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You can consider the wakesurf boards as investments, especially if you are a serious watersports athlete. You probably own a high-end and expensive wakesurf boards, if you are like me, you travel with your boards between sessions. That is why you do not want the money you spent on your investment to go down the drain because of the cracks, mildews, and other damage on your board.

For this reason, you need something that will protect it when you’re traveling between your wakesurfing sessions.  You need to select among the best wakesurf board bags.

However, there are several products available on the market. You cannot just buy anything that your eyes will see first. These bags seem the same because of the single function they provide, but they differ.

That is why you should know how to buy a bag. If you do not know where to purchase, you can also look at the best products as a guide.

Top 7 Best Wakesurf Board Bags Reviewed

If you are curious to know the best wakesurf board bags in the industry, you can read about the following products that most users love.

  1. Hyperlite Wakesurf Board Bag
  2. Ronix Sleeping Wakesurf Bag Surf Sock
  3. Hyperlite Producer Wakesurf Board Bag
  4. Ronix Dempsey Surf Case
  5. Mission Boat Gear SOX Wakesurf Surfboard Sock
  6. Hyperlite Blunt Nose Wakesurf Sock
  7. Liquid Force Skim Day Tripper

#1. Hyperlite Wakesurf Board Bag 


  • Length (inches): 57.6, 64
  • Bag type: padded
  • Capacity: one

The Hyperlite Wakesurf Board Bag 2020 has ample storage. It has inner and outer pockets that allow you to store wet and dry equipment. It offers several ways to carry it. You can wear it like a backpack, hold it by hand through a reinforced handle, or take it on your shoulder through its padded strap. 

Excellent storage for larger boardsFits only one

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#2. Ronix Sleeping Bag Surf Sock


  • Length (inches): 50, 61, 72
  • Bag type: sock
  • Capacity: one

The Ronix Sleeping Bag Surf Sock does feel like a sock, and the tip feels like vinyl. This product is economical and compact. It offers a straightforward way to store board to protect it from slight dings and dirt.

The Ronix Sleeping Bag Surf Sock is lightweight too. You can also fit in a board easily to its drawstring closure system. 

Protection from extreme heat and coldNot durable

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#3. Hyperlite Producer Board Bag


  • Bag type: padded

The Hyperlite Producer Board Bag is foam padded and has multiple storages. It fully opens so that you can store the board inside easily. 

The Hyperlite Producer Board Bag has a padded shoulder strap, and grip and move handle for portability. It also comes with a female variation. 

Compartments to store accessories
We got nothin'
Women version available
Large storage

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#4. Ronix Dempsey Surf Case


  • Length (inches): 62, 69
  • Bag type: padded
  • Capacity: two boards

The Ronix Dempsey Surf Case has a padded shell that makes this bag durable. It also has a shoulder strap that feels comfortable.

This product can fit up to two boards. It also has an external pocket and a fin protector.

Fits to boardsWe got nothin'
Easy to carry

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#5. Mission Boat Gear SOX Wakesurf Surfboard Sock


  • Length (inches): 54, 55, 57, 64
  • Bag type: board sock

The Mission Boat Gear SOX Wakesurf Surfboard Sock is available in different colors, which the manufacturer describes as green grass, zeeebra, and orange pushup. This product protects the board from impact. It is also lightweight and not thick.

The Mission Boat Gear SOX Wakesurf Surfboard Sock fits boards of different sizes and shapes. It protects the board from the sun.

Taking the board in and out is easy because of the cord closure system.

Available in different varieties of sizes and colorsNot extremely durable
Easy to fit boards inside

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#6. Hyperlite Blunt Nose Wakesurf Sock


  • Length (inches): 56, 64
  • Bag type: board sock
  • Capacity: one

The Hyperlite Blunt Nose Wakesurf Sock 2020 is nylon plush terry cloth fabric-made. It has a drawstring closure system that makes storing the wakeboard easier. It also has a fin pouch.

Has a fin pouchFits only one

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#7. Liquid Force Skim Day Tripper


  • Length (inches): 52
  • Bag construction: padded

The Liquid Force Skim Day Tripper protects boards that have 849 D nylon and 420 polyester constructions. Boards with attached fins can fit this board.

The Liquid Force Skim Day Tripper has a lining that can keep the board dry. Its silver-colored back helps protect the product from the sun.

This wakesurf board bag also has padded shoulder and internal covers.

Fits boards with attached finsFits only one board
With drain grates

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Our Favorite Wakesurf Board Bag

There are several good wakesurf board bags on the market. These listed products are among the best that most riders love. What stands out the most among these products is the Hyperlite Wakesurf Board Bag.

This board bag provides spacious storage where you can place your watersports paraphernalia. It features inner and outer pockets where you can put your stuff.

It is also highly portable because of the several ways that you can carry it. You can wear it like a backpack, hold it by hand, or strap it on your shoulder.

This bag is also padded, which means that it protects your board better than the sock type. This product is advisable for short-distance travel to the sea.

Why Is There a Need for a Wakesurf Board Bag

Although the answer to this question seems familiar, some people believe that board bags are unimportant. They think that it will only be a waste of money. They claim that they can protect their boards by only handling their boards with care.

However, accidental impacts and sun’s UV rays are something that a rider cannot protect its board from with just proper handling. Also, you cannot be with your board 24/7. That is why you cannot guarantee its safety.

Wakeboards are fragile and prone to damage. Unless your home is at the seashore, you will need to travel with your board to do your watersport passion for the sea.

Along the way, your board will be prone to bumps and damages.

Even if your home is close to the shore, your boards are not safe from environmental challenges. Mildews, sun, and other factors can damage it. For this reason, you also need a bag to store it.

Wakesurf board bags have the qualities that can protect your investment. Most are water-resistant, padded, mildew-resistant, and heat resistant, which your hands and body do not have. These bags may also have extra features like interior pockets and strap handles that make carrying more comfortable. 

These bags are useful in protecting your investment from accidental drops, UV rays, impacts, and more. It also makes your board more portable while providing more room for your watersports needs and accessories.

Features to Consider When Buying a Wakesurf Board Bag

Because of its importance, you can consider your bag as an investment. Whether you are a wakesurf elite or a novice, it can prolong the life of your board. If you are a pro, it is obvious why you should protect your investment with a bag.

If you are a beginner who uses a cheap board, it is more advisable that you should buy a bag for it. Because it is not expensive, it can be less durable because of the quality of the material used for its construction. After all, you do not want to see yourself always buying a new one every time it breaks.

If you are serious about learning wakesurfing skills, you will consider buying a bag. Not only will it protect your current board, but it might also protect the more expensive board that you will buy in the future once you learn the skill. 

Because wakesurf board bags are an investment, you should know how to buy the best one. 


There are three types of wakesurf board bags: board socks, padded 5mm, and padded 10mm. Each type has its use and advantages.

The board socks are advisable for short travels. These board bags are commonly stretchable that can adjust to the size of the board. You can use it when transporting your board via walking or vehicle.

This type protects the board from the sun. It is also compact because it fits snuggly to the board. That is why it does not occupy much space. Plus, it is the most affordable type among the three.

The only problem with board socks is that this type of bag cannot protect your board from dents and accidental knocks.

The padded 5mm is also for short travels. It is one-step better than board socks because it can protect the boards from the sun and can handle a few impacts. It is also compact, that is why it also does not occupy much space. 

The only problem is that it commonly has one-board capacity.

The padded 10 mm bag is advisable for long travels and for carrying multiple boards. This type of bag comes in different varieties. Some have wheels, and some have pockets.

From its name, you can tell that it uses a 10 mm foam pad. It is the best choice if you want a bag that can provide the most reliable protection against impact and the sun.

The only problem with this type of board bag is it is bulky.


You may choose to select the one that has the same length as your board. Yet, you should buy a longer one.  In considering the width, you should also include the volume into consideration. As much as possible, leave a few loose spaces inside to protect both the bag and the board from damage.

Longer boards will also provide you some space to place your accessories and clothes that will offer more protection to your board.

If you are using a board sock, you do not have to remove the fins when placing your board inside. This bag type is flexible. It can easily adjust to the shape of your board.


The wakesurf board bags come in different varieties. Some bags are for fish, shortboard, funboard, and the like. Choose the shape that is closest to your board. 

Best Wakesurf Board Brands

If you do not know where to buy your wakesurf board bag, you can start by checking out the best brands and choose from there. Here are some of the best brands on the market.


This brand manufactured its first wakeboard in 1990. It is confident that it produces quality products because of the combined style and technology in creating its goods. It also aims for perfection all the time.

Ronix is a famous brand that has reached 14 countries. It is renowned for providing customized products for men, women, and children. 

Liquid Force

The Liquid Force has been in the industry since 1995. Tony Finn and Jimmy Redmon, the pioneers of wakeboarding, founded this brand.

Aside from premium wakeboards and accessories, Liquid Force also offers collections of bags. This year, it introduced a new group of DLX surf bags that provide ultimate protection. Its most ideal features are the double foam padding, fleece linings, plastic armor, rail safe zippers, and more.


Hyperlite is famous for its wakeboards. The HO Skis founded it and released its first product in 1991.

This brand has been in the business for almost 27 years. That is why there is nothing to doubt about the quality of its products.

Aside from wakeboards, Hyperlite also sells accessories, including the wakesurf board bags.


Some people leave out the wakesurf board bags when buying products for wakesurfing without realizing its importance. They will know when it is late. 

You should also consider the bags as an investment because it is one way to extend your board’s life.

It is a must-have for professionals because they do not want their money to go down to the drain because of a broken board. Cheap boards also need protection because you do not want to see yourself buying a product.

When buying a wakesurf board bag, it is crucial to consider the type, size, and shape to ensure that you get the best item for your board. If you do not have an idea which to buy, you can check out the mentioned products, especially the Hyperlite Wakesurf Board Bag 2020, which is the favorite of most riders.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Does My Wakesurf Board Bag Have to Be the Same Size as My Board?

A: Not exactly. Your bag should be the same or longer, but when it comes to the width, you should include the volume as a factor. Make sure that the board is slightly loose inside the bag for extra padding.

Q: Are There Any Other Considerations When Buying a Bag?

A: You should check the bag details to find out the features that you might want. Most wakesurf board bags have interior pockets or designated pockets for fins. Some have expandable tails for transporting fins. Some types of wakesurf board bags have wheels and strap for added portability, which are useful when traveling. 

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