Gekko Revo 6.7 | 2023 Comprehensive Review

Last Updated March 24, 2023

The boat with a split personality, the Gekko Revo 6.7, embodies a multispecies watercraft. While most boats offer high doses of fun that usually lean towards one sport only – wakeboarding or water skiing, this boat presents as much to wakeboarders as to water skiers.

When you combine Gekko’s world-class performance, innovative hull design, and aerospace appearance, you get the world’s most advanced V drive. Custom gauges, soft-touch silicone switch pads, keyless ignition, and an automotive-style wire harness are all part of REVO’s beautiful dash.

Read ahead to find out why the Gekko Revo 6.7 is described as “revolutionary.”

Who Is Gekko Sports?

Gekko Sports, based in Minnesota, was founded in 1994 by Mark Overbye, who was already a veteran of the boating industry at the time, having conceived and founded Moomba Sports in 1989.

Their boat-design philosophy is based on its “Zero Sacrifice Philosophy.” This states that their products must exceed the expectations of the most demanding hardcore enthusiast.

This philosophy aims to have all construction processes, materials, and technology to have state-of-the-art that must represent a considerable value, regardless of price.

Gekko Sports has 55 dealers who, at one point or another, have bought a boat. They currently have 22 dealers, each with a storefront, full-service bays, and inventory. Parts are kept in California, Minneapolis, and North Carolina, and orders can be shipped the same day.

Gekko Revo 6.7 Review


  • Overall Length including Platform: 22’2”
  • Hull Length: 21’8”
  • Beam 102”
  • Seating: 13 people
  • Approx Dry Weight: 4200 lbs
  • Fuel Capacity 38 gallons
  • Ballast: 2,105 lbs
  • Optional Features:
    • MerCruiser MPI (315 hp)
    • PCM Excalibur (330 hp)
    • MerCruiser Black Scorpion (330 hp)
    • PCM ZR6 (375 hp)

The Revo 6.7 from Gekko is a versatile 22-footer with several unusual features and a low asking price. This boat handles beautifully right out of the box. The Gekko crew spent a significant amount of time building a hull that would drive well and throw a decent wake for various watersports.

Layout and Design

For the modest asking price of the Gekko Revo 6.7, there’s a lot more than you’d expect. The new Gekko SurfSide System is the first and, by far, the most significant update. This dash-operated tab mechanism dispenses the back of the boat to generate a smooth, clean wave without shifting all of the weight to one side or the other.

The Gekko Eye dash is a surprisingly clean and polished dash with very little wasted space and a lot of usefulness. The digital trim panel, which contains surf presets so you can call up your precise settings every time, complements the light-up analog gauges.

The Surf Edition graphics add a splash of color to the Gekko Revo 6.7’s side, and high-density, marine-grade foam flooring with Gekko branding complements the inside. Gekko doesn’t miss any opportunity to work in more style.

The Gekko Revo 6.7’s swim platform is actually a part of the fiberglass, so there’s a continuous line from bow to stern for a sleek and unusual aesthetic, in keeping with the in-mold features. With a sweeping design and sturdy tube with mitered joints, the tower is also Gekko-specific.

A wakeboard tower (with bespoke Gekko board racks, an integrated Bimini top, a tower light bar, and tower speakers), the Assault ballast system, PerfectPass Wakeboard Pro cruise control, an AM/FM CD stereo, and a graphics package are all included in the Gekko Revo 6.7 package.

On The Waters

It’s clear right away that the Revo 6.7 isn’t like the competition. Sure, it has similar features and creature comforts, but it’s playing a different game when it comes to hull DNA. The bottom design was patented to safeguard its distinguishing elements from copying.

While most companies use a through-bolted trim tab to alter the wakes for specific sports, Gekko uses a built-in lip at the back of the hull to keep the Gekko Revo 6.7’s running attitude exactly where it should be.

The large integrated swim platform will come in handy whether you’re wakeboarding or waterskiing. The platform will serve as your primary watersports staging area, and the platform’s nonskid traction mat will ensure that no one falls into the water.


Moving on to the more traditional, the Revo 6.7 has a ballast tank system built-in into the stringer that holds just under 1,000 pounds of ballast. With available bags and high-flow pumps, you can get up to 2,000 pounds of ballast.

The Gekko Revo 6.7 is powered by up to 375 horsepower MerCruiser or PCM gas sterndrives, and the top speed is in the mid-40 mph range. The V-drive propulsion allows for greater sitting in the cockpit, and the 22’2” boat can accommodate up to 13 people with chaise lounge seating in the bow.

This boat had a low profile, splashy graphics, and a swept-back windscreen and wakeboard tower that made it look like it was moving even when it wasn’t.

The Gekko designers, who are no strangers to the slalom course, combined elements of a ski boat’s hull features with the wakeboard properties of a V-drive to create a multispecies craft that cuts boat ways.

For recreational open water skiing, expect minimal wake at waterskiing speeds. At wakeboard speeds, the V-aft drive’s weight and the weight given by the optional Assault ballast work together to produce meaty, well-defined wakes.


The Gekko Revo 6.7 warrants your consideration if you’re seeking for a proper multispecies watersports boat that can accommodate your wakeboarding buddies as well as your waterskiing buddies.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What engine runs the Gekko Revo 6.7?

A: Gekko picked Indmar for its engines, so you can count on consistent and dependable performance. The Gekko Revo 6.7 is designed with sport in mind, with incredible ballast values that will sink the hull for surfing and riding.

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