Are Surfboard Protection Plans the New Wave? Introducing Surfcare

Last Updated March 17, 2023

A new surfboard is a beautiful thing. You’ve got the seemingly luminescent white foam amplified by a glossy sheen of fiberglass and resin. There’s the perfect symmetry and the rounded edges that make it as fun to hold as it is to look at. And, of course, you have the peak performance of a lightweight, never-been-dinged, masterfully-shape wave-riding machine. Unfortunately, nothing perfect lasts forever. 

Surfboard dings and damage are an inevitability. It’s the same with houses, cars, or anything else that can’t be expected to remain pristine forever. The only difference is that houses and cars are material objects that we typically financially insure. For whatever reason, the surfing community has gone on for decades without creating a similar form of strategic financial protection for their most prized possessions. With Surfcare, that’s all about to change. 

Surfcare is a surfboard protection service that offers much more than the average “travel insurance” package. It removes all of the headaches, confusion, and insecurity out of the surfboard repair and replacement. For a low monthly payment, you can ensure that every board in your quiver has immediate access to professional ding repair services with zero deductibles or out-of-pocket costs. (NOTE: Board replacements are subject to a 25% deductible based on the cost of the original board).

Who Needs Surfcare Surfboard Protection Plans? 

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The short answer here is pretty much everyone who owns and uses a surfboard. Considering the rising prices for new boards, especially custom shapes or name brands, buying financial protection is a universally logical concept. Still, if you don’t surf very often or you just don’t care about your boards, then maybe a protection plan is a bit unnecessary. Just do yourself a favor and read on before you discount the idea entirely.

Here are the top 4 kinds of people that Surfcare is truly built for (in no particular order):

#1. The “Surf Mom” or “Surf Dad”

Kids literally break everything. That’s kind of their M.O. They understand the value of objects only relative to the moment that they’re using (or abusing) them. That’s why the “Surf Mom/Dad” is a perfect candidate for Surfcare’s protection plans. You can take your kids and their friends down to the beach and feel at least a little bit safer knowing that their expensive shortboard isn’t going to cost you an arm and a leg once it inevitably incurs a few dings. 

#2. The Beginner

There’s no shame in it! Everybody’s got to start somewhere. The only problem is that you’re much more likely to damage your first or second board simply because you’re so new to the sport. Even worse, a newbie surfer usually doesn’t have the means to fix a serious ding by themselves and will likely get ripped off over and over again taking their boards to a shop. This isn’t meant to be a challenge, it’s simply a fair warning. Your first couple boards are going to incur some “beginner bashing”. Might as well protect them and keep your peace of mind while you’re learning how to shred. 

#3. The “Crowded-Spot” Local 

So you’ve been surfing that same break for years. You don’t intend to find a new spot or give up any local reputation you’ve garnered simply because it’s getting more and more crowded these days. This is your break. It’s the crowd that should leave! 

We hear you. Unfortunately, you can’t force newcomers to leave and you certainly can’t demand them to get better at surf etiquette. That’s why you’re risking the integrity of your board each time you paddle out, even at your home break. Just like with driving, you can be as defensive as possible, but you can’t always avoid every accident. You’ve got insurance for your car, why not try some protection for your board? 

#4. The “Big Wave” Junky or The Beach Break Barrel Hound 

Big waves are undeniably fun. So are smaller, punchy, powerful beach breaks. Both are potentially devastating to a board. The kinds of devastation wrought by these waves is ironically similar. We’re talking about nose snaps, rail buckles, and complete breaks. These are the sad stories that can permanently ruin a board. At least with a Surfcare protection plan, you can repair any damage with hidden fees and even entirely replace a board with a 25% deductible based on its original cost. Surfboard graveyards will no longer haunt your dreams. 

Which Surfcare Protection Plan is Best for Me? 

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There are 3 tiers to the Surfcare Protection Plans and 3 ways to pay for each. Let’s take a quick look at all of them… 

#1. Surfcare Essential: “Must have coverage for worst-case scenarios”

The first tier of the Surfcare lineup is Surface Essential and it’s exactly how it sounds. This plan will help alleviate the pain caused by full-on breaks, buckles, and the always troublesome fin-box damage. As with all Surfcare plans, you’ll have entirely free damage repair (within reason) and the ability to replace your board for a deductible based on 25% of the board’s original price tag. 

#2. Surfcare Premium 

This is their most popular plan and it covers everything in the Essential package plus general ding repair. Surfcare Premium is definitely the  best bang for your buck, especially if you don’t have the know-how, supplies, or time to fix your own board. Any size ding can be repaired with no out-of-pocket cost to you at any time! 

#3. Surfcare Premium + Fins 

For those of you that are into high-end fins, this top-tier Surfcare plan is perfect for you. It includes everything from the 1st and 2nd tiers and allows you to financially protect the replacement or repair of removable fins. Nice fins can make or break your board’s performance. Just don’t let them make or break your bank account! 


Surfcare pricing is relatively straightforward and definitely fair. You can pay monthly, yearly, or every 2-years. The monthly pricing is $9.99/month, $11.99/month, and $13.99/month for the Essential, Premium, and Premium + Fins plans, respectively. The annual pricing includes a 15% discount and is $99, $119, and $139, respectively. And the 2-year pricing includes a 35% discount at $159, $179, and $199, respectively. 

Some Things to Note:

Surfcare is not technically considered “insurance”, but it is backed by an A-rated insurance company so your board is always covered. You will never have to pay out-of-pocket for dings or damage and will have essentially free and near-limitless access to professional surfboard repair. All Surfcare plans include protection for a board replacement at a deductible cost of 25% of the board’s original value. 

The more expensive your board is, the more cost-effective Surfcare becomes. Unlike other types of protection plans or insurance, the Surfcare prices stay the same regardless of the value of your board(s). The average cost of a quality new longboard is over $1k. For an additional $199 you could make sure that new beauty is completely covered for 2 full years, fins and all! 


Whether you’re an avid veteran or a newcomer to the sport, everyone knows how fragile and easily damaged a board can be. And let’s not forget about the rising prices of a new surfboard these days! Buying financial protection for your board is just one more way to surf smarter and follow the 7 P’s: Proper Prior Planning Prevents Potentially Painful Problems. 

Surfboard protection plans are designed for those that care about the integrity of their boards and don’t want to risk going through the hassles of DIY ding fixes or expensive repair services. Surfcare is meant to give you total peace of mind each time you or your kids paddle out. From minor dings to complete devastation, Surfcare will help you efficiently and inexpensively mend the damage. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q:Where can I purchase Surfcare?

A: You can purchase Surfcare here with proof of receipt of your new board within 30 days of purchase. You can also purchase at your local surf shop. If Surfcare is not currently available at your local shop and you’d like it to be, send us a message with details about your shop and we will reach out.

Q: Can I purchase Surfcare on a used board?

A: No, at this time Surfcare can only be purchased up to 30 days following the purchase of your new board at a Certified Shop with a valid receipt.

Q: If I buy two or more new surfboards, does my Surfcare plan cover both of the boards?

A: Each protection plan is unique to a single board. If you purchase two boards you will need to purchase two protection plans and register the boards with Surfcare separately. In the near future we will be exploring ideas to cover your entire quiver. Sign up for our newsletter below for the latest news about new product launches and exclusive offers.

Q: Does Surfcare provide Protection Plans on other types of boards other than surfboards?

A: Yes, Surfcare provides Protection Plans on;

  • Surfboards (shortboards, fishes, fun shapes, mid-lengths, logs and just about everything else with fins).
  • Stand up Paddle Boards
  • Skimboards
  • Foil boards
  • Wakesurf Boards
  • Wakeboards
  • Kite boards
  • Knee boards
  • Wind surfboards 

Q: Does Surfcare Insure soft tops or foam boards?

Because soft tops and foam boards can be difficult to repair we recommend purchasing the Essential Plan. This will protect your board from catastrophic damage like breaks, buckles and damaged fin boxes.

Article Courtesy of Stephen Roth

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