no idea which product to buy, consider the following.

  1. Hyperlite Machete Wakeboard
  2. Ronix Vault Wakeboard
  3. Slingshot Sports Terrain Wakeboard
  4. Slingshot Sports Windsor Wakeboard
  5. Ronix RXT Wakeboard
  6. Slingshot Sports Nomad Wakeboard 
  7. Hyperlite Wakeboard Franchise
  8. Never Summer Mind Bender Wakeboard
  9. Hyperlite State 2.0 Wakeboard
  10. Slingshot Sports Coalition

1. Hyperlite Machete Wakeboard

Hyperlite Machete Wakeboard

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  • Four removable 8-inch P-wing fins
  • Capacity (pounds): 110 to more than 140
  • Available in three sizes (cm): 136, 140, 144
  • Skill level: intermediate to advanced
  • Wakeboard mount pattern: M6
  • Rocker: three-stage hybrid

Shaun Murray and Rusty Malinoski created the Hyperlite Machete with step-down edges and four removable fins for greater control and faster speed. The Hyperlite Machete uses M6 hardware that makes the wakeboard lightweight, making it perfect for performing new tricks.

The three-stage rocker provides a smooth and comfortable ride because of the quick transfer of weight.

The Hyperlite Machete is flat at the center, which is ideal for making a better pop. This wakeboard is famous for its stability and the use of a variable edge that is a mellow edge below the feet that gives better maneuverability.

Better weight transferSome loose bindings
Smooth ride

2. Ronix Vault Wakeboard

Ronix Vault Wakeboard

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  • Two 1.7-inch fiberglass hook fins
  • Capacity (pounds): 170 to more than 175 depending on the wakeboard size
  • Available in three sizes (cm): 133, 139, 144
  • Skill level: beginner to intermediate
  • Wakeboard mount pattern: M6
  • Rocker: Three-stage

The Ronix team and Mike Ferraro created the Ronix vault. It features a three-stage rocker that gives an explosive pop. It provides the rider with more time to generate energy to prepare for a full lift. 

The Ronix Vault also features grip and release channels hull for better traction, which is best for riding cables and behind the wakeboard boat without causing much water resistance.

The Ronix Vault is famous for its asymmetrical design or edges that are thinner at the toeside, while fuller at the heel side. This design provides better control.

It also features a low friction base to ensure fast glide speed.

Better traction because of the grip and release channelsChallenging to use for beginners
Easy to control thin profile

3. Slingshot Sports Terrain Wakeboard

Slingshot Sports 2020 Terrain Wakeboard


  • Capacity (pounds): 115 to 225
  • Available in four sizes (cm): 140, 144, 148, 152
  • Skill level: intermediate to expert

The Slingshot Sports Terrain is smooth under the feet during the ride. This model focuses on riding the rails. It has a soft flex that provides easy pressing that feels soft and smooth under the feet. Because of this feature, there is no need to put much effort into pressing.

For this reason, the Slingshot Sports Terrain is perfect for tail pressing and nose pressing.

The Slingshot Sports Terrain has a comprehensive profile for locking into the rails. Its width also gives a better surface area for better buoyancy. That is why switching from one edge to another is a piece of cake.

Because of its park base, the rider can get through various obstacles without any hitch. The plate is also bulletproof, which proves its durability to handle rough surfaces.

The Slingshot Sports Terrain is available in four different models based on length. It also has carbon bedrock inserts that help reduce the product’s overall weight to enhance the pull strength.

Excellent in handling obstaclesExpensive
Comfortable under the feet
Smooth landings

4. Slingshot Sports Windsor Wakeboard

Slingshot Sports Windsor Wakeboard

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  • Four 0.05-inch wake fins
  • Available in three sizes (cm): 141, 145, 149
  • Skill level: intermediate to advanced
  • Wakeboard mount pattern: M6
  • Rocker: three-stage hybrid

By hearing this wakeboard model, you can already tell that the Slingshot Sports Windsor 2020 is for riders who love performing tricks. The Slingshot Sports Windsor has a ballistic base, which is best for handling rough surfaces.

It has tip and tail channels that give better traction and stability, which is ideal for performing various tricks.

The Slingshot Sports Windsor features its three-stage and continuous hybrid rocker. It also has a stiff center that is useful for performing an explosive pop in water. The Slingshot Sports Windsor has a flex soft tip and tail that gives a better lock in presses without exerting much effort.

Slingshot Sports Windsor’s core construction is a vertically laminated wood material. It also has carbon fiber inserts that help reduce weight.

Durable base that can withstand rough surfacesNot ideal for beginners
Has a stiff center for better popping
Makes performing tricks easier

5. Ronix RXT Wakeboard

Ronix RXT Wakeboard


  • Four fiberglass ramp fins
  • Capacity (pounds): 165 to 185
  • Available in four sizes (cm): 136, 140, 144, 148
  • Skill level: advanced to expert
  • Wakeboard mount pattern: M6
  • Rocker: Continuous

The Ronix RXT is another product that beginners should keep their hands off because this wakeboard is another model that is best for aerial performance. Because of its advanced construction and efficiency, many advanced-level riders endorse this product.

It has 10 energy which is ideal for giving a powerful and fast pop. One of these 10 is stored energy, and the other nine is the instant energy that provides the rider with some time to perform a full-lift performance.

It uses a continuous rocker type for consistent gliding and fast transition for performing tricks.

The Ronix RXT uses black-out technology that makes this model stand out among the rest and why it is for advanced riders. Because of this feature, the wakeboard becomes quicker and more responsive.

Ronix RXT increases the aerial time which provides softer landings.

Explosive popNot for beginners

6. Slingshot Sports Nomad Wakeboard

Slingshot Sports Nomad Wakeboard

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  • Four 0.5-inch wake fins
  • Available in four sizes (cm): 145, 150, 155, 160
  • Skill level: intermediate to advanced
  • Wakeboard mount pattern: M6
  • Rocker: continuous rocker

Slingshot Sports Nomad Wakeboard is one of the user-friendliest wakeboard models that intermediate to advanced surfers can use. It allows excellent efficiency that provides explosive pop, enhanced speed, and superior traction. All of these perks are possible because of the use of NACA tech channels.

The Slingshot Sports Nomad Wakeboard has a wooden core and bright fusion sidewalls.

Mounting system is durable and lightNot scratch-resistant
Smooth to use in water
Fusion sidewalls

7. Hyperlite Wakeboard Franchise

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  • Wakeboard mount pattern: M6
  • Rocker: Continuous

The Hyperlite Wakeboard Franchise is for beginners. It has a continuous rocker that gives better speed and a smooth ride. It has a variable edge design too that even advanced-level riders can appreciate. 

Uniform, glass-molded on top and bottomOnly in the US
Layered glass construction
Greg Nelson design

8. Never Summer Mind Bender Wakeboard

Never Summer Mind Bender Wakeboard

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  • No fins
  • Available in four sizes (cm): 136, 141, 146, 151
  • Skill level: intermediate to advanced
  • Wakeboard mount pattern: M6
  • Rocker: seven-stage

The Never Summer Mind Bender 2019 has a unique design with black and white artwork. Beginners should have their hands off this product because it has no fins and extra barriers to protect from landings. That is why the Never Summer Mind Bender 2019 is ideal for intermediate-level to advanced-level riders.

The Never Summer Mind Bender 2019 features a high-end performance that even people on a heavy side can appreciate. This product has a large surface area that is great for giving a smooth ride.

It has a solid flex with a seven-stage rocker that makes the Never Summer Mind Bender 2019 stand out among the rest. Because of all its features, this product enables you to perform pops and jumps in the air.

Made for aerial exhibition because of flex and seven-stage rockerNo extra barrier for safe landings
Can carry people who are on the heavy side
No fins

9. Hyperlite State 2.0 Wakeboard

Hyperlite State 2.0 Wakeboard

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  • Two fins
  • Capacity (pounds): Up to 165 and above depending on the size of the wakeboard
  • Available in five sizes (cm): 125, 130, 135, 140, 145
  • Skill level: beginner to intermediate
  • Wakeboard mount pattern: M6
  • Rocker: Continuous

If you are an advanced-level rider, you may not be able to appreciate Hyperlite State 2.0. However, beginners and intermediate riders will love it.

Hyperlite State 2.0 provides the best way to learn wake jumps, making it one of the best wakeboards to gain this skill. 

It has an abrupt continuous rocker that enhances speed. It also has a generous tail and tip to give explosive pop.

The Hyperlite State 2.0 has a short edge and less rail that makes wake jumps almost effortless. It uses fiberglass and foam in making this wakeboard. It has molded-in fins integrated with ABS that make this wakeboard durable.

Molded-in fins with ABS that makes this wakeboard durableNot as durable as the other models
Gives better control

10. Slingshot Sports Wakeboard Coalition

Slingshot Sports Wakeboard Coalition

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  • Available in five sizes (cm): 141, 145, 149, 153, 157
  • Skill level: intermediate to advanced
  • Wakeboard mount pattern: M6
  • Rocker: three-stage hybrid

According to the manufacturer, the Slingshot Sports Coalition allows you to get into the water whenever possible. This product can support weight up to more than 200 pounds, making it an ideal wakeboard for riders who are on the heavy side.

The Slingshot Sports Coalition has a laminated wooden core that gives you an excellent pop and enhanced speed that allows you to catch up with your friends. Because of these, the Slingshot Sports Coalition is perfect for cable riding.

The Slingshot Sports Coalition has a three-stage rocker combined with a medium flex that takes wakeboarding to the next level. Because of its features, this product gives a softer landing.

This wakeboard has carbon bedrock inserts that provide a maneuverable performance. The Slingshot Sports Coalition also has a ballistic base that can withstand rough surfaces.

Can support people who weigh more than 200 pounds
Slow three-stage rocker
Excellent pops and speed
Durable to any surfaces

Our Favorite Wakeboard

Now that you know what the best wakeboards on the market are, you might be wondering which stands among the rest. The top pick is not necessarily the best product for you, but it is what most riders love. It is always up to you to select the best wakeboard for you because, after all, you will be the one who will use it.

The top pick is the Hyperlite Machete. Riders love this wakeboard because they can see the balance of weight, performance, and durability.

For this reason, riders can expect quality and smooth riding.

The use of Bio 2 core, Enduro Base, and M6 hardware reduce the weight of this product. The manufacturers created it with a dow chemical for better performance and durability.

The Hyperlite Machete comes with a one-year warranty that intermediates to advanced-level users will love. It guarantees maneuverability and speed.

What to Consider When Buying a Wakeboard

There are several considerations when buying a wakeboard. Even though wakeboards seem the same for amateurs and non-wakeboard riders, wakeboards have elaborate designs. For this reason, you should determine what features to look for when buying a wakeboard.

Before knowing how to purchase a wakeboard, you should have some basic knowledge of the jargon. Since the start of this article, you have been encountering many wakeboard words that seem foreign to you, such as rocker, fins, channels, and the like.

To understand this article, you should know what these words mean, especially if you are a beginner who wants to learn wakeboarding.


The rail is the actual wakeboard edge, which the riders classify as sharp or soft. This wakeboard part is responsible for the speed and pop.

The sharp rails provide fast performance and excellent pop.

The sharper it is, the more aggressive the tracking is, which is the reason for its fast speed. However, if you are a beginner, you will be prone to accidents using this type of rail because of its unforgiving nature.

While the soft rails give a smoother riding experience, you can only do riding sliders and surface tricks on this type.

The variable-edged is a particular type of rail that combines the experience that the sharp and soft rails provide. The variable-edged type has different sharpness on the tip, tail, and middle of the board.

 It is soft in the middle, but sharper towards the tail and the tip.

This type of rail provides a better grip while doing the edging and is comfortable to use in doing surface tricks.


The rocker is the curve part underneath the wakeboard. You can identify its type by measuring it against a flat surface. What you need to do is measure the tip and tail from the ground.

The rocker is responsible for giving soft and hard landings, and also the speed.

Fins and their placement

Fins are the claw-like part of the wakeboard that provides the grip on the water. They come in different sizes and amounts on board and come in different placements.

The construction of the fins from the wakeboard comes in two types: removable and molded-in.

The removable fins, as the name states, are removable from the wakeboard. It provides you with more options for a better riding experience. Advanced-level riders who prefer to ride their boards without fins can benefit from it. This type of fins is best for cable parks.

The molded-in fins are not removable, but they are durable.

Manufacturers place fins at various distances from the tip and tail to meet the riders’ different styles.

Fins that are farther from the tip provide a stable ride, which is useful for performing surface tricks. It is also beneficial for beginners.

Advanced-level riders should go for wakeboards with no fins or ones with less traction. These wakeboards are the best for performing tricks.


Channels refer to the water flow at the bottom of the board. It is also responsible for giving the wakeboard a grip while on edge. Deep channels provide better tracking but are not excellent for performing tricks.


Outline refers to the shape of the board when on the top view. Wakeboards with the rounded end spin better and provide a smoother ride, while the squared end gives a better pop, but requires better landing accuracy.


Bindings are the ones that connect you from the board. Nowadays, riders prefer boot-style bindings because of the support they give.

Types of Wakeboard Rockers

Everyone can buy a wakeboard as long as it is appropriate for their weight. However, wakeboards on the market are available in different features and shapes. Some wakeboards are best for beginners, while others are for advanced-level riders.

Among the features that you should consider is the type of rocker. There are four types of wakeboard rockers. Knowing these types will help you decide on which product to buy based on your style.


Camber is the newest type of rocker and its creators got their inspiration from the shapes of snowboards and skis. This rocker type is appropriate for riders who want a more centered and ergonomic riding experience.

It places the body in an appropriate position that allows predictable pops that are not tiring for you.


The three-stage are among the most common types that you can find on the market. It has two bend points and distinct planes at the bottom part. This rocker is ideal for vertical, explosive, and bucking pop.

The center is flat which gives impactful landings.

This rocker gives more push in the water at the front part of the wakeboard. However, this rocker type is slow.


The continuous rocker type has a curved shape that does not change from top to bottom. This type of rocker helps give fast and smooth rides that make turning more convenient. This rocker provides speed and predictable pop.


The hybrid rocker type is a cross between the three-stage and the continuous. It comes in different varieties such as abrupt continuous, hybrid three-stage, blended three-stage, and subtle three-stage. 

How to Choose a Wakeboard Based on Your Weight

In choosing the best wakeboard, the weight, and the riding style are the primary considerations. Every wakeboard brand has its recommendations.

That is why manufacturers of these products provide their set of recommendations based on the wakeboard size and the capacity of each size.

One example is the size recommendation set by Hyperlite Machete. This model comes in three sizes. The smallest, the 136, can support riders weighing 110 to 200 pounds. The largest model, the 144, can carry the ones whose weight is 140 pounds and up. 

It is advisable to use wakeboards personally because it may frustrate you if you find that your wakeboard does not fit your style and skills. However, nobody can stop you if you want to share it with others. If that is your case, you should base your option on the weight of the one who will use it frequently or the heaviest one.

Short vs. Long Wakeboards

If you look at the set given by manufacturers, most of the weight recommendations overlap. Now, you need to choose the length of your wakeboard to make you feel comfortable riding. Here is what you must know about purchasing shorter and longer wakeboards.

Short Wakeboards

Shorter wakeboards are generally slow. They also require you to exert more energy to push the water. These wakeboards are the best for performing new tricks because of their small size and excellent control for maneuvers.

However, short wakeboards give harder landings. For this reason, if doing some wakeboard tricks is not your cup of tea at this point, you should stay away from shorter boards at the moment.

Long Wakeboards

Longer wakeboards give more surface area. These wakeboards are faster and more buoyant. Thus, these are easier to ride and learn how to use. Also, long wakeboards give softer landings and more control

Yet, long wakeboards are heavy and require more practice to use to do some tricks in the air. These wakeboards are perfect for beginners.

How to Choose a Wakeboard Based on Your Ability

This guide should not limit you to choosing the wakeboards that are appropriate for other levels. Even beginners can use the wakeboards for advanced riders, as long as they select the proper size.

It is because buying a wakeboard is a personal choice. You will be the one who will use it. That is why you should prioritize your considerations. While reviews, such as this article, are just a guide, especially for starters.


Beginners are the ones who have never had any experience in wakeboarding. If they had, it was only once or twice. The best wakeboards for beginners use soft three-stage or continuous rockers. 

Intermediate to advanced

Riders who are on this level can already cross or clear the wake in every direction. On this level, you can find a lot of appropriate products for your skills, which should be suitable for your style.


Those riders already on this skill level can benefit from the wakeboards with advanced three-stage or continuous rockers. These types of wakeboards are fast and aggressive.

If you think that you are one of the experts, you need a kind of wakeboard that allows you to do your tricks without inhibitions. Because you are an expert, you probably also know the features that you need. 


Wakeboards seem to be the same, but many do not know that every difference in contour, material, fins, size, and the like, can significantly affect the rider’s performance.

Thus, the riders must know the exact features of the product they want to buy.

It includes knowing the best type of rocker, construction of fins, type of material, and the like appropriate for the rider’s skill and weight. Knowing how to buy the right products is essential, especially for beginners, so that salespeople cannot sway you to purchase the product that they want to get rid of from their shelves.

If you do not have any idea which brand and model to buy, you can start reviewing or doing more research on the mentioned products, particularly the Hyperlite Machete. These products are among the best wakeboards that most riders love.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How to maintain your wakeboard?

A: Maintaining your wakeboard is easy. First, do not expose your wakeboard to the sun for an extended period. Second, if you use your wakeboard on saltwater, rinse it with fresh water.

Third, store your wakeboard properly. If you have to put it inside your vehicle, consider placing it inside a bag or box to protect it from accidental scratches, bumps, and sun exposure.

Q: What boots are the best to buy for your wakeboard?

A: The primary consideration when buying the perfect boots for your wakeboard is their compatibility. The best way to know is by purchasing from the same store or asking someone in the store.

Most often, wakeboards with M6 hardware, which is common, are compatible with almost any boots. However, some shoes have bindings that are only compatible with wakeboards that use Flextrack equipment. 

Q: Do you need to know how to swim before buying a wakeboard?

A: You should know how to swim. However, if you do not know how, but are still interested to learn wakeboarding, you may do it. You just have to buy extra gear, such as a life vest.

Q: What is the difference between a cheap and an expensive wakeboard?

A: The main reason for the price discrepancy is the materials used for the wakeboard’s construction.

Cheaper products use compression-molded material, surrounded by other materials, such as resin and fiberglass. Compression-molded products are slower because they are heavy. Thus, these products are less buoyant because of the dense foam. The plus side is that these products are typically durable.

Expensive products commonly use expanded polystyrene (EPS) or carbon fiber. Their effects are different from the compression-molded. These products are more lightweight and buoyant, which can also improve speed. The only problems are these products are typically fragile and scratch-prone.

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