Top 8 Best Surfboard Socks | 2023 Reviews (Ho Stevie!)

Last Updated March 17, 2023

As a surfing aficionado, you understand that the best surfboard socks are the protective solutions that will keep your piece of surfing equipment in pristine condition for a long time. But if you are new to surfing, you may need information on the most optimal cover for your surfboard.

This online discussion is helpful because you will learn about the best surfboard socks available today. These eight products are among the top-rated and leading brands meticulously handpicked from a massive selection of high-quality surfboard covers.

The following are the surfboard socks you can discover more about in this article:

Top 8 Best Surfboard Socks Reviewed

  1. Creatures of Leisure Day Use Shortboard Cover
  2. Ho Stevie! Canvas Surfboard Bag Cover
  3. Curve Supermodel Longboard Surfboard Bag Single Day
  4. Culprit Surf Protective Pocket Surfboard Socks with Round Nose
  5. FCS Stretch All Purpose Cover
  6. DaKine Daylight Longboard Bag  
  7. Pro-Lite Surfboard Sock – Longboard
  8. Rogue Iron Sports Surfboard Sock Cover  

#1. Creatures of Leisure Day Use Shortboard Cover – Best Overall Surfboard Sock

Creatures of Leisure Shortboard Travel Cover


  1. Construction: Hydrophobic Diamond-Tech fabric
  2. Colors: Black-Black, Charcoal Cyan ’19
  3. Other features: 600D polyester bottom, Air Flow Ventiliation System, Ethylene-vinyl acetate or EVA-reinforced padded carry handle,  Marine-grade and corrosion-resistant PK nylon zipper, Shoulder strap that is ergonomic mesh-lined, 12-month warranty

Being a surfing enthusiast, you may always go for premium-quality surfing accessories. If you select the Creatures of Leisure Day Use Shortboard Cover, you will get the best quality that you want. It is one of the best surfboard socks available in the market today.

Creatures of Leisure has been in the surfing accessories market for more than 25 years. With its rich history, this firm has engineered the Creatures of Leisure Day Use Shortboard Cover as one of its most optimal and high-quality surfing solutions. With single-board capability, this product is for day-to-day use, and it is the ideal surfboard sock to get you to and from the beach.

The Creatures of Leisure Day Use Shortboard Cover features an exclusive top made of Hydrophobic Diamond-Tech fabric. This sophisticated material features impressive stability in high temperatures and resistance to ultraviolet or UV degradation.

The Creatures of Leisure Day Use Shortboard Cover’s construction fabric is also a custom-made interwoven dobby material with a hydrophobic coating. It has a 600D polyester bottom as well as a corrosion-resistant and marine-grade PK nylon zipper.

Moreover, you will not regret availing the Creatures of Leisure Day Use Shortboard Cover because it has more advantageous features, such as the Air Flow Ventilation System and the 5-millimeter closed-cell foam padding.

You will not have a problem carrying this product because of the comfortable ethylene-vinyl acetate or EVA-reinforced padded carry handle on the surfboard sock’s underside. Plus, you will find the shoulder strap lined with ergonomic mesh and 10-millimeter foam internal padding, adding more convenience.

Excellent quality materialsNot designed for air travel

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#2. Ho Stevie! Canvas Surfboard Bag Cover

Ho Stevie! Canvas Surfboard Bag Cover [Choose Size & Color]


  1. Sizes Available: 6’0” surfboard socks = 24” wide. 6’6” surfboard socks = 24” wide, 7’0” surfboard socks = 26” wide, 7’6” surfboard socks = 26” wide, 8’0” surfboard socks = 26” wide
  2. Construction: Canvas surfboard bag
  3. Colors: Surfboard socks features Black, Gray, and Green canvas
  4. Other features: Available in five sizes, Drawstring closure,Durable canvas

You do not have to worry about surf wax that melts all over your car. Ho Stevie! Canvas Surfboard Bag Cover is the optimum solution for your concern. The maker of one of the best surfboard socks understands that it is genuinely challenging to nearly impossible to clean up the melted surf wax in your vehicle. Hence, they created Ho Stevie! Canvas Surfboard Bag Cover.

This surfboard sock keeps your vehicle tidy by preventing the melted surf wax in your car’s interior from causing hassle. Also, the Ho Stevie! Canvas Surfboard Bag Cover appears simple, but it looks attractive as a canvas surfboard bag with the black, gray, and green hues.

This surfboard cover is perfectly sturdy that it will not make you worry about snagging or ripping. The Ho Stevie! Canvas Surfboard Bag Cover is also protective against the harmful ultraviolet sunlight and unwanted dings. With the drawstring closure, you can feel assured that your surfboard is tucked in the surfboard socks safely.

The Ho Stevie! Canvas Surfboard Bag Cover is worth buying. You can remark that it is truly one of the best surfboard socks available today, too. Why? It is because it is wide enough for most longboards. The 8’0″, 7’6″, and 7’0″ surfboard socks are 26 inches wide. Meanwhile, the 6’6″ and 6’0″ versions are 24 inches wide. 

The manufacturer will make you feel pleased with its 100-percent satisfaction guarantee policy. You can get your complete refund if you do not feel satisfied with the Ho Stevie! Canvas Surfboard Bag Cover you purchased. You simply need to return the product within one month or 30 days.

Some complaints about fit
Great sizes

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#3. Curve Supermodel Longboard Surfboard Bag Single Day

Curve New Surfboard Bag Day Surfboard Cover - Supermodel Longboard Size 7'6, 8'2, 8'8, 9'2, 9'6, 10'2 (7'6)


  1. Construction: 600D polycanvas
  2. Color: Silver
  3. Other features: All sizes have the 18-inch Finslot with Velcro closure, 1/8-inch or 3-millimeter foam core, Shoulder strap that is non-removable, extra-large, adjustable, and padded, Side carry handle, Extra-long and super-sturdy big tooth #10 zipper, which features Delrin anti-corrosion slider, Both sides include semi-reflective silver tarpee

As a surfer who wants established firms’ quality products and services, you will appreciate the Curve and its offerings. The company has manufactured premium-quality and the best surfboard socks since 2005. With this track record, you will find Curve’s Supermodel Longboard Surfboard Bag Single Day worthy trying.

This surfboard sock offers the most exceptional day protection for your surfing equipment. The Supermodel Longboard Surfboard Bag Single Day by Curve is a surfboard sock made of reinforced 600D polycanvas. It features the 18-inch Finslot, which includes the Velcro closure and lets the unused part of the opening to stay closed up to the fin.

Besides, the Curve Supermodel Longboard Surfboard Bag Single Day is comfortable to carry, thanks to the side carrying handle and the extra-large and non-removable shoulder strap that is adjustable and padded. They make the surfboard cover and your surfboard easy to transport.

The Curve Supermodel Longboard Surfboard Bag Single Day offers an easy-glide fit to surfboards measuring up to 24 inches wide. Also, it fits 10’2″-tall and 26-inches-wide longboards. Yes, it is neither too loose nor too tight, as proven by the generous surfboard bag sizes. The surfboard sock will take a surfboard longer than the indicated lengths.

Finally, the quality-built Curve Supermodel Longboard Surfboard Bag Single Day does not disappoint, thanks to its manufacturer’s offering of a 12-month warranty. This product is, indeed, the perfect lightweight, protective covering you need for your beloved surfboard.

Offers tremendous value for moneyNot water-resistant
High-quality materials

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#4. Culprit Surf Protective Pocket Surfboard Socks with Round Nose

Culprit Surf Protective Pocket Surfboard Socks with Round Nose


  1. Sizes Available: For surfboards measuring 6’9” to 7’, Other sizes available include 7′, 7’6″, 8′, and 8’6″
  2. Construction: Shock-absorbent and lightweight terry loop material; stretch fabric
  3. Other features: Padded foam nose, Protector Pocket, Available in eight colors

If you want to eliminate the need to purchase another batch of surfboard socks, you might want to try the Culprit Surf Protective Pocket Surfboard Sock with Round Nose. In the market today, this product is among the best surfboard socks offering the best value.

The manufacturer of the Culprit Surf Surfboard Sock uses shock-absorbent terry loop material, so your surfboard gets considerable protection. Plus, lightweight and stretch characterize the fabric used in making this best surfboard sock.

The primary advantage of availing the Culprit Surf Surfboard Sock is the protective pocket. In the surfboard sock’s fin, this innovative benefit adds more years or mileage to your surfing equipment. The premium-quality and durable protective pouch prevents fin cut damage, including tears or rips and holes, that sharp fins cause.

Besides, the Culprit Surf Surfboard Sock’s ingenious fin protector serves as a secure storage space. Along with the Velcro seal, the protective pocket lets you store your surfing supplies, including the surf wax, securely. These benefits make the Culprit Surf Surfboard Sock the most longlasting product available today.

Good quality
Can be a bit tight
Good price

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#5. FCS Stretch All Purpose Cover

  FCS Stretch Bag All Purpose Surfboard Cover - Carbon - 6'3"


  1. Sizes Available: Fits surfboards measuring: 5’6″, 5’9″, 6’0″, 6’3″, 6’7″
  2. Construction: 600D polyester
  3. Colors: Yellow, Carbon
  4. Other features: Thick and high-quality weave material; Single-board capacity

The ultimate protection against surfboard wear and tear is within your reach if you purchase the FCS Stretch All-Purpose Surfboard Cover. This lightweight surfboard sock is a masterpiece of FCS, a manufacturer that has teamed up with the world’s best surfboard shapers and surfing athletes. This company also offers a wide range of surfboard accessories tailored for various surfing styles, surfboard models, and wave conditions.

The maker of the FCS Stretch All-Purpose Surfboard Cover understands your needs for extra protection when storing your boards and when using travel covers. Hence, the company created the single-board surfboard cover using the sturdy 600D polyester nose protector. You can surely benefit from FCS’s choice of premium-quality and thick weave material for the FCS Stretch All-Purpose Surfboard Cover. Moreover, this surfboard sock safeguards your water sports equipment against the sun’s harmful ultraviolet light, scratches, dust, and surf wax.

Shopping at FCS is hassle and worry-free because, for unopened items, it offers a 30-day exchange or refund. Also, FCS has all their deliveries insured against damage, letting you get total peace of mind. The company has a fast and effortless online tracking offer. No wonder, its products are the preferred option by the best shapers and surfers worldwide.

Quality material
Lack of padding on nose
Beautiful design
Perfectly fits

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#6. DaKine Daylight Longboard Bag  

Dakine Daylight Surfboard Bag-Noserider, White, 8'6"


  1. Construction: Tarpaulin
  2. Colors: White and black; Dark Ashcroft Camo; Kassia Elemental
  3. Other features: Single-board capacity, 1/4-inch foam padding, Non-slip shoulder strap with stash pocket, Available in three colors, Fin and surf wax stash pocket, Limited Lifetime Warranty

The DaKine Daylight Longboard Bag is an affordable and high-quality surfboard sock. You will appreciate its protective features, thanks to its heat and water-resistant tarpaulin construction. Also, the DaKine Daylight Longboard Bag comes with surf wax and fin stash pockets and a heavy-duty, YKK coil-zippered fin slot, all for your convenience.

Using the single-board DaKine Daylight Longboard Bag to safeguard your surfboard is also easy. The 1/4-inch padded foam in the shoulder strap makes this product impossible to slip from your shoulder. This feature also consists of a stash pocket.

You will love the elegant look that this surfboard sock offers as well. The DaKine Daylight Longboard Bag is available in three colors. They are Kassia Elemental, White and black, and Dark Ashcroft Camo.

Fits surfboards of many sizes
Creaky noise when taken around
Protective against heat
Quality material
Good price

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#7. Pro-Lite Surfboard Sock – Longboard

Pro-Lite Board Sock-Longboard 9'6


  1. Sizes Available: 7’6″, 8’0″, 9’0″, 9’6″
  2. Construction: Knitstretch fabric
  3. Colors: White and black stripes
  4. Other features: Drawstring closure, Internal surf wax and storage pocket, Reinforced nose, Nylon fin guard that gets rid of fin cuts

If you purchase the Pro-Lite Surfboard Sock – Longboard, you can say goodbye forever to surf wax melting on your car’s seat. Plus, this surfboard sock lets you keep the grime off your water sports equipment completely.

The Pro-Lite Surfboard Sock – Longboard is also worthy of buying because when you are at the beach, it helps you keep the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays off your surfboard. This high-quality knit surfboard cover has other advantageous features. The nylon fin guard helps in the prevention of fin cuts. Also, the internal surf wax pocket is functional for storage purposes.

You can close the Pro-Lite Surfboard Sock – Longboard and keep your piece of water sports equipment secure via the drawstring closure. As you can see, with this impressive surfboard sock, you will not find yourself complaining about the typical surfboard problems that water sports enthusiasts like yourself find as inconveniencing. Above all, the purchasing the Pro-Lite Surfboard Sock – Longboard will enable you to relish your time in the water.

StretchableOffers no foam protection
High quality
Excellent fit

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#8. Rogue Iron Sports Surfboard Sock Cover  

Rogue Iron Sports Surfboard Sock Cover - Light Protective Bag for Your Surf Board (Choose Size and Color)


  1. Sizes Available: 6’0, 6’6″, 7’0, 8’0, 8’6″, 9’0, 10’0
  2. Construction: 600D Polyester
  3. Colors: Rasta, White and Black, and White Blue and Black
  4. Other features: Storage pocket, 100-percent money-back guarantee, Available in three colors

The manufacturer of the Rogue Iron Sports Surfboard Sock Cover are paddleboarders like you. Thus, they correctly understand your needs as a surfing aficionado. They designed the Rogue Iron Sports Surfboard Sock Cover using the sturdy 600D Polyester to safeguard your water sports equipment against the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun and possible denting. 

Furthermore, merely slipping the surfboard sock over your beloved surfboard will make you feel impressed because the material used in making this product is stretchy. You can expect the Rogue Iron Sports Surfboard Sock Cover to fit all surfboards. Its storage pocket is handy, letting you keep your car and house keys, surf wax, and other essential items.

The manufacturer of the Rogue Iron Sports Surfboard Sock Cover desires you to experience the ultimate customer satisfaction. Therefore, if you are not 100-percent pleased with your purchase, you simply have to return it, and you can get a full refund.

Soft but sturdy material
We got nothin'
Good price
Good fit

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Our Favorite Surfboard Sock

Durability, premium-quality materials, and lightweight are the impressive features of the Creatures of Leisure Day Use Shortboard Cover. The other highly-rated surfboard socks in this list may also feature some of these benefits, yet the masterpiece of Creatures of Leisure top them all.

It is because of the more excellent surfboard protection that the Day Use Shortboard Cover offers. Thanks to the durable construction materials used, this product, which is available in seven surfboard sizes, delivers best.

The Creatures of Leisure Day Use Shortboard Cover’s fabric is Hydrophobic Diamond-Tech. This state-of-the-art material makes the product the most hard-wearing. The other components of the surfboard sock feature sturdy materials as well.

They include the ethylene-vinyl acetate or EVA-reinforced padded carry handle, the marine-grade and corrosion-resistant PK nylon zipper, and the shoulder strap that is ergonomic mesh-lined.

The manufacturer of the Creatures of Leisure Day Use Shortboard Cover surely wants their buyers to get tremendous value for their hard-earned money. Hence, with the Day Use Shortboard Cover’s optimal quality and service delivery, you will not regret purchasing it.

Buyer’s Guide to Surfboard Socks

 3 Essential Factors to Consider When Purchasing High-Quality Surfboard Socks

If you first read the following elements, you can get tremendous value for money when you avail of the best surfboard sock. These three factors enable you to understand the crucial features of a surfboard cover and choose the appropriate product.

Quality of the materials used

One of the indicators of quality in surfboard socks is the presence of additional fabric in the surfboard cover’s nose. The latter is the area that frequently gets torn. Thus, you should make sure that the surfboard sock you are buying has its nose reinforced with extra fabric.

High-quality surfboard socks also feature reflective material in their exterior. This property prevents the harmful effects of melted surf wax and overheating.


Durable surfboard socks usually have a high price. Their costs start at approximately $100. The value of premium surfboard covers with multiple surfboard capacity, and wheels can be in the neighborhood of $400 and above.

On the other hand, budget-friendly surfboard socks have their prices in the range of  $20 to $60. The highest price for surfboard day bags is $150, while the cheapest one is $40.


You can feel assured that you purchased the best surfboard sock if the product matches your surfing equipment’s size perfectly. Hence, you must take note of your surfboard’s width, height, and other dimensions.

Moreover, you should double-check your surfboard sock’s nose shape. If your surfboard has a pointed nose, it would not fit a surfboard cover with a broad tip.

When you consider these three elements, you are on your way to finding the best surfboard socks for your water sports equipment. There are certainly other factors you need to look into, and reading this guide from top to bottom helps in learning about them.


The best surfboard socks on this list have different offerings to their buyers. Most of them come in various sizes, construction materials used, and deliver other perks. You can utilize this guide in determining which surfboard cover is suitable for your water sports equipment. Construction materials’ quality, size, and costing are factors that you can refer to when making your final choice. 

The most important thing when buying the most optimal surfboard sock is that your surfboard gets the protection it needs against sunlight, dust, dirt, dents, and other unwanted and damaging elements. Do not forget to check the retailers’ portals to discover more about the features of the best surfboard socks in this online discussion.

Happy surfboard socks-shopping!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q: What is the purpose of surfboard socks?

Answer: Quality surfboard socks are the best technique in safeguarding your surfboard against the sun’s ultraviolet light and the dents and scratches that accidental hits typically cause. Thus, you do not have to worry because these water sports accessories are protective.

The best surfboard socks keep your surfboard safe from dings and keep it bright-white for a long time. They are soft and secure. You can select from a variety of high-quality surfboard socks by great brands and the different sizes and colors available.

Q: To what kind of hazards are surfboards prone?

Answer: If you are a surfing enthusiast, you must have seen your surfboard turn yellow as time passes. You will encounter this problem caused by heat and the sun’s ultraviolet light when you store or transport your piece of water sports equipment.

Also, stairways and doorways pose a threat to your surfboard. It is because they may hit the water sports equipment hard as you carry and load it to your vehicle. The damaging impacts of these unintended actions lead to scratches, dings, or dents on the surfboard.

Q: What are the dimensions of a surfboard I need to consider when buying surfboard socks?

Answer: A surfboard has four primary dimensions. They are width, length, rocker, and thickness. Taking note of them before shopping for the best surfboard socks will help you buy the appropriate product.

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