StormBlade Surfboards Review | Epic Boards or Rip Off? [2023]

Last Updated January 27, 2023

Every surfer would want to have the best companion in the ocean. And who better than a StormBlade surfboard that can give that company to them.

So, selecting the right one is important if you really want to enjoy your time out in the sea.

StormBlade Surfboards are few of those boards that are high performing surfboards. They provide you a combination of control, comfort, and convenience coupled with cost-effectiveness.

They offer you a variety of surfboards from shortboards to longboards ranging from 5ft6 and from 10ft. Their SSR line is a trendsetter in the premium category of the surfboards across the country.

If you are also planning to buy a StormBlade Surfboard, have a look at their top 6 best surfboards and shortlist as per your requirement.

Top 6 Best StormBlade Surfboards Review

#1. StormBlade 7′ Soft Top Surfboard

StormBlade 7' Surfboard

The StormBlade 7ft Surfboard is a unique variant. It is not too big and not too small as well. If you are not pretty sure about the surfboard that you would be comfortable with, the 7ft surfboard would be the right choice.

It can maneuver well in all types of waves. The pointed nose is a really cool feature. It makes these boards look surfing simple even to a beginner. For an expert, it of course is a treat to be on these boards.

The surfboards are very simple to install and offer a very secure assembly. Thanks to the through-board bolting that, in addition, contributes to the durability of the board.

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#2. StormBlade 5’6 Swallow Tail Surfboard

StormBladae 5'6 Tail Surfboard

A perfectly maneuverable little creature, the StormBlade 5ft6 Swallow Tail Surfboard is perfect for the smaller riders. Besides, it also makes a great selection for the experienced surfers.

The unique swallowtail gives you a smaller turning radius but greater maneuverability at the same time. The smaller size coupled with the superb tail design and fin alignment makes the surfboard highly stable while providing great control while surfing in the mid-ocean.

You do not need to worry about the impact of hard-hitting waves or even about your own thrust on the board. These boards are strong and sturdy owing to the EPS core and other unique design features.

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#3. StormBlade 8′ Foam Surfboard

StormBlade 8' Surfboard

If you are a beginner, the StormBlade 8ft surfboard is the ideal surfboard for you. You can learn surfing on these easy to balance surfboards- thanks to the extra paddle power derived from the additional length.

Moreover, the 8ft variant is strong with 3x Marine Ply Stringers besides, a layer of ethylene imparts a lot of strength to the surfboard. Moreover, the stringers keep the board stiff even after the most rugged use. The leash attachment arrangement is pretty impressive and gives you a lot of confidence that you cannot lose control even if you have lost the board.

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#4. StormBlade 5’8 Modern Retro Fish Surfboard

StormBlade 5'8 Modern Retro Fish Surfboard

Old is gold. And this holds so true in the case of the 5ft8 Modern Retro Fish Surfboard. A beautiful blend of the old and the new, the surfboard is high in performance especially for loose turns on long walls due to its tried and tested fish outline.

The four fin design provides much more stability compared to the two finfish, however, it needs more skills while steering on the turnings. The good news is that you have the flexibility of surfing with two fins to revive your retro feelings.

The 5ft8 is designed for high-performance surfing and offers you a super smooth experience on the wave face.

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#5. StormBlade 10′ Soft Top Surfboard

StormBlade 10ft Surfboard

This is yet another dream surfboard for the beginners. The huge surfboard is capable of catching any wave and in any season. You can use this board as a thruster- thanks to the amazing fin options. Moreover, the single fin set up is not at all tricky as the back fin is large enough to provide great directional stability.

If you enjoy nose-riding or love the bottom turning, take this surfboard to the ocean and taste the flavor of a classic longboard. However, do not expect a sharp turn around a small pivot point and also be a little more careful while riding in steep waves.

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#6. 6’ StormBlade Squash Tail Thruster Surfboard

6' StormBlae Squash Tail Thruster Surfboard

The 6’ StormBlade Squash Tail Thruster Surfboard is a perfect board for entering pointedly in the cutbacks or riding with fluid ease on the peeling waves. Whether it is the surf break where the shoreline is creating the headland or it is the shore break, this surfboard offers fun in varied surfing conditions.

The surfboard has tremendous control and floating capability that allows you to steer through the shallow water with super ease.

The squash tail imparts a unique style of cutting the water that at first can take you by surprise and even play with your temper a bit, however, you quickly realize its efficiency of releasing water from the rails.

Buyer’s Guide Section

After short listing 2-3 surfboards from the above list of top StormBlade surfboards, now is the time to finalize the one most suitable surfboard for your purpose. We would now share with you the important factors to be considered before buying a surfboard. You too can decide the best StormBlade for yourself based on these factors.

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Types of  StormBlade Surfboards

The type of surfer would depend on your level of experience. The experienced surfers would normally go for the shortboards or the hybrid type of surfboards as these boards call for higher skill levels and offer more challenge to the surfer which an experienced campaigner would love to take up.

A beginner would want a board that is easier to control. For this reason, they usually opt for longboards.

Construction Materials

A good surfboard should have the dual quality of being sturdy as well as light.  It should be rigid so that it can handle your weight & also the thrust of water waves at the same time. It should be highly stable so that it does not lose its balance in any surfing conditions.

All these properties call for excellent quality material. Many types of different materials like expanded polyethylene (EPE) or Polypropylene (PP) are used in manufacturing high-quality surfboards with each having its unique advantages. EPE, on the one hand, provides comfort and stability while PP supports you to attain high performance.

The old-timers still love to have the wooden boards for their unmatched durability and smooth gliding besides, high capacity to carry high momentum.


The overall size of the surfboard is also an important factor to consider. Here again, a newbie would like to go for a board that is long and wide. These surfboards would provide the surfer more space and thus better control while surfing.

For the experienced surfers, a small size surfboard is a better choice for it would challenge the skills of the surfer to the extreme. And that is where the fun of surfing lies when you have acquired advanced surfing skills.

Weight Carrying Capacity

It is a pretty simple criteria, however, an important one. Every surfboard has a maximum weight carrying capacity. You should select as per your weight.

Other Accessories

Getting anything for free has its own joy. Many surfboards come with different accessories including a leash, fin, bag, and important components, etc. These accessories add to the comfort and convenience of the surfer.

Who is behind StormBlade?

AGIT Global Inc owns the StormBlade Surfboards brand. AGIT is one of the most renowned companies involved in developing the most modern foam technology. It serves the fast-growing sporting goods segment. The company is located in Caotun, Nantou County, Taiwan.

The entire team at AGIT works as a cohesive team to perform different functions like product development, material procurement, and creation of components of foam and the foam composites. Besides, the supply chain further extends its support to the sales team by producing high-quality products and distributing them across the world.

As a true professional there is meticulous planning about each activity that the team of experts performs. They look at the minutest of the details in every function and activity of each project from selecting the right material to distributing the final product to their customers in a safe and timely manner.

The entire team resonates with the mission statement of the company through their actions. The commitment is to seek excellence through innovation, expansion, and involvement. It is clearly reflected in the quality of all their products that form part of their large portfolio.

The company commits to achieving success while taking along its employees and business partners i.e. customers and suppliers.


So, you had already shortlisted 2 to 3 surfboards after going through the features of the top 6 StormBlade Surfboards. After reading the buyer’s guide you would have learned that different types of surfboards cater to different requirements.

You would have identified your requirement and also which surfboard fulfills them among the above products from StormBlade.

Hopefully you would now be able to make the final choice for the surfboard that suits your requirements perfectly well.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q: What are the different types of StormBlade surfboards?

The following are the different types of StormBlade surfboards: longboards, storyboards, skimboards, and SSR. You can select according to your ability and the style of surfing.

Q: Why should I choose a StormBlade surfboard to surf?

For its excellent quality and high-level performance. StormBlade surfboards are the most amazing blend of technology and design. You would get the same feeling of comfort and convenience as you get while seeing them. They are designed by world-class professionals and are produced by following the best manufacturing practices.

Q: How can I set the height of the adjustable paddle of StormBlade surfboards?

Adjust the handle height around 6 to 12 inches above your head. Reach out to the locking pin and remove it. Move the pin to the height you wish to set. Push the pin in. You would hear a “click” sound when the pin sets into the hole.

Q: Does StormBlade offer products other than surfboards?

Yes. StormBlade offers T-Shirts made of 100% cotton. Besides, it also sells bodyboards for the newbies. The 4.5 Fin Set and 4.5 Fino Set including 4.5” fins and the silica ring are also sold as accessories.

Q: How do I care about my StormBlade surfboard?

It is pretty simple to take care of your StormBlade surfboard. After your surfing session wash your board with clean water. Wipe the board to dry using a clean cloth. Keep the board in a dry place identified for the purpose. During surfing, take care to avoid sharp protruding reefs. Rocky pointed shorelines can also damage the skin of the board. So, avoid surfing in those zones. Moreover, avoid moving into extremely shallow conditions. It can seriously damage the board and can put you too at risk.

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