Top 7 Best Wakeboards for Women (Hyperlite)

Wakeboarding is among the plenty of exciting water sports. If you are an outdoor aficionado or a thrill-seeker, you inevitably find enjoyment in the aerials, high speeds, and easy accessibility of this water activity.

The wakeboard is the most significant piece of equipment in wakeboarding. After all, it impacts your ride considerably. Some wakeboards facilitate you to do better jumping and performance of tricks. Other units of this water sports equipment enable you to have physically demanding or casual rides on the water.

In this online discussion, we enumerated the top wakeboards and their features to provide you with the most dependable guide you can use in your search. Also, we compiled the best wakeboards for women that offer tremendous value for your hard-earned money. You will surely find it effortless to select the most optimal wakeboard here and feel confident in your choice.

We know you do not want your time squandered. So check out these seven of the highly-rated wakeboards for women you should give a try now:

Top 7 Best Wakeboards for Women Reviewed

  1. Hyperlite Prizm Women’s Wakeboard
  2. Liquid Force Arris Women’s Wakeboard
  3. Hyperlite Mystique Women’s Wakeboard
  4. Liquid Force Melissa 135 Wakeboard
  5. Ronix Signature Women’s Boat Board
  6. Ronix Quarter ‘Til Midnight Wakeboard
  7. O’Brien Spark Women’s Wakeboard

#1. Hyperlite Prizm Women’s Wakeboard – Best Wakeboard for Women Overall

Hyperlite Prizm Wakeboard Womens Sz 134cm


  1. Length of the board: Available in 139 centimeters and 134 centimeters
  2. Width of the board: 16.9 inches (134 centimeters) and 17.1 inches (139 centimeters)
  3. Color: Blue
  4. Construction: Layered glass, Bio3 core material, Monocoque
  5. Designed for: Professional and beginner female wakeboarders
  6. Other features: M6 hardware, Bio3 Core material, Subtle 3 stage rocker

The Hyperlite Prizm Women’s Wakeboard will make you relish it because it makes the complex sport of wakeboarding easier and more comfortable. As a water sports fan, you are undoubtedly aware that wakeboarding, water surfing and other water sports are not effortless to perform. But with the Hyperlite Prizm Women’s Wakeboard, you can say “hello” forever to convenient engagement with water sports!

This blue piece of wakeboarding equipment comes in two different sizes. It makes wakeboarding easy, especially for women, by dissecting the water sports’ intricacies. The Hyperlite Prizm Women’s Wakeboard is similar to a prism, splitting the light into its parts. Also, professional and expert wakeboard designers shaped it to have a comfortably variable edge design.

Thus, if you purchase this product, you can enjoy surfing safety and speed due to the thicker edges, inserts, and thinner exterior. Besides, the Hyperlite Prizm Women’s Wakeboard has the M6 wakeboard mount pattern, four fins, and features the Bio3 core material. The latter is the secret ingredient Hyperlite integrated into this wakeboard, making it 100-percent wood and lightweight.

The Bio3 core material makes the Hyperlite Prizm Women’s Wakeboard suitable for women because it makes the wakeboard lightweight, delivering a unique snap, and ideal for generating more speed.

Can support heavier female wakeboarders from 60 to 220 pounds
Quite expensive compared to alternatives
Long-lasting wakeboard, thanks to the Monocoque construction
Layered glass structure keeps similar pop off
Has a variable edge design

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#2. Liquid Force Arris Women’s Wakeboard

Liquid Force Arris Wakeboard, Blank


  1. Length of the board: Available in 138 and 133 centimeters
  2. Width of the board: 42.5 centimeters (138 centimeters) and 42.2 centimeters (133 centimeters)
  3. Color: Multi-color
  4. Construction: Polyurethane wood
  5. Designed for: Professional and beginner female wakeboarders
  6. Other features: Wide center concave; Strong grind base; Liquid rails; 3-staged rocker; Finless; Polyurethane or PU wood core

As a beginner or seasoned female wakeboard rider, you will surely get the ultimate rides with the Liquid Force Arris Women’s Wakeboard. The manufacturer of this piece of water sports equipment created it with the modern female wakeboarder in mind. It is available in two sizes, 133 and 138 centimeters, giving you a choice to select the optimal format for you according to weight and height.

You will appreciate the reliable protection offered by this wakeboard’s robust grind base all season long. This advantageous feature molds to the wakeboard’s contours. Also, it maintains the performance attributes of every exceptionally tuned hull shape. You will also get great value for your hard-earned money because the Liquid Force Arris Women’s Wakeboard is long-lasting and can resist damages.

Furthermore, the polyurethane wood core advantage ensures that you are at the summit of your game, whether you are behind the wakeboard or hitting the cable. This property of the Liquid Force Arris Women’s Wakeboard provides any female wakeboarder with more tweaked-out presses, as well as the resilience, soft flex, strength, and spring of a solid wood and polyurethane core.

You can say that the Liquid Force Arris Women’s Wakeboard is the ultimate, do-it-all wakeboard for female riders. It is because it guarantees that you can enjoy ease of use, vibrant responses, increased strength, and comfort via its extraordinarily stepped deck profile through the wakeboard’s center. You can easily do your wakeboarding tricks as well.

The Liquid Force Arris Women’s Wakeboard is undoubtedly a must-have piece of water sports equipment. It is because this finless TAO shape-based wakeboard will give you sheer enjoyment in your water moments.

Provides Softer landings offered via the flex technologyQuite expensive compared to alternatives
User-friendly and comfortable

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#3. Hyperlite Mystique Women’s Wakeboard

Hyperlite Women's Wakeboard Mystique 2021 (135 cm)


  1. Length of the board: 135 centimeters
  2. Color: Pink and black
  3. Construction: Layered glass
  4. Designed for: Professional and beginner female wakeboarders weighing less than 130 pounds
  5. Other features: 4 removable fins Four .8″ P-Wing fins; One-year manufacturer warranty; M6 hardware; 6-inch Low Pro Plate System; Subtle 3-stage rocker; Includes bindings

The main property of the Hyperlite Mystique Women’s Wakeboard is constant smooth functioning. Hence, with this piece of water sports equipment, you will surely make you feel at ease in the water. Moreover, the Hyperlite Mystique Women’s Wakeboard is durable, comfortable, and guaranteed to delight female wakeboarders like you with its design.

The manufacturer of the Hyperlite Mystique Women’s Wakeboard constructed it using layered glass. Therefore, as the years pass, you will encounter a sturdy wakeboard. Besides, as among the best wakeboards for women, this product allows your deck to last longer and eliminates draggy and sluggish rides, thanks to its Enduro base feature. This advantage aids you in prolonging your life’s deck without sacrificing your moments in the water. Lightweight and durable materials comprise this exclusive base as well.

The Hyperlite Mystique Women’s Wakeboard will make you feel comfortable wakeboarding with its three-stage hybrid rocker. This benefit offers a stable platform. While experiencing a flatter center, you also get free-riding in the flats, exploding off the wake.

Moreover, this best wakeboard for female riders makes both advanced and recreational wakeboarding pleasing, thanks to its Bio2 Core made using Dow Chemical for the appropriate blend of sturdiness and swing weight.

Finally, if you avail of the Hyperlite Mystique Wakeboard this 2020, you will relish amazing upgrades, including the M6 hardware. This perk facilitates lighter, thinner, and more effortless wakeboarding encounters.

Clean and features impressive graphics and hues
Not suitable for more than 130 pounds
Easy to ride and use for performing tricks
Secure with a damage-resisting base

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#4. Liquid Force Melissa 135 Wakeboard



  1. Length of the board: 131 centimeters
  2. Width of the board: 16.4 inches or 41.6 centimeters
  3. Color: Pink and sky blue
  4. Construction: Polyurethane or PU wood Core
  5. Designed for: Professional and intermediate-level female wakeboarders
  6. Other features: Has a thin profile; Includes optional 0.8-inch fins; Has a sintered and grind base

Popular wakeboarder and instructor Melissa Marquardt designed the Liquid Force Melissa 135 Wakeboard together with a well-known wakeboard manufacturer, Liquid Force. If you want to emulate the unparalleled wakeboarding skill and style of the massive name in the wakeboarding scene, this water sports equipment is for you.

The Liquid Force Melissa 135 Wakeboard is for female wakeboard riders and is ideal for all types of wakeboarding. If you are after a high-performance wakeboard, the Liquid Force Melissa 135 Wakeboard is for you. You will undoubtedly feel like you are ready to conquer the waters with it!

Melissa Marquardt’s wakeboard features a continuous, three-staged aggressive rocker profile. Powered by hybrid technology, it enables you to experience soft landings on the other side and a smooth ride up the wake. Furthermore, the Liquid Force Melissa 135 Wakeboard features a polyurethane or PU wood core. It allows you to relish the material’s resilience and strength and the spring and flex of a solid wood core.

All season long, you get reliable protection from the strong grind base of the wakeboard. This benefit preserves every superbly tuned hull contour’s performance attributes and molds to the wakeboard’s shape. The sturdy construction of the Liquid Force Melissa 135 Wakeboard will allow you to get the fast confidence you need to make it huge behind the boat. Plus, the all-new FlexTrack system facilitates ultimate control and rapid response.

You surely do not have to look any further if you are after durability and high performance because the Liquid Force Melissa 135 Wakeboard has them.

Comes with a damage-resisting baseUnsuitable for more than 170 pounds maximum
User-friendly and convenient to use
Not for beginner female wakeboarders
Offers perfect balance

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#5. Ronix Signature Women’s Boat Board

Ronix 132 Signature Wakeboard Women's Package w/Signature 6-7 (2020)


  1. Length of the board: Available in 136 and 132 centimeters
  2. Width of the board: 16.7 inches (132 centimeters) and 16.9 inches (136 centimeters)
  3. Color: White and black
  4. Construction: Secret flex
  5. Designed for: Advanced female wakeboarders
  6. Other features: 3-stage rocker; +4 Fiberglass 1-inch Ramp Fins; Team Board; G&R Technology; Variable rail; Concave bottom

The Ronix Signature Women’s Boat Board is an exciting wakeboard for women because it comes with a pair of high-quality boots. First of all, this wakeboard is ideal for female wakeboarders, facilitating taking flight, fast turns, and hard carves. You will relish its three-stage rocker profile that comes with a later arc and delivers a more instant explosive pop off the wake.

Moreover, the Ronix Signature Women’s Boat Board comes with a neutral flex pattern. From the tip, you get more time to generate the complete left from the power building to the wakeboard’s tail. The Secret Flex core is robust and designed for female wakeboarders. It aids the piece of water sports equipment to touch down without placing your teeth in your knees.

In the air, this piece of wakeboarding equipment’s weight aids for control and loft. Also, the variable rail can track towards the lip with confidence. It makes the wakeboard sit more deeply in the water, giving fast reacting turns and additional contact. The Ronix Signature Women’s Boat Board also comes with a concave bottom, four Fiberglass 1-inch Ramp Fins, and G&R Technology release and grip channels. You will surely get the traction you require without making unnecessary resistance to the water.

As for the Ronix Signature Women’s Wakeboard Boots, you can delight with the most advanced wakeboarding footwear available today. This pair of wakeboarding shoes come with a heel pocket, contoured for the varying proportions of women’s feet. Besides, the Ronix Signature Women’s Wakeboard Boots utilizes softer foam and gives a lower cut, creating the ultimate in performance and comfort. This pair of wakeboarding shoes also has the FlexForm heel panel, facilitating durability and heightened movement. It offers female wakeboarders top performance and unique fit.

Comes with a comfortable pair of wakeboarding bootsFor expert, intermediate, or advanced female wakeboarders only

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#6. Ronix Quarter ‘Til Midnight Wakeboard

2017 Ronix Quarter 'Till Midnight Wakeboard - 134CM - 90-155 LBS - Blank Wakeboard Only


  1. Length of the board: Available in 134 centimeters and 129 centimeters
  2. Color: Black, Multicolored
  3. Construction: Secret flex, Hybrid design
  4. Designed for: Intermediate-level female wakeboarders
  5. Other features: 0.8-inch Fiberglass Free Agent Fins; Universal Rocker; Four Fiberglass 1-inch Ramp Fins; Secret Flex; Built-in J-bars; G&R Technology

The Ronix Quarter ‘Til Midnight Wakeboard is an exclusive piece of equipment for female riders. You will feel you got the ultimate. It is because the reviewers rate this piece of water sports equipment highly due to its excellent performance. The Ronix Quarter ‘Til Midnight Wakeboard features a design that assures wakeboarder safety, thanks to its offering of a firm grip you can hold on to amid stronger waves or while you are in the air.

Moreover, as among the best wakeboards for women, this product delivers a smooth glide while on the water, making a stable platform that gives you confidence, no matter your wakeboarding level. The Quarter ‘Til Midnight Wakeboard by Ronix also has the universal rocker line. This benefit is the most significant feature of this wakeboard. You get a predictable and consistent pop off the wake every time. Meanwhile, the secret flex throughout the wakeboard’s belly gives you a playful experience both behind the boat and at the park.

As the most famous crossover wakeboard for women by Ronix, the Ronix Quarter ‘Til Midnight Wakeboard will provide you with the ultimate experience in the water as its design adapts to the female wakeboarder’s riding style instead of the other way around.

More rapid trips with a boot of wake
Only for intermediate-level female wakeboarders
Offers controlled and smooth rides
Limited weight-bearing capability
Highest strength-to-weight ratio
Delivers better gliding speed

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#7. O’Brien Spark Women’s Wakeboard

O'Brien Spark Wakeboard Womens


  1. Length of the board: 133 centimeters
  2. Color: Red and blue
  3. Construction: Feather core
  4. Designed for: Intermediate and advanced female wakeboarders
  5. Other features: Variable rail; Feather Core; 3-Stage Rocker; Delta BaseTechnology; Variable Beveled Edge; Four molded-in fins

Are you looking for the best wakeboards for women that ride a little deeper in the water? Then, the O’Brien Spark Women’s Wakeboard is suitable for you. Famous wakeboard designer Tarah Mikacich created this masterpiece of hers that assures you get nothing but the best. It is because Tarah Mikacich has been O’Brien’s brand ambassador for quite some time. With this designation, she has offered useful riding precision and techniques.

The O’Brien Spark Women’s Wakeboard comprises a triple concave casing. This feature crosses through the midsection. This portion of the piece of water sports equipment changes to defined channels at the tips, ultimately aiding in offering unprecedented thrust to the wake. The O’Brien Spark Women’s Wakeboard also features Delta BaseTechnology, in which the “Chevron”-contoured channels molded into the tail and tip of the wakeboard facilitate faster edging. Plus, this advantage diminishes the drag and enables a tidier release off the wake.

You will also relish the O’Brien Spark Women’s Wakeboard’s 3-Stage explosive rocker line, which is typically flatter between the bindings. But this feature dramatically angles upward towards the wakeboard’s tail and tip, delivering a more vertical and aggressive pop off the wake. The custom-made wakeboard bindings are a part of various packages of this piece of water sports equipment. The dimensions fit your foot, similar to regular shoes.

Also, these bindings do not come off due to the thick laces that do not loosen up. The O’Brien Spark Women’s Wakeboard has a variable rail with additional volume through the center, facilitating a more forgiving change. This property also offers unparalleled control, balance, and stability to you while you are on edge.

The O’Brien Spark Women’s Wakeboard also has a feather core, diminishing the wakeboard’s swing weight for more control mid-air. Its rolled edges provide riders with a catch-free and smoother ride, sharpening at the tail and tip for more bite.

Offers comfortable and deeper wakeboard ridesSuitable for female wakeboarders who prefer deeper rides
Smooth transitions from edge to edge
Includes fantastic bindings
Effortless to control

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Our Favorite Wakeboard For Women

The Hyperlite Prizm Women’s Wakeboard tops this list of best wakeboards for women. For one, it makes wakeboarding effortless for female wakeboard riders. Furthermore, this piece of water sports equipment caters to both seasoned and inexperienced female wakeboard riders.

Although the Hyperlite Prizm Women’s Wakeboard may not be affordable, its cost comes with high quality. It is durable, lightweight, and long-lasting, thanks to its layered glass construction, among many other features. Besides, the Hyperlite Prizm Women’s Wakeboard allows female wakeboarders of various weight to utilize it because it can hold someone weighing from 60 to 220 pounds.

Moreover, you will not regret availing the Hyperlite Prizm Women’s Wakeboard because its premium features have not left any buyers disappointed. Plus, it has received a high rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars given by users.

Buying Guide to Wakeboards for Women 

If you are a new female wakeboarder, it pays for you to understand the factors you need to consider when selecting your equipment. Remember that men’s wakeboards feature notable dissimilarities from those of women. Take a look at these things you need to look into before purchasing your wakeboard:


Wakeboards come with two kinds of edges: Blunt and smooth and rounded. If you are a beginner, the wakeboard with blunt tips is suitable for you. It is because it offers more stability.

On the other hand, if you are a more dedicated wakeboard rider, equipment with rounded and smooth edges is appropriate. It is because this kind facilitates the better execution of wakeboarding tricks.


Searching for the correct wakeboard size is essential to attaining an enjoyable and safe wakeboarding outing. You may desire a huge wakeboard that provides you with stability. Otherwise, you may opt for the small one that facilitates better lift and control.

Remember that the perfect wakeboard length typically corresponds directly to how light or heavy you are. Plenty of wakeboarding manufacturers give a sizing chart, and if you are a beginner, you should follow this guide.

Meanwhile, advanced female wakeboarders typically want something particular. Smaller wakeboards result in slow speed and smooth lifting and turning actions. On the other hand, longer wakeboards are more forgiving of the weather. They are also more fluid and need more robustness to wield.


Fins are on the underside of a wakeboard towards the rear. Also, they can provide you with support and direction. Huge fins are typically for starter wakeboarders. They deliver heightened balance and stability. But wakeboards with big fins are not useful for jumping and tricks. Advanced wakeboarders opt for small fins and may even go finless.

Furthermore, you can find molded-in or removable fins. Some of them are durable and enduring. However, molded-in fins do not permit you to easily alter your riding style or advance in your wakeboarding journey. Also, remember that if you do not correctly fix removable fins, they may be unstable.


The rocker is the shape of a wakeboard’s underside. You can select from three different kinds of rockers:


This kind of rocker offers a smooth and comfortable ride, thanks to the wakeboard’s smooth curve from tail to tip. Beginners usually choose the continuous rocker.


This type of rocker features a mostly flat bottom, curving at either end. Plus, although it provides female wakeboarders with a slower ride, the three-stage rocker delivers better chances of performing aerials.


This rocker blends continuous and three-stage rockers. It is unique and caters to particular methods of wakeboarding.

Design and Colors

You will find an assortment of unique and eye-catching wakeboard hues and designs. These features allow you to express your attitude and personality on the water as a female wakeboarder. Also, you can find wakeboard choices that are full of creativity, distinction, and brightness.


While wakeboarding, the bindings are the boots you wear. They facilitate you to feel comfortable and better do the jumps. Some wakeboards for women come with matching bindings. They are usually more affordable and suit a female wakeboarder’s foot, compared to availing of the wakeboards without bindings on them.

Twin or Single-Tip

Twin-tip wakeboards are symmetrical. They permit female wakeboard riders to alter their back and front legs as they intend. On the other hand, a single-tip wakeboard features a particular back and front.


It pays for you to understand that wakeboards for women are a kind of investment in exciting aquatic journeys. Most of these pieces of water sports equipment have price tags of $350 and $200. Also, you will find these wakeboards come with a variety of features and brands.


This list of the best wakeboards for women features pieces of water sports equipment in various brands, wakeboarder levels, colors, sizes, construction, and so forth. You will surely benefit from your selected wakeboard if you know your wakeboarder level and how you would utilize the equipment in the water. Do you want high-speed wakeboarding? Are you after engaging in deeper surfing? Asking yourself these relevant queries will help you determine the right wakeboarder for women for you. Secondary to these facts are your preferences for construction, sizes, hues, and so on.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Is wakeboarding safe?

You will find wakeboarding exciting by following the proper precautions. But you should keep in mind that beginners and even advanced female wakeboarders tend to fall in the water.

Thus, you need to learn how to stay in your comfort zone and bail safely. You can perform these measures until you are all set to tackle faster speeds where falling into the water may be more discomforting.

Q: What advice can you give about wakeboard maintenance?

After utilizing your wakeboard, make sure to rinse off any dirt, sand, or salt water. Then, you should allow it to dry.

After that, keep your wakeboard in a cool place and far from direct sunlight when you are not using it. Damage during storage or transport is at bay if you use a bag or cover as well.

Q: If I engage wakeboarding, will it help me get fit?

Wakeboarding is undoubtedly an excellent form of workout. It is a physical exercise that is fun and demands considerable strength. With wakeboarding, you utilize your hands to hold the rope. Then, you get to perform air tricks.

Wakeboarding is, indeed, a highly efficient physical exercise for your entire body, keeping it fit. Plus, it is a terrific technique in keeping your mind healthy.

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