Top 10 Best Surfing Accessories for Your Car | 2022 Reviews

Last Updated November 25, 2022

Having a car changes everything for a surfer. It is like a small portable home that allows you to get to the places you want while storing all your necessary goods.

As your car is like a mobile suitcase, it makes sense to store all your surfing accessories that you might need when out on a mission inside it.

From keeping your seats dry, your keys safe, and your wetsuit clean, to securing your boards and locating that hidden away break, there are some surf accessories that your car can’t do without.

The following are some of the best accessories that a surfer should consider keeping in their car every time they head out to catch some waves.

10 Best Surfing Accessories for Your Car

  1. HEYTRIP Universal Soft Roof Rack 
  2. Lusso Gear Waterproof Car Seat Cover 
  3. ORIA Key Lock Box 
  4. Rinsekit Portable Shower 
  5. Parallaxx Wetsuit Changing Mat/ Dry Bag 
  6. Northcore Hook Up Magnetic Hanger 
  7. COWVIE Foldable Roof Access Peddle 
  8. Garmin Drive Smart GPS 
  9. Clear Ding Tape 
  10. Professional First Aid Kit 

#1. HEYTRIP Universal Soft Roof Rack 

HEYTRIP Universal Soft Roof Rack

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If you can’t get your surfboards to the beach then there is no chance that you will be going surfing.

Although you could get away with squeezing a small surfboard into your car, this will likely limit you to a single board and put your surfboard’s safety at risk as it bounces around on top of your seats.

The Heytrip soft roof rack is ideal for transporting multiple boards around town. With a maximum weight of 80Kg and 15ft cords, this roof rack is easy to install and even easier to remove.

Soft roof racks are perfect for those of us that only need racks for particular situations and prefer to remove them after.


  • Easy to install and remove.
  • Can hold up to 3 boards.
  • EVA foam pads


  • Leaks through the windows when used in heavy rain.
  • Straps flap in the wind and cause a lot of noise.

#2. Lusso Gear Waterproof Car Seat Cover 

Lusso Gear Waterproof Car Seat Cover

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As an ocean lover, you have likely experienced driving home in your wetsuit or swimming costume, only to get into your car the next day to find that your seat is still wet.

The Lusso waterproof seat covers are easy to install and fit almost any car seat.

The neoprene in the covers prevents odors and stains from making their way to the upholstery while ensuring that your seats remain dry.


  • Easy to install and remove.
  • One size fits all.
  • Odor and stain-resistant.


  • The covers are not fitted which produces an imperfect fit.
  • Cover moves as straps loosen over time.

#3. ORIA Key Lock Box 

ORIA Key Lock Box

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Many of us surf to escape our daily troubles and find some peace of mind. This blissful state is, however, difficult to come across when we are constantly worrying about losing our car keys in the water.

The Oria lockbox makes it possible for you to lock your car keys in a combination box and secure them to your car door handle.

Made from zinc alloy and stainless steel, this waterproof lockbox will keep your keys secure for when you return to your car. 

Just don’t forget the code!


  • Includes removable chain for securing around loops and handles.
  • Waterproof and constructed with highly durable materials.
  • 4 digit code for added protection.


  • The box could be too small for larger keys such as smart car keys.

#4. Rinsekit Portable Shower 

Rinsekit Portable Shower

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The ocean is a messy place. Filled with sand, salt, bacteria, and decaying plant and animal matter, it is always recommended to rinse yourself and your equipment every time you leave the water.

This is not a problem when there are showers at the beach, but what if you are surfing in a remote area and will not get the chance to go home for a shower before you continue your day?

Portable showers are an amazing way to overcome this problem, and the Rinskit portable shower is one of the best on the market.

This portable rinse kit can hold up to 2 gallons of water and produce a pressurized spray for up to 5 minutes, not to mention that it will keep your water hot for you.


  • Holds up to 2 gallons of water.
  • Pressurized spray with spray nozzle.
  • Take a hot water shower anywhere.


  • The internal bladder may break over time.
  • Loses pressure when water becomes low.
  • Doesn’t retain heat for long periods of time.

#5. Parallaxx Wetsuit Changing Mat/ Dry Bag 

Parallaxx Wetsuit Changing Mat/ Dry Bag

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Taking off your wetsuit on the beach or in the car park after a surf is always a tricky task and it is made harder when we try to avoid getting sand all over it.

Wetsuit changing mats are a perfect solution to this problem as it creates a barrier between you and the sandy ground.

Not only will the Parallaxx wetsuit changing mat protect your wetsuit, but it folds into a waterproof wetsuit bag for easy transport once you have managed to escape the grasps of your wetsuit.

At 65cm wide this waterproof polyester bag will keep your car dry and your wetsuit sand-free.


  • 100% waterproof.
  • Doubles up as a wetsuit bag.
  • Includes shoulder strap for easy transport


  • The shoulder strap does not have padding.
  • Sand is difficult to clean out if it gets inside the bag.
  • Bag size is limited to a single wetsuit and a few small items.


#6. Northcore Hook Up Magnetic Hanger 

Northcore Hook Up Magnetic Hanger

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A wetsuit hook that hangs on the outside of your car, allowing you to hang up your wetsuit away from the sand while you have some lunch before hitting the waves again sounds like an amazing idea.

The Northcore magnetic hanger does exactly that.

Leaving your wetsuit hanging over your car or side-view mirror will prevent it from drying while slowly allowing the salt to eat away at your car’s paint.

This magnetic hook is small and can hold up to 20kg and is small enough to store in your glove compartment.


  • Holds multiple wetsuits (up to 20kg).
  • Stainless steel hook to prevent rusting.
  • Coated in silicon to prevent scratching of surfaces.


  • The small sharp hook could tear wetsuits (hangers may be needed).
  • Magnet does not perform as well if the surface it is placed on is not flat.

#7. COWVIE Foldable Roof Access Peddle 

COWVIE Foldable Roof Access Peddle

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If you are on the shorter side or have a particularly tall car, you will likely know the struggle of attaching your roof racks and tying up or taking down your surfboard.

By storing a foldable roof access paddle in your car, reaching the surfboards on the roof of your car becomes a much simpler task.

Securing easily onto your car door latch, this pedal can hold up to 400lbs (180kg) while boosting you 4” – 6” higher than the door frame.


  • Multiple hook styles to accommodate different door frames.
  • Holds incredibly heavy loads.
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Foldable for easy storage.


  • Peddle is on the heavy side.
  • Might be unstable on some car door designs.
  • Does not fit every shaped car.

#8. Garmin Drive Smart GPS 

Garmin Drive Smart GPS

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If you are a surf enthusiast and enjoy adventuring out to find new breaks, secret spots, and fewer crowds, then your surf equipment is not complete without a GPS.

This Garmin GPS comes with a built-in WIFI adapter to update maps and routes on the go, have voice commands for easy and safe directions, as well as the ability to connect to your smartphone for hands-free calling.


  • Sharp, clean, and simple graphics.
  • Hands-free calling and voice commanded directions.


  • Some units overheat during warmer months.
  • Many rural areas are not tracked by this GPS.

#9. Clear Ding Tape 

Clear Ding Tape

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Colliding into another surfer or a rock on a day when the waves are firing is annoying. Doing so and finding out that you have a ding in your board is extremely sad.

If you ding your board through the resin then you should refrain from taking it into the water. Doing so would allow it to become waterlogged and possibly damage it further.

Keeping ding tape in your car is a great way to make a quick fix to your board so that you don’t miss out on the day’s waves.

This is not a permanent solution but will keep your board watertight until you get home and fix the hole properly.


  • Chemically bonds to your board for maximum water resistance.
  • Easy to apply
  • Can be used for a long period of time if needed.


  • Not as good as a full ding repair.
  • The tape is black, not clear.

#10. Professional First Aid Kit 

Professional First Aid Kit

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Although we always hope that nothing will happen to us, at times, things do go wrong.

Whether you are a surfer, swimmer, runner, or simply enjoy driving your car around, it is always a good idea to store a well-packed first aid kit in your car.

Even if it is not you that gets injured, it is good to have materials available to help others in need, especially when surfing in remote areas.


  • Wide range of medical equipment.
  • Storage bag with pockets to easily organize contents.
  • Light enough to keep in your wetsuit bag if needed.



  • On the expensive side.

What to Look For When Buying Surf Accessories for Your Car

When looking for new surf accessories for your car, you should consider the following: Its relevance to surfing, the size of the accessory, its durability, and its use cases.

Relevance and Use Cases

Buying a “surf” accessory for your car that has nothing to do with surfing is pointless.

For example, you may want to buy some surf stickers for your car. While stickers are cool, they do not serve any purpose to your surf and are therefore irrelevant when buying surf accessories for your car.

Size of the Accessory

As you will be keeping your accessories in your car, you want them to be as small as possible. If your items are too large they will take up all the space in your car, which will likely mean you constantly need to remove them.

This takes the convenience out of story surf accessories in your vehicle.


The durability of the items you choose to keep in the car should always be noted. 

As we constantly drive over speed bumps, potholes, and make sharp turns, the items in our car move around.

If you purchase poorly designed and low-quality goods, then you may just find them destroyed before you even reach the ocean.


There are thousands of accessories you can keep in your car that will make your everyday tasks slightly easier. Some of which are specifically designed for surfing.

Although constantly buying new accessories can become too much and we don’t need everything that the market has to offer, there are a few key surfing accessories that you and your car will be better off for having.

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