Sailfish Wetsuits Review | Epic Wetsuits or Rip Off? [2021]

A lot of people are getting into water sports these days, and if you’re starting to have interests in it as well, it’s necessary to invest in wetsuits. Every water activity has its suitable type and material thickness. If you’re surfing more often than scuba diving, a short sleeve-wetsuit with 2mm to 3mm material thickness should provide you the body warmth you need even when you surf for long hours.

Even though the purpose of every wetsuit-type depends per water activity, the bottom line is that you need to wear one because it provides several advantages.

Since wetsuits are fit on the body, some products can give discomfort to users. On the bright side, Sailfish makes sure every suit it offers features exceptional comfort, regardless if people wear it for competing or casual surfing.

Aside from comfort, this brand features competitive technologies on every wetsuit, which people admire because all wetsuits assure comfort, durability, and buoyancy.

Top 8 Best Sailfish Wetsuits Reviewed

There are many wetsuits to consider in the market, yet some may not satisfy you due to quality issues. If you’re looking for a wetsuit with optimum performance and guaranteed durability, here’s a Sailfish Wetsuits review to consider.

  1. Sailfish Attack Long Sleeves Wetsuit
  2. Sailfish G-Range Long Sleeves Wetsuit
  3. Sailfish One Long Sleeve Wetsuit
  4. Sailfish Womens G-Range 7 Long Sleeve Wetsuit
  5. Sailfish Mens Ultimate IPS Plus Long Sleeve Wetsuit
  6. Sailfish Mens Rocket 2 Sleeveless Wetsuit
  7. Sailfish Womens Rocket 2 Sleeveless Wetsuit
  8. Sailfish Ultimate IPS Long Sleeves Wetsuit

#1. Sailfish Attack Long Sleeves Wetsuit


When it comes to water sports, you can count on Sailfish for providing an excellent collection for long sleeves wetsuits. If you’re looking for a top-performing one, you can never go wrong with the Attack Long Sleeves Wetsuit.

This suit is one of Sailfish’s top-class products because it represents versatility, from flexibility to sturdiness. It’s an all-rounder because you can wear it on any activities, regardless if you’re surfing or competing in a triathlon. The Zero Resistance Panel provides an ease to users as they paddle in open water. Every stroke needs lesser effort, which is favorable to a lot of swimmers.

It comes from an excellent quality of Neoprene material, particularly the #39. It provides minimal water resistance on the breast part of the suit, and it makes sure you’re at full comfort as you wear it, thanks to its Ultra Soft Stretch material.

Also, you can count on its flexibility, providing your further ease in moving. Athletes admire its extensibility as well, reaching up to 520%.

Another advantage of this wetsuit is the Stability Panel feature, which retains stability on the lateral hip regardless of any movement. This advantage reduces hip-motions to keep you well-run while swimming.

Aside from that, it comes with a Waffle Grid Panel to help you transform your force to acceleration. It can enhance your water-feeling and optimize the pressure build-up with its diamond-shaped element’s style.

#2. Sailfish G-Range Long Sleeves Wetsuit

men's g-range 7

Sailfish is one of the most respected brands when it comes to wetsuits, and it doesn’t fail to amaze every customer. If you can’t decide what wetsuit to buy from many options, you should check out the G-Range Long Sleeves Wetsuit.

This wetsuit provides optimum comfort to users because it’s soft on the skin. It uses an Avevia Super Dry material inside, which is water-repellent too. It offers convenience as well because it’s very lightweight even when it gets wet. Also, it will let users take it off with ease.

Paddling is hassle-free, uniquely when you’re extending your arm position because it comes with a Zero Resistance Panel advantage. It features a perfect cut on the shoulder part, abating material resistance. Plus, users can feel the benefit of this feature as they glide along the water.

When it comes to rolling movements, this brand assures you get the best comfort and performance on the hip part. The Stability Aero Panel, which came from Neoprene material as well, comes with firmer inner coating.

Flexibility is the edge of this suit. Aside from the inner material, the entire outfit comes with Nano Space Cell 2 surface coatings to decrease the frictional resistance to least while you’re in the water. Also, it uses high-quality Neoprene material that’s durable and elastic.

#3. Sailfish One Long Sleeve Wetsuit


You’ll need a top-performing wetsuit on every water activity if you want optimum performance and comfort, and Sailfish features these factors. If you’re looking for the best one to consider, you can never go wrong with the One Long Sleeve Wetsuit.

Users admire this wetsuit because it provides exceptional buoyancy, despite being in the water for long hours. It comes from a Nano Aero Dome Neoprene material that assures durability, regardless of any movement. Plus, the SCS Nano Skin provides the flexibility, which your body needs to prevent fatigue.

Aside from that, the material of this wetsuit uses a covered air cell matrix advantage, and it has low frictional resistance on the outer material.

The Zero Resistance Panel does its part in letting you move your arms efficiently and smoothly as you paddle, even when you take more extended hours. The design on the armpit panel is responsible for decreasing your effort as you swim. Also, you’ll love it further because it doesn’t provide any resistance while moving.

Another reason why customers admire this suit is because of the Stability Panel. It uses a more solid Neoprene material on the hip to alleviate the body as you move. Plus, it diminishes rolling gestures to keep a streamlined body while paddling.

#4. Sailfish Womens G-Range 7 Long Sleeve Wetsuit

womens g-range 7

Most women struggle in looking or the best wetsuit, and if you’re one of them, you should check out what Sailfish has to provide. One of the bestsellers is the Womens G-Range 7 Long Sleeve Wetsuit.

The Zero Resistance Panel feature of this suit is favorable to women if they need to swim longer miles because it provides a lesser resistance. As you extend your arms, the significant cut in the shoulder part makes the panel more effective. Plus, this feature will let you glide on the water without any discomfort.

Users love this wetsuit because it’s lightweight. It provides optimum freedom to your body, letting you move at any range of motion. It’s very durable because it uses high-quality Neoprene material to guarantee its sturdiness. Plus, the inner material also does its thing in providing optimum flexibility.

Aside from that, this wetsuit is comfier to wear because of its Nano Space Cell 2 feature for the surface coating. This advantage cuts frictional resistance to least while you’re in the water for long hours. You’ll also admire it more because the water-repellent coating will allow you to enjoy your time in the water.

When it comes to lessening roll motions, it will stabilize with a unique cut. Plus, the Neoprene and lining guarantee exceptional ease, especially when paddling in the water.

The Avevia Super Dry material for the inner part doesn’t only give buoyancy. It also makes sure you don’t feel any uneasiness as you wear it for long hours in the water.

#5. Sailfish Mens Ultimate IPS Plus Long Sleeve Wetsuit

mens ultimate ips plus

If you’re looking for a wetsuit that’s exceptional by quality, you should check out what Sailfish has to provide, such as the Mens Ultimate IPS Plus Long Sleeve Wetsuit. This brand makes sure every user gets the comfort they desire for optimum performance.

It’s very flexible, thanks to its Nano Aerodome feature that provides 20%, unlike typical wetsuits in the market. Despite any movement, big or small, you can move with full freedom. Also, the Nano Space Cell 2 advantage offers exceptional hydrodynamics for further suppleness.

Aside from that, the surface coating of the wetsuit can decrease the frictional resistance up to its minimum level. Since it’s water-repellent, you can glide along the water quickly.

Another advantage of this wetsuit is that it provides users with acceleration while wearing it. You can move smoothly along the water with the Stability Aero Panel for the swimmer’s hip. Plus, it uses high-quality Neoprene material to make sure it’s sturdy enough to last long.

If you need your suit to reduce material resistance, the Zero Resistance Panel feature can help you further. Also, this newly developed technology doesn’t limit any movement because it works at full extension.

#6. Sailfish Mens Rocket 2 Sleeveless Wetsuit

mens rocket 2

While some customers stick to long sleeves, others prefer the convenience of sleeveless wetsuits. If you need one, Sailfish includes some on this collection. If you are to buy one, you should check out Sailfish Mens Rocket 2 Sleeveless Wetsuit.

This wetsuit may look meek, yet it doesn’t fail in meeting the expectations of customers. It’s one of the most recommended wetsuits because it’s exceptional by flexibility and durability. Thanks to its SCS #39 Neoprene material, you can expect 520% of buoyancy.

It comes from an excellent quality of Neoprene material inside and out for maximum comfort. Despite having armholes, it doesn’t provide any discomfort to users because it decreases water penetration. Also, it’s soft by texture, making the wetsuit lightweight.

It also features the Stability Panel, which helps customers lessen their roll movements. Regardless of any move you make, you can count on its buoyancy, making it ideal for warm-water activities, such as surfing, paddleboarding, or triathlon.

#7. Sailfish Womens Rocket 2 Sleeveless Wetsuit

womens rocket 2

Do you need a comfy yet durable sleeveless wetsuit for your competitions? The Womens Rocket 2 Sleeveless Wetsuit is one of the best competing wetsuits for pros because of its balanced advantage. Sailfish makes sure it’s flexible enough for every sudden and quick movement.

Many customers admire this wetsuit because of its classic vibe. Despite its meek style, it doesn’t compromise the performance it can provide to you, especially if you’re competing.

One of the features that contribute to its overall performance is the SCS #39 Neoprene material. Plus, you’ll undoubtedly love its 520%-ability to stretch. Aside from that, the surface coating keeps a minimum frictional resistance while you move on the water.

The Stability Panel of this wetsuit has a unique cut, which is causing its constancy. Plus, it uses firmer Neoprene material on the side hip part.

Despite having armholes, it will let you move your arms with full comfort without dragging the water into the holes. Its sleeveless feature makes it hassle-free for customers to swim in broad areas, especially during triathlon training or competitions.

#8. Sailfish Ultimate IPS Long Sleeves Wetsuit

ultimate ips

If you’re searching for the ultimate wetsuit for your water activities, there are many options. One of the most recommended by athletes is the Ultimate IPS Long Sleeves Wetsuit.

This wetsuit is the best in all aspects. It has the best sliding features, and you can expect full performance from this wetsuit because it fits well on all body parts. It also features a low collar with an adapted panel guide on the hip, legs, and groin areas.

It comes from a premium-quality of Neoprene material, featuring the Nano Space Cell 2 for lessening the frictional resistance. It always meets customers’ expectations when it comes to comfort because it’s soft on the skin. Also, the Avevia Super Dry material helps in giving full support to the customer.

In reducing roll motions to keep you efficient, you’ll find it handier because it has a Stability Aero Panel feature. Also, customers love this wetsuit because it comes with a Zero Resistance Panel, which is responsible for lessening material resistance even when you extend your arm position.

If speed is what you’re after, this is the best wetsuit for you. It can make you agile as it doesn’t drag the body despite coming from the water.

Getting the Best Sailfish Wetsuit – Buyers Guide

Before choosing which Sailfish wetsuit to buy, you’ll have to consider some of these factors as a buying guide.

Choose a Wetsuit Type

Determining what wetsuit type you need is crucial because each type has its purpose why it has that style.

Full Suits

Most wetsuits are on full suits, yet the variation lies in how thick the Neoprene material is. It typically covers the entire arms and legs. Also, the headcover is optional, which depends if you’re using it during winter. It’s the most advisable wetsuit-type for triathlon athletes.

Some of the Sailfish products include Mens Ultimate IPS Plus, Sailfish One, G-Range, and Attack.

Farmer Johns

This type covers the entire legs, yet it’s sleeveless on the arms. It’s ideal for surfing or other activities that are under the sun. Most buyers consider this during summertime.

Rocket 2 for men and women is the best example of Sailfish.

Sailfish Wetsuits: Company & History

Sailfish is a renowned wetsuit company these days, yet this brand had a humble beginning in 2007. Jan Sibbersen founded the company with a slogan “made to make you faster.” As the company continued introducing wetsuits that focus on the slogan, it can incorporate a technology that can make customers move at full speed.

By 2007, Francisco Pontano from the IRONMAN World Championships was wearing the Furious speed suit. He ended with a time 51:23. After the event, the suit earned a reward, which brought opportunities to the company to get notices from different people and introduce other wetsuits.

After a year, the company offered additional products, which is the first gear collection. This range contains quality shorts, tops, and tri suits.

As this brand continues to dominate the wetsuit industry, more customers love every quality-product up to now. It offers wetsuits for men and women, which makes it more favorable.


There may be numerous wetsuits available in the market, yet you can’t always assure the quality of some, especially if the brand doesn’t ring a bell. If you need a sturdy yet top-performing wetsuit for your water activities, such as scuba diving or surfing, you should consider Sailfish’s collection. If you’re a triathlon athlete as well, each wetsuit will not be a disappointment.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Do Sailfish wetsuits come with warranties?

A: Yes, the company provides warranties. However, the condition is only applicable for wetsuits bought from Sailfish directly or from authorized company dealers. There’s a list for all authorized sellers that you can check from the site. Plus, you’ll have a 12-month warranty for the material, while the craft or seams have a 24-hour warranty.

Q: How do I request for a warranty?

A: Sailfish has a warranty tool, which you can find from the site. The online tool is necessary for filing warranty claims. If you also need repair, you can use the same way.

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