Costco Wavestorm Surfboard Review: Epic Board or Rip Off?

An essential part of learning how to surf is finding out the first surfboard you will ride. Surfing as a new sport to learn can be overwhelming. Along with the energy and excitement that come along with the splashes of water are decisions to make on which gear is proper for you to use. 

A search at the store will have you greeted with quite a lot of boards with varying colors, designs, shapes, and sizes. One surfboard that may not stand out but you should look for is Wavestorm Surfboard

Wavestorm consistently makes it to our list of best surfboards and as you read along, you will understand why. 

Wavestorm Surfboards Review

Wavestorm 8' Classic Surfboard

We cannot stress enough just how ideal Wavestorm surfboards are for beginners. Aside from the cheaper price tag, their surfboards are easy to stand up on, reducing your likelihood of falling off. Unlike most boards that will leave you frustrated and never wanting to get back to the ocean, Wavestorm is nothing like that. 

Some of the Wavestorm surfboards that you can choose from to include or start your quiver with are:

  1. 8′ Classic Longboard CP-11
  2. 8′ Classic Longboard O-08
  3. 8′ Pinline Classic Longboard
  4. 8′ Tri-color Classic Longboard
  5. 9′ Classic Longboard

By far, Wavestorm is most popular for being the most common soft top in the surfboard market. Their surfboards are easy to find – their official website, local surf shops, Costco, or You won’t miss the sight of Wavestorm surfboards at the beach, or more likely, a horde of them. 

The brand won’t disclose just how many surfboards they have sold since 2006. But, they said it is more than twice or thrice the number of surfboards they have serviced since they began, which is around 500 thousand. 

Wavestorm classic surfboards list as the best surfing sticks for the newbie, kids, and beginners because they are soft, light, and easy to maneuver. They have colorful and eye-catching designs that are protected with GFTTM (Graphic Film Technology). This technology allows the boards to stay under the sun for a long period without fading. 

The bottom skin made of HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) creates a resilient base against the ocean waves’ impact. Adding to its toughness are the three marine-ply stringers and strong EPS (expanded polystyrene) core. 

The tails are nice and wide which is optimal for balance. The tail is an important consideration in shaping the surfboard since feet are normally positioned towards the back while standing. This shape allows for better buoyancy. Wavestorm surfboards’ tails are usually stiff which is nice because stiff riding is better for learning. Losey goosey tails will only leave you off-balanced. 

With nice tails come soft rails that are typical in longboards. This helps in having the balance to walk up and down the board as you go in a straight line down the face of the wave. They may not help so much with adding power for turning but they add more stability and buoyancy which is just right for starters. 

Wavestorm was clever enough to put the pre-installed leash plug with a removable ankle leash. This is one of the features that contributed to it being the best beginner board. Having this feature makes the board more suitable for first-timers, newbies, and anyone trying to learn. 

Aside from the pre-installed leash plug that is very convenient, another ease it offers is the fin system which is simple to work with. Combined with the deck that is grippy without wax, no question it becomes the ideal board for hot days at the beach. 

Wavestorm surfboard’s dimensions covered with plenty of foam are the perfect equation for a stable and easy ride. Its construction makes it ridable even in the most sparse of surf conditions. No need to obsess about the weather forecast before going out. 

Even professional surfers have shredded big-wave spots like Pipeline and Jaws with their Wavestorm surfboards. Year after year, this company consistently makes an improvement to meet the highest standards of surfers and to keep up with high-performing competitors. 

Pros and Cons 

The aspect that makes Wavestorm surfboards ahead of other brands is its price tag. They are more affordable than most surfboards in the market. But, it doesn’t mean the surfboards they produce are cheap. Wavestorm surfboards are made with durable materials that are way low priced to manufacture. 

Beginners will learn in half the amount of time they would with a fiberglass surfboard since Wavestorms are specifically designed for them. They are safe for newbies because of the foam that is soft – reducing the risk of injury if the board hits the rider. 

Plastic fins are soft and leashes are always incorporated for an even more safe ride for kids. 

The downside of soft foam and soft rails is being less responsive than traditional fiberglass surfboards. The design also pushes you to go straight forward toward shore in the whitewash. 

While you can trim on the face of the wave just like professional riders could, it will still feel harder to control. This is because of the rails that will sink into the wave, leaving you with a higher probability of pearling. Not that you can’t have fun with a Wavestorm surfboard, but it’s simply more inclined toward beginners. 


Wavestorm 8' Classic Surfboard

Wavestorm usually includes in the package everything you need to start surfboarding. But, there are other accessories that you may want to get a hold of to help you as you improve with your riding. 

  • Top plug replacement
  • Fin plate and screw
  • Thruster fin set
  • Swivel 8’ leash
  • 4.5” bolt-thru surf fin
  • Webbing leash connector
  • Wavestorm 8-foot board sock

The Wavestorm Brand

wavestorm surfboards review

Wavestorm has been, since 2004, every beginner’s solution for starting out their relationship with the waters. The soft foam tops shaped into buoyant and stable surfboards served as a lucrative beginner surfboard enterprise. 

Not only has Wavestorm attracted beginners and newbies, but it has also quickly become appealing to skilled and seasoned riders. Perhaps, a quick survey at the beach will reveal how many professional surfers have started with a Wavestorm surfboard. 

What makes Wavestorm essential to every newbie surfer is how they provide every basic need for that comfortable ride. They are light, easy to learn on, and safe to use even in crowded spots on the beach – the main reason surf schools prefer them over other surfboards, too. 

Another reason learning with a Wavestorm surfboard is beneficial is because it gets you familiar with all the parts of the surfboard. This makes you cautiously ride the surfboard considering every inch of it. For sure, you won’t be the reckless surfer who keeps banging at every turn. 


With all that’s said about Wavestorm Surfboards, the biggest question remains – should you get one? 

Certainly. While Wavestorm’s target for their design and shape is focused on beginners, they are also good boards you can add to your quiver so you can have something to bring when you are in a lazy mood to surf or if you ever feel like coaching someone to surf. 

Wavestorm surfboards can go with any kind of water conditions and they can last a lifetime if taken care of. Their low-price tag will surprise you with a package full of everything you need to start your water activity with – from fins to leash. 

Expertly shaped and artistically designed, you won’t go wrong in bringing a Wavestorm surfboard on your next ride. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Where do you buy Wavestorm surfboards?

What makes Wavestorm surfboards so popular is their accessibility to customers. Wavestorm surfboards can be purchased from various retail stores and they can be found on a lot of online stores as well –,, and even Craigslist. 

Q: What does the Wavestorm warranty cover?

Wavestorm surfboards are warranted to be free of manufacturing and materials defects for thirty (30) days from the date of purchase. If determined upon inspection that a defect is present during the warranty period, Wavestorm will either repair or replace the board (with like merchandise at its sole discretion) for free. Wavestorm warranty offers no monetary refunds or exchanges other than their product. Also note that if the board is used for commercial, rental, and training purposes, the warranty instantly becomes void. 

Q: Can Wavestorm surfboards ride on big waves?

Wavestorm surfboards are well generally designed for beginners and newbies alike. But, it does not limit them from riding big and ferocious waves. In fact, even when they are labeled as “beginner board”, Jamie O’Brien confidently rode the Pipeline in Oahu and fearlessly caught serious waves. That’s as if plastered on the whole board that it is not another weak board. 

Q: Wavestorm is also known for its SUPs. Can their surfboards be used as SUP too?

No. Stand-up paddleboards are supposed to be wider and bigger than regular surfboards for that added stability.

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