The Best Longboard Surfing Waves in the World

There is something magical about giant waves that seem as tall as mountains and the surfers who dare challenge them. Some surfers spend their lives seeking out the best longboard surfing waves in the world.


The best longboard surfing waves in the world are Waikiki Beach in Hawaii, Noosa Heads in Australia, Malibu in California, Jeffreys Bay in South Africa, Scorpion Bay in Baja California Mexico, San Onofre in California, Mahala Warf in Maui, Ditch Plains in Montauk, New York and Sunset Beach in Oahu.


Before setting out on an expedition, you should know as much as possible about each area and what to expect from the waves. Being well prepared is crucial as it could be dangerous going in blind.

the best longboard surfing waves in the world

The Best Longboard Surfing Waves in the World

When using a longboard, it offers perfect stability and balance of speed, causing them to be the ideal board for use on more giant waves. Longboards are a traditional style of surfboard and are used more commonly.


Longer boards are better for beginner surfers who prefer that surfing style. Longboards are much more stable, allowing beginners the stability needed to learn how to balance while being on a surfboard, and learning to paddle out through the break.


Longboards make paddling and catching waves easier because of their length and volume. The longer the board, the better it is for dropping into big waves and swells.

surfing with a longboard

Choosing The Right Wave as a Beginner

Choosing the right wave when you’re a beginner longboarder is essential for your safety. Initially, it may be hard to distinguish. Still, only some waves are safe for beginner longboarders.


The best waves for when you’re just beginning will have a gentle slope. It will give you much time to paddle to and catch the wave before it breaks on the shore. Look for waves that break at least 100 meters from shore.


Waikiki Beach, Hawaii

Surfing is an ancient sport. It is so old that its beginning cant be found. There was no written language in ancient Polynesia since history and legend were handed down by word from parents to their kids. This interchange was in the form of chants called Meles in Hawaii.


There is plenty of evidence from the references in these chants. The art of surf riding was the most common Polynesian sport. It was practiced in different forms, from New Zealand to Hawaii, the Pacific region, and Easter Island to New Guinea.


Why Are Hawaiian Waves Good for Longboards

If you are at North Shore and the weather is reasonable, you may see some giant waves. These waves during winter can reach up to twenty feet tall or two stories high. Big waves are what you want to see since they are perfect for longboards.

In Hawaii, they measure the height of the wave from the back, meaning the surfers of north shore surf waves that have forty-foot faces or higher.

best longboard surfing waves in the world, tahiti

Noosa Heads, Australia

Noosa Points in Australia are popular for waves that always break in the same line and speed. It has sandy bottoms, 100m breaks, and long rocky points, which makes these s few of the best point breaks. The points are Little Cove, First Point, Granite Bay, Boiling Pot, and Tea Tree Bay.


You should take advantage of these spots when the surf is up. Noosa is famous due to its clean waves and sheltered water.


Longboarding at Noosa Heads

Noosa Heads is a beautiful beach that will have you surfing 200 meters on a wave, giving you sufficient time to enjoy your surroundings and longboard rides. The best time to take out your longboard and head there is from December to April since it’s summertime.

Shortboard vs longboard

Tips For Surfing

Learning how to surf with a longboard is the primary step to being able to surf like a pro. You must learn longboard surfing basics before surfing big waves like at Noosa Heads. These are essential things to know before longboarding:


  • Fading – Using this move will add style to your techniques.
  • Leash Selection – It is ideal to avoid a leash. Still, if you are not secure enough to longboard without a leash, it is better to get a leash attached to your upper calf.
  • Trimming – Trimming will save you from slowing down and suddenly stopping. It will also keep the longboard’s nose above the waves rather than under them.
  • Cross-Stepping – Before you can cross-step, you need to be able to perform trimming.
  • Nose Riding – Cross-stepping will bring you closer to the nose of the board. When five or ten of your toes are hanging off the nose of the board, you are nose riding.


Why Is Noosa So Popular for Longboarding

Noosa’s reputation as a world-class longboarding area is backed up by its status as a World Surfing Reserve. Regarding natural beauty, Noosa’s Natural Park also has four thousand hectares of bushland. The Waves are practically in a league on their own.


Since the waves at Noosa are high, it makes it perfect for longboarding. The bigger the wave, the better it is to longboard. The best place to surf in Noosa is by Double Island Point. Here you can surf some of the most manageable waves but still get a decently high wave.


Malibu, California

The almost perfect longboard wave can be encountered at First Point in Malibu, California. The wave is formed perfectly, which offers a great ride. The right-point break has three various takeoff sectors that work with all tides.


Surfing in polluted water may lead to skin rashes, ear and eye infections, and breathing problems, damaging the surfing reputation in Malibu: Malibu and many other islands off the southern coast of California.


The culture of Malibu has always been based on longboards. In the 1940s, longboards were just called surfboards. In the 1950s, surfboards were easier to buy. Dale Velzy, Bob Simmons, and other surfers invented the surfboard in Malibu.


Malibu Waves

Malibu has three main surfing spots. The First Point is a famous longboarding place, The Second Point is used more for advanced surfers, and The Third Point has both right and left side waves.

Due to Malibu being one of the best surf spots in the world, it makes it very popular. But its popularity is slowly going down due to its pollution. The waves are anywhere from two and four perfect feet. Sometimes the storms may bring in waves that are twenty feet tall.


Tips For Surfing In Malibu

If you want to surf in Malibu, the perfect time to go is in the summer, which is the dream. Relatively warm water and glassy conditions make it the ideal time for longboarders that dislike choppy weather. The wind is rare, so you can catch some lovely days on First Point.


Jeffreys Bay, South Africa

Winter and June is the best time to surf in Jeffreys Bay since the waves are consistent and rideable. 61% of the time, surfable waves are found in June, and 31% of the time, it is blown out. Most surfers consider it too small from the remaining 8% of the time, but it can be ok for beginners and perfect for longboarding.


Why Is Jeffreys Bay Popular for Longboarding

Jeffreys Bay has been a magnet for surfers worldwide since its world-class waves were first discovered in the 1960s. The waves’ consistency and quality are unmatched, making it one of the top surf places on the planet.


Tips For Surfing in Jeffreys Bay

Whether you are a novice or not, there are different spots for everyone. The best tip is to find out where you should surf. Here are tips on where to surf:


  • Main Beach – This is the best starting place for absolute beginners. The waves are very damp here, so you won’t enjoy this place unless you are a beginner.
  • Kitchen Windows – This place is for advanced beginners and up. There are quite a few rocks here, so be careful.
  • Boneyards – Boneyards are for advanced surfers only. The waves break over shallow reefs, and you must work your way in very slowly.


Other Honorable Mentions

There are numerous other locations if you are looking for more longboard places to travel. There are multiple different longboard places worldwide. Here are several different areas:

  1. Scorpion Bay in Baja California, Mexico
  2. San Onofre, California
  3. The North Shore’s Sunset Beach in Oahu, Hawaii
  4. Mala Wharf in Maui, Hawaii
  5. Ditch Plains in Montauk, New York

Tips For Finding Good Longboard Waves in Your Area

You should use Google to see if there are places near you that have waves suitable for longboards. You can find plenty of areas if you live on a famous coastline with excellent longboard waves. If you don’t, you may have to travel.



Longboards are best suited for larger, longer, and more aggressive waves you would not typically find on a regular beach.

That might include traveling extensively to find the perfect wave.

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