TYR Wetsuits Review | Epic Wetsuits or Rip Off? [2022]

It’s always fun when you participate in water activities. Many people are getting into surfing, scuba diving, and triathlon because these sports are fun. Plus, these are one of the best workout activities too. However, if you frequently go to the beach to have fun after a long, tiring week, it’s best to invest in wetsuits because these will push you to your optimum performance. If you’re aspiring to be a pro athlete, these are very handy.

There are several wetsuit brands in the market, and you might have a hard time choosing because it’s not easy to determine the brand’s reliability. TYR is one of the most respected brands, and every product it offers will not dissatisfy you at all.

It produces high-quality wetsuits, whether it’s a full or shorty. Many athletes prefer this brand because all items are performance-driven. Also, this brand has been meeting the expectations of customers for how many years.

Top 7 Best TYR Wetsuits Reviewed

Here’s a TYR Wetsuits review, and here are the top-selling wetsuits to consider. From full to shorty wetsuits, these products will undoubtedly exceed your expectations.

  1. TYR Carbon Zip Back Tri Suit (Men) 
  2. TYR Hurricane Wetsuit Cat 1 (Women) 
  3. TYR Padded Carbon Zip Back Tri Suit (Women) 
  4. TYR Hurricane Wetsuit Cat 3 (Men) 
  5. TYR Competitor Speedsuit (Men) 
  6. TYR Hurricane Wetsuit Cat 5 Sleeveless (Women) 
  7. TYR Torque Elite Swimskin (Women) 

#1. TYR Carbon Zip Back Tri Suit (Men) 

TYR Carbon Zip Back Tri Suit (Men) 

Comfort is what can drive you to your optimum performance, especially when you’re a triathlon athlete. TYR makes sure it meets its customers’ needs, and one of the bestsellers is the Carbon Zip Back Tri Suit. This outfit for men comes in an elegant black color, which keeps you stylish during competitions or training.

This tri suit comes from a carbon-woven material, composing of 30% Spandex and 70% nylon for the body. As for the insert-fabric, the flash mesh comes with 19% Lycra, 25% Polyester, 54% Nylon, and 22% Carbon. With these features, the stretch-ability will never be a problem as you wear it.

Another exceptional feature of it is the quick-dry advantage. The hydrophobic fabric assures that your suit dries quickly for a lesser hassle while you’re on the move. As you soak in the water, athletes admire it because it aids in reducing the heart rate and body temperature. There’s a lesser build-up of lactic acid, and breathing is more efficient.

Triathlon athletes prefer it because it minimizes the entire suit’s drag, which doesn’t compromise one athlete’s performance. You can flex at any movement because of its stretch-ability, which is impressive. As you paddle or run, moving is hassle-free because of the fabric’s technology.

Aside from that, the Carbon flash mesh will make sure the moisture comes out of the fabric. It’s how your suit gets dry as you continue with your race. It provides athletes a comfortable feeling, especially the 12-inch back zipper. This zipper comes with a removable clip yard that users love because there’s the ease in removing or wearing it.

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#2. TYR Hurricane Wetsuit Cat 1 (Women) 

TYR Hurricane Wetsuit Cat 1 (Women)

Finding the best wetsuit for women can be challenging, especially when it comes to sizing. The Hurricane Wetsuit Cat 1 by TYR is the best option you can consider if you want to get the best out of your money. This full wetsuit is ideal for any water sport, especially for a triathlon.

It comes in black color, and it features quick-release cuffs on the ankles. Aside from that, it has form-fitting cuffs on the wrist, which helps athletes move with full mobility during training or competition.

The fabric of this full suit comes from an excellent quality of Neoprene material. It has the best and durable textiles, which provides comfort as you swim on open water. Plus, it features a typical seam construction, yet it doesn’t disappoint how it fits any part of the body.

A lot of athletes admire it because it’s abrasion-resistant. Also, what makes it more interesting is that it has impressive retention on high heat.

Versatility is the main reason it earns its spot in the market as the recommended wetsuit for women. Anyone can wear it, yet it always provides enhanced performance while you’re in the water. If you’re a beginner or a professional triathlon athlete, this wetsuit will give you optimum agility.

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#3. TYR Padded Carbon Zip Back Tri Suit (Women) 

TYR Padded Carbon Zip Back Tri Suit (Women)

Another tri suit that will undoubtedly catch your attention is the Padded Carbon Zip Back Tri Suit. TYR is famous for its comfort, and if you’re looking for a wetsuit to use during your tournaments or training, you can never go wrong with this tri suit.

This suit has smooth bonded seam construction, and users admire it because it optimizes their flexibility as they swim for long hours. It also provides exceptional comfort because it reduces the overall drag while you’re in the water. It also has a built-in amp pad from carbon-material, making it breathable for a more relaxed feeling.

One of the best features of this tri-suit is the Carbon flash mesh because it promotes quick-drying features. The hydrophobic fabric helps in drying the wetsuit as you step out of the water. Plus, it draws moisture from the body, which is responsible for keeping it lightweight.

Aside from that, it also has a carbon zipper at the back part of the wetsuit. This ITU-compliant suit’s zipper measures 12 inches, and you’ll love it more because it comes with a removable clip lanyard. Plus, the beaded leg-gripper comes from a quality-silicone material for an exceptional fit.

The fabric in the body uses 30% Spandex, while 70% of the material comes from Nylon. On the inside part, the fabric consists of 19% Lycra, 2% Carbon, 25% Polyester, and 54% Nylon. It adds to the overall comfort that women love, as well.

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#4. TYR Hurricane Wetsuit Cat 3 (Men) 

TYR Hurricane Wetsuit Cat 3 (Men)

Performance is a significant factor if you’re looking for an exceptional wetsuit, yet TYR offers more because it features a collection of wetsuits with extraordinary designs. If you’re looking for a top-performing and attractive wetsuit, you can check out the Hurricane Wetsuit Cat 3.

This wetsuit will give you a superhero-vibe because of its black color with blue and red highlights. It’s very appealing, which is why a lot of men athletes prefer it for competitions.

It’s also comfortable to wear because it uses quality-wetsuit fabrication. The suit’s body uses 100% 40 Cell Yamamoto Neoprene, which guarantees all athletes’ comfy feeling. This material lessens restriction, which provides a sense as if you’re wearing your second skin. Also, this material can enhance your control and boost agility in paddling.

Aside from that, it has exceptional retention from high heat, which prevents fatigue as you swim for many hours during the race. Thanks to the SCS or Super Composite Skin Nano Coating, you can move freely without minding durability.

Another advantage of this wetsuit is the elevation panels for promoting correct body-positioning while you’re paddling in the water’s surface. Plus, the form-fitting cuffs on the wrist optimize swimming strokes. As for the quick-release cuffs on the ankle, these feature an anti-microbial lining, making it one of the recommended suits for Ironman competitions.

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#5. TYR Competitor Speedsuit (Men) 

TYR Competitor Speedsuit (Men)

If you’re looking for the best speedsuit, TYR will not disappoint you with its wide range of collections. One of the bestsellers that newbies and pros can consider is the TYR Competitor Speedsuit, and you can enjoy this wetsuit in two color combinations; black/blue/red and grey/navy.

The fabrication of this wetsuit only composes 20% Spandex and 80% Nylon, yet it’s not a disappointment because it still provides the comfort every athlete needs during competitions. The best feature of its fabric is the breathability, and it’s very lightweight, which make sit favorable to athletes.

Another reason to love this speedsuit is the back pocket storage. It provides convenience in storing necessities without causing any discomfort. The zipper measures 11-inches, and it’s locking, too.

This suit’s woven technology provides optimum flexibility, and you don’t have to worry about its durability because it’s long-lasting, even if you wear it frequently for training. It also comes with a specialized solidity webbing, which enhances muscles’ performance and boosts blood circulation.

Adding another advantage is the free-finish grippers and amp pad. These features give a no-slip movability, which is a plus point for this brand.

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#6. TYR Hurricane Wetsuit Cat 5 Sleeveless (Women) 

TYR Hurricane Wetsuit Cat 5 Sleeveless (Women)

Women need attractive wetsuits to boost their confidence in tournaments or training. When you wear an appealing one, you’ll undoubtedly feel good, and TYR makes sure it adds some options in its collection. If you can’t find one in the market, you should check out the Hurricane Wetsuit Cat 5 Sleeveless.

It comes in a black wetsuit with Fuschia and Turquoise highlights, and the style matches all body-types. It fits nicely with anybody, which provides athletes a good feeling while wearing it.

Many triathlon athletes prefer this wetsuit because it provides maximum agility without exerting excessive effort in paddling. It promotes energy efficiency while you’re in open water for long hours. Plus, it gives stability, making it more favorable for women athletes.

Aside from that, it features elevation panels, anti-microbial lining, and quick-release cuffs on the ankle for better performance. It makes it a recommended wetsuit for USAT and WTC.

The comfort that it gives to anyone who wears it is exceptional. The fabric comes from a premium-quality of Yamamoto Neoprene material, which diminishes body-restrictions. Controlling your movement while you’re in the water is hassle-free with its 44 Cell Yamamoto.

It also comes with SCS Nano Coating that deters water, leaving you nothing but a lightweight feeling. It’s not only comfy but also sturdy, which averts the wetsuit’s abrasions. It may use a typical seam construction, yet it doesn’t compromise its agility because of its paneling.

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#7. TYR Torque Elite Swimskin (Women) 

TYR Torque Elite Swimskin (Women)

TYR is one of the most respected brands when it comes to wetsuits. It has a competitive collection for both women and men, from full suits to tri suits. If you’re looking for an exceptional one, you can check out the Torque Elite Swimskin. It may look meek, yet it’s impressive when it comes to its maximum comfort.

This wetsuit comes from a premium-quality of Spandex and Nylon, with a 30/70-percentage, respectively. It’s very comfy, and it features an exceptional .5% rate for water absorption. The weight doesn’t go over 100 grams, making it the ideal triathlon suit with maximized acceleration.

Aside from that, users love wearing this wetsuit because it dries quickly. It comes with a hydrophobic inner layer, preventing the water from going inside your suit. The quick-dry technology that it uses helps stop water absorption from minimizing drag as you go out of the open water.

Another feature that athletes admire about this wetsuit is the free finish leg gripper. Slipping is less probable, and it doesn’t have any restrictions. Also, the coil zipper at the back gives quick-transitioning, thanks to its equipped lanyard.

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Buying the Best TYR Wetsuit – Buyers Guide

In buying a top-performing wetsuit, it’s crucial to consider some factors, like the type of wetsuit. You also have to weigh whether you want to wear one with long sleeves or sleeveless. Here’s a guide in buying the best TYR wetsuit.

Wetsuit Type

There are various wetsuit types, and each has its purpose. It depends on many factors, like the kind of activity where you need to wear one. Here are the typical types of wetsuits to consider.

Full Wetsuits

This wetsuit-type covers the whole body, from the neck to the ankle. The head-part is optional if the full wetsuit comes with a hoody, yet most of the full wetsuits cover the neck, down to the ankle, including the arms. It only exposes the hands and feet.

The Hurricane Wetsuit Cat 1 and Cat 3 are the top-sellers if you need a full wetsuit from TYR.

Long Jane/John Wetsuits

This type covers the legs up to the ankle, yet it’s sleeveless. The purpose is similar to how full wetsuits should work, yet these are ideal for water open waters.

The Hurricane Wetsuit Cat 5 is the ideal product from TYR for this type.

Shorty Wetsuits or Springsuits

Another interesting wetsuit type is the springsuit or short wetsuit. This type varies on the upper body, where the sleeves can be full, short, or completely sleeveless. As for the lower body, the length of the legs is short.

Some of the bestsellers are Carbon Zip Back Tri Suit, Competitor Speedsuit, and the Torque Elite Swimskin.

TYR Wetsuits: Company & History

Quality is an aspect that you shouldn’t take for granted if you’re searching for a wetsuit. This factor is TYR’s pride since it began its journey in 1985. The company started offering wetsuits in Huntington Beach, California, where Joseph DiLorenzo designed these. DiLorenzo is the present owner, and he founded the company with Steve Furniss, a bronze medalist from 1972 Olympic.

This brand had an exciting story since the name came from a Norse warrior-god, TYR. Its commitment is to nurture greatness on every individual, whether you’re out or in the water.

As the brand continues to provide performance-driven and vibrant prints in the swim market, it’s one of the famous wetsuit brands for triathlon and swimming. Now, it has international distributors across the globe, yet the main building stayed where it began. It’s where they manufacture quality-products for water enthusiasts and athletes at any skill level.

Besides quality material, every product in its collection comes with various edges, mainly agility and comfort. To the company, being advanced when it comes to performance remains a requirement, instead of an objective.


TYR has been providing exceptional wetsuits for aspiring professionals since 1985. If you need a reliable wetsuit that’s also top-performing and comfy, you can never go wrong with this brand. Regardless if you need a full suit, tri suit, or speedsuit, you can find what you’re looking for from its collection. It also has a wide variety of sizes, which makes it more favorable for all.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How do I know if I need a full wetsuit or a springsuit?

A: The full wetsuit and springsuit’s differences depend on the thickness and seal type. If you are to use one, you need to know an estimate of the area’s water temperature range where you’ll swim. Springsuits are ideal for 62 degrees to 68 degrees Celsius with a 2 mm to 3 mm thickness. As for full wetsuits, the temperature range is from 62 degrees to 43 degrees, and the thickness is from 2 mm to 5 mm. If you’re swimming in colder water, you’ll need a full wetsuit.

Q: Do I need a hoodie in my full wetsuit?

A: It depends on the activity and your preference. Scuba diving and winter surfing will require you to wear a full wetsuit with a hoodie because of the colder water temperature. There’s no need if you’re on triathlon training or competitions because the water is warmer unless you feel colder.

Q: Can I wear a sleeveless wetsuit for a triathlon?

A: You can if you can withstand cold water temperature. Wearing a sleeveless suit depends on the athlete’s preference because some feel more comfortable moving without sleeves. As for some, they prefer long-sleeved wetsuits because of the temperature.

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