Zoot Wetsuits Review: Epic Wetsuits or Rip Off? [2021]

For those who consider making triathlons a career, it’s necessary to invest in a quality wetsuit, regardless if you’re training or competing. Wearing a top-performing one can enhance your stamina and agility for better performance. However, most triathletes, especially newbies, struggle in looking for the best out of many options. 

There are many brands in the market, yet one of the most trusted brands by triathletes is Zoot. This brand has been in the industry for quite some time, and it has already proved itself when it comes to quality and comfort. 

It’s not only for triathletes, but also for swimmers, cyclists, and runners. If you want to buy apparel for street-style, it also has a collection that you’ll love. 

Top 6 Best Zoot Wetsuits Reviewed

Here’s a Zoot Wetsuits review, and below are the top products that are worth your money. Regardless if you want a full wetsuit or a sleeveless, these will undoubtedly meet your expectations. 

  1. Zoot Kona Wetsuit (Men)
  2. Zoot Wikiwiki 2.0 Wetsuit (Women)
  3. Zoot Kona Sleeveless Wetsuit (Men)
  4. Zoot Bolt Wetsuit (Women)
  5. Zoot Wikiwiki 2.0 Wetsuit (Men)
  6. Zoot Kona Sleeveless Wetsuit (Women)

#1. Zoot Kona Wetsuit (Men)


Zoot is one of the most recommended triathletes brands because it always meets its customers’ expectations in comfort. If you need a wetsuit, you should consider buying the Kona Wetsuit. 

Men triathletes love wearing it because it comes from a premium-quality of Yamamoto #38 neoprene material. Durability is not questionable because it will not easily tear even if you use it frequently. Plus, the interior fabric uses 100% nylon liner, which gives further comfort.

They also admire its breathability, thanks to its GLIDEflex. The grooved chest panels will let your chest expand as these start the release for deeper breaths. The SCS coating of the entire wetsuit makes it flexible, which is perfect for any big movement. Also, the coating reduces the drag. 

This wetsuit features AQUAlift technology, which promotes a better swimming position. It raises triathlete’s hips, which gives you a boost as you swim in open water. Plus, it’s unlikely to feel tired while paddling because of its OKD or Optimal Kick Design. 

Aside from that, it features an appealing design in yellow and silver color combination. It’s also available in different sizes, from extra-small to two times extra-large, making it an all-rounder. 

It can also retain body heat because it uses spot reinforcements on its seams and sturdy Heat set Moontape. It prevents water-flushing for exceptional thermal control, which you’ll need if you stay long in the water. 

#2. Zoot Wikiwiki 2.0 Wetsuit (Women)


Women struggle the most when they look for a comfy wetsuit. If you can’t find the best one for your race, Zoot has something to offer. One of the bestsellers from its wetsuit collection is Wikiwiki 2.0. 

The style of this wetsuit is what draws attention to customers. It uses pink and orange as its highlights on the black base-color of the wetsuit. You’ll undoubtedly love its design because the highlights complement the base. 

It’s not only stylish but also fast, which is why it’s called “Wikiwiki.” It delivers optimum agility as you wear it because of its lightweight advantage. Also, it supports a faster stroke-recovery after the catch point. 

You can never go wrong with this wetsuit’s relief because it comes from high-quality Yamamoto #40 and #39 neoprene materials. With its SCS coating, it’s not only relieving, but also tear-resistant. Plus, the inside fabric will not provide any discomfort because it uses 12% spandex and 88% nylon materials.

You can move without any restrictions because it has an ULTRA-stretch liner. Every stroke is more comfortable because it features FLEXskin. Also, paddling is less tiring but more efficient, thanks to its OKD advantage. 

Aside from that, it uses a YKK zipper from stainless steel, along with a DORSALflex zipper. Wearing and removing this wetsuit is quicker during transitions because the zipper smoothly moves as you use it.

Another reason triathletes choose it is because it comes with back neck and waterwing catch panels for added comfort.  

#3. Zoot Kona Sleeveless Wetsuit (Men)


If you don’t want to wear a full wetsuit, Zoot also includes sleeveless wetsuits. The bestseller is the Kona Sleeveless Wetsuit, and it’s the best one to consider for maximum agility. 

Some men athletes prefer sleeveless wetsuits during warmer climates, so it makes it the best option. Overheating causes discomfort, and discomfort causes distraction. With this wetsuit, you’re in full concentration. 

Aside from that, your strokes have no limitations as you swim because your shoulders are free. It can enhance your acceleration while you’re in the water. 

When it comes to comfort and sturdiness, it uses high-quality Yamamoto #38 neoprene material. The SCS coating with GLIDEflex technology provides exceptional flexibility, making it favorable for big movements while you’re in the water. 

Another feature of this wetsuit is the GLIDEflex grooved panels, which give exceptional breathability. These will let you take deep breathes to ease the so-called “panic” breath, which triathletes experience before the race. 

This wetsuit also has an AQUAlift buoyancy advantage, which lets you swim in the most effective position to prevent fatigue as you paddle for miles. It doesn’t only save you from tiredness, but it can make you swim with full acceleration. 

#4. Zoot Bolt Wetsuit (Women)


Who needs a plain wetsuit when you can wear a stylish and a top-performing one at the same time from Zoot? The Bold Wetsuit is the best option for style and performance because it comes in pink and silver color combination. Plus, it provides optimum buoyancy for improved swimming position. 

Another reason why customers love this wetsuit is because of its arm and shoulder’s flexibility. It provides an edge to whoever wears it because strokes are quicker but less tiring. Thanks to its mobility, there’s a boost in a triathlete’s distance on every stroke.

It comes from a premium-quality of neoprene material for optimum comfort and sturdiness. Also, it features Yamamoto Aerodome on fabric layers, which provide a lighter feeling on the user. 

It’s exceptional in retaining body heat, thanks to its Moontape Spot reinforcements on the seams. These can make the wetsuit more durable and comfortable. 

Aside from that, the Comfort Back Neck panel at the back tab promotes anti-chafing, which provides further relief even if you wear it for longer hours. Plus, the neck panel has an SCS coating to reduce friction while moving. 

The Dorsalflex Zipper at the back provides exceptional stretch, which is handy during lung expansion. There’s no restrictive feeling as you zip up, which is an added relief. Also, you’ll find it very convenient to get in and out on the wetsuit. 

#5. Zoot Wikiwiki 2.0 Wetsuit (Men)


What’s faster is better for men, and it’s one of the reasons why triathletes recommend Zoot. It doesn’t fail in meeting the expectations of its customers on agility. If you want a wetsuit that can provide optimum acceleration, you should check out the Wikiwiki 2.0 Wetsuit. 

The Waterwing Catch panels of this wetsuit on the forearms create water turbulence as these boost the surface area. This feature puts the forearm in a vertical position. Plus, it lessens the drag for added acceleration. 

It’s convenient to wear because it comes with a Dorsaflex back zipper. This advantage not only provides convenience, but it also contributes to the breathability that the chest panels provide. 

It’s also comforting because it uses quality Yamamoto #40 and #39 neoprene material. There’s no discomfort despite wearing it for long hours because the interior fabric comes from spandex and nylon materials with premium-quality. With its ULTRA-stretch feature, it gives maximum flexibility with low absorption. 

The material it uses for the entire wetsuit is not only comforting. It also guarantees durability since it uses Heat set Moontape reinforcements. 

#6. Zoot Kona Sleeveless Wetsuit (Women)


If you’re searching for the best sleeveless wetsuit for women, you should check out what Zoot has to offer. One of the top picks is the Kona Sleeveless Wetsuit, and it’s also one of the most affordable. 

It features an exceptional design in pink and mint color combination as its highlights. These blend well with black, which makes the wetsuit very appealing outdoors. 

What triathletes admire about this wetsuit is the GLIDEflex feature on the calves and chest. It contributes to optimum flexibility. Plus, it helps in the wetsuit’s breathability, especially during “panic” breathing at the race. 

Aside from that, this wetsuit uses high-quality Yamamoto neoprene material for durability and relief. Also, it comes with an SCS Nano Speed Coating, which can give you a boost while swimming. There’s lesser drag as you move for efficiency, and this coating makes it tear-resistant. 

There’s also convenience in wearing this wetsuit because it comes with a Dorsalflex zipper. Also, it provides enhanced flexibility by reducing the cramping feeling while zipping it up. The YKK zipper doesn’t immediately tear because it comes from quality-stainless steel. 

Another reason why triathletes recommend it is because you can move without any restriction as you swim. It’s also best for warmer water temperatures. Despite being sleeveless, it still retains an exceptional buoyancy for improved body-positioning. 

Getting the Best Zoot Wetsuits – Buyers Guide

Wetsuits are widely available in the market, yet finding the best out of many options is not easy at all. To save your time, here’s a guide in buying the best one for you. 

Wetsuit Types

There are different wetsuit types, and it depends on the activity where you need to use it. For triathlon, here are the typical wetsuit-types. 

Full Wetsuit

This type is what most triathletes use because it’s versatile, and it covers the arms and legs. It’s suitable for water temperatures from 59 degrees Celsius to 43 degrees Celsius. Also, the thickness ranges from 3mm to 6mm, but for a triathlon, most prefer 3mm to 5mm. 

Zoot offers full wetsuits, including Kona, Bolt, and Wikiwiki 2.0. 

Shorty Wetsuits

This wetsuit-type is also what other triathletes prefer, especially when the water has a warmer temperature. It has shorter legs and arms for optimum mobility. Some brands offer long sleeves but short legs, which are either above the knees or shorter for women. 

Zoot doesn’t have shorty wetsuits from its collection. 

Long John/Jane Wetsuit

This type is also typical for triathlon competitors because it allows them to move their arms as they swim. It’s sleeveless, yet it covers both legs down to the ankle. It’s also best for warmer water temperatures because it has thinner neoprene than full wetsuits. 

Zoot offers the Kona Sleeveless wetsuit for both women and men. 

Zip Types

Aside from considering the wetsuit-type, the zip-type is also crucial because the easier you can get out of the suit, the quicker you can transition to the next stage after swimming. Here are the top zip-types for wetsuits. 


It’s the most recommended because it reduces water flush or excessive water entry as you dip your body in the water. It provides a lightweight feeling, yet it compromises convenience because the entry point is on the neck or chest area. 

Chest Zip

This type is also not advisable when it comes to convenience. However, it provides a perfect fit, and it prevents water-entry, which is a plus-point for comfort because it’s less probable for you to have rashes with this type. 

Back Zip

This zip-type is the most typical because it’s favorable for wearing and removing it. Aside from the zipper, there’s also a strap for triathletes to use if they have to unzip it alone. However, it can let water in, which can slow you down because of the drag. 

Zoot uses back zip-types on all the wetsuits it offers. 

Purpose of Neoprene Material on Wetsuits

Wetsuits come from quality Neoprene material. The main reason why you need to wear one, especially in triathlon competitions, is because it will keep your body warm despite swimming for miles in open water. 

If you’re wondering how this synthetic rubber works, it traps the water between the neoprene and your skin’s thin layer. Thanks to the trapped water, it provides heat from the body, which is why you still feel warm despite being in the water for long hours.

Zoot Wetsuits: Company & History

Zoot is one of the most renowned brands because it offers a competitive collection for triathletes. Before it earned its spot as one of the reliable brands, it had a humble beginning back in 1983. 

There are already prior brands before it became popular. However, Christal Nylin, the founder, wants to offer more functional wetsuits, and it’s how it began introducing its collection. 

Nylin started to sew pads to run shorts as part of her experimentation. After introducing some products in the market in Kona, Hawaii, it moved to California for expansion. Since then, it has continued to establish its brand until the world knows every product it offers. 

Besides wetsuits for triathletes, other products are available, like shoes, socks, face coverings, headwear, and other accessories. Plus, it offers customization services in three steps, and it’s available for different activities, like triathlon, swimming, running, or cycling. 


Zoot may have a meet collection of wetsuits, yet every product assures quality for both men and women triathletes. Durability is never questionable. Plus, it introduces innovative technologies to provide further comfort and agility to anyone who wears its wetsuits. 

If you want to invest in a top-performing wetsuit, you can never go wrong with Zoot. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Q: Are there wetsuits available for kids?

A: Zoot offers a tri racesuit for kids, and it’s available in unisex. You can purchase a set, which includes the tank and the short. Also, you can purchase these separately. It’s available in three different sizes, from small to large. Plus, the best feature of this racesuit is that it comes with a UPF 50+ sun protection. 

Q: How does the customization service of Zoot works?

A: In three steps, you can get into the customization service of Zoot. 

  1. First, you have to contact the hotline for all concerns involving the pricing, garment, delivery, payment. 
  2. Second, you can share your design, and there will be a Zoot Pro Graphic Designer assigned to your inquiry. 
  3. Lastly, once there’s an approval regarding your design, the production will proceed. It may take four to six weeks, yet the shipping is free. 

Q: What’s new with Zoot’s collection?

A: With the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, Zoot offers a collection of face coverings for all. You’ll find face masks and neck sleeves with different styles. Every product from this collection is suitable for both men and women. 

Q: Does Zoot offer gift cards? 

A: Yes, you can avail gift cards if you want to send it to a loved one to let them choose their preferred Zoot item. The virtual gift cards start from $50 up to $200. The physical gift cards start from $50 to $200 too. 

Q: How do I take care of my Zoot wetsuit?

A: Here are some meek steps in taking care of your wetsuit. 

  • Part of the apparel care uses fresh, cold water in washing the wetsuit, and it should be every after-use. 
  • Never use a washing machine, even if you have a gentle cycle-function. It’s better to hand-wash it. 
  • To prolong the life of your wetsuit, use a wetsuit-particular soap in cleaning it.
  • Don’t use a dryer to dry your wetsuit. Hang it instead of where there’s no direct sunlight, and let it dry inside and out. 
  • Keep it out of chlorinated water. 

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