Top 9 Best Electric Surfboards

As surfing becomes one of the most popular sports worldwide, professional surfers travel distances in search of perfect waves. Destinations like California, Australia, Hawaii, Africa, and South Africa have beginners and professionals trying their hands at surfing. But if you do not live far from an area with great waves, the solution might just be an electric surfboard.

What is an Electric Surfboard?

Electric surfboards are boards that depend on a battery-powered engine. Unlike traditional surfboards, the engine that powers electric surfboards allow them to move across stagnant waters, and the boards come in many forms, including foils, SUPS, surfboards, and more.

Electric surfboards will enable you to break out of traditional surfing and will allow you to enjoy an endless season of surfing.

Recently, many famous sports companies have been manufacturing electric, motorized surfboards with different features and price points, ranging from a few thousand to tens of thousands.

The Thrill of Riding an Electric Surfboard

Riding an electric surfboard is a truly exhilarating experience that combines the thrill of surfing with the freedom of flight. As the electric motor propels the board forward, riders feel a sense of weightlessness as they glide effortlessly above the water. The sensation of carving through waves and soaring over swells is unmatched, providing an adrenaline rush like no other water sport.

Unlike traditional surfing, which relies on wave conditions and physical paddling, electric surfboards offer a consistent and customizable riding experience. Riders can adjust the speed and power settings to suit their preferences, whether they’re seeking a leisurely cruise or an adrenaline-fueled adventure. With minimal noise and emissions, electric surfboards offer a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional watercraft, allowing riders to enjoy the beauty of the ocean without disturbing marine life or polluting the environment.


Top 9 Best Electric Surfboards


So here is the list of the top ten electric surfboards, or motorized surfboards, with details on the features that they have to offer.

  1. Lift eFoil
  2. Awake Ravik Electric Surfboard
  3. SUP Jet Electric Stand-Up Paddleboard
  4. Waterblade Stingray
  5. Lampuga Air Electric Surfboard
  6. Hison Jet Surf
  7. Xtream jet board by Torque
  8. Fliteboard Series 2
  9. JETSURF Electric 2

#1. Lift eFoil

Lift eFoil

The eFoil is a one-of-a-kind model. It’s an electric surfboard that will give you the experience of flying over water. It comes with a lithium-ion battery as a power source, and its motor is silent and mounted on a carbon fiberboard.

You can control all of the fantastic features with the Bluetooth hand control that comes with it. It can reach an exhilarating top speed of 40.2 km/h. The design of this eFoil is very sleek and is made so that it can be parted and re-assembled, making shifting and traveling with it very easy. Lift Foils claims that this motorized board can be used by beginners and professionals and is safe. The electric surfboard is recommended for people over the age of 16.

And with the recent addition of the premium Lift 3, you will get an updated shape for better maneuverability, smoother turns, and a longer cruise time of just about 2 hours.


  • Weight: 27 kg
  • Dimensions: 168 cm x 71 cm
  • Top speed: 2 km/h
  • Battery life span: 45 minutes
Body is made from good quality carbon fiber hydrofoilTakes almost two hours to get charged
Comes with three modes from beginner to professional levels
It’s lightweight and breaks into parts
Doesn't take much time to learn, so suitable for beginners

#2. Awake Ravik Electric Surfboard

Awake Ravik Electric Surfboard

The Awake Ravik One tops our list for several reasons. The design of the surfboard is eye-catching and has also been made to maximize user experience. It’s the best choice for catering to all requirements of thrill-seekers. In less than four seconds, this electric surfboard can reach a speed of thirty miles per hour.

This machine is a mechanical marvel; the makers spent over 18 months perfecting the model and design.

The Awake Direct drivetrain is its main component that is now waiting to be patented. The motor is 11 kilowatts, which offers serious torque, and can take the rider for about 35 m/ hour. You will love this electric surfboard if you love surfing at the core.

Plus, with the arrival of the Awake RÄVIK 3, you’ll be able to go for fast straights, sharp corners, and insane acceleration. The new model can reach 54 km/hr and hit 50 in 5 seconds. If you’re looking for a more advanced electric surfboard designed explicitly for shredding, then the Awake Rävik S is the ultimate option.


  • Weight: 35 kg
  • Dimensions: 179 cm x 61 cm x 22 cm
  • Top speed: 56 Km/h
  • Battery life span: 40 minutes
Comes with a warranty of one year
Carbon fiber body ensures durability
Comes with four-speed modes
Ride time and speed are good

#3. SUP Jet Electric Stand-Up Paddleboard

SUP Jet Electric Stand-Up Paddleboard

SUP is a well-renowned company in the electric surfboard manufacturing industry. This electric paddleboard is perfect for everyday use. Here we get into details.

The SUP Jet Electric Stand-Up Paddleboard is made of quality EPS foam, forming its durable shell’s spine. This paddleboard is lightweight and is corrosion and chemical-resistant, preventing it from potential water damage or hazards.

The maximum speed that the electric engine on this surfboard can reach is about 8 km per hour. So, it’s great for a slow ride on the water, especially when you can no longer paddle. It’s no match for the Lift eFoil or the Awake boards, but this board isn’t for that type of thrill seeker.

The electric motor on the board is emission-free, so if you’re environmentally cautious, this is the board for you. Moreover, this SUP’s battery is detachable and easy to charge.

One of our favorite parts about this specific board that brings it a top-third choice is that once charged, the motor can run for up to 1.5 hours. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that the board’s design is elegant and comes with a back fin and an ankle leash.


  • Weight: 8 kg
  • Dimensions: 323 cm x 81.3 cm
  • Top speed: 8 km/h
  • Battery life span: 90 minutes.
Comes with a panel cover so, no propeller strikes on the board
Available in just one color combination of white and blue
Great battery lifeRelatively low top speed
Comes with an environmentally friendly motor
Budget-friendly option

#4. Waterblade Stingray

Waterblade Motorized Electric SUP Stingray

The design of Waterblade Stingray will be the first thing you will notice as it’s very different from the other electric surfboards in this guide. This electric surfboard has been specially made for surfing on calm waters, like lakes and rivers. This inflatable electric surfboard is easy to carry and travel with.

In case the battery dies while you are in the water, it also comes with a paddle for an emergency that you can use. The company says it is made from drop-stitch material that is sturdy. When it’s completely inflated, it looks similar to the shape of a stingray hence the name.

The top speed it can reach is 8 Km/h. It’s easy to learn and fun to enjoy the waters with your friends.  Once charged, you could get a ride time of over an hour.


  • Dimensions: 170 cm x 147 cm
  • Top speed: 8 Km/h
  • Battery life span: 60 minutes
Inflatable surfboard so easy to travel and storeYou need to buy the battery separately as it doesn’t come with the board
Price is affordable
Easy to learn and use

#5. Lampuga Air Electric Surfboard

Lampuga Air Electric Surfboard

This surfboard comes from an elite German manufacturer. They are constantly improving on their older models. The top speed that this electric surfboard can reach is about 50 km per hour, making it the fastest electric surfboard we have mentioned until now. It is inflatable but comes with a pump, so you won’t have to worry about anything.

The battery that it comes with will take 120 minutes of charging to give you a 45-minute ride on average. The electrical technology it comes with is again emission-free, which is good for keeping the environment pollution-free. Again the body comes with a 2 part design, one is the motor, and the other one is the inflatable surfboard body. This makes it easy to store in the car and carry around.


  • Weight: 37 kg
  • Dimensions: 256 cm x 80 cm x  15 cm
  • Top speed: 50 km/h
  • Battery life span: 45 minutes
One of the fastest electric surfboardsExpensive at over $10,000
Board is made of high-quality, durable material
Comes with the wireless remote control

#6. Hison Jet Surf

efoil Electric hydrofoil Surfboard

This electric surfboard comes from a Chinese manufacturer known for making products like jet skis and, of course, electric surfboards. It is made from quality fiberglass material and can be purchased in different color variants. One of the most striking features is that it resembles a jet ski over an actual surfboard. It has a four-stroke engine that works on gasoline.

The top speed that this can reach is 40 Km/h. At about $7500, this is a mid-priced electric surfboard, and you get features as per the price.


  • Weight: 60 kg
  • Dimensions: 247 cm x 70 cm
  • Top speed: 40 km/h
  • Battery life span: Gasoline-powered
Maximum load capacity of the board is 120 kg so, great for everyone
Weight of the electric surfboard is a bit heavy and makes it difficult to carry
Comes with waterproof storage
Four-stroke engine offers a powerful motor


#7. Xtream Jet Board by Torque

xtream jetboard electric surfboard

This large-sized electric surfboard is great for people with weights below 85 kg. They have been recently optimized for better buoyancy and stability. The top speed that this model can reach is about 50 km/h. It is available in four different color variants to choose from. You can also buy an additional battery with it that comes in a fireproof case.


  • Weight: 31 kg
  • Dimensions: 200cm x 70cm x 14cm
  • Top speed: 50 km/h
  • Battery life span: 22 minutes
Mid-ranged option that is on the affordable sideBattery life is low at 22 minutes
Weight of the board is not too heavy
Top speed of this model is pretty fast


#8. Fliteboard Series 2


Fliteboard’s line of electric surfboards is perhaps the most well-known in the market today. With several international awards, this electric surfboard doesn’t fail to impress. Originally designed in Australia, Fliteboard’s unique jet board design allows it to run for over 120 minutes and support up to 80kg riders.

Plus, they cover several different options, including PRO (for those with previous experience), ULTRA (for heightened performance), and AIR (great for beginners). These iterations of their original Fliteboard are known as the “Series 2” and are the next generation of foils to glide across the water.

Lastly, Fliteboard guarantees you’ll be able to ride on their boards within an hour; if you can’t, the next ride’s on them. Overall, we think they’re a pretty good choice compared to the rest of our list. They’re comparable to the Lift eFoil in terms of price range and general construction, so with that in mind, you might want to delve a bit more into the details of each before you decide to jump the gun on either.


  • Weight: 46kg
  • Ride Time: 120 minutes
  • Max Range: 34 miles
  • Warranty: 2 years 

#9. JETSURF Electric 2

JETSURF Electric

This electric surfboard is JETSURF”s global bestseller due to its effortless maneuverability, top speed of 50 km/h, and riding time of up to 55 minutes on one battery. Plus, the motor on the JETSURF electric is silent and 100% emission-free.

This award-winning (the JETSURF electric won Gold at the 2022 New York Product Design Awards in the category Watercraft!) electric surfboard contains a patented air and water cooling system, a water decompression and condensation chamber with GORE-TEX technology. This eliminates humidity inside the motorized surfboard, which can interfere with your electric surfboard’s performance.

The JETSURF electric features several other cutting-edge features, including advanced safety features, excellent weight distribution, fast turning, and a button on the handle to activate its turbo effect.

With ergonomic pads and straps and dual bindings fitting regular and goofy riders, it’s hard to beat the JETSURF electric when it comes to – well, anything!


  • Dimensions: 180 cm x 60 cm x 15 cm
  • Weight:9kg
  • Ride Time: 22-55 minutes
  • Top Speed: 50 km/h

Our Top Pick For the Best Electric Surfboard

So now we have made it to the conclusion of our electric surfboard buying guide, but we still have yet to mention our top pick. There is no doubt that even though Awake Ravik is an expensive electric surfboard, there are many reasons why it deserves that number one position.

It offers excellent battery time and top speed, so we believe it is worth the investment. This is especially the case with electric surfboards, as the amount you pay equals the product quality and features you get. You can also go for the inflatable variants mentioned in the list if travel is your priority.

At the end of the day, buying an electric surfboard depends on your budget and, finally, the specific features you want, making it a customized choice for you.

Electric Surfboard History

man on electric surfboard, e surfing or e foiling

You might not believe it, but motorized surfboards are technically not new. The 1930s was the first time attempts were made to automate boards. People in Australia at the time called them Surf Scooters. This news also made it to the front page headline with the new invention.

Then in the year 1940, the US also made another version of this. Joe Gilpin had made a surfboard that was motorized. Although this time, the attempt made for being of public interest had failed, and soon the product wasn’t remembered.

Then for the next three decades, from the ’60s to the ’80s, a lot of similar products were patented, but the commercial success of any kind was a faraway dream. Finally, with small fame in the ’90s, Neil Jetski Powerboard was launched. There were still some technical glitches with this one.

Then, in the 2000s, some completely optimized and immensely efficient products appeared. Again with scientific evolution, high-speed boards made with a carbon fiber body gained popularity. This was undoubtedly one of the most vital steps that eventually produced some of the best electric surfboards worldwide.

Things to keep in mind before purchasing an Electric Surfboard:

Before buying the best-motorized surfboard, you need to know what you should be exactly looking for. Several key points will help you buy an electric surfboard suitable for your specific usage. We discuss various factors here so that you can make an informed choice while purchasing the best electric surfboards in the market. Let’s take a look at them:


Board Types

There are mainly three different categories of boards:

  • Electric Surfboards: This looks similar to the standard surfboard that you see. Out of all the other three, it has the most power and will help you get to the highest speed.
  • Electric stand-up paddleboards: These are also called SUP boards and have a similar function to the ones that are not motorized. The difference is that they also come with an engine.
  • Hydrofoil surfboards: This again seems like a simple surfboard, but this has an additional hydrofoil elevating surface. Mainly a propeller that has been attached. When you get the board in the water, the board gets lifted from the surface around one foot.


In case you are a beginner, one of the things that you want to be concerned about while planning to buy a surfboard is the warranty it comes with. You might not know all the brands yet, the defects that might occur, or how to surf.

But when you purchase one with a good warranty cover, it will offer you peace of mind if any issues arise while you surf. Please remember that electric surfboards can get expensive, and you must look into the warranty and other details.

Solid construction and Inflatable Electric Surfboards

This is important. An inflatable electric surfboard is made up of two main parts. One is the inflatable body, and then there is a dedicated battery slot. You can fold them easily when you have done the day’s surfing. This makes it easy to travel with and store. Also, when it comes to weight, these are lighter than the solid construction type. Solid-construction surfboards are more expensive than inflatable electric surfboards.

Surfboard Deck

Again, this is one of the vital things to keep in mind if you are new to surfing. Some surfboards have smoother decks, but this might be difficult to balance and learn initially. Also, even if you buy a rough surface board, the grip is more comfortable, but standing for an extended time will be difficult in the long run.

Surfboard speed

A lot of the surfboards that we list below are fast! When it comes to electric boards, the speeds can go anywhere from 30 km per hour to over 50 km per hour.

This is a huge difference, so you must make one decision. A remote-controlled device helps you control the speed, but if you start with the sport, ensure you are not rushing in and start with a low setting for practicing.

Surfboard Fins

There is a variation in the fins that come with specific surfboard models. In some of them, the fins are permanent, while in others, they can be removed. The advantage of good fins is that it improves the speed while in the water. Also, the fins help with maintaining a better balance and overall stability.

Battery Life

Depending on the speed you go with the electric surfboard will decide the battery’s duration. For instance, some of the best electric surfboards might last from 45 minutes to a little over an hour, according to the speed that it is being used. Electric surfboards with slightly weaker batteries will last for about 20 minutes on average.

Board Thickness

There is a significant correlation between the board thickness and the stability it provides. Higher buoyancy and security can be achieved when the board has more foam. Of course, board thickness does vary in the different areas throughout as per the design, and depending on it, the board agility also varies.

If you are a new surfer, this might be difficult for you to judge, and it’s recommended that you take someone experienced with you when you purchase.

Weight and Length

Because surfboards are made from various materials, it’s wrong to say that a bigger size will mean the board will be heavier. This depends on how you can handle the board; many people find large boards easier to handle. While some other people might discover small boards to be a better choice for their stability.

Board weight can range from 10 kg to over 40 kg on average. One general factor can be the height of the person. If you are tall, go for a board that is longer. While you go to buy the board, you should be able to make proper balance and also have the ability to spread your legs. The wider stance is for tall people and vice versa for people that are shorter in height.

Shape and Price of the Board

Before buying an electric surfboard, the board’s shape is also a characteristic you should pay attention to. The shapes include rectangular or oval, classic surfboards, and others. These factors impact performance and matter as they affect the easiness and difficulty of standing on the board.

Finally, coming to the prices, these are expensive. To provide a better picture, think about this. The cheaper model ranges from about $700, and the variants can go as high as $ 19000 or even more.

This is a significant difference; the more you pay, the better features and product quality you get. The price also varies so much as the battery life and speed of the expensive boards are incomparable to the cheaper models.


​Where can you buy electric surfboards?

All the options listed above can be purchased from the website or the company website itself. Some offer free shipping in the U.S., and there are additional taxes and delivery charges in others. So, before making the final purchase consider these factors as well. There is no doubt that these are one-time investments, and maintenance and operating costs are low, as most are battery-operated.

If this is your first time purchasing an electric board, we highly recommend having a professional or expert with you when deciding on these boards.

Electric surfboards are gaining popularity as they are environment-friendly and are on a constant rise with better technological advancements. A good battery life is one of the most critical factors you must look for, as doing so will provide you with the most bang for your buck. 

So, get information on the warranty, as it’s essential if you face issues with the electric surfboard. You’ll likely encounter some difficulties with these as opposed to your typical surfboard because there is a lot more margin for error here.


Understanding Maintenance and Care

Proper maintenance and care are essential for ensuring the longevity and performance of your electric surfboard. Here are some tips for keeping your board in top condition:

  • Rinse After Use: After each ride, rinse your electric surfboard with fresh water to remove salt, sand, and debris that can cause corrosion or damage to the board’s components.
  • Inspect Regularly: Inspect your electric surfboard regularly for signs of wear and tear, including cracks, dents, or loose fittings. Address any issues promptly to prevent further damage.
  • Charge Correctly: Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for charging your electric surfboard’s battery to avoid overcharging or overheating. Use a compatible charger and store the battery in a cool, dry place when not in use.
  • Store Properly: Store your electric surfboard in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures to prevent warping or damage to the board’s materials.
  • Seek Professional Servicing: If you encounter any issues or concerns with your electric surfboard, seek professional servicing from an authorized dealer or technician to ensure proper repairs and maintenance.


This was our list of the best electric surfboards in the market today. Today, the electric surfboard world is still in its infancy, and there is considerable scope for improvements. One of the key reasons for high prices is that there is no mass production right now.

We hope that soon, we will be able to see the time when electric surfboards will be in everyone’s easy reach and all surfers will be having a great time, and when that time comes, we’ll be sure to let you know first.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How much do electric surfboards cost?

Electric surfboards can cost anywhere from a few thousand dollars to nearly $20,000, depending on the model and the company you choose. Batteries are another significant cost in these boards, so those add at least another thousand to the overall cost if you purchase an additional one with your board.

Q: How fast do electric surfboards go?

Most electric surfboards are capable of reaching 30 miles per hour.

Q: What are the benefits of using an electric surfboard?

An electric surfboard allows you to cruise on the water without any trace of a wave. You’ll be able to experience surfing at a high level, no matter the water conditions, without all the work that goes along with learning how to surf.

Q: What are some of the popular electric surfboard brands?

Some popular brands include Awake, Lift, Lampuga, Hison, Radinn, and Xtream. However, there are still many other brands in the market as the industry is relatively new and evolving quickly to meet demand.

Q: Are there any alternatives to electric surfboards?

There are also electric stand-up paddleboards and electric hydrofoil surfboards, which are significantly cheaper options than a traditional electric surfboard.

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