Top 8 Best Scuba Drysuits

While most scuba divers use wetsuits to enjoy the underwater sport, you will need a drysuit to explore the cold waters of Iceland, other Nordic countries, and even some parts of Canada. And even in temperate conditions, if you need to spend a lot of time underwater, there is no alternative to drysuits.

The best scuba drysuits keep you completely dry and warm even in deep undersea conditions. They trap a layer of air inside the suit to keep you dry and thereby maintain a crisp and warm temperature around your body.

Also, in contaminated water, drysuits keep you insulated to minimize the risk of exposure.

There exists a range of drysuits with varying thermal insulation, with some being fit even for temperate waters. However, they may need additional inner thermal wear to keep you warm in cold waters.

Top 8 Best Scuba Drysuits Reviewed

Here is a list of the best drysuits so that you can choose according to your requirements and preference.

  1. Bare X-Mission Evolution Drysuit
  2. Hollis DX 300X Drysuit
  3. Waterproof Mens D7 Pro Cordura ISS Drysuit
  4. Bare Trilam HD PRO Drysuit
  5. Scubapro Evertec LT Drysuit
  6. Aqua Lung Fusion Sport Drysuit
  7. USIA Techniflex Drysuit
  8. Pinnacle Liberator Drysuit

1. Bare X-Mission Evolution Drysuit – Best Overall

Scuba Drysuit Bare X-Mission Evolution Drysuit

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  • Material: Nylon Micro RipStop Trilaminate
  • Weight: 395gm/ sqm
  • Designed for: Professional Scuba Divers


  • Anatomically shaped arms, legs, and torso
  • Removable inflator valve backer pad to counter in-depth squeeze effect
  • M-Padz knee protector
  • Lower back M-padz reinforcement
  • Included: Tech boots and two tech/data pockets
  • Lightweight plastic dry zipper and offset-protected zipper flap

If you have followed Scuba diving gear for some time now, you may have heard about Bare Sports. From the house of Huish Outdoors Group, Bare Sports manufactures scuba gear for recreational as well as technical use. Their products are also designed for use in Commercial, Search, rescue, and public safety purposes.

Ideal for recreational divers to advanced technical divers, Bare X-Mission Evolution Drysuit offers the best-in-class durability along with a high degree of flexibility. A great deal of detail was tended to in areas like underarms to increase the overall flexible feeling of the drysuit. Also, the cave cut design proves effective in increasing aqua dynamics and reducing abrasion.

BARE developed its X-Mission Evolution drysuit in consultation with a cave dive team. The design team worked alongside the cave divers, considering their pain points and highly technical requirements. Starting from the material and design to the finishing and reinforcements were done keeping in mind the highly demanding requirements of the cave divers. The lightweight and durable Nylon Ripstop material is highly suitable against water abrasion and appropriate for travel packing.

The edges are double glued and heat taped inside to eliminate the need for stitching. These are not stitched to ensure there is no hole in the neoprene material due to stitching.

Reinforced critical wear seam points to increase durabilityMostly appropriate for technical and highly demanding scenarios
Anatomically designed to help in movement underwater
High priced for the average recreational user
Plastic zippers with Flaps to ensure no water leakage
Field replaceable suspenders and crotch strap

2. Hollis DX 300X Drysuit

Scuba Drysuit Hollis DX 300X

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  • Material: Outer layer – Nylon Cordura, Middle layer – 12 layers Butyl Mass, Inner layer – Silk weave Polyester
  • Weight: 700g/sq
  • Designed for: Technical divers


  • Benchmark expedition-grade drysuit from Hollis
  • Heavy-duty outer layer with puncture and abrasion resistance
  • The Middle layer provides chemical and ozone resistance
  • The Inner layer provides comfort and softness
  • Patented BIAS cut with the telescopic torso to ensure free movement
  • 5mm neoprene socks included 

Designed by technical divers and designed for technical divers, Hollis DX 300X is an expedition-grade drysuit. Hollis as a company deals in superior-grade technical diving equipment and develops technical diving gears for complex and versatile diving requirements. Founder Bob Hollis started making his own custom drysuits in the 1950s when diving was still in a nascent stage. And that desire for making custom drysuits that serves complex requirements still fuels the core of the company.

The Hollis DX 300X was developed spanning three years and was tested in varying diving conditions. It is well-maneuverable and comfortable without compromising its durability. Separate panels are cut to increase the stretch by more than 25%.

SiTech silicone neck and wrist seals are given for comfort as well as a quick replacement. The suit is also equipped with two large pockets with Velcro closure. Also included are 3M reflective strips for easy visibility, doubly reinforced knee pads, and internal suspenders. Additionally, a pair of 5mm neoprene socks come with the drysuit.

Middle Butyl mass protects from chemical and ozone contamination
Differently designed wrist and neck cuffs call for different arm device setups
Wide flat seam construction lessens the chance of leakage
Wrist cuffs and neck cuffs require some getting used to
Extremely comfortable seals made out of silicone
Doubly thickened kneepads for increased durability

3. Waterproof Mens D7 Pro Cordura ISS Drysuit

Scuba Drysuit Waterproof Mens D7 Pro Cordura ISS Drysuit

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  • Material: Trilaminate
  • Weight: Overall 12 pounds
  • Designed for: Both newbies and experienced divers


  • H1 5/7mm venting hood
  • Suspender adjustable torso system
  • Armored dry front diagonal zipper
  • Integrated silicone wrist and neck seals
  • Cordura-made outer shell for more durability and abrasion resistance
  • Hood Air Vent System(HAVS) uses a one-way valve to release built-up gas from the hood

Waterproof Men’s D7 Pro Cordura ISS Drysuit is for people who look for quality, style, and performance in a complete package. It is a traditional drysuit, where modern technical features, styles, and versatility have been incorporated.

The exclusive Hood Air Vent system uses a one-way valve to vent the gas buildup inside the hood. The HAVS hood has a 7mm double-layered protection in critical heat loss areas. Also, the design is such that there is no seam in the crotch and underarm area so that no wrinkle forms which, if formed may lead to wear and tear. Their unique warm neck design is often imitated, which they improved with a double valve to drain water when you surface.

Polyurethane embossing in the back makes the grip a no-slip one and the Kevlar knee pads add to the durability. Each drysuit is tested in the laboratory for pressure handling and over-pressure and kept in a Waterproof 1000 Cordura bag, which comes with the drysuit.

Waterproof Men’s D7 Pro Cordura ISS Drysuit comes in various different sizes, from which you can choose your perfect fit.

Cordura made outer shell for more durability and abrasion resistance
The drysuit is on the heavier side
Integrated silicone seals ensure better insulation and no leakage
Less availability
The suit comes with default sized boots, hood and carrying bag
Spare neck and wrist seals for on field easy replacements

4. Bare Trilam HD PRO Drysuit

Scuba Drysuit Bare Trilam HD PRO


  • Material: high-quality trilaminate
  • Weight: 10 pounds
  • Designed for: Amateur as well as professionals, mostly used for commercial purposes


  • Drysuit for all season
  • Can be used in any water, cold or temperate
  • 360-degree swivel inflator valve (placed on your chest)
  • low-profile exhaust valve (placed on the left upper arm)
  • Latex wrist seals with talc
  • K-PADz Kevlar knee protection with 1mm neoprene backing

The Bare Trilam HD Pro has amazing features to boast of. With high-tenacity nylon/butyl/polyester trilaminate material, this drysuit is sturdy and durable. And to protect it all, this has a lifetime warranty.

Bare Sports also manufacture custom drysuits according to your body size and type on demand. They have maintained the custom feeling in their standard sizes too. In Trilam HD Pro, they have installed a lot of suspender tabs so that you can attach suspenders for a better fit.

Stainless steel protective zipper and 2-needle “felled seam” construction ensure there is no leakage, and no holes in the suit material, and the product itself is durable.

You can use vulcanized 4 mm compressed neoprene BARE boots or compression-resistant Soft boots to go with the suit.

Like most of the Bare Drysuits, the design of the Trilam HD Pro is anatomical and aqua-dynamic. The suit looks and feels premium as well as comfortable, very much unlike some drysuits which look more like clumsy and huge spacesuits.

The drysuit itself is relatively lightweight and can be used in a wide range of temperature conditions. These are helpful if you are traveling as you can take them with you wherever you go.

Has optional BARE head cover, compressed and compression resistant boots
No neoprene or any other waterproof sock or headgear is included with the dry suit
Reinforced critical wear seam points resulting in increased durabilityLess availability
Aqua dynamically designed for better underwater movement
360 degree suit inflator valve

5. Scubapro Evertec LT Drysuit

Scuba Drysuit Scubapro Evertec LT

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  • Material: RipStop Trilaminate
  • Weight: 7.55 lb | 3.42 kg
  • Designed for: Recreational, Technical


  • Quality Si-Tech valves to ensure better airflow control
  • Included: Neoprene socks, removable suspenders, an anatomically shaped hood, and a patch kit.
  • Diagonal front Ti-Zip MasterSeal® zipper
  • Unisex- you don’t have to search for different options
  • The I-safe strap is attached to the left arm so that a wrist computer can be mounted securely

Constructed with Ripstop material which is 25% lighter than its predecessor, Evertec LT, has a lot of other things to offer. The material itself is heavy-duty and resistant to wear and tear. It also has a substantial amount of flexibility.

The telescopic torso and the crotch strap are there so that you can experience more range during movement and feel less water drag. The neck collar keeps the heat in thereby keeping you warm and protecting the latex neck seal.

Among other things, the neoprene socks have no heel seam, so increased comfort along with zero sizing issues. D rings are attached to the cargo pockets, which are closed with flaps and Velcro closures.

The diagonal front zip makes it easy to get into and out of the drysuit.

Overall, Evertec LT is loaded with features and you can use it in cold as well as temperate water conditions. If you dive wet and want to switch from a wetsuit to drysuit, Evertec LT is your best bet.

The suit includes removable suspenders for fastening, an anatomically shaped hood, and a patch kit.

Telescopic torso for better movement and flexibility
Silicone seals are better in performance and longevity in comparison to latex seals
Lightweight but heavy duty ripstop material
Less availability
Diagonal front zip makes self-donning easy
Well insulated cargo pockets with D rings
Attached neoprene socks

6. Aqua Lung Fusion Sport Drysuit

Scuba Drysuit Aqua Lung Fusion Sport

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  • Material: Abrasion-resistant spandex skin with Aircore inner layer
  • Weight: 395gm/ sqm
  • Designed for: Beginner to semiprofessional Scuba Divers


  • Heavy-duty spandex skin
  • Patented Dual layer system
  • Seams are Flatlock sewn to increase the stretch as well as durability
  • Polyurethane-coated knees provide one of the best abrasion resistance
  • The lightest weight skin from Aqua Lung, hence travel friendly
  • Suspender system with 3D mess backpack
  • YKK military grade dry zipper made of brass
  • Exclusive Inner layer made of Aircore breathable fabric

The combination of Aircore inner layer and spandex outer layer provides a lightweight durable and super travel-friendly drysuit that is unmatched in flexibility and compact enough to fit right in your baggage.

The Aircore inner layer gives you the maximum comfort possible for a drysuit. The rapid zip system helps in better drying times.

The drysuit comes with a mesh duffle bag, inflator hose, and zipper wax for easy maintenance. The mesh duffle bag is small and properly accommodates the Aqua Lung Fusion Sport dry suit along with the add-ons.

There are 2 color options, Black and White and you can choose among them according to your preferences. There are a number of sizes available and before buying refer to the size chart for the most accurate fit.

Although most of the specifications are almost top of the class, the spandex material of the outer layer has a short shelf life. Hence the suit is for sparing use by beginners to semiprofessionals and not appropriate for technical diving.

Spandex and Aircore layer gives maximum comfort
Spandex can cause allergies in user specific cases
PUR coated knees for more durabilitySpandex has a short shelf life
Patented dual-layer system
Military-grade brass zipper

7. USIA Techniflex Drysuit

Scuba Drysuit USIA Techniflex


  • Material: Techniflex fabric
  • Weight: 12lbs
  • Designed for: Amateur to Professional Scuba Divers


  • In stress regions, Hypalon abrasion and cut-resistant fabric are used
  • Comes with Kevlar-wrapped dive boots
  • Zipper on zipper design in the front entry version
  • Adjustable internal suspenders
  • SiTech valves
  • Cordura overlays on the seat and knees

The most popular drysuit from the house of USIA, the USIA techniflex is made of techniflex fabric. Now techniflex fabric is one of the most flexible materials. Hence the drysuit is the most flexible in its class. You won’t find this kind of comfort in traditional shell drysuits. In stress points like knees, elbows, and shoulders, Hypalon abrasion and the cut-resistant fabric is used to ensure durability.

The Techniflex drysuit comes with Kevlar-wrapped dive boots (also called Bogs), Hypalon knee-supporting padding, along with wrist and boot protection. Plus a zipper-over-zipper design is there in the front entry version. The suit also comes in rear entry and wrap-around horizontal front entry version.

The Techniflex suits also come with adjustable internal suspenders for a better fit. All the suits have a base black color and you can choose between colored accents.

As for valves, standard SiTech low profile exhaust valve and SiTech rotating inflate valve are given to ensure better air influx and outflux.

Overall the Techniflex is a complete package and most of the add-ons come free with the drysuit itself.

Cordura overlays on knees to support stress points
Seals made out of latex - chances of latex allergy
Choice of entry design – front, rear and horizontal
Hypalon knee reinforcements for durability
Kevlar wrapped dive boots or Bogs
Class A waterproof rating

8. Pinnacle Liberator Drysuit

Scuba Drysuit Pinnacle Liberator

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  • Material: Trilaminate RipStop nylon
  • Weight: 395gm/ sqm
  • Designed for: Amateur to semi-professional Scuba Divers


  • Self-donning front entry zip
  • Lightweight, Durable, and flexible
  • Telescopic torso along with elastic crotch strap- for a broader range of motion
  • Latex neck and wrist seals
  • Neoprene socks attached
  • Bell-style latex wrist seals

The Pinnacle Liberator from the House of Pinnacle Aquatics is an ultra-durable, lightweight, and self-donning drysuit. It comes with attached neoprene socks. The Bell-style wrist seal is made out of latex and it fits every diver without needing to be trimmed down.

The suit comes with YKK Aqua Seal Zipper along with a protective flap to ensure no leakage and longevity of the zipper. Also, a heavy-weight latex neck seal effectively keeps the air inside and keeps you dry and warm in cold waters. Moreover, Neoprene over the collar gives you extra warmth and comfort. Extra thick doubly padded knee sections are there for better durability.

The suit comes with suspenders and an inflator hose to better help the influx and outflux of air. Si-Tech low profile 360° inflation and exhaust valves are given to the drysuit to ensure a higher flow of air.

These all come together to give you a fantastic diving experience. The drysuit comes with a backpack that can accommodate the drysuit as well as the add-ons.

Also, the inflation hose and suspenders are included in the drysuit package. Although neoprene socks are attached to the drysuit, you can also use the drysuit with separately purchased diving boots.

The suit is black in color and is available in multiple sizes.

Bell style neck and wrist seals for better fit without trimming
Latex seals have less comfort, less flexibility and chance of allergy
The ripstop nylon imparts a great deal of flexibility
Front diagonal Zipper for easy self-donning
Better movements with telescopic torso
Ultra-light durable material

Top Pick – Our Favorite Drysuit

Most of the top of line Scuba dry suits provide similar specifications and good-quality materials. The best dry suits are lightweight, durable, and leak-proof. The stress points are usually padded and reinforced. And some of the best drysuits have a substantial degree of flexibility to go with the sturdy, waterproof, neoprene or spandex material

Considering all options, it was found that the BARE X Mission Evolution is the most advanced, good-looking, and technical drysuit available in the market. The aesthetics are aqua dynamically optimized and the suit itself is sturdy yet comfortable. A lot of users who have used the dry suit recommended it after years of use. BARE developed it for a specific purpose (Fir the cave divers) but due to their extensive research into the workings of the rigs in varying conditions, it became arguably the best scuba drysuit in the market.

Although Hollis Dx 300X comes a close second because of its chemical resistance and contamination protection, the top spot goes to BARE X Mission Evolution Drysuit.

Best Drysuit Brands

There are a lot of brands in the drysuit segment with varying prices and varying qualities. While BARE is arguably the best scuba drysuit manufacturer, who started operations in the 1950s, a lot of reputed companies have come now with their top-of-the-line offering backed by a lot of research. There are companies like Hollis, Camaro, DUI, SEAC, and others who can give BARE a run for their money.

Especially SEAC deserves a separate mention because of their high quality and thus popular scuba dry suits.

Buyer’s Guide to Drysuits 

If you are trying to buy a scuba drysuit for yourself, you should consider the main objectives first. Look for the following points to ensure your purchase experience remains positive years after your purchase:

Material: the Ripstop Nylon provides the most lightweight yet durable material

Flexibility: The spandex has the most flexibility but it has a lower shelf life

Zipper insulation: Check for properly insulated zippers along with the presence of flaps to cover the zipper to ensure zero leakage.

Stitch or adhesion: Stitch on the dry suit material can create holes and thereby develop leakage. So look for stitchless dry suits.

Seals: The neck and waist seals should be preferably silicone. They provide the best comfort and themselves being inert, they don’t cause allergies, unlike latex.


Before purchasing keep in mind all the dry suits by the leading manufacturers adhere to the strictest quality management. So look for what you actually need, depending upon your size, area of diving, the temperature of the water where you want to dive, and whether you personally feel comfortable in it. Any person’s decision about a particular dry suit may not necessarily reflect the other person’s experience. So, you look for what suits you best and follow our guide along the way.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1: What should I wear under the Drysuit?

A1: Depending upon the temperature of the water and the material used in the drysuit, you can opt for short linen wear or thermal wear. While some dry suits offer complete thermal protection from the cold waters, some offer broad-range water temperature usability at the cost of some thermal insulation.

Q2: Are Dry suits more expensive than wet suits?

A2. Although there are expensive wetsuits and more affordable dry suits available in the market, generally dry suits are more expensive due to their better technology and demanding requirements.

Q3. How do you clean a dry suit?

A3. You can wash your dry suits in the front loading washing machine with mild soap and cold wash setting and then hang them dry. Alternatively, you can always hand wash them but remember to rinse them well after washing.

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